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Charles Koch Foundation Supports State Universities in the U.S.

The Charles Koch Foundation actively supports higher educational institutions in the United States. Charles Koch, the founder of the foundation and chief executive officer of Koch Industries, Inc. has contributed financially to academic and public policy research for more than 50 years. He is a philanthropist and help build organizations, including Market Management Institute, Mercatus Center, Humane Studies Institute, and Cato Institute. According to Yahoo! Finance, the Koch Foundation has contributed $48 million to public state universities. George Mason University received a large portion of the contributions donated by the foundation.

The most recent donation made by the foundation occurred during the last week of March 2016. The Law School of George Mason University received $10 million, which most of the funds were given to the Mercatus Center, a research institution at the college. Another organization that received donations was the Humane Societies, a supporter of liberal philosophies. Mr. Koch ties to the Mason college goes back many years as a philanthropist and higher learning advocate. The executive vice-president of Koch Industries, Richard Fink and Charles Koch serve on the boards of Mercatus and IHS.

Charles Koch graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he earned a bachelor’s in General Engineering and master’s certificates in nuclear engineering and chemical engineering. After receiving a BA, he worked for Arthur D. Little until 1961. During the same year, Koch was nominated as the vice president at Koch Engineering Company, Incorporation. He was later promoted to president at Koch Engineering and Koch Industries, Inc. Presently, Mr. Koch is serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors and president of the company.

From 2003 until now, the Koch entities have invested more than $65 billion in acquisitions and equity debts. Koch Industries, Inc. is known internationally for refinery of biofuels and chemicals; production of fertilizers and other products; and development of equipment and technologies. The industry also produces energy, glass, fibers, and minerals.

Koch has received more than 20 awards and honors to acknowledge his leadership and community services. He received the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leader and a Recognition Award from the Alumni Association at Wichita State University, to name a few. Mr. Koch was born in Wichita, Kansas and contribute to various organizations and state colleges in the U.S. on a yearly basis. He and Koch Industries have donated millions of dollars for educational and research causes.

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