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Changing the World like Brad Reifler


There are many people that want to make an impact on the world through the services that they provide. However, few people are willing to take a risk or put in the work required to do so. At an early age, Brad Reifler was able to start a company and help thousands of people in the process. Anyone that is wanting to provide value to the world through their work can learn a lot from his life. Here are several tips for anyone that wants to impact the world through their company.


Wikipedia has written that it is important to have passion for the cause that you are working for. There are many people that do not have real passion for the work that they are doing. There are going to be times in business when times get tough. Passion is key because it can help you stay motivated when things do not go your way. Anyone that is wanting to start their own company needs to have a deep passion for what they are doing.


Starting a company is something that takes a lot of hard work. Anyone that is interested in starting a company needs to be prepared for all of the possible issues that may come their way. There are many people that think they want to start a company before they are truly ready. This leads to a lot of burnout for new business owners, and this is one of the reasons that so many people fail in business.

Customer Focus

Finally, it is important to have a unique focus on the customer. There are many businesses that only interested in making a quick dollar in their business. However, the most successful companies are ones that invest in their customers over the long term.

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