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Changes That Are Taking Place at Walmart


Walmart is working hard to improve work conditions and will be paying their employees more. This is going to cost the company about $1 billion this year. But Brad Reifler is a true believer in the theory that taking care of employees increases ROI.  What are some of the changes that Walmart is making?

First, Walmart plans to pay their full time and part time workers more. By April of this year, employees should be expecting to make at least $9 an hour. By February of next year, the pay will go up to $10 an hour. That is the minimum. With this raise, individuals who make $10 an hour will be paid $2.75 above minimum wage.

The pay raise is not all that employees have to look forward to. One of the improvements that Walmart plans to make is making more flexible schedules for their employees. They hope to create a scheduling system that allows their employees to have more control over their personal work schedule.

Another improvement that they hope to make it is to invest more in the training of their employees. Not only is this going to make their employees more competent workers, but it is going to give them a chance to advance farther along in the company. The more training an individual has, the more likely they are to receive a promotion. The more money an individual earns and the more they learn about their work, the happier they are and the more productively they will work.

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