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Chamonix’s Genucel Partners with Women Aware for a Beautiful Cause

Victims of domestic abuse often experience lasting effects such as lowered self-worth, diminished self-esteem, and inflicting self-harming behaviors. However, experts and even former victims themselves recommend self-care as a useful way to negate the effects of abuse. Self-care techniques include everything from daily self-affirmations to involving themselves in exercise.

Genucel, a subset of Chamonix, has noted the link between self-care and improvement of abuse symptoms. The company has began partnering with Women Aware by putting together “Beauty Bags” for them to give to women and children victims of domestic abuse. These “Beauty Bags” include Genucel beauty products and toiletries. Women Aware is a nonprofit organization rooted in Middlesex, New Jersey since 1981. Women Aware provides food, a place to stay, and rehabilitation programs to women and their families in the area.

This past year, Women Aware launched their Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk to help raise money and awareness for their non-profit and survivors of domestic abuse. Genucel by Chamonix took part both monetarily and with continued support of the organization. Fittingly, the walk helps promote self-care in the form of exercise. Physical activities such as exercise provide great benefits to victims of abuse. It has inspired new forms of therapy found to be beneficial for victims including antioxidant therapy and ecotherapy. Antioxidant therapy helps flush the system and ecotherapy involves environmental care, walking, and a general meditation and appreciation for the world around us. Both hold self-care as main parts of the treatment process.

Genucel recognizes the importance of self-care for improving confidence in the healing process. Unfortunately, domestic abuse can cause unwanted changes in one’s physical appearance. The lack of sleep and depression that are often the result of abuse contributes to blemishes, wrinkles, premature aging, and dark under-eye circles. Genucel’s range of products formulated with their patented PhotoCellTec technology can help with this. Genucel’s donated products not only help improve victim’s self-esteem and confidence, but help erase the physical reminders of their suffered abuse. Read more about Genucel on linkedin.com


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