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CEO Steve Ritchie writes an apology letter to the customers of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, a leading international pizza chain business. Soon after assuming the position, he was faced with a task of ensuring that the company was in good books with the stakeholders. His main mission was to ensure that the company restored its position as a respected global pizza chain. To boost the public image of the company, Steve Ritchie wrote a letter to the customers of the company apologizing for mistakes that had been made one of the executives. Ritchie was quick to point out that Papa John’s is bigger than anyone working for the company and therefore, sentiments from one person should not be taken as the stand of the whole company. As the leader of the company, he explicitly said that he was sorry on behalf of the company. He insisted that the company has no space for derogatory language that demeans a section of the community.

Papa John’s has employed over 120,000 workers for its corporate and franchise operations. These workers are members of the community and would suffer directly if the company declines. The CEO defended the workers, stating that they are an important part of the community that works to deliver better services to the consumers of pizza.

Steve Ritchie recognizes that people are interested in action and not mere words from the management of the company. He, therefore, laid out some of the actions the company would take to rectify the situation. The first action from the company is to bring outside experts to audit the company’s culture and diversity. The audit is aimed at identifying areas of weakness and strength. Another step by the company will be to send out a team from the senior management to the field. These executives will be talking to customers, employees, and franchisees to collect their opinions on the management of the company. Steve Ritchie will lead this mission personally.

Steve Ritchie is determined to see the company restore transparency and accountability in its operations. By gaining public confidence, it is expected that the sales will go back up. He also used the apology letter to state that the company was grateful to the customers for the support they have demonstrated.

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