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A Man, An Art Collector, A Visionary

It is an understatement to say that Adam Sender has an eye for art. The 46 year old former hedge fund financier has a 1,000 piece art collection that he has accumulated since 1998. Now some of Adam Sender’s collection, will be auctioned at Sotheby’s.

Adam Sender finds great joy in his art collection, which is so vast that his several homes, which stretch from Bel Air to Sag Harbor to Miami, do not have room to display the art.

Feeling that art is to be enjoyed, Adam Sender loans art out to museums for temporary display in their collections. He has works on loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New Museum in New York City as well as the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. He used one of his Miami homes for a pop up art exhibit, “Home Alone” which displayed 85 of his pieces of contemporary art in a 5,000 square foot home during Miami’s Art Basel VIP viewing.

Art is a practical investment. In fact, 2014 was a record year for art investment and the art market. As trust fund babies age and become heirs to fortunes all over the world, institutions such as Citigroup teaches them methods for investing their fortunes, including investing in art works and the method of buying art. The training even included art auction skills for the young wealthy millennials.

Adam Sender has long had a knack for finding emerging artists. Once he discovers an artist, he often buys several works from that artist. The Home Alone exhibit included multiple works by Sarah Lucas, Cindy Sherman, Keith Haring and Chris Ofli. He also has several pieces by Richard Prince. Two of his favorite new emerging artists are Diana Al-Hadid and Rashid Johnson.

Adam Sender has always sold art as well. A few years back he sold a piece by Richard Prince, “Tender Nurse”, for $2.3 million. Adam Sender uses the money generated from the sale of his art to purchase new art. Collecting art is a long term process and, for Adam Sender, it is a life passion.

Eric Pulier: Improving the World through Technology

A century ago, society marveled at the steam engine and the Ford Model -T. Giants of innovation like Henry Ford and Thomas Savery made new ideas into realty and changed the face of everyday life across the world. Not far behind these master inventors is the former CEO of ServiceMesh Inc., Eric Pulier. Although his name may not be as familiar as Ford or Savery he has introduced and perfected a concept that changed the way modern computing functions. Eric Pulier holds the patent for a system and method for cloud computing abstracting layer with security zone facilities. This allows for security in software development while it is being created in the cloud. He also holds several other patents that have emerged through the development of this security which has allowed his companies, like ServiceMesh Inc., to grow.

Mr. Pulier had an interest in technology from the beginning. Originally from New Jersey, he attended Harvard University and simultaneously took classes at M.I.T. . After graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1988, he then moved to Los Angeles and began a company called People Doing Things (PDT) that sought to improve education, health care and other issues impacting society. He then lead the development of Starbright World which is a private social networking site for chronically ill children. This work began his philanthropy which he has sustained to this day. Mr. Pulier is a contributor to several organizations which seek to help people through technology. One of which is the XPRIZE Foundation which hosts competitions in order to address some world wide challenges (hunger, poverty, education, etc.).

Along with his many philanthropic ventures he also created several technology based businesses early in his career. He founded Digital Evolution which successfully merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Despite his age, he was invited by the Presidential inaugural Committee to head the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1998 which was held in Washington, D.C. He was also invited to participate in Al Gore’s Forum on Technology and Education which allowed him to advise and inform on the subjects. Currently, he is an advisor in the Clinton Global Initiative.

Throughout his life, Eric Pulier has not only changed the face of computing and technology but he was determined for that technology to prove as useful foundations upon which in improve the many areas of need in the world. Although he has profited from his ventures, his strong sense of social responsibility has made sure that others will too.

Qnet’s Direct Selling Model has Resulted in Increased Sales

Known for an effective multi-level business model,
international ecommerce company Qnet
strives to deliver wellness
products and services through trained independent
representatives. With the help of training tools and
materials, Qnet’s unique direct selling approach enables sales
associates to compete with traditional wholesalers and retailers.
Essentially, this renowned company’s marketing strategy facilitates
trust based relationships between the distributor and consumer which
ultimately results in more sales. Most importantly, Qnet believes
their direct selling and multi-level business model is a key component
to their international success.

According to Qnet, a DS/MLM model is a powerful approach in engaging
the producer with the consumer and most markets will eventually adopt
this revolutionized method of selling. One major advantage to direct
selling is the reduction in company costs. Moreover, common expenses
related to overhead and advertising are eliminated because the
company’s products are sold by a group of qualified
independent representatives who serve as distributers and marketers.
Notably, by reducing traditional company expenses, Qnet’s prices
remain highly competitive. These fair costs ultimately
result in loyal customers and just recently, Qnet’s founder and CEO,
Vijay Eswaran, established a loyalty rewards programs in which
consumers earn points for repeat purchases. Exceptional customer
service along with reasonable prices strongly contributes to Qnet’s recognition as Asia’s leading direct selling company.

In addition to company costs reduction, Qnet’s strategic marketing
approach has also greatly expanded their vision for wellness. Today,
this prominent and highly profitable business is in over 100
countries including Africa, Asia, Europe, and Russia. Qnet’s
well-known success is accomplished with Independent Representatives
who refer their products and services both locally and globally. In
return, each sales associate is compensated on the sales volume of
their referrals and the revenue of other team members. With hundreds
of offices around the world, Qnet employees receive ample support in
expanding the company’s life enhancement mission.

As a flagship international direct selling company, Qnet strives to
deliver exceptional products and services to encourage a healthy
lifestyle among their consumers. Undeniably, their uniqueness lies in
highly trained independent representatives who work diligently to
enhance each customer’s quality of life. Remarkably, Qnet maintains
over thirty beneficial product brands and services ranging in
skincare, homecare, nutrition, and jewelry to education, media,
travel, and financial consulting. Most importantly, their life
enhancement philosophy has influenced thousands of loyal customers all
around the world.

Vijay Eswaran calls for greater controls on the multi level marketing industry

Vijay Eswaran has been working hard for a number of years to place the QNet group he founded in the top companies in the world. After fighting hard to grow the company into one of the top businesses in Malaysia the multi level marketing expert is now looking for help from government officials to keep the industry he has become a star in as legal as possible. Eswaran’s QNet has seen a vast amount of growth in India and is now looking to make sure it protects itself from the dangers its rivals are creating after being given a clean bill of health by the Indian Government. Here’s a WeForum profile of the businessman.

Eswaran’s company has long been known for offering its employees, contractors and customers a high quality experience that is amongst the best in the multi level marketing industry. Other companies do not reach the same levels of integrity and to hold off any comparisons to lesser companies QNet provided its accounts to the Indian Government for approval. After being declared completely legal and offering good business practices QNet is now looking to the Government of India to provide safeguards for itself and its customers. By bringing in tighter controls and regulations the individual companies involved in multi level marketing can offer greater services and provide a greater peace of mind for their customers and employees.

Over the course of the last decade Vijay Eswaran has been fighting to improve the lives of millions of people and offer advice on better business and personal practices to assist in improving the lives of businesspeople around the world. Through the many seminars Eswaran gives and his book, In The Sphere Of Silence, the Malaysian entrepreneur has been helping people focus on the important aspects of their lives and let go of the problems they cannot solve. The focus of Eswaran has been on showing how to operate a high quality multi level marketing company and he is now hoping to help others by inspiring a change in legislation in India.

Dan Newlin, an Orlando Attorney

Dan Newlin, an Orlando Attorney is best known as personal injury lawyer first started his career in justice two decades ago as a police officer and a firefighter. Newlin started his career at a very young age of 20 years working Indiana police department. Later Mr.Newlin worked at Sheriff’s office located in Orlando, Florida where he served 10 years and earned the highest rank of Sheriff’s Detective. While working as a detective, he worked from auto theft details to narcotics enforcement. He was assigned to work in the fugitive division of Law enforcement where attorney Newlin was able to apprehend dangerous fugitives. He was recognized for his service by United States Marshalls office. Later years in 1997 he was accepted to Law school and graduated in 2000 from Florida State College of Law. Dan Newlin is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Chicago. PRNewsWire also wrote a release discussing the work Dan Newlin’s law firm does.

He is the founding partner of the Law firm with a team of highly experienced lawyers. Newlin’s Law firm earned an honorable recognition of Super Lawyers Law Firm which only less than 5% of law firms or lawyers earn this kind of recognition on Florida. Newlin’s most successful practice handles cases which include personal injury, medical malpractice, and workers compensation and have recovered over 150 million for injured and accident victims in the central and South Florida region. Their practice mostly concentrated on injury and accident cases like pedestrians, auto, motorcycle accidents, construction site accidents, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice. The firm recently started representing the person(s) wrongfully charged with criminal offenses. Dan Newlin’s law firm provides excellent legal service for communities in Florida and Chicago.

Dan Newlin’s Law firm started from a small office and now is a big Law firm with about 18 most experienced attorney’s and around 75 employee office providing outstanding legal services in Florida and Illinois. Dan Newlin and team of super Lawyers are the most experienced and qualified in providing excellent legal services.

Financial Decisions

If you guarantee a business then you know there are heaps of budgetary decisions that ought to be made reliably. These can be in the extent of things like security, expenses, 401k gameplans, and obviously dealing with your specialists store needs. In case you are a business person in San Diego, California, then you can get that kind of help from Brian Bonar at the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

While doing that it serves to get assistance from a specialist budgetary organization that can certainly get it done. One of those cash related organizations is Dalrada Financial Corporation, which is directed by Brian Bonar, who has been the association’s Chairman of the Board taking after December 1999. His association helps associations whether they are little or far reaching to complete financial things effortlessly and feasibly, and a concept that boggles any weak minded person they do well is manage payrolls.

Exactly when dealing with a fund, for event, you have to center things like the measure of state or government obligations to take out, notwithstanding have the ability to understand the measure of appraisals the business itself owes. These things can be tricky, and people like Brian Bonar and Dalrada Financial Corporation can make it issue free.

Account discoveries moreover join things like restorative administrations and government oversaw reserve funds and after that there is the yearly duty records that go with keeping up and checking a business money. With the help of a better than average cash related association, this is done precisely and sent in on time, and the business visionary won’t have to push over it by any methods. They will sit down with your top individuals and find unequivocally what sort of budgetary needs there are and how they can help you to enhance things go and give you the time to do diverse things like manage your principle concern. Brian Bonar was written about byModern Luxury here.

As to doing budgetary things, Bonar has years of experience. He has not recently been at his present spot of work for a long time, yet has in like manner been used at American Management Services, LLC as their executive and CEO, furthermore at Solvis Group, Inc. as their head and CEO, and a couple of other relative associations. He has a MBA from Staffordshire University, and also a PhD from the same school.

QNET CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a well traveled and experienced businessman. His skills and believes are rooted to his roots in Malaysia. He shares the beliefs and aspirations of his hardworking parents. As a child, Vijay traveled a lot given the nature of his father’s job. He worked with the Ministry of Labor in Malaysia. With his job came a lot of travel that Vijay went along. Vijay’s mother was a tutor. She believed in giving to the society, and it formed Vijay’s source of aspirations. He developed a heart of giving to the less fortunate.

As a young man, he traveled to the United Kingdom for his education. After his time in the School of Economics, he engaged in odd jobs before landing to the field of his passion. He once was a cab driver in London. Also, Vijay worked on a farm in France. His lowest level was working on a construction site in Belgium.

Two years after getting his bachelor’s degree, he graduated with an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. Additionally, he had a professional qualification from CIMA, a UK body. Vijay was not set to take off with his career until when he got a job in Synapsis. The part-time job gave him experience in multilevel marketing, a fundamental tool in the establishment of QI Group.

Fourteen years down the road, Vijay was back in Malaysia, and set up QI Group. Together with his co-founder, they pulled resources and experience, and took off. They have never turned back. QI Group is an e-commerce company that deals in training, telecommunication, health, travel, and media. They have a physical presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Additionally, they are present in more than ten regions. Their subsidiaries manage the areas.

Vijay is an intellectual and businessman embracing philanthropy. As a way to helps the less fortunate in society, and fulfill his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, he leads the RHYTHM Foundation. It is a corporate arm of QI Group. In Malaysia, Vijay has a foundation that uplifts the life of the struggling majority. The foundation is named after Vijayaratnam, his father, and has touched the lives of many people in the country. Vijay Eswaran was alsowas discussed by Entrepreneur.com.

Through his work of philanthropy, Vijay has been listed by Forbes Asia for having influenced many in the streets. He was included on the 2011 annual list of Heroes on Philanthropy. The Asian Strategic Leadership has also honored him. He was given the lifetime achievement award on matters philanthropy. The ASL is an institute in Malaysia, which does research on how philanthropists touch lives. Additionally, GOPIO has appreciated his work by naming him International Leader in Global Business Strategies. Word has it that the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin shall be awarding him yet another honor soon.

Art Enthusiast Adam Sender

The art world is highly competitive. Knowing the right pieces to invest in and who will become famous are all a part of the gamble when investing in artwork. Some people seem to have a knack in picking the right piece from the right artist. Is it something that can be learned, or does the person simply have a talent?

These are questions that can definitely apply when thinking of Adam Sender. He has the knack for picking the right pieces of art at the right time. The proof is the over $1 million collection that he has amassed over the period of 15 years. His collection is so intensive and so large that his Florida home has been resigned simply as a place to showcase his pieces.

Mr. Sender also lends a large number of his pieces out to galleries around the country. Many different galleries have the ability to borrow works from Sender’s collection in order to bring the beauty and different styles to their visitors. At present, Mr. Sender is having a number of his pieces auctioned off at Sotheby’s in New York.

What is his trick? Well, first of all Adam Sender does not purchase any pieces from an artist until after they have graduated college. Second, he does not purchase any pieces from an artist until they have been in the art world and working for about a year. He seeks out artists with original and different styles.

The best part of Sender’s art collection is that it is all tied in with one another. Each piece was purchased alone, and without regard to the other pieces in the collection. Although, each and every piece seems to be tied in some way or fashion to all the others. This is hard to do if trying, and Sender did not try at all.

Adam Sender He also has an IMDB profile.
started collecting pieces of art while working at SAC Capital. He started buying pieces with the profits he made from trades for clients. Soon the number of pieces he had grew. He soon formed his own hedge fund, and moved away from SAC. With more time on his hands, he began making contacts within the art world.

Learning about new artists and older, more experienced ones, led to his gaining greater knowledge of what he liked, and what was worth investing in. As his collection grew, so did the number of artists he became acquainted with and art gallery owners that joined his network of friends.

Adam Sender and his wife Lenore now enjoy life surrounded by the beauty of art. They have homes in both New York and Florida and enjoy having friends over to view and take in the beautiful pieces in their collection.

The Diverse Life of Vijay Eswaran

Diversity is what spells success in the investing and business worlds. It helps to buffer against losses in portfolios, and aids to make a well rounded business person and atmosphere. Diversity is something that Vijay Eswaran knows well. His life experiences have taken him around the world only to end up back in his home region to start a highly successful marketing and sales company, QNET.

Vijay started life off in modest surroundings. His family moved a lot so putting down roots was not a part of his childhood. He went on to successfully complete a degree in socio-economics from the London Schools of Economics in 1984. After school he stayed in London for a spell working in various capacities from construction work to being a cabbie.

Not quite finished with his schooling, he moved to the state of Illinois in the United States. There he went to the Southern Illinois University for his studies in Business Administration. He received his MBA, with honors, in 1986. Another bout with odd jobs would eventually expose him to direct selling.

Finally, returning to his home nation, he founded a small company which has grown into the Q1 Group of companies in which QNET is a part of. He remains the founder and executive chairman of the group and Chief Executive Officer of QNET.

An innovative company that takes the precepts of both direct sales with e-commerce, QNET has risen to the top of the sales community. Not without its own level of rumors and controversy, QNET has stayed on top despite all efforts to debunk it.

Vijay Eswaran has not stopped with just being a successful business man. He is also a well known author of four best selling books. These books help others to understand the business realm and how to stay on top and be positive no matter the obstacles they face. Check out Vijay Eswaran’s LinkedIn.

These books have also led Mr. Eswaran to also be a vied after public and motivational speaker. Topics that he is most noted for include speaking about spirituality and business. He has spoke at his alma mater, as well as many different conferences concerning business.

He is also ell grounded in the area of helping non-profits. He was instrumental in founding the Rythm Foundation. He also works to help promote the empowerment of women, youth development programs, special education, and child mentoring.

His many accomplishments and business saavy has led to him also being named the Hero of Philanthropy in 2011 by Forbes Asia. Dedicated in the world of business and a doting and loving husband, Mr. Eswaran is truly an example of how the business world can work to change conditions for all around them and act responsibly.

BRL Trust: A Promising Brazilian investment company

Due to the rise of economic status of many countries, different investment companies are taking center stage in revolutionizing capital investment. This has consequently led to the emergence of many investment companies in Brazil. Being one of the middle class economy countries in the world, the country has steadily developed structure to maximize on any available investment opportunity.

BRL Trust is one of the investment management company in Brazil. Having been established in2005 by Mauricio Ribeiro and Rodrigo Boccanera with it’s headquarter in the city of São Paulo, the company has grown over the years to be one of the leading investment providers in Brazil. Acting as the directors of the company, the two owners have distinct roles in the company; Mauricio Ribeiro is responsible of handling the finances of the company while Rodrigo Boccanera is responsible project management aspect of the company. With its well organized administration structure the company strives to be among the leading investment machinery in the region. Over the years, the company has grown and started operating in the fields of business administration, custodian of funds and accounting for investment funds dispersed. It also oversees management of resources and distribution of assets to their diverse clients.

The investment company also runs corporate management functions for its diverse corporate customers it has, this enables it to maintain good working and business relationship within the two parties. Through all this services the company offers to its clients, its core mandate is to seek security and credibility in a market that is developing and increasingly improving. This led to it being accorded business opportunity when Brazil hosted the 2014 Fifa World Cup. The company was given the mandate of the management of loans for Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo, which was successfully done thus scaling the company to the global arena. Before the company took over the management of arena football stadium, the capacity then was about 18 thousand people, however with good management of the stadium the capacity has increased to 48 thousand people currently. This has intern increased the government confidence in the company due to its good management policies.

After successfully conquering the market, the company began to manage investment funds for institutional clients which were running on an exclusive basis for this sector. Among the various services offered by the company, it is still associated to ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and capital markets) which publishes editions on investment companies. From the edition produces yearly, people can easily access the information they need for any given investment company. BRL Trust Company won the Second and seventh place respectively as the largest hedge fund manager for investments holdings in one of its Volume. With the best investment opportunities available, the company has developed into an international service provider of all times.