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David McDonald: A Main Genius Behind OSI Group’s Massive Success

     David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer of OSI Industries, aka OSI Group, LLC, and he has been with the company since 1987. OSI Industries is a privately owned food processing company that operates worldwide. Their products consist of bacon, hot dogs, pork, fish, pizza, poultry, meat patties, vegetables, and dough products.

The OSI Group began in the early 1900s in Chicago, Illinois, and now they have offices and offer services throughout the globe. Their headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois- a suburb outside of Chicago. They serve mainly all the major fast food organizations.

Their grand expansion is due to the leadership talent of David McDonald especially when he took over. In his leadership, he aimed towards the upgrade of current technology and the improvement of all the manufacturing units’ sustainability. McDonald oversees the whole operation that facilitated into the company’s international territories. He used an approach to act local but think global which also greatly contributed to the growth in international locations. And with him understanding the country’s culture, he was able to build the business accordingly for profound success within those countries.

His Other and Previous Roles

McDonald also holds the following positions: Chairman for North American Meat Institute, member of the board of executives for OSI Group, and a director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited in Australia. And since December 2008, he has been serving as an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods S.A. after OSI Group operations within Brazil and Europe were acquired by Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos.

His Education

And as far as his education, McDonald holds a bachelor of science degree from the Iowa State University in animal science. He attended this university from 1983 to his graduation in 1987, and he is part of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.

Finding the Best Deal For Cancer With Cancer Treatment Centers of America

One thing that patients need to do when it comes to their specific cancer is find the best deal that they can get. This is not just about saving money. It is more about finding effective treatment that is going to maximize their chances at recovery. One thing that is important to know is that not all doctors are the same. It is important for people to find professionals and experts that know the most about cancer so that they can be sure that they will recover from the condition. It is not just getting the chemotherapy treatment. It is about finding treatment for side effects.

Fortunately for patients, there is Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They offer patients a ton of information on the different types of treatments that are available for cancer when it comes to the side effects. One thing that patients will find out is that the side effects are numerous and can be quite diverse. There are a ton of factors that will influence the types of side effects that patients will suffer as they recover from their own unique cancer. Knowing the types of side effects that one will suffer will help with the provision of treatments for these side effects.

One of the most important aspects of finding the best deal for cancer is knowing the types of treatments that are going to be needed for each individual case and being prepared to take on these treatments so that one can have the best chance at recovery. One thing that could be said about cancer is that it is very devastating. In many cases, the process of recovery is also devastating. Therefore, it is important for cancer patients to be prepared in many different ways to undergo the treatments that are necessary for recovery.

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OSI Group / Industries is on the Cutting Edge of Food Processing

     OSI Group is one of the largest food processing companies in the world. The company began back in 1909 when German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky open a family oriented meat market in Illinois shortly after arriving in the United States. His shop was initially located in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, but relocated to Maywood in 1917 when he expanded his service into the wholesale meat market. In 1928, another change occurred by renaming the business Otto & Sons. With hard work, attention to detail and customer service one of the top goals, the company established an impeccable reputation for offering high quality meats.

The company received a huge boost when McDonald’s Hamburgers, a fledgling company back in 1955 chose Otto &Sons to supply the company with fresh ground beef patties. Ray Kroc, the founder and CEO of McDonalds and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky struck a deal and sealed it with a handshake and it was not long before supplying beef to McDonald’s became Otto & Sons main business.

In the late 1960’s, cryogenic food processing came into the food processing business and revolutionized the fast food industry. The cryogenic process is a method that is used to preserve fresh food through liquid nitrogen freezing. This new method gave McDonald’s hamburgers a better advantage when it came to choosing food suppliers. They could get a high volume of products from a few suppliers rather than depend on more than a hundred lower volume suppliers. Otto & Sons was chosen as one of four ground beef suppliers for McDonald hamburgers.

In 1975, after experiencing a great deal of growth, Otto & Sons changed its name once again to OSI Industries. In 1999 OSI agreed to a licensing deal with Best Chicago Meat, CO., LLC to use the Glenmark food brand that Otto & Sons established in the early 1970’s.

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Learning More About Traveling Vineyard

     If you want to earn a living on your own terms, Traveling Vineyard is a company that you will be glad to reach out to and do business with. They focus both on their own wine products and creating entrepreneurs. In this regard, follow along with these three factors below and give yourself the chance to truly capitalize on everything that Traveling Vineyard has to offer you.

How does Traveling Vineyard work?

If you want to get the most out of your entrepreneurship, you need to learn how this company works. First of all, you will need to get approval to sell wine and go through the training process. From there, the company will send you a new wine kit and register you to take advantage of all of the training modules. Once you go through the training process, you will be able to begin giving presentations and wine tastings. You will be put in touch with a leader in your area who can help you every step of the way and allow you to grow.

What are the benefits of Traveling Vineyard?

This company is excellent for the economy because they create jobs. Not only do they hire employees, they teach people to be self-motivated and creators. If you can learn direct sales, you can thrive in any industry — and it all begins with working for Traveling Vineyard.

What is Traveling Vineyard’s social media presence like?

Their social media presence deals just as much with marketing their wine products as it does with wine. This shows that they have a passion that goes much further than their own products and that they are continuously empowering people to have financial freedom for a lifetime.

If you take advantage of these three tips, you will understand a little bit more about Traveling Vineyard. This is a company that has been successfully not only selling wine, but empowering other people to start their own work at home business. In the age of social media and widespread Internet use, it is and a lot more possible for people to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship.

For more, see http://www.blogwinecellar.com/2010/05/traveling-vineyard-going-out-of.html.

Why Omar Yunes is the New King of Restaurants

The hospitality industry is characterized by cutthroat competition, which forces many businesses to close shop within the first few months of their launch. Japanese restaurant chain Sushi Itto has defied expectations to become a leading brand in the hospitality industry. The restaurant’s Mexican outlets are operated by Mexican entrepreneur, Omar Yunes. The entrepreneur was recently recognized as the world’s Best Franchisee at a glamorous ceremony that was held in Florence, Italy.

This award was not surprising to those who know Mr. Yunes because he has been steadfastly dedicated towards ensuring that his business provides excellent services to its clients. He has made immense contributions to the hospitality industry by virtue of the brand that he represents. Mr. Yunes became the chain’s franchisee at a relatively young age of 21 years. At the moment, he operated 13 outlets in Mexico City, Vera Cruz, and Puebla. This represents ten percent of the chain’s outlets.

Utmost Commitment

While accepting the honor, Omar expressed his delight and his gratitude towards his employees since they form the backbone of his outlets’ operations. Their commitment has enabled the management to innovate, something that has helped his restaurants to expand in the face of intense competition from other brands.

The ceremony was attended by delegates from more than 34 countries including Hungary, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, and Italy. Each franchisee was evaluated based on its prominence within its network, and the contributions made in terms of savings and knowledge implemented, and how it motivates its employees. Omar emerged top due to the strategies that he has laid down, which have helped his franchise to realize better management of tech-savvy business models.

Mr. Omar in Brief

Omar is an influential figure in the Mexican hospitality industry. Through his leadership, the restaurants that he operates have managed to foster excellence in product offerings and customer care. Despite signing up with Sushi Itto at a young age, he has managed to build an enviable empire. All its outlets in Mexico are hotspots, something that attests to the strategic leadership that Omar provides. Besides running the restaurant chain, Mr. Yunes is also a successful real estate developer with interests in New York and Polanco, Mexico.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Announce Details Of New Partnership

The national organization Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. (CTCA) has teamed up with two other companies in the healthcare industry in order to improve cancer treatment at their hospitals around the United States. The new platform, which they have named Clinical Pathways, was officially launched in February 2017 and is already swiftly making positive results for cancer patients a reality.
The partnership is between Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Allscripts, and NantHealth. Allscripts contributed their electronic health records database to the Clinical Pathways project while NantHealth provider their clinical decision support platform. The end goal of Clinical Pathways is to quickly provide physicians with each patient’s treatment options which are specialized for their individual situation. This will help eliminate a lot of the guesswork that physicians have had to engage with in the past. Among other things, Clinical Pathways also provides the Oncologist with information such as adverse drug reactions, response rates, and current guidelines.
It was in 1988 that CTCA was founded by Richard Stephenson. It has treated hundreds of thousands of cancer patients since that time. The first hospital that was part of CTCA was the Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois. There are now four other hospitals that are part of the network spread across the continental United States.
At each of the hospital that makes up CTCA, each patient is given individualized attention by the doctors and nurses. In addition to providing treatment for their medical condition, they also help patients cope with the adverse effects of their treatment procedures. This can include fatigue, nausea, pain, and anxiety among other effects. CTCA uses a conventional approach to cancer care which can include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation in order to irradicate cancer from the patient’s body.

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Talos Energy Involvement in the Exploration of Oil in Mexico

Mexico like any oil producing country decided to nationalize its oil 80 years ago. This means that the oil was fully owned by the government. It’s also the government that was also in charge of exploration, drilling, transportation and refinery of this precious commodity. However, the Mexican government has decided to privatize the sector. This means that the government allowed a private company to drill oil in the Mexican waters. According to a recent article by Bloomberg, the Mexican government took this step to attract foreign investors to support the country’s economy that had been ailing for some years now.

The Mexican authorities announced that this project would be implemented by three overseas companies that consist of Premier Oil Plc., Sierra Oil, and Gas as well as Talos Energy LLC. Premier has its offices in London while Talos energy is from the US city of Houston, Texas. The oil and gas drilling procedures are reported to have begun on 21st May. Sierra Oil & Gas is a Mexican firm. Before this process, the oil exploration and drilling in Mexico was conducted by Petroleos Mexicanos. The new oil well by these three companies is referred to as the Zama-1 well. This process is being carried out in Tabasco State. It’s estimated that the total oil and gas that can be drilled from this project is 500 million barrels of oil. According to a report released by the spokesperson of these three companies, the period that the drilling will take place is estimated to be around three months.

These three companies revealed that they had applied for this tender in the year 2015. Being the first project by overseas private investors, this project will be used to set standards that will be used in the future. Talos Energy enjoys a 35 percent ownership of this project. Talos Energy came into existence when Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management decided to enter into a partnership. The firm was formed with the main aim of acquiring assets from companies based in Mexico.

It has a team of highly trained professionals that used to work for companies like Gryphon Exploration and Phoenix Exploration. At the moment, the company has an employee base of 150 employees.

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Bruce Bent II: A True Leader in Financial Technology Solutions

Brunt Bent II is the current president and chair of Double Rock Corporation. Double Rock Corporation is a financial technology company that specializes in advanced cash management solutions. Their clientele comprises of top-tier broker-dealers, retail marketers as well as banks.

Prior to joining Double Rock, Mr. Bent served as the president of another financial technology firm, The Reserve. While at The Reserve, Bruce Bent II implemented a number of financial solutions that saw the company grow in staff number and revenue. In the 17 years he served at The Reserve, Mr. Bent managed to grow the company assets from $4 billion to $150 billion.

Mr Bruce Bent II joined Double Rock and spearheaded a number of projects. He successfully created solutions for short-term asset managing and secured over 60 private patents for the company. Mr. Bruce was also the chief financial advisor to the company clientele that comprised of broker dealers, banks, and retail markets. He provided tangible cash flow solutions and new cash sweep products to its clients.

During the financial meltdown of 2008, Bruce Bent II employed his financial management prowess to save Double Rock from facing a foreclosure. He successfully liquidated some of the company’s affiliate and subsidiary assets. This ensured that Double Rock had enough finances to weather through the financial storm at the time.

Today Mr. Bruce Bent II is proud of the achievements he has made on behalf of Double Rock. He has grown the firm’s cash management landscape to a multi-trillion net worth. In addition, he employed his wit to expand the company’s cash sweep programs insured under FDIC. Mr. Bruce is also the brains behind the automated loan plan solutions that has reduced plan participant borrowing by an impressive 25%.

Besides the role of president at Double Rock, Bruce Bent II is also a member of other organizations. He is an active member at Young Presidents organization which has a peer network of over 10,00 youth business leaders globally. He was also the finance chair of the organization when it was running its Gotham Chapter in Manhattan.

Bruce Bent II is also a member of Entrepreneur Organization based in New York. He served as the president heading the organizations advisory council that preserves the scenic beauty of the Hudson River.

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Choose From Amazing Colors With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a radical hair color scheme that offers unique fantasy-inspired colors? You now have the option of choosing from thousand of bold colors from Lime Crime cosmetics. That’s right, the superior cosmetic line has come up with an amazing line of hair dyes that offer their customers full coverage and tint options. You can get up to 8 washes with the tint and 10 with the permanent dye option. LC is inspiring thousands of girls and guys around the world to go unicorn or find a color that goes well under the camera lights for your one of a kind selfies.


Lime Crime is unique for having a velvetine matte and super-foil base that has a moist application that dries to perfection. Your eyelids and lips experience hard to find shades that are yet to be matched by their competitors. Their creator and CEO. Doe Deere, was one of the first to base her cosmetics with these unique hypoallergenic ingredients. Her unconventional way of thinking for colors has landed her the female entrepreneur award for 2017. Her line of hair dyes is the rave among her 2.4 million Instagram customers along with her new Scandal cosmetics that has a wonderful purple-violet hue lipstick.


You will still be able to match their hair dyes with their cosmetic line. The transition is meant to compliment each other. You can change your mood with a single tint or transform your dull hair color with something totally new. You can also match their colors with their amazing Dolls Kills, sister company, that offers amazing accessories and clothing items to go with your new color choice. Join the color revolution and become a part of the amazing LC cosmetic and hair dyes today.


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A UKV PLC representative Can Provide You With Guidance in Purchasing a Wine Product That is Worth Your Investment

     UKV PLC is a vintner that is taking an innovative approach in many of its production stages. If you’re wanting to learn more about the wine producing company of UKV PLC, it’s recommended for you to research about them, as you’ll find that they’re a company that’s striving to outperform the rest of the industry in their approaches of wine making.

UKV PLC understands that avid wine connoisseurs want to invest in wine products that not only taste good, but also have them feeling good. UKV PLC is ecstatic to let their consumer base know that they’re taking steps to ensure their fermentation processes are conducted in a way that the products of wine that they produce are absolutely of the highest qualities. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the processes of fermenting is what essentially makes a product of wine the product that it is in the final stages of its production. Why invest in wine that hasn’t undergone a complete and thorough process of production when you are provided with an option of investing in UKV PLC? You’ll find that they’re a company that’s taking many steps to ensure their customers are satisfied with the products they offer.

Not only is UKV PLC ensuring that they’re doing what they need to do to offer their customer base with the highest qualities of products as possible by having their wines undergo production processes that are absolutely complete and innovative, they’re also taking extra steps to ensure that any toxins and bacteria that exists within their tanks of production processes are removed. This gives them assurance of knowing that there will not be any possibilities of their customer base falling ill due to them being neglectful in their equipment’s required sanitation processes. Speak to a representative of the help desk department today, as they’re more than willing to assist you in any way that they can.

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