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Stream Energy’s Mastering of Educational Events

Stream Energy is a well known direct services company that provides connected life services, which includes their own wireless and home services. This company is based out of Dallas, Texas with multiple other locations across the country and has been expanding since its founding in 2005. Their lifetime $8 billion revenue is due to their unique use of direct selling. Go here and check this out, mystream.com.

Last November, Stream Energy’s Dallas location hosted their fourth annual Women of Power Retreat. This group was founded in 2010 to mentor and inspire Stream Energy’s female associates and meets every year with a different theme surrounding the retreat. This year’s theme was centered around letting one’s true self shine through to create new confidence. Stream Energy’s retreat included key speakers, one being Nicole Lapin, and several workshops that centered around building confidence and key skills to complete a person’s own goals for their business. The whole goal of the retreat is to help women grow their business by providing them with new and important skills presented by female leaders in the industry.

Outside of the two day women’s retreat, Stream Energy also provides numerous other events catered to their associates and their success. Their Ignition Convention is held every year and is open to associates from all over the country. This convention gives educational platforms for new networking and training strategies as well as world renowned speakers. For those who cannot afford to travel to Texas for the Ignition Convention, Stream Energy provides a Connect event, which is held in all communities. The purpose of Connect is to provide new training techniques and connect associates with other leaders and associates in the area. This allows for the sharing of ideas and the ability for the whole company to grow.

Stream Energy’s success is due in part to their various educational platforms for their associates. They give them new skills that can help to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. The countless training events Stream Energy holds across the country are proven effective based on the company’s lifetime revenue and the fact that it still continues to be a leader in direct services.


Ted Bauman Is An Entertaining Writer Whose Work Is Always A Pleasure To Read

     Some people possess such an entertaining style of writing that it is a pleasure to read anything they happen to write. Such is the case with Ted Bauman. In his official capacity as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Bauman oversees several influential sources of financial information, and is an expert in the fields of investment strategies and asset protection.

Ted Bauman is also a wonderful writer who regularly contributes fascinating articles to the medium.com website. In an article that he wrote about the Sharing Economy in July of 2017, Mr. Bauman lightheartedly relates his experience with renting a recreational vehicle from a peer-to-peer rental service.

The article starts out with Ted Bauman lying in a puddle of mud underneath the RV that he rented for a cross-country trip to Minnesota. Due to a broken automatic power transfer switch, the generator on the RV malfunctioned, leading Bauman to attempt to fix the problem. The keys for the storage lockers on the RV broke in a lock on the first day of the trip, meaning that they could not access the hookups for water, sewer service and electricity.

Before embarking on the trip to Minnesota, the idea of renting an RV from a sharing economy service seemed like a good idea. In reality, however, a few issues arose with the overall condition of the vehicle, and Mr. Bauman found that communication with the rental service over repairs was difficult to achieve.

In examining the sharing economy model, Ted Bauman brings up the advantages that both users and suppliers can experience, and he also mentions some of the downsides that can be present.

From ride-sharing drivers who provide bad service, to bed and breakfast operators who provide untrue descriptions of their facilities, there are things that consumers have to contend with when they are utilizing this type of business model.

In his final analysis, Mr. Bauman states that until there are specialized businesses, such as independent mobile technicians, that can help to provide support for these peer-to-peer business services, the average consumer is probably better-off using more traditional business models.


Jeff Yastine Move for a Sustainable Economy

     Jeff Yastine is commonly known as the editor in chief of ‘Total Wealth Inside’. Previously, he was working as the editorial director in Banyan Hill Publishing in the year 2015. He has a good experience of more than 20 years working stock market investor and also a financial journalist which was in the middle of financial world dealings. He was an anchor at PBS Nightly Business Report where he worked for two decades aiming at getting information from the most influential financiers and innovators. He also gave various information about investment stories by identifying upcoming stock market companies and also those that have established their foundation.


Jeff Yastine helped in an important report such as the laid down guideline on buying bonds at the NBR. He also took time to identify the inefficiency in the sector of infrastructure including roads in America and dams which were the key issues affecting the residents. After addressing those issues, he was happy as he was nominated for the 2007 Emmy award for Business and Financial reporting.

Editorial duties

He addressed about regtech which is a tool that enables one to cut short regulatory costs, its products are added advantage to most industries like insurance companies and banking in order to increase profit growth. He also addressed the tool that has helped many escape cases of their system being hacked by unauthorized personnel, he gave a situation where one manager of a certain company wanted to pay his workers but he was not able to access into the system of the organization he was working in. What he did is to download an app from his phone and entered the password then raised the camera directly to his eye which enabled him to get into the system and did his payment duties to his workers.

Jeff also advised on how France’s economy could be grown. He said that investors should lender some of their funds to France not only to spread their portfolios but to hold the quicker growth happening there in regard to the rise of advanced stock prices and this will lead to its growth. He also addressed on how people were to hinder cybersecurity which was causing deaths to some citizens. He gave a solution for implementing automated cockpit instruments which will help minimize the number of deaths in cases where certain individuals or terrorists invaded a given town.

Jeff Yastine Achievements in His Journalism and Editorial Career

     Jeff Yastine currently works at the Total Wealth in Insider as the editor. When he joined Banyan Hill Publishing to form part of the editorial team, Yastine brought more than two decades of experience as an experienced stock investor and Financial journalist to the firm. His experience and the fact that Yastine has been at the center of Financial news globally has been rewarding for Banyan Hill. At Banyan Hill, Yastine contributes weekly to Sovereign Investor Daily Alongside Winning Investor Daily where he provides the magazine readers with his expert insight on various issues revolving around investments which have been helping investors put into perspective the emerging business, economic and different monetary trends.

Yastine prides himself as an Emmy-nominated news anchor who was also a correspondent working for PBS Nightly Business Report since 1994 to 2010. Throughout his journalism career, Yastine has been able to learn valuable investment and financial secrets from the most celebrated business personalities of our era including Warren Buffet and Richard Branson among others. Yastine was able to interview these individuals where he discussed with them various investment strategies that he shares with his avid readers. His reporting has led to the identification of investment opportunities leading to massive enterprise turnarounds.

Yastine’s journalism career has been highlighted by numerous stories he covered. For instance, Yastine was at the forefront in warning investors about the impending real estate crisis that occurred in the mid-2000s. Other than that, it is Yastine who also cautioned investors the unsustainability of the Dot-Com bubble. On the national platform, he was able to cover the oil spill that affected the Deepwater Horizon in 2010. Most people, however, remember him for breaking down the financial implications of hurricane Katrina to significant businesses and enterprises across America. On the international front, Yastine visited Cuba on two different occasions while covering the importance and role played by foreign investors on the American economy.

In 2007, Yastine was nominated for the coveted business Emmy award for his reporting and coverage of America’s infrastructure including roads, bridges and other forms of public support. In 2002, he was part of the team of journalists who won the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants award. His achievements in his journalism career are mostly based on the effort he put in the reporting of significant financial news and trends ranging from the bond markets to various economic patterns.

Things You Need to Know about Matt Badiali

     Matt Badiali ranks among the most prolific and highly skilled natural resource experts in the investment industry. Matt is a trained geologist and perceived his bachelor’s degree in earth science at the Penn State University and later undertook his masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has a lot of knowledge how in the field of natural resources and has contributed to many media platforms by publishing. Matt has shared his extensive knowledge with his readers concerning natural resources and give them advice on how to take care of them. His impeccable skills in both writing and the natural resources field has impressed many people.

Matt started his career at Stansberry research, where he worked with other writers for about eleven years. He has grown his skills in the field and learned a lot concerning natural resources. The Stansberry Company was also focused on offering people with financial advice on natural resources and equipped them with ways on how they can use them to improve their lives. Matt focuses on helping people to grow and gain profits through their wealth and has received a lot of accreditation for his exceptional contributions to the prestigious financial platforms. Matt has a high dedication towards helping his readers identify ways in which they can grow their wealth and protect it for the future.

Matt has seen the firm grow its subscribers to a high number and this has impressed many people. Due to his high spirit and dedication towards helping people, he has got an opportunity to travel to many places across the country. Hong Kong, Singapore, Guinea, Switzerland, and many other countries are among those that Matt has visited to conduct his mission of informing people and offering them with his insight concerning natural resources, their importance, as well as ways in which people can protect them. He has had an excellent opportunity to visit a vast number of mines as well as oil wells with the aim of interrogating and mingling with prestigious chief executive officers to know.He has critically analyzed all types’ geological data and elaborated many emerging issues in the field of natural resources. Through his expertise, Matt has also helped people make triple as well as quadruple figures in a single month of operating their natural resource businesses. He has also conducted some interviews with prestigious personnel with the aim of acquiring ideas from them and in turn, share them with his readers.

Happy Pets Want Beneful

One of the most popular brands of pet foods in the U.S. is Beneful, a Nestle Purina brand that was put on the market in 2001. One of the unique aspects of the line is the meals actually resemble and taste like the flavorful Beneful Dog foods for our pets see on our plates and long for. The name literally means “full of goodness” and each item is made with healthy soy protein, vegetables and no added sugar in a variety of tastes and textures in either wet or dry options. These goodies are safe and bound to please even the pickiest pallets while offering wholesome nourishment. Beneful at Walmart stays true to its tag line ” It’s healthful. It’s flavorful. It’s Beneful.”.

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Sawyer Howitt and the Direction Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need

     Entrepreneurs need a lot of direction when they first start off. The world of the entrepreneur is never what is expected. This is one of the reasons that entrepreneurs often find themselves faced with a lot of obstacles. It is very common for people to try their hand at being an entrepreneur only to turn around and throw their hands in the air. One thing that is to be expected is that the entrepreneur is going to go weeks, if not months, before his business or activities start to make him any money. Even then, it is going to be a long time until the income that he makes from his activities rival that of his day job.

Fortunately, the time that it takes to become profitable as entrepreneurs can be cut short for aspiring entrepreneurs because of the advice and insights presented by Sawyer Howitt, a young entrepreneur. He is someone that other young entrepreneurs can learn from because they can relate to him more. He has learn a lot from his experience and is willing to share his insights with people so that they will be able to move forward at a quicker rate.

Sawyer not only provides advice for young people on being an entrepreneur, but also advice for people on being an employee. One of the best things about his advice is that it involves humility. Young people learn to be a team player in the environment and work harder than others in order to show their value. At the same time, they learn from Sawyer Howitt to check their attitudes so that they can be pleasant to work with. After all, no one is going to want an employee that is going to disrupt the culture of the company. For entrepreneurs, one of the best pieces of advice is to think long and hard about the business that is being started.

See How Young Entrepreneurs Can Succeed in the Workplace As Explained BySawyer Howitt.

Minneapolis: Home of the Mighty Fortress Church and the Most Beautiful Churches in America

While churches are places of worship, Christians attach a lot of importance to the design of these places. Perhaps, because some of the earliest churches spotted unique and innovative designs. As at present, churches all over the globe spot magnificent designs, and Minneapolis is no exemption. Some of the most beautifully designed churches are found in Minneapolis. Some of them are highlighted below.

Church of the Assumption found in St. Paul is thought to be the oldest church in the area. It was constructed in 1870. Since its construction, the beautiful interior of the church has remained intact. The church’s architectural design was inspired by the design of a church in Munich Germany spotting Romanesque Revival style of architecture.
Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Little Falls was built in 1903. John Sutcliffe, the architect who designed it, incorporated Tudor and Gothic styles of architecture into the design of the church. He also favored
local fieldstone construction on the lower part of the church and half-timbered stucco design on the upper part.
Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul, is arguably the most beautifully designed church and building in Minnesota. It was established in the 1900’s, and it remains to be one of the biggest churches in the US. The structure was designed to resemble the French churches in Paris. At the center of the church is huge dome complementing French Renaissance and Classical themes.
The Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis is also a beautifully designed church. The church is unlike the ones described above; it has a unique style of worship that eliminates too much formality common in other churches. It also provides biblical teachings in a creative way that seeks to reduce replication of biblical stories every week. The church is well aware of modern living, and it aims to deliver messages that are relevant to the modern Christian. The church is accessible to many because of its “come as you are” phrase which emphasizes its willingness to accept all members of the society without discrimination.
Bishop T.R Williams established the Mighty Fortress Church. The Bishop has been a servant of God for over 30 years. He is a respected individual in the Christian community.

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Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero Makes Grupo Televisa Even Better

     Among all of the media companies in Mexico, Grupo Televisa reigns as one of the best. The company has come a long way since they first started and they are now working toward becoming the single best in all of the Spanish countries. This is something that they have worked on for years and something that is going to mean a lot to them when they get to that point. It has been a huge change from the way that things were in the past and it has been something that has made it easier for Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero to take over as the CFO.

When Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero was first starting with Grupo Televisa and knew what he wanted to do to be the CFO, he was doing everything possible to make things better for himself and for the people who were in different situations. It was something that he was confident in and something that he had a lot of experience doing. There have been many different opportunities that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has taken part in and that has given him the chance to make things better on his own no matter what is going on in the world.

While Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero tried to make things better and tried to do everything that he could with the experiences that he had, he knew what he could do to make things better. All of this led to Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero being able to make changes and being able to help other people out. He wanted to show people what he could do and he also wanted to make sure that things were going to work out for him in different areas. This was something that gave him the opportunities that he needed in his own company.

Alexandre Gama – The Brazilian Pioneer

     Alexandre Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro, in the year 1958. He’s a businessman and advertising from Brazil. He’s the chief executive officer and founder of the Neogama, which is among the 20 largest Brazilian advertising agencies. In Brazil, Gama was the first to spearhead communications agencies global network, while working for BBH as CEO.

Gama is the only citizen of Brazil to be one of Global Creative Board, six-committee creative leaders from a holding company called Publicis Groupe. He studied at FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado) and graduated with Propaganda and advertising. In 1982, Gama began his advertising career as a writer at an agency called Standart Ogilvy. He began working at DM9 as a copywriter from 1990 to 1994. At this period, Gama became the most awarded writer in his country, Brazil.

He also served AlmapBBDO agency as creation vice president and a partner, and at the Young & Rubicam as a chief executive officer, CCO, and president in 1996. In the year 1999, Gama decided to leave Young & Rubicam to launch his agency called Neogama. He became the only Latin American holding a master class at the Festival de Cannes (Cannes Film Festival) that was held in France.