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Hussain Sajwani on CEO Diversity

Diversity is a significant focus for various companies throughout the world. The vast majority of CEO‘s are not minorities. Hussain Sajwani was born in Dubai, and he is the chairman and CEO of DAMAC Properties. He firmly believes that more minorities should become business leaders in the coming years.

DAMAC Properties is a real estate company focused on building new homes throughout the world. In an interview published by lookup.ae, it says that the company started small, but it grew quickly through the leadership of Hussain Sajwani. Hussain concentrated on adding value to customers whenever possible. He also believes in paying employees fairly for their work. Many construction companies reduce wages to improve profits.

Building a Successful Business

Hussain credits his father for teaching him the basics of managing a business. Instead of going to college, Hussain worked with his dad in the real estate industry. Hussain started selling homes as a real estate agent, and he decided to start his own business.

DAMAC Properties started as a small company focused on building starter homes in Dubai. Over time, the company began offering additional products and services for customers to utilize. Instead of using leverage to grow, Hussain took a systematic approach to manage his business.

Diversity in Business

Hussain Sajwani spends a lot of time mentoring young people in Dubai. He wants to teach the next generation of business leaders about managing a profitable company. He encourages other business leaders to use their time to help other people get to a new level.

Future Goals

Although DAMAC Properties is expanding, Hussain (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) plans to improve the company in multiple ways in 2019. He wants to hire more employees to fill open positions in various departments. He also wants to invest in new technology options to help customers during the construction process. Designing a new home is a stressful process for most customers. New technology will give customers a better peace of mind about their financial decisions.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: Clients Come First

When it comes to your money, you want to find the right wealth advisory team that fits your needs. The wealth management firm called HCR Wealth Advisors (@hcrwealth) strives to give knowledgeable financial and investment strategies to each of their clients. They are focused on creating strong relationships with every client helping them develop a financial plan that has realistic goals. It’s imperative to HCR Wealth Advisors that all clients reach those goals and are successful in their endeavors.

HCR Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth advisor and their main objective is to be there for their clients and continue to serve them with effective financial products. Their entire business is set up to be client driven in everything that it does. In terms of fees, HCR Wealth Advisors consistently shares upfront all of its rates. They charge one fee, a small percentage of assets, that’s comparable too many industry competitors. HCR Wealth Advisors is all about being straightforward and transparent as much as possible helping remove any questions clients may have about hidden fees or rates.

HCR Wealth Advisors says it is not a money manager but instead a knowledgeable wealth advisor. The reason they say this is that a money manager focuses primarily on performance without much regard for long-term planning for the client. Instead as a wealth advisor, HCR Wealth Advisors can take a hands-on approach getting to know all clients and build strong relationships over time. This means sitting down with their clients reviewing their financial portfolio, understanding their goals and informing them of any future events that could alter their financial situations. CEO and Founder Greg Heller says they make it a point to be extremely knowledgeable about their clients’ needs and what they can help them with.

When it comes to their clients, HCR Wealth Advisors has a high client retention rate. They have a client base of loyal customers that have been with them for several years. Whether a client is going through a rough patch in life such as a divorce, marriage or a loss of a loved one, HCR Wealth Advisors is there to help them through the process and give them effective and reliable financial planning options.

Additional info: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-HCR-Wealth-Advisors-EI_IE1404188.11,30.htm

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Why Trabuco Bradesco stands out as the best banking executive in Latin America

     South America has some of the largest banking institutions in the world. Some have even made their way to the top-ten list of the largest banks in the world. Despite having an unstable economy for the last few years, these banks have managed to navigate through the tides of uncertainties. There is no doubt that banks closed shop in the wake of these uncertainties. But others, such as the Bradesco bank have passed the test of time to remain relevant more than six decades after their establishment.

Amador Aguiar founded Bradesco bank in 1943where only a few banking institutions existed. Most of these banks were owned by the government and they mostly served civil servants and other high-end clients. The common man had no one to hold their hand in times of financial difficulties. Mr. Amador founded the private bank to serve the forgotten lot in the country. The bank developed tailored banking products for businesspeople, farmers and even the civil servants.

After a few years, other private banks began mushrooming from every corner of the country. Competition became stiff but Bradesco bank managed to stay at the top of the game. Bradesco bank is considered as the pioneer of most of the modern banking products in the country. The bank also had some of the best minds in the banking industry.

They focused on recruiting brilliant, young and industrious staff who would take the bank to the future. It explains why the current chairman joined the bank while he was only seventeen years old. Despite having background training in Philosophy, Trabuco Bradesco grew to become one of the greatest leaders Bradesco bank has ever seen.

Trabuco Bradesco started out as an intern in 1969. He was later promoted to serve as a banking clerk. Trabuco Bradesco obtained most of his tertiary education while working for Bradesco bank. From the first day he joined the bank, Trabuco Bradesco showcased outstanding leadership abilities that have helped to transform the institution to become the second largest in Latin America. Five decades after joining the bank, Trabuco Bradesco now serves as the chairman of the institution, a position he earned after many years of hard work.

Great Leadership Skills By Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi At Bradesco

     Luis Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in the year 1951 in Marilia, Brazil. As a native of that municipality, he spent almost his entire life in Marilia. He then joined the Faculty of philosophy, Science, and Letters in the University of Sao Paulo. Later on, Luis managed to acquire a post-graduate degree from the school of sociology and politics of Sao Paulo. Luiz Carlos must have been one among the few people who become successful at a tender age. At only 17, he had already cleared his education hence starting his career much earlier.

To begin with, Luiz Carlos Cappi started as a clerk at Bradesco; one of the biggest banks in Brazil. He worked with eagerness which enabled him to gradually elevate to other top positions in the company. In a span of fifteen years, Luis became the banks marketing director, a position which he secured for another eight years. Bradesco seemed to start seeing light at the end of the tunnel. In this era, Trabuco massively uplifted Bradesco communication sector by strengthening its relations with media. He also managed to convert Bradesco’s communications from analog to digital.

In 1992, while he was still a marketing director, he was assigned as the CEO of a Private pension based Bradesco’s branch Company. Trabuco’s leadership skills seemed to be impressive as his career seemed to be improving time after time. The company’s board members were happy with how he transformed the bank within a short period of time. Much later on, Trabuco was then positioned as the director of the whole Bradesco bank including its affiliates. Surprisingly, it only took a year and Trabuco was assigned the position of executive vice president to the bank.

In the year 2003, Trabuco eventually succeeded the then sitting president of Bradesco, Cyprian. He became the fourth and the youngest president of the bank. Bradesco was also under pressure in regards to its market shares during the time he took over. Luiz took on the leadership with great intentions which was to restore Bradesco’s status to the top. With his skills and experience, he came up with an idea to purchase HSBC in Brazil. This eventually led to success where Bradesco shares increased immensely on the New York stock market.

Trabuco’s leadership was termed as outstanding by the bank’s board members. This went to an extent where he was awarded numerously and was also elected as the entrepreneur of the year in the finance category.


Hidden Facts about ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ Novel

Sean Penn, the author of ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ novel is a rare person who has presented this book in a controversial manner. Some call it fiction while others call it factual. Nevertheless, the truth is that Penn expressed his factual ideas on the state of the United States in a fictional way. The tone used in the book is quite satirical. Some readers say he has exposed the behaviors of the current president of the United States in a hidden way. Others are still trying to catch a glimpse of what exactly the book talks about.


‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ novel has Bob as the main character. This is a middle-aged man who is an introvert, or let’s say antisocial, and has very weird behaviors. He is divorced and earns a living by managing waste as well as selling fireworks to dictators. He is also an assassin targeting old people using a mallet as a part-time job. The adventures and events in Bob’s life are used in ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ novel to depict both the culture and politics of the United States.

As much as a lot of fiction is expressed in a satirical tone, Sean Penn mentions the police shootings at Las Vegas, the North Korea tension as well as the Me Too Movement. This slightly exposes his real message of the novel. Bob writes a letter to the landlord who he describes as a rich old boy-man with very violent immature behavior and with French vanilla hair. Readers have assumed that the landlord refers to the current president, although only Sean Penn is sure about this. In his letter, he mentions words such as Russia, Alternative facts, and NRA, which have recently been used in news on the political state of the United States.



More about ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ novel


This is a novel which was earlier on produced as an audio in 2016 before it was published as text in the recent few months. ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’ novel has been received in different ways by different people. Some have enjoyed it; others have received it reluctantly, while others do not have a slight idea of what the real message is. Sean Penn has used this creative feature to make sure that his message is passed on to the intended recipients and at the same time not to mention their names. The hidden truth, however, unveils for the keen readers who are able to interpret satire and sarcasm.

Guilherme Paulus, Building On A Firm Foundation

     In Brazil, an individual who achieves his own success is regarded as a “self-made” man. This certainly is the case for Guilherme Paulus, whose entry into the business world began at age 20, with an internship at IMB. When he was 24, he partnered with a Brazilian politician to form a tour company, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. Headquartered in Santo André, Brazil, CVC sells global tourism packages, which include airline tickets, hotel accommodations and resort stays.

After just four years, his partner left the company, this proved to be the foundation for his success, because Guilherme continued on without his co-founder. And as a result, CVC rose to the status of industry leader and earned the distinction of being the largest tour operator in Latin America. Then in calendar year 2009, he sold major ownership shares to the private equity firm, The Carlyle Group. Taking on a capital partner netted somewhere in the neighborhood of $394 million, for 63.6% shares. Prior to this, in 2005 Guilherme Paulus had already launched another business venture, GJP Hotels and Resorts.

When a person possesses both business acumen and a knack for spotting future opportunities, he’s referred to as, “a visionary.” Guilherme Paulus is a visionary because he determined that Brazil was in store for an influx of tourists. The anticipated traffic would be included visitors, traveling from other countries to attend the World Cup Soccer tournament in 2014 and for the Olympics hosted by Brazil in 2016. Ultimately, Guilherme was right because he relied on his instincts and his business talents in Administrative and Commercial oversight. GJP quickly accessed control over 15 hotels. Eventually, extending to worldwide ownership of 3,000 guest apartments.

Due to his phenomenal growth in the tourism industry, in 2013 Forbes named Guilherme Paulus as number 1,268 on its annual listing of the world’s billionaires. As one of the richest people in Brazil, the net worth of Guilherme at the time was estimated to be $1.1 billion. That said a lot for the kind of business opportunities which compelled him to buy his first hotel in 1995. A decade later he decided to convert some vacant land into a resort. This launched him into the field as a developer, which very much complemented his first juncture as a tour operator. Starting with a small company, helped Guilherme Paulus find his way into entrepreneurship.

Bruno Fagali: Why You Need A Lawyer For Your Business

Are you running a business in Brazil? Need legal advice or representation? When legal issues occur you need a good lawyer or law firm to help you.

Bruno Fagali is a leading attorney in Brazil and he handles a wide variety of cases. Bruno Fagali works hard for his clients and ensures that they are completely satisfied with the services he provides.

Planning to start a business or grow your existing business is not an easy task. There are many legal issues that occur in the process. It is imperative to have a lawyer on your side as you start, or operate your business.

As you research lawyers and law firms, you need to keep in mind that not all lawyers can handle the laws and regulation affecting your situation. Only a lawyer who is well versed in your type of business or organization can address issues pertaining to your case. A good business lawyer will make sure that you understand and comply with the rules and regulations in your area.

In Brazil, professionals, organizations and entrepreneurs rely on Bruno Fagali for expert assistance. Many individual clients also turn to Bruno Fagali for help with a wide variety of legal issues.

Whenever you are planning to get into any business, expand an existing company, or planning to sell a business, there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Many of the transactions or processes require the expertise of a lawyer. A lawyer who is knowledgeable about business and corporate law can help you in meeting the legal requirements. A competent lawyer will provide you with proper legal advice and guidance.

A reliable lawyer like Bruno Fagali will make sure that you receive the right guidance throughout the process and will not ignore any important step. Bruno Fagali has been helping businesses and organizations for a long time and is fully aware of what they need to stay in compliance with the law. Bruno Fagali specializes in Administrative Law, Compliance and Regulatory Law. If your case involves Urban Law or Ethics, Bruno Fagali can also handle it effectively.


Metrik Holdings CEO, Samuel Strauch Does An Interview With CEOCFO Magazine

     During the interview between CEOCFO Magazine and Samuel Strauch, interviewer Lynn Fosse stated that the younger generation is increasingly taking happiness, curiosity and fulfillment for granted at the workplace. Mr. Strauch was asked how he helps people develop and find happiness, curiosity and fulfillment at work with his company. Samuel Strauch responded by saying that when he interviews people he looks at more than just their skills and education. He says he tries to get to understand his potential employees. Samuel Strauch asks what their hopes, dreams and ambitions are.

By getting to know an employee and what they aim in life, Strauch can better incorporate them into his team. He believes that working at his company requires a team effort. Samuel Strauch says that if an employee is a biking enthusiast, then he will try and incorporate events like bike rides into his company. This is so that work and personal interests cross together. Mr. Strauch finds that such an approach spurs both professional and personal development.

Samuel Strauch also believes that an approach which incorporates the interests, passions and goals of his employees creates a more happy, fulfilled and motivated employee. With this point of view, Samuel Strauch has said that even employees who have moved on to work elsewhere or start businesses continue to maintain relations with himself and others at his company. Some of his past employees even conduct business with Metrik. That is the power of looking beyond just skills and education and getting to really know someone and what they want out of work and life.

After that question, Samuel Strauch was asked by Lynn Fosse if he is surprised that so few people realize the importance of being happy, feeling fulfilled and having the freedom to be curious and innovative at work. Strauch said that no he is not surprised that so few people realize this. He attributes this to the very rigid set of instructions and beliefs that his generation was taught. People used to think and were taught that you had to do things a certain way to succeed in business. This is changing and there is more and more freedom at the workplace now.

For more, please read http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SamuelStrauch_MetrikHoldings17.htm.

Bob Reina: A Person You Can Count On

Bob Reina is someone that people can count on, and that is not something that should be taken lightly. After all, even in people’s own lives, how many people can they say they can truly count on and depend on? I would venture to say the answer is not too many and that includes friends and family. It is why someone like Bob Reina is perfect for the world today. He is giving it a well-needed injection of positive energy, happiness, and joy. He is truly a rare breed and that is a great thing. As a matter of fact, if the world had more people like Bob Reina, it would be a much better place, that is for sure. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/employees-biography/82120-1877


Bob Reina is a man of the people and always has been going back to his days as a police officer. It takes a special person to be a police officer. The job is not for everyone and the same applies to his role at Talk Fusion, where is the CEO and founder. They are a video technology company that is really impacting the way people are doing business today. They are allowing people freedoms they didn’t even know they had in the first place. With video newsletters and video chats, there are more ways than ever to reach a large group of people.


In addition to that, the company is allowing people the luxury of working from home. They can set their own hours, their own schedule, and do as they please. It is a tremendous feeling for a lot of people out there. They get to spend more time with their friends, family, and their children. Gone are the days of missing important family functions. They are just working smarter and harder at the same time. They can rearrange things since they are the ones in charge.


That title feels good for a lot of people, “the boss.” For so long, they were viewed as an expendable employee. They were never made to feel special or unique in their line of work. Now, they don’t need to rely on anyone else for their self-confidence. They can rely on themselves.





Perry Mandera’s Life Contributions

Perry Mandera graduated from high school in 1975. Perry Mandera signed to serve in the Marine Corps reserves, and that was the start of his community service to the people. Perry Mandera took a role as a truck driver, and that built a foundation for his business career in transportation logistics. Perry worked at the Marine Corpss for only a short period where he was given an honorable discharge, back to civilian life.

Perry Mandera started his own business in 1980 which he later sold in 1985. Perry Mandera then indulged himself in politics. Perry Mandera served as republic ward committeeman in Chicago. Perry was the youngest person to vie for the Republican ward committeeman.

Perry Mandera the left the political office. He started custom companies a business that has tremendously over the time. Customs Company is a business that serves a lot of customers. Custom company employs a lot of people and is recognized as a full-time transport provider. Perry Mandera manages the business activities, and its headquarters are in Illinois. Perry was named to top 100 American transportation executives and is a member of the board of directors.

Perry Mandera is committed towards community service and charitable work. His charity work operates on the ground of always doing the right thing and giving back to the community. Perry is a family man. He is married with two children. Perry Mandera has focused on charity work organizations that benefit children and those who have served in the military. Perry Mandera has donated resources to help victims of natural disasters. His donations vary from aiding those affected by tragic storms and California wildfires.

Perry Mandera also started custom care charities to support organizations that are part of custom companies as a way of giving back to the community. Perry Mandera has taken the initiative of personally coaching the youth and sponsoring youth sports teams.