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Kamil Idris, Protecting Patent Strategies With Global Access

In an interview with Venture Outsource, Kamil Idris, Sudanese Ambassador and Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization discussed the perils of globalizing “intellectual property.” In today’s digital culture, globalization refers to free flowing capital within “unfettered” markets. Idris commented that intellectual property should be marketed, protected and given the same rights as other technologically sound inventions. Since, progressive thinking is the impetus behind forward progression of the export market. Idris noted a statistic gathered by the African Center for Technology Studies, which indicated that fewer than 2% of new patents originated from Africa. Yet worldwide, new patent numbers are on the rise. He sees globalization as the great equalizer, allowing those in developing countries to generate creative ideas that come to fruition.


The point Kamil Idris is emphasizing is that there’s no reason in this emerging digital age for any inventor with a valid creative idea not to have that idea developed, protected and brought to market. And furthermore, there needs to be a global process whereby the application process for new patents is simplified and streamlined. Bringing together inventors, intellectual property and the patent process should become the norm for access to digital resources. Digital resources shouldn’t be a limited ethos; someone in a developing country should see their creative ideas as valid as those in other parts of the world.


Director General Kamil Idris sees globalization as needed for intellectual property rights to be extended to all. This is the main purpose of World Intellectual Property Day. April 26th is a day designated for international recognition of intellectual property. Intellectual property covers copyrights, patents, creative designs and trademarks. Director Kamil feels that human intelligence is just as important as artificial intelligence. He is very much invested in the marriage of technology and creativity to generate patent worthy ideas.


As a Sudanese Ambassador, Director General Kamil strengthened the international positioning of globalization as the cornerstone of technological advances. Kamil Idris was born in Sudan and he holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Khartoum University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cairo University. Idris also attended Ohio University, where he earned his Masters Degree. Additionally, Kamil Idris holds a Doctorate in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland.