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Bhanu Choudhrie a Highly Successful British Indian Serial Entrepreneur

Bhanu Choudhrie is one of the wealthiest British Indian entrepreneurs and serves as the Director of the London based C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha group is a privately held investment equity firm that is headquartered in London, UK. The firm that was founded by Bhanu Choudhrie in 2002 has interests in a wide range of sectors that includes the healthcare sector, aviation sector, and hospitality sector among other industries.

The aviation sector in the UAE and Asia is one industry that C&C Alpha has made massive investments in. Recently the UAE Aviation School Alpha Aviation Academy a subsidiary company of the C&C Alpha Group of Companies celebrated its tenth anniversary. The Aviation school is a leading pilot training academy in the whole of the Middle East region. The anniversary ceremony was held at Sharjah, UAE where the Academy is based. Alpha Aviation academy boasts of having trained more than 600 cadets in the ten years that it has been operational. Cadets from the school are highly qualified, and once they graduate, they secure piloting positions in Airbus A320 types of planes as second cadre officers.

The Academy lately has been focusing on empowering women in the aviation sector. There is only 3 percent of women commercial pilots in the whole world, something that Alpha Aviation Academy wants to change by allowing more women to study aviation. Currently, 20 women are undergoing cadets training at Alpha Aviation Schools, and more than 25 have already graduated from AAA school. The firm, besides empowering women, is seeking to encourage more professionals to join the aviation sector. The firm in a move to encourage more workers from different professions to enter the industry has raised the minimum age of training cadets for the MPL licenses from 33 years to 35 years.

During the event keynote speakers such as Bhanu Choudhrie had the opportunity to speak to the guests. The ceremony also saw AAA employees and students who had performed well get awarded with presents. In his remarks, Bhanu Choudhrie said that he is happy of the tremendous achievement the Academy has been able to accomplish in the past ten years. Choudhrie, in addition, acknowledged the vital role AAA partners have played in ensuring that the school becomes a success.

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Sharon Prince of Grace Farms on Welcoming Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems is an artist and photographer. She was born in Portland, Oregon. Mae graduated from the Institute of Arts in California. She majored in B.F.A. before taking up a degree from California University. From 1984 to 1987, Mae took up a graduate program from Berkeley. In 1984, she completed her initial collection of photographic series coupled with the spoken word. She also took part in the creation of people of color along with kitchen table series. Mae Weems also created kitchen table series. Over the years, she became involved in the development of different programs such as the Slave Coast and Jefferson suite. Carrie Mae Weems recently staged a performance at Grace Farms, where she skillfully created space for people to consider injustice, inequality, and race.

Using her powerful voice, coupled with an amazing team of talented artists, Mae Weems implores people to consider the community’s violence and injustices. Through text, images, in addition to words, she takes her audience through their violent past while bringing them to the precipice of their impending extinction. Mae’s inquiries regarding whether it’s important to consider people’s lives before anything seem daunting as well as impossible. At the end of it all, she leaves some room for hope.

Grace Farms was founded in 2009. It’s a privately-owned organization in Connecticut. It supports various initiatives specifically in departments of justice, community, faith, along with arts. The foundation also carries out its tasks through the publicly available spaces in addition to integrated programs.

Situated in Fairfield County next to New York, Grace Farms is at the community center. It encompasses approximately 80 acres of space at SANAA’s River. Sharon Prince Grace Farms, who is the head cheerleader of the organization, oversees general operations while spearheading various projects. She implements policies that allow people to work together in seeking peace.

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Successes of Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince has served in the business industry for many years. As a successful investor, she has used her earnings and expertise to help people. Her major focus is on women. She believes that women are great people in society and she strives to eliminate the negativity that most people have towards them. She encourages people in various parts of the world to handle them with respect as despite serving as helpers, they also mold children into great people. She insists that the contributions women have had towards the community is amendable and it can be rewarded with positivity and giving back.

As the owner of the large Sharon Prince Grace Farms venture, she strives to combine her skills in entrepreneurship with nature to conserve it. She has received a lot of amendments for the developments she has brought in the world. The venture focuses on creating a better environment for the living of animals. Her ability to bring people together as one through her investment has enabled a vast number of them to live better lives and be happy. She has continued to bring changes in the lives of many through using her expertise.

Sharon Prince also runs a foundation that focuses on helping children that are mishandled. She has always been against child trafficking and based on her believes, she insists that children are a reassure to the society and hey shape the future. She encourages parents to handle their children with love and care regardless of their total earnings as this enables them to live better lives and stay responsible.

The ability of Sharon Prince to embrace grit and inspiration has enabled to keep working harder to achieve the best. Her career has thriven through good and bad times. She continues to put efforts towards accomplishing her targets and she believes that everything is possible with determination and positivity.

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MARK HOLYOAKE: The Magnate Behind Iceland Seafood International Success

Mark Holyoake is a British residential property and commercial investor and the Chief Executive Officer of Oak Holdings, a firm specializing in real estate and private equity investments operating primarily in London, UK. He’s a renowned entrepreneur and operator of various successful businesses for over 30 years. Mark Holyoake completed his education at the University of Reading, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance. Mark Holyoake founded the British Seafood Group and later moved on to become the director of numerous seafood companies; hence, he acquired extensive experience in the seafood industry across the globe.

He invested in Iceland Seafood International at a time of financial uncertainty when the country’s economy was almost collapsing, one of the oldest seafood companies in Iceland. Mark Holyoake helped the Company rise to global success with its significant profit margins making it a powerhouse in the seafood industry although many investors had termed his move a considerable risk, his huge investments made him become the largest shareholder of the Company. At the time, the business climate in Iceland was unstable, and its currency value had declined, and the business environment was not conducive to external investors. Mark Holyoake stepped down from Iceland Seafood International board of directors, selling 42 Million of his shares and allowed Brim Seafood to buy shares in the Company but he still maintains a large percent of the company shares, about 550.85 Million of the Company’s 1.29 billion shares. He was the board director of Iceland Seafood for close to 10 years. He went ahead to venture into other businesses in the field of food production and private equity.

He attributes his long-term success to never giving up, giving responsibility to the right type of people, learning from failure, and being surrounded by like-minded people who are visionary thinkers and have real ideas. Mark Holyoake has been described by many as a hard-working entrepreneur, risk taker, and a smart thinker who brings his concept into life. He describes Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, as his Inspirational figurehead who has helped him see the bigger picture despite harsh conditions surrounding him and thus achieve positive growth over the years.

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The growth steps taken by Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a leading business person in the world. He is the founder of JD.com, the largest e-commerce platform in China. Liu is an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe because he has created his business from scratch to now that he is among the best. He did not inherit any wealth from his parents or kins, but he eventually succeeded in work because he was passionate about entrepreneurship. Today, JD.com is ranked as the fourth largest business in China by market value. Liu estimates the current networth to be above $60 billion.

Richard Liu has been in business since 1998. He established a brick and mortar computer accessories business known as JingDong, which he later changed to JD.com after shifting to e-commerce platforms. Within five years that he operated the physical stores business, he had opened 12 stores for computer accessories. His ability to expand a business was already in place even before going onboard with an internet-based business. Today, JD.com is leveraging on the modern technologies that are making it easier and efficient to run an e-commerce platform. By applying the latest cutting-edge technology, the business is able to reach out to the customers in the shortest time possible. Today, JD.com is using robots and drones to deliver products within China. There are plans to expand this capacity to reach other neighboring countries.

Richard Liu Qiangdong delved into online business knowing very well that he had identified some of the challenges that affected other businesses doing e-commerce before. He recognized some of the complaints that customers had and decided to rectify them. For instance, he was determined to change the culture of sending fake items to customers. He also introduced price invoices to ensure that price cheating was eliminated. Richard Liu offered customers a genuine and honest platform where they could purchase items and have their orders fulfilled within 24 hours.

Richard Liu Qiangdong says that he is not giving up until JD.com becomes the largest business in China. This has always been his wish since he started and he is sure that through the steps he is taking, he will actualize the dream.

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Ted Bauman says that Amazon is Far from Being a Monopoly

Ted Bauman is an accomplished writer who edits the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing. The Letter is a monthly publication that attracts more than 100,000 loyal subscribers. Bauman has devoted his writing on the topic of how ordinary people can preserve and secure their wealth by investing innovatively and also by having legal and personal strategies. Beside the Letter Bauman’s runs a Smart Money Service including a weekly Alpha Stock alert all of which are trading services.

Ted Bauman was born and raised in the US but later relocated to the African continent in pursuit of education. He attended the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a degree in both history and economics. Bauman career also began while in South Africa where he worked for a number of non-government organizations and governments. He later moved back to the US where he had a brief stint working for an Atlanta based organization before joining Banyan Hill publishers in 2013.

Ted Bauman in one of his articles says that Amazon is not a monopoly. He goes ahead to warns investors against buying the firm’s stock as they are vulnerable. Amazon is among the top leading online retail companies. The firm is ranked the 4th most valuable company in the NYSE with a market cap of about 560 billion dollars. The firm also boasts of having close to 90 million loyal consumers who have prime memberships and can access free shipping and also enjoy free TV and movies streaming. The firm moreover has an estimated annual revenue of about 170 billion dollars. Despite the staggering figures, all is not rosy for the world’s number one online retail company.

Ted Bauman disagrees that Amazon is a monopoly. According to Ted companies such as Wall-Mart earn three times more revenue as compared to Amazon. Bauman further proves his analogy by quoting the New York Magazine that states Amazon generates less income than Kroger chain of supermarkets. Online retail companies are also a threat to apple as they represent about 56 percent of the total e-commerce market. One worrying sign against investing in Amazon according to Bauman is that although Amazon makes massive profits, it doesn’t pay dividends to its shareholders. Instead, the company uses the money to acquire other companies or introduce new services. This according to Bauman is dangerous, and investors can only profit from Amazon shares through selling them.

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Glen Wakeman And The Successful Leadership He Has For Launchpad Holdings LLC

Some successful leaders are skilled, but some are also just favored way too much by Fortune and the gods. Glen Wakeman might be a rare mix of the two. There are many articles you can find online about Glen Wakeman; all you really need to do is type his name on Google, but if you want to get a chunky and informative profile about him, then this short article might be for you. Read on.


The CEO of Launchpad Holdings LLC

You may remember Glen Wakeman as a business leader who has spent years building a career in business mentoring and attempting to revolutionize the business models of companies. Sure, there may be hiccups and challenges in his attempts, but the real success of Glen Wakeman is the fact that despite all of them, he’s willing to learn more about the experience and moving on to better ventures. From start-up companies to creating new methodologies for companies, Glen Wakeman is passionate in sharing his knowledge and is humble enough to acknowledge where his ideas may be hard to apply.

Glen holds an MBA in Finance and BS in Economics, which he seems to not make a big deal out of. This is one of the reasons that make Glen Wakeman one of the most respectable leaders in the industry today. He doesn’t pretend that he has all the answers and all his predictions are applicable in all areas. Despite his BS in Economics background and the successful positions he held for GE Capital and as the founder of Nova Four, he still accepts that in a complex globalized environment, many of his success could not be accounted to just skills alone. Much of it could also be because of randomness, which in Nassim Taleb’s book Fooled by Randomness, is such a transformative concept (Glenwakeman).