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Succession Tips Acquired from the ‘Chainsmokers’

Chainsmokers is an American set of two DJs: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two have emerged more victorious from singing. They have a variety of songs one notable being ‘selfie,’ which was released in 2014 and contributed majorly to their fame in the music industry.

The Chainsmokers have a positive impact on the upcoming generation as there is a lot, they can learn from them to better their lives. Some of the lessons include:

Fostering Creativity

The Chainsmokers spend most of their time in studios trying to bring up ideas related to music. It is evident that the flow of thoughts discloses itself when it wants to, and immediately it does it needs to be captured. Noting down of ideas is vital for easy remembrance because at some point the idea flows in when you are sleeping or doing something else. Use any convenient means to remember it.

Belief in Yourself

Music revolves around what you feel. Proceed to something else if you think whatever you started is outdated. The notion is not all gone because at some point old stanzas can be used in a new song. If music does not work on you try something else, there is a lot of things to be done apart from music so don’t give up on yourself.

Be Passionate

To succeed in anything, passion is the driving force. For the case of Andrew Taggart, he was passionate about music since his childhood life, after the setting of his first drum by then he was five years old. Andrew was also interested in electronic music making him learn how to be a successful musician.

Be Kind

From way back in high school, Andrew Taggart has been known to be a kind person. He thought about other people’s well-being. The caring act empowered the Chainsmokers to participate in community social responsibility as they aided charity homes like the Los Angeles Youth Network and United Way. From them, we learn the spirit of helping each other.

Listen to your Audience

It is not all about responding to the fans on social media. Watching and listening to their music is also recommended as it helps in knowing, which part needs to rectify. Know the type of content the viewers are comfortable.


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