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Hussain Sajwani; Obstacles Pave the way for Growth

Perhaps you have heard that failure is part of life. Even better, failure is one obstacle that every business professional has encountered at some point in life. With that said, perhaps others have used their failure as a point of giving up the battle. However, for Hussain Sajwani, failure meant that there were more chances to try and succeed in the end. That is why in his interview with Ideamensch, he admits that every moment in life defined his success. As of now, he is known as the head of DAMAC Properties. But that is not all because he is also the founder of this established real estate company that provides high-end luxurious properties in the rental and commercial scopes. Even though he is currently successful, there are a few points you need to know about him especially from where his journey began.

Background Check

Growing up in the Middle East was not the easiest thing Hussain Sajwani had to experience in life. For starters, his parents were barely rich. Therefore, his family could rank in most average income earners. And of course, there were siblings to be taken care of. For that reason, his father opened a shop in which he sold men’s products and stationary. Being an astute entrepreneur, he often traveled to China in order to bring goods at affordable prices. It was at that moment that Sajwani the DAMAC owner took over the shop as the manager. While serving clients, he realized that there were frequent ones then there were clients who showed up once in a while. At one point, the rare to show up clients went for a dozen of vests. The move surprised Hussain Sajwani but his father knew that such a moment indicated the rise in demand for the particular product. Immediately the client left, Ali Sajwani hiked the prices stating that the onetime client would not come back after some time. It was therefore safe to increase prices as more clients would come for the same product. That marked the beginning of Sajwani’s passion for business.

The Overview

The peak of Hussain Sajwani’s career began when he moved to the United States of America for studies. Joining the Washington University, he focused on building a strong academic foundation that later benefited him after graduating from college when he was employed as a contracts manager at GASCO. Although Sajwani enjoyed working at the company for some time, he also wanted to start a business. That is how he left GASCO. First starting out with a business in food catering, he succeeded and started DAMAC Properties, one of his major success stories as of now. This company has been the major real estate provider for the people of Dubai and the Middle East alike. The DAMAC owner takes pride in knowing that he is part of an empire that is shaping a multibillion real estate sector.

Visit his website for more details about him and DAMAC: http://hussainsajwani.com/ar/about-hussain-sajwani/

Jim Toner And His Real Estate Investment Book

Jim Toner is a man who enjoyed a long career investing in the real estate, speaker, radio show host, and consultation. He has been heard throughout the country about values of intelligent real estate investment where he has been able to appear with the likes of Frank Mckinney, Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, The Napoleon Hill Foundation, together with others. He is an expert who makes investing in real estate a user-friendly to the general public which has put the services to a big demand.

People have been routinely paying between $2,000 and $15,000 and even travel from different countries in the world so that they can attend his program on real estate investment. He is an accomplished real estate entrepreneur who uses plan of customized 12 little houses when he teaches people towards gaining financial freedom. He has been in the real estate investment in trenches for over 25 years in the world.

Jim Toner is an active philanthropist and is nationally recognized because of his work contribution with the homeless and veterans. He is also an active member of Nilsa McKinney’s and Frank Caring House Project Foundation and also Pittsburgh Advisory Board Chair which is the branch of Pennsylvania Salvation Army. His current work is with Limited Private Client Group and coaching other groups of people and most of them have a waiting list. He has been accepting private coaching on entrepreneurial/business and investment real estate clients.

In his book which is about the guide to investing real estate, talks about the truth which the “guru’s” will not like you to know. There are scam artists, snake oil peddlers and much awful tripe in the world. What they have been hating is what the book talks about which is the truth. A real world requires being accounted with real stories because people lives change every day when they use Jim Toner to invest in real estate. Many people have been able to achieve their dream of having financial freedom. They always have a story to tell. They have known have to get perfect opportunities because the market keeps changing where the rules change but not fundamentals. It is becoming a massive opportunity for everyone where in the book it explains how to find the opportunities. Then you will learn how to run away from the pitfalls, hype, lies, and charlatans who come to steal your money. This is not something to do half-assed.

Jim Toner’s simple blueprint has been working. It doesn’t matter where you fall either new or established investor all it matters is that the book will help you. It is referred as a blueprint because it can be said to be more than a book. The book has a true system and not a theory or idea book which will help you to succeed by helping you to maneuver from the misinformation piles. More of this can be read on Jim Toner’s blog here.

Get in touch with Jim on Facebook and Crunchbase (@thejimtoner)

Hot, The Real Estate Market In NYC Is Hot

There are times that the market for New York City luxury real estate is in a downturn. This is not that time. There are many reasons for this. After the recession stopped, and the economy began to improve in NYC, the market started to improve. This is good for sellers, buyers and investors.

As A Seller, It Is A Perfect Time To Put Your Property Up For Sale

Knowing that you want to sell your property is a good sign. Having the market the way it is will give you the advantage on getting the price that you want for your property. Make the right move now, and get the price that you command. You will want to sit down and think about the price that you want to get for it and jot this down in a notebook so you can talk about it with a real estate agent.

Town Residential Real Estate Is At Your Service

At Town Residential, our agents are very experienced in selling homes. They know how to get them ready to sell and how to market them. This is because they know the areas in NYC very well, and they can help you price your property so it is fit to sell in a short time. When they have open houses, you will see that they can get the buyers to show up and take a look at the home. In most cases, you will receive an offer.

At Town Residential We Are Also There For Buyers And Investors

It is also a great time for buying and selling real estate in NYC. Our agents can lead you right to several different properties that will fit in with what you are looking for, making it a fantastic time to do your real estate business.

Look forward to the time that you spend selling or purchasing a new property. It is a process that will be exciting, and one that you will never forget. It will prove to be an enriching experience when you use our company, Town Residential Real Estate for your needs.