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Dick Devos: Businessman and Philanthropist

For well over two decades, Dick DeVos has been changing the face of Grand Rapids. This town has a rich history in the private sector, and many know of it as the birthplace of organized labor. Over the last few years, Dick and his wife Betsy have changed the skyline of Grand Rapids by getting behind a variety of new businesses, athletic centers, and non-profit organizations. From a cutting-edge sports facility to the new convention park, this town has become a bustling hub of activity.


In 1991, there was a plan to invest public money in a multi-purpose sports complex in the area just north of downtown Grand Rapids. As soon as DeVos heard about that plan, he quickly contacted dozens of local business owners and created a committee known as Grand Action. After seeing other cities and states struggle with failing sports complexes, DeVos decided to take action so that his hometown wouldn’t meet the same fate.


Instead of building a complex outside of the city, Grand Action petitioned to have the Van Andel Arena constructed in the heart of the business district. In addition to the new arena, this committee was also the driving force behind dozens of other building projects including the DeVos Performance Hall and Grand Rapids City Market. DeVos claims that his goal was to improve the skyline while staunching suburban sprawl.


Dick and Betsy DeVos aren’t just known for their business acumen. From 1989 to 2015, their non-profit foundation donated over $138 million to a wide variety of leadership programs, churches, health service organizations, and scholarship funds. In 2006, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated just over $12 million to a children’s hospital in the Spectrum Health System. That money has helped parents remain with their children while they are being treated for chronic illnesses.


Over the last few years, one of Dick’s largest projects has been the revitalization of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. DeVos decided to cold-call the CEO of AirTran Airways and ask if he would run nonstop flights out of this aging airport, and the CEO agreed to set those flight paths up within the coming months. AirTrain Airways was then purchased by Southwest, and that brought in additional revenue, tourists, and business opportunities.


Dick DeVos has recently been appointed to the top civilian panel that oversees the FAA. He is now part of the Management Advisory Council that manages general FAA policies, long-term planning, and regulatory matters.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/ to learn more.

End Citizens United Backed Candidate Is Gaining Traction

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was founded in reaction to the Citizens United verdict by the United States Supreme Court. In that decision, the Supreme Court essentially abolished many of the campaign finance reform laws that had been passed in the previous few years. The decision allowed virtually unlimited amounts of money into the campaign process.

End Citizens United was created to support candidates who would work to end campaign finance abuses. The goal of the organization is to ultimately see the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision reversed.

Each year, ECU backs a number of candidates who are in agreement with their basic campaign finance reform agenda. The group goes after seats held by those who they deem to be major opponents of campaign finance reform.

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This year, ECU is backing Congressman Beto O’Rourke in his efforts to unseat incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has been identified as one of End Citizens United’s main opponents.

Ted Cruz has a lot of name recognition in the state of Texas. He has been elected in the past by comfortable margins, and he gained a national reputation when he ran for the presidency in 2016.

Beto O’Rourke is not so well known. He represents a district in El Paso, TX. He has been trying to gain more recognition by visiting every county within the state of Texas.

Mr. O’Rourke received the End Citizens United endorsement because of his commitment to campaign reform. He wants to get dirty money out of politics so that the average citizen has a greater voice in government.

Recently, Mr. O’Rourke also received the endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters. This endorsement and the endorsement from End Citizens United has helped Beto to climb in the polls.

A recent poll that was conducted showed that Congressman O’Rourke was trailing Senator Cruz by a margin of 45 to 37. While still a few percentage points behind the senator, Beto is gaining ground. At the same time, he is gaining recognition for the cause of End Citizens United and those who favor the group’s work.

End Citizens United Endorses Two More Names For 2018 Senate Elections

End Citizens United seems to be working overtime to prepare for the upcoming 2018 elections. End Citizens United is a political action committee(PAC) that works to remove big money from politics. They accomplish this, with the help of its grassroots members, by supporting democratic candidates that are not accepting million in campaign contributions from wealthy corporations.

End Citizens United has already support a variety of candidates and incumbents for the 2018 election. These names include Max Rose;New York, Paul Davis;Kansas, Brendan Kelly;Illinois, and Elissa Slotkin, Michigan.

Two of the newest politicians to gain support from End Citizens United are Gary Trauner and Jane Raybould.

Gary Trauner is running for United States Senator for the State of Wyoming. Gary Trauner, like all politicians supported by End Citizens United, is not accepting corporate money as contribution to his campaign. “Voters are fed up with the way Washington does business,” said Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. “Gary is taking bold steps to address the problem before he even gets to the Senate.”

Jane Raybould, from Nebraska is also running for United States Senate. After Raybould’s announcement that she would be denouncing all corporate donations, End Citizens United endorsed her. “Nebraskans are fed up with Washington ignoring their needs,” said Tiffany Muller.

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Before becoming the President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller worked as chief of staff for a couple of United States Congressmen. She also worked at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee where she served as Deputy Political Director. Despite her more recent accomplishments, one of her most defining moments was becoming the first openly gay politician to hold office in Kansas. When she was elected to the Topeka City Council, Tiffany Muller made history.

End Citizens United started in 2015, 5 years after the Supreme Court made a decision that made it possible for corporations to donate endless amounts of money to their political choices. End Citizens United was created in order to bring the voting power back to the common resident instead of big corporations.

End Citizens United is not only supporting candidates that denounce corporate money, they are also targeting individuals that do accept this big money. They created a list of politicians who must be booted out of office. This list is called Big Money 20 and it consists of politicians such as Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Mike Coffman.

End Citizens United Turns Its Attention To The Texas 2018 Midterms

The 2018 midterm elections may be a number of months away but the battle to elect politicians friendly to the cause of election finance reform has already begun for the End citizens United PAC. One of the most anticipated election battles for Democrats is the 23rd Congressional Seat in Texas where Democrat Jay Hulings is looking to overcome the incumbent Republican, Will Hurd. The End Citizens United PAC recently named Hurd to its list of top 20 targets for the 2018 midterms which will see the Republican once again backed by the interests of billionaire donors and business groups who are looking to keep him in power in Washington to reduce the risk of election financing reform taking place in the near future.

After naming Will Hurd to its list of politicians the PAC believes place the needs of wealthy donors above those of their own constituents, End Citizens United believe the decision of Hurd to vote in favor of the 2017 Tax Reform Bill shows where the Texas politicians lie. End Citizens United believes the facts speak for themselves in the tax reform battle as Hurd has been the recipient of over $200,000 for Wall Street-based donors and more than $3 million in funding from special interest groups seeking tax reform for the wealthiest in the nation.

End Citizens United has already made its decision about the politician supporters of reforming the election financing regulations which were damaged greatly in 2010 by the Citizens United decision should vote for. Democrat Jay Hulings was endorsed by Edn Citizens United and will see his campaign given a major boost over the course of the next few months because of the grassroots donations made to End Citizens United which had reached $7 million by the middle of 2017 and given the group they hope they can reach a $35 million target by the time of the elections.

The leadership of the End Citizens United PAC headed by President Tiffany Muller is hoping to make major inroads into the Republican dominance of Congress in 2018 as they have been working to refine their campaign message of election finance reform. End Citizens United proved their worth in a short time during the 2016 election cycle which resulted in a $25 million campaign fund which was used to back Democrats friendly to the cause of election financing reform.

Contact End Citizens United: www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html

George Soros, an All- time Symbol of Liberalism

George Soros is a prominent figure in the political arena. The Hungarian-American billionaire is famously known for his battles against authoritarianism. His early life seems to have contributed significantly to his current moves of liberalization through acts of philanthropy. Born in 1930, Soros lived under a nationalist pro-Nazi Hungarian regime before an escape to London for studies. He later made way to his current residence, America, where he was to do his business. In 1984, he formed his first foundation ‘’the Open Society Foundation’’ with the intents of championing for liberation.

George’s Charitable Activities

The all-times philanthropist has been at the purge of funding political candidates who seem to have interests of citizens at heart. On the other hand, he has not entertained politicians with bad policies that impinge on the rights of immigrants and refugees. In the year 2015, George called for common European asylum system to rebuke Hungary’s prime minister’s hard line on immigration. This put him at loggerheads with the prime minister. It, however, did not weaken his fight. Again in September 2015, George Soros made a bold move to donate $500 million for investments that addressed the needs of the immigrants, refugees and host communities.

Learn more: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

Efforts to Bankroll Democratic Causes

In 2004 George Soros was in great opposition to the Iraq war- it infringed on the rights of innocent citizens. This together with the wrong policies of then the President of America George Bush made him fight hard against his governance. He doled out $27 million to liberal groups to boost John Kerry’s unsuccessful challenge against Bush. His moves put him under fierce verbal attack by conservative politicians. He swore to give up his spending spree on politics. He, however, made a comeback in the 2016 American campaigns as one of the leading funders of Hillary Clinton.

Soros loved Hillary’s policies. George was also driven by the hostility toward many of the issues he cared most about and had worked to support for many years, including immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance. Soros had faith in Hillary and was upset by Trump’s strategy of instilling fear, which he viewed as terrorist-related. During this period, Soros also dedicated $5 million to a Voting Rights Trust a non-profit organization devoted to fighting constant efforts to restrict voting. Learn more on Biography about George

In a Nutshell

The Ferguson shooting ignited protests against civil injustices. The protests could not have born a nationwide success minus the significant input of the single man, George Soros, who donated $33 million to various groups that encouraged the activists and fanned the wave all over America. To ensure great success of the same man, George gave a grant to Advancement Project which offered training on civil disobedience to build a fair and just, multi-racial democracy in America. Implementation was to be done through litigation, community organizing support, public policy reform, and strategic communications. Know more on investopedia.com about George Soros.

The Election Is Over But Billionaire George Soros And Other Democrats Will Hold Trump Accountable

The 2016 election will go down in history as one of the most reprehensible demonstrations of political maneuvering in modern times. The candidates were friends before the election process began in 2015, but the campaign turned them into name calling adversaries. Clinton won the popular vote, thanks to the support she got from Democratic heavyweights. George Soros, the 86-year-old Hungarian-born hedge fund manager, and humanitarian was in Clinton’s corner when the campaign began, and he never left that corner. Soros donated more than $8 million to the Clinton campaign, according to politico.com. George gave another $6 million to other Democratic candidates. He even supported Democrats in attorney general races in six states.

Donald Trump and George Soros knew each other before the campaign started, but they were never friends. Trump is not a Soros kind of guy. Trump is too bold, brazen, and self-centered. Those qualities don’t fit into the Soros playbook. And George has a very big playbook. The number of political groups that Soros plays a prominent role in is not known, but the Democratic Alliance Donor Club on opensocietyfoundations.org is one of the high-profile political groups that Soros founded. The Democratic Alliance met in Washington, D.C. recently to discuss the Donald Trump’s presidency. The DA wants to do all it can to block Trump during his first 100 days in office.

The motivating factor behind George Soros is well-known. Soros is a former refugee, so he knows how important freedom and democracy are. George fled Hungary in the 1940s to escape the Nazis. He has been fighting for people that have been denied their human rights for years through his Open Society Foundation on forbes.com. The Open Society Foundation has spent more than $6 billion of the Soros fortune over the last 40 years spreading Democracy around the world. That’s why Soros is so concerned about a Trump presidency. Trump’s vocal agenda during the campaign steps all over the basic principles of Democracy.

The election is over, but the battle is just beginning. George Soros and other wealthy Democrats will not give up. Mr. Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world, according to Forbes Magazine, and he’s not afraid to use his wealth to block Trump’s hidden agenda. If Trump cabinet appointments are approved by Congress, Soros knows he has a lot of work to do, but George Soros has never been afraid of hard work. See: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/george-soros-democratic-convention-226267

Charles Koch: Setting the Record Straight

Charles Koch and the Koch brothers have been involved in politics for years before they finally made the headlines. As of right now, they are providing funds to anyone they believe can help get the country on what they believe is the right track. Among the things that they are hoping gets regulated is welfare. They see the effect that welfare has on impoverished. They instead want to encourage people and give them the inspiration to build businesses. They do believe in a good education that teaches people skills that they could use in order to succeed. Charles Koch is especially interested in promoting a free market that makes it easier for people to succeed.

Charles Koch’s recently entrance into the limelight has been accompanied by quite a few myths, five in particular which will be addressed in this article. One myth is that the Koch Network is just a front for their business. Another myth is that it is its own political party. The third myth is that The Koch Network just gives money to conservative groups. The fourth myth is that the Koch Network is only funded by the Koch Brothers, and the fifth myth is that the Koch Network only dates back to Obama.

Of course as anyone gets a lot of exposure, there are going to be a lot of stories about the person as people learn about them. Of course many of these stories are going to be false, but fortunately there will be people around to clear up all of the misunderstanding.

Charles Koch was born in 1935 to Mary Robinson and Fred C Koch as his parents. He later inherited a business by the brand Koch Industries from his father. Currently, Charles Koch owns Koch Industries with his brother where they have equal shares in the business. They invested in more product lines and expanded the territory of their father. Charles is the Chief Executive Officer, co-owner and he chairs the board that runs the company. Both brothers are actively involved in the multi-billion businesses since, David Koch, holds a position of Executive Vice President of Koch Industries.

Source: http://billmoyers.com/story/five-myths-about-the-koch-network-and-why-it-matters-to-set-them-straight/