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Digital Fundraising- NGV Van

One might be in need of money and they do not have, this being the main reason why they ask for help through fundraising. People like politician have to ask their family and friends to assist them to raise funds for campaign purpose. Organizing a fundraising is not an easy task either, it needs a lot of coordination and adequate planning. Due to the nature of fund drives which is mainly time-consuming, the production of information, as well as the need for proper planning, an expert is needed to carry out the task. Individuals, as well as organizations, have realized the gap that is there between the people who need to organize the fundraising and the expertise required, the reason why NGP Van was established.



NGP Van is a leader in the distribution of technology services. NGP Van was created to deliver their services and products to social groups, democratic as well as advanced campaigns. NGP has been distributing quality services including social networking products, field, compliance, best fundraising, as well as organizing. Since the foundation of the fundraising firm, it has been organizing a lot of funds drives for their clients. NGP Van serves other clients among them non-profit making organizations, as well as labor unions. NGP Van is committed to offering their clients a campaign that is integrated with technology.


NGP Van does no longer work as a limited -use organization, recently the group opened their doors to individuals donors. The group refers to itself as a technology distribution company and they have used the technology to invite individuals to make small contributions through the social media including emails, peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns as well as SMS. The NGP VAN employees use the campaign technology to build the network which in return help the fund request to reach as many people as possible. The digital platforms do not only help the information to reach as many people as possible but to also enable the donors to know where their donation is going.



NGP Van technology is of a great help to not only the politicians and the organizations using it but also to the people contributing to the campaigns as they are they know the exact purpose and use of the funds being raised. The NGP Van restricts those politicians, staffs, and volunteers from asking for money for their own personal interest. NGP Van was established in 2011 and the operation from their Head Offices in Columbia, Washington. NGP Van has grown ever since and it currently has over 200 staffs.