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Succession Tips Acquired from the ‘Chainsmokers’

Chainsmokers is an American set of two DJs: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. The two have emerged more victorious from singing. They have a variety of songs one notable being ‘selfie,’ which was released in 2014 and contributed majorly to their fame in the music industry.

The Chainsmokers have a positive impact on the upcoming generation as there is a lot, they can learn from them to better their lives. Some of the lessons include:

Fostering Creativity

The Chainsmokers spend most of their time in studios trying to bring up ideas related to music. It is evident that the flow of thoughts discloses itself when it wants to, and immediately it does it needs to be captured. Noting down of ideas is vital for easy remembrance because at some point the idea flows in when you are sleeping or doing something else. Use any convenient means to remember it.

Belief in Yourself

Music revolves around what you feel. Proceed to something else if you think whatever you started is outdated. The notion is not all gone because at some point old stanzas can be used in a new song. If music does not work on you try something else, there is a lot of things to be done apart from music so don’t give up on yourself.

Be Passionate

To succeed in anything, passion is the driving force. For the case of Andrew Taggart, he was passionate about music since his childhood life, after the setting of his first drum by then he was five years old. Andrew was also interested in electronic music making him learn how to be a successful musician.

Be Kind

From way back in high school, Andrew Taggart has been known to be a kind person. He thought about other people’s well-being. The caring act empowered the Chainsmokers to participate in community social responsibility as they aided charity homes like the Los Angeles Youth Network and United Way. From them, we learn the spirit of helping each other.

Listen to your Audience

It is not all about responding to the fans on social media. Watching and listening to their music is also recommended as it helps in knowing, which part needs to rectify. Know the type of content the viewers are comfortable.


How Clay Hutson Developed A Fantastic Reputation In The Rock N’ Roll Industry

Clay Hutson was working for a live performance production firm in 2009 when the recession just about caused it to go under. By that point he had developed all of the marketable skills he needed to start his own business helping musicians hold concerts and so he went into business for himself. Since that time he has worked with some of the biggest musical acts around including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses.

Part of his job requires Clay Hutson to come up with new concepts in regards to lighting, set design, and audio. He says that he has been around the industry long enough to know what ideas will work and which ones are completely unrealistic. His job also involves a lot of CAD work. He says that it is his job to use a CAD software package to work with a venue’s dimensions. The reason why he does this is that they might want to use some new innovative piece of equipment but if it won’t fit in through the performance venue’s doors than it would be completely useless.

One of the habits he credits with getting a great reputation in the music industry is his attention to detail. He repeatedly checks his work both before and during a concert so that neither safety or the quality of the show is negatively impacted. Clay Hutson says that if he were to ever make a serious error his reputation could be ruined for the rest of his life. He says his professionalism means that he fully prepares for each event on a concert tour and always makes sure that the equipment is placed and organized in a reasonable fashion.

Like just about every industry there has been a lot of new technology introduced into the music industry in recent years. Clay Hutson says that the lighting, in particular, has become much better lately. One thing he is over, though, is giant video walls. While they serve a practical purpose they just aren’t very exciting anymore. He really likes musicians like Lady Gaga who will try new things to dazzle fans such as acrobatics.


How The Chainsmokers Are Taking Over EDM

Two years ago the emerging band called The Chainsmokers appeared on American Idol. This guest performance did not highlight their incredibly capability and musical talent. Instead, it caused the media to mock them as a punch line for dance music. But it only two Alex Pall and Drew Taggart just a couple years to remake themselves into a very successful group worth tens of millions of dollars according to Forbes. Today, these two are festival headlines, chart toping artists and have become a popular pick for promoters. Promoters even suggest that The Chainsmokers booking fees will double this year. One promoter in Las Vegas, Nevada even said that The Chainsmokers are getting to career success level of Calvin Harris. With comparisons of the scale, it is more than fair to state that The Chainsmokers are taking over the EDM space.

Commercial success has followed The Chainsmokers ever since their records hit the radio. Instantly, their catchy tunes became unforgettably. Their musical talent has created legendary pieces of art that has be awarded several times and beloved by millions of people. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have no other choice but to be proud of themselves and what they have conquered in a challenging industry. The music industry is no industry to embark upon. Many try to tap into the wonders of working in the music industry but only a few actually succeed.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are more than deserving of their success. These two have been able to succeed in the challenging music business because they bring an essence of authenticity to music that many artists skip over. The music business pays well and many artists are willing to create catchy songs with no heart for a big payout. The Chainsmokers are the complete opposite. They love for their music to warm your heart. But they hope fans take away purpose, meaning, passion and significance from the art they create. These artists are just touching the surface with debut album. The world anxiously awaits to see what else these two can create. We sure it will be worth the wait.


The Chainsmokers Duo Have Made Their Mark With Their Music

The musicians in the Chainsmokers are Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They have only been a part of the mainstream for a little over two years. They finally made the top 10 with Roses in 2015. This was when they picked up unbelievable momentum with Something Just Like This and Paris. Closer was number one for twelve weeks and Don’t Let Me Down made Daya an overnight favorite.


The pressure was on for more hit tunes and they came through. Their music is darker now but their fans are still there. Their latest single is Sick Boy and the two superstars appear to be unstoppable. They performed in New York City at the Conrad hotel and a special event at the Hilton. Drew Taggart talked about Sick Boy and said it was their first new song in nine months. In the past they had a new song every month. Sick Boy represents a new chapter for The Chainsmokers. The musicians feel it reflects their generation. They try to reflect the world around them and what is happening in their lives.


The original Chainsmokers were the former DJ Rhett Bixler and Pall. In 2012 they reformed in New York City as an EDM DJ duo. They were under Adam Alperts management at the time. DJing and Pall had grown up together and this solidified the introduction Alpert made to Taggart. At the time they were working in Chelsea, Manhattan at an art gallery. (More about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers


Pall was studying the music business and art history at New York University. Taggart has an internship at Interscope Records and was enrolled at Syracuse University before the pair ever met. He had become interested in DJing and some of his original songs had been released on SoundCloud. An individual employed by Alpert told Taggart there was an open spot in one of the duos he managed because Bixler left. This is why Taggart decided to leave Maine and relocated to New York City. When they first began they were using the indie bands to make remixes. They collaborated with Priyanka Chopra in 2012. This led to the single Erase. Early in 2013 they released The Rookie. Read This Article for more information.


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