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Exclusive U.S. Release of Historic Gold Commemorative Set

Gold and precious metals enthusiasts with a sense of history will find this new release from the Perth Mint especially appealing. Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Australia’s Perth Mint has created a three-coin commemorative set that includes a stunning two-ounce gold coin.

Designed by Natasha Muhi, the limited mintage gold coin is struck from 99.99 percent pure gold and represents Australian legal tender. The one-year-only design features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse along with its monetary denomination and gold percentage.

The reverse side portrays the royal crown framed by the golden wattle, Australia’s national flower, and the official flowers of each Australian state and territory.

The commemorative set is designated “First Strike” from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Each receives the highest grades and is certified as museum-quality Proof 70 or near-flawless Proof 69.

Each commemorative set includes a two-ounce gold proof coin, a one-quarter-ounce gold proof coin, and a one-ounce silver proof coin, bearing the same design and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.yellowpages.com/austin-tx/mip/u-s-money-reserve-inc-481069669 and https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/angiekoch-usmoneyreserve-894

The limited mintage of 250 two-ounce gold coins should make them highly desirable to collectors and royal family enthusiasts. Of the total, 203 will be released to the U.S. market through an exclusive agreement between the Perth Mint and U.S. Reserve.

Founded in 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has established a reputation as a trusted source for quality precious metal coins and has become one of the largest distributors of coins issued by the U.S. and foreign governments.

The Queen Elizabeth II 65th Coronation Commemorative Set is the latest release in its longstanding relationship with The Perth Mint that has previously included the Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Proof Coin Set and 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding two ounce Platinum Coin.

U.S. Money Reserve’s unparalleled service to its customers has earned the trust of over 400,000 precious metal owners and collectors worldwide.

Its team of professionals includes coin research and numismatic experts, account executives and a highly responsive customer relations department, making them an important resource for experienced and new precious metal buyers.

With an industry-leading dedication to meeting its customers’ needs, the U.S. Money Reserve team works personally with clients to help them identify the precious metal selections that will meet their goals.

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Investing For The Middle Class Supported By Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has spent his career working to protect and grow the financial interests of some of the richest people in the world. The founder of Forefront Capital has recently taken stock of the way investing takes place in the 21st century and saw the majority of investment opportunities were offered to those accredited investors who had already built their fortunes. In a bid to level up the playing field Reifler and his colleagues at Forefront Capital have created the Forefront Income Trust for middle class investors, Reuters reports.

The financial expert Brad Reifler has recently been looking for new ways to increase the number of people who are able to invest their funds in the stock market and look for a high return on a relatively low investment. Reifler has now introduced the Forefront Income Trust that is aimed at non-accredited investors from the middle class of the US who have recently been barred from taking part in the investment opportunities offered by many investment companies. The Forefront Income Trust offers a return expected to be around eight percent for investments starting at just $2,500 for those who may not qualify for the commonly offered high yield investment funds. Brad Reifler hopes this will serve as a solid introduction to the world of investing for those who have wanted to seek investment fund opportunities, but were omitted because of their financial status by the majority of investment fund managers.