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Oren Frank On Whether Or Not Talkspace Is For Everybody

Oren Frank is the Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, an online psychotherapy firm. He co-founded the company with his wife, Roni Frank. During the early years of their marriage, Oren and Roni Frank were going through marital problems, and they decided to seek therapy. They went for couples’ therapy, and in no time, their marriage was salvaged. Oren and his wife had access to therapy that helped them in their marriage, but not everyone enjoys such privileges. Many people around the world suffer from mental health issues but have no access to any psychotherapy centers. Oren Frank and Roni wanted to make therapy available to everyone, and so they started Talkspace and made it an online company. Oren Frank left his job as a senior advertising and marketing executive to focus on Talkspace. Roni Frank, who previously worked as a software developer, also quit to study psychology.

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Oren Frank is excited by the fact that women are taking over leadership as opposed to before when males dominated leadership positions. In areas where men have failed, Oren Frank believes that women can do a better job. At Talkspace, employees are disciplined and focused; attributes that make them more productive. For ideas to be implemented within any company, discipline is required, and Oren, Frank enforces this in employees. , but it is how these ideas are nurtured and grown that separates one company from the rest. Oren Frank, therefore, makes helpful criticism on ideas by employees to motivate them to work harder.

Oren Frank reads a lot of books to improve his knowledge. He is always reading new material to satisfy his curiosity and quench his thirst for knowledge. Through Talkspace, Oren Frank connects clients to therapists who are licensed. Over a million people around the world have received psychotherapy using Talkspace. To learn more, visit: https://medium.com/@oren_17217

Talkspace Becomes the Leading Online Therapy Provider

If one were to compare all of the best online consoling services on the market, one would automatically know that Talkspace is the best platform for people looking forward to living a better and contented life. Talkspace has been mentioned by some of the leading media houses such as CNN, Fox News, and Yahoo many times than other companies offering the same services. It is noted that more than 300000 people are using Talkspace as their online therapy provider. Therefore, this makes it become one of the leading online therapy providers. So some may ask themselves what makes this company unique.

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In 2012, Oren Frank, who is the current Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, launched this online therapy service company driven by his need for therapy. He identified a gap in the whole mental healthcare system as the entire system was broken. Although the majority of the stakeholders had the goodwill to fight this, Mr. Oren Frank realized that they didn’t have the technical capacity to fix this problem. So, Mr. Oren together and his wife took that initiative, and that’s how Talkspace was formed, and along with his incredible team, the company rose to where it is now. Mr. Oren Frank extensive experience in the field of marketing and publicity greatly aided in the growth of Talkspace.

Sometimes, signing up for such services is very stressful for the majority of the people. When you bring technology on board, accessibility to these services become more complicated. However, Talkspace saw this coming from the word go, and therefore, they developed a software that provided a straight forward means of accessing online therapy. Once the user gets into their website, he is first met by a chat box where he is given a chance to ask any question, make any comment, key in his email address and a password and lastly his username. After one is done filling in all the details, he is directed to a secure chat room where now you can start engaging your therapist. Read More: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2017/02/talkspace-reviews-experiences-help-decide-right/

An Honest Review About the Talkspace App

The ability to get counseling when needed is important for those who need help with their mental health. There is no shame in asking for help, but our society has associated such a strong stigma with seeking help for depression and anxiety.

There are now multiple online counseling services, but Talkspace is believed to trump them all. Is this true? Those who want to live happier and healthier lives are those who readily seek out help, but not everyone who wants help will feel they can ask for help.

Once Talkspace started to climb, a new safe place known as BetterHelp began to rival it closely. Getting a lot of attention comes down to getting reviews. What do users say about this talk therapy app?

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Talkspace has been reviewed by so many, but a recent review shared that the company had more than 300,000 active users. Although many are often intimidated by asking for help with counseling, Talkspace makes it easy. A straightforward invitation to use the chat box to ask questions keeps it simple.

Getting connected to a therapist in a private chatroom is the next step. It lets you chat securely and directly without interruptions. Once you pay, you are actually then matched with a therapist that you can work with consistently.

Pricing is also straightforward and allows the user to choose what they feel is best for them. There are unlimited plans for messaging, and there are limited plans that allow you to email or chat with video chat.

Another claim that users make is that the app is so easy to use on desktop and mobile. This makes it easy for the individual according to their schedule and lifestyle. Communication via text message, video, and email, make Talkspace an awesome choice for anyone who wants to try talk therapy. Read: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Talkspace/reviews?fjobtitle=Therapist

ClassDojo Helps Students Become Much More Mindful

ClassDojo believes that mindfulness in the classroom matters, and that is why the app put on an event in May. It wanted to get students from around the world to learn some new breathing activities and other exercises so that their minds can be in the right place when they are working on their school. And, many teachers decided to get involved in this so that they could help their students, who, according to studies, are often much too anxious.

ClassDojo does more than help students feel better about the anxiety that they are dealing with, but it also shows them how to be kind to others dealing with anxiety. ClassDojo makes it easy for teachers to help their students learn about mindfulness. It helps students to become happier as they become more mindful and less anxious. And, it helps them to become better students as they are able to focus on their classes more easily. The mindfulness training that happened in May was for students in 180 countries. Teachers who wanted their class to be more intelligent overall are happy with the way that the training helped them. ClassDojo was named as a promising company by Forbes in 2013.

Oren Frank Using Technology To Combat Mental Illness

Imagine being able to reach out as quickly and simply as possible when you are in your darkest moments. That’s exactly the service that CEO and founder Oren Frank’s Talkspace provides. This online mental health counseling service allows you to talk face-to-face with a licensed mental health professional via an online chat. A more affordable version of this treatment allows you to message mental health counselors at your own leisure.

The service only costs $79 per week when using video chat. Messaging runs at $49 per week and it is the preferred method of treatment for millennials. It makes sense. Millennials have grown up with technology in a world where phone calls are rare and text messaging is the preferred method of communication.

CEO Oren Frank started to Talkspace five years ago and has reached out to over 1 million people. His company is often contracted by large employers who see the mental health and their youngest employees on the decline. Millennials are showing high amounts of depression and anxiety as they perceive the economy to offer dwindling opportunities as well as historic income inequality. Talkspace actually increases productivity by combating these potentially deadly mental maladies.

Oren Frank says that about 10% of each companies employee base tries out his Talkspace services. He also says that most prefer the messaging service over the face-to-face video chat services.

Talkspace is about to get an IPO. Oren Frank has made a bold move by hiring a chief medical officer from United Health. Neil Leibowitz comes from the health insurance side of mental health services and the hiring signals a move toward prescribing medications through the Talkspace service.

This comes at a time of wild expansion for Talkspace. Services had to ramp up sevenfold after the 2016 presidential election and now the company moves towards prescribing medications. But it is easy to believe in CEO and founder Oren Frank.

A quick scan of his twitter feed shows a man who cares deeply about young people and mental health. He posts engaging articles and ideas on how to combat climate change, depression, loneliness and suicide in a technological world.