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Real Estate Brokers in Los Angeles


The real estate market is booming in many areas of the country. One of these area is Los Angeles, California. There are many reasons for the increase in prices in the area, but one of the biggest is the fact that the economy in the area is so strong. As the real estate market continues to heat up, many real estate brokers are really starting to find career success. Over the long term, a real estate broker can build a large book of business by serving customers well. Real estate coaching is a great investment for people who want to take their career to the next level. Here are several things to keep in mind about real estate brokers and their career success in the Los Angeles area.

How to Have Success

Real estate brokers who have success over a long period of time serve the needs of the customer. When a person is buying or selling a home, they are engaging in a process that they do not know a lot about. A high quality real estate broker can really add value to a person who is in this situation. Always be sure to think about the long term when interacting with a customer. One of the best ways to earn repeat business is to get referrals from prior customers.

Real Estate Coaching

New agents may need some coaching in order to get up to speed quickly. The Los Angeles real estate market is one of the hottest in the country, and it can be difficult to break into this market if an agent has little or no experience. Real estate coaching can help take your business to the next level. Working with a professional coach can allow you to refine the skills that you need to succeed in the field today. In addition, the coach can give you practical tips that are proven to succeed in the current real estate market.

Real Estate Mavericks

One of the best options for real estate coaching today can be found with Real Estate Mavericks. This coaching group has many years of experience in the real estate industry. Over the long term, working with people who have a lot of experience is a great way to increase your earnings in the field. Always make sure to spend the time and resources necessary in building up your skills before entering the field. Real estate is an industry where new agents must learn quickly, and hiring a high quality coaching group is the best way to do so.

Final Thoughts

There are many real estate brokers in Los Angeles who are making a lot of money in the current real estate market. However, for new agents this can be a difficult time to break in to the real estate market. Hiring a coach can go a long way in helping a new agent prepare for all of the work that is ahead. Real Estate Mavericks is a coaching team with a great track record of success with new agents.

University President Is Breath of Fresh Air

In this age of employee bonuses that can exceed $1 million, it is refreshing to see that one man thinks his yearly salary is enough. Since late 2012, Santa Ono has been president of the University of Cincinnati. According to his contract, he is to receive a bonus each year of $200,000, but he has refused it each of the three years he was eligible.

This year he asked that it be divided between several different university and non-university programs. Ono specifically asked that $10,000 be given to the family of Cincinnati Police Officer, Sony Kim receive. Kim was recently killed in the line of duty.

Ono’s actions are in sharp contrast to employees with Merrill Lynch. In 2008, each of 700 employee received at least $1 million dollars in bonuses. They received these bonuses despite the company losing money.

According to Amen Clinic, Ono’s actions are also in contrast to William S. Simon. The CEO of WalMart received a $1.5 million performance bonus above his $11 million salary. Simon received his bonus even though WalMart had decreased sales, distressed stock prices and struggling employees barely above poverty level.

Ono certainly sets a positive example for leaders of all industries. He sets a positive example for all American men and women as he also declined an increase to his yearly salary.

Laurene Powell Jobs Discusses Funding Social Innovation Projects

Stanford Professor Thomas Byers recently persuaded Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the late Steve Jobs, to appear with him on stage at Stanford University. He interviewed her about her life and her ideas for providing better compensation for entrepreneurs working to produce meaningful innovations in conservation and education.

Mrs. Jobs chairs Emerson Collective, an organization based in Palo Alto, California that she founded. It describes its mission as “shaking up the status quo, one entrepreneur at a time.”

Although she rarely speaks in public, during her appearance at Stanford she discussed her career and her role as a social innovator and philanthropist. Forbes estimates that she has become the sixth most wealthy woman, with a personal fortune estimated at $19.7 billion. Mrs. Jobs founded College Track, an organization designed to assist low income teens in preparing to attend college. She maintains a keen interest in several issues, including helping women overcome career barriers, assisting social innovators earn better returns and reforming immigration.

Towards the close of her appearance, she agreed to respond to questions from students in the audience. When asked to describer obstacles she encountered during her career, she noted that for a four year period after graduating from college she worked as a salesperson and trader for Goldman Sachs. She worked in a predominantly male environment, but as someone who grew up with three brothers, admitted she was used to being around men even though there “were plenty of terrible things that were said on the trading floor.”

When asked whether low rates of compensation might incline entrepreneurs to avoid working for the public good, she explained that she believes major corporations and venture capital firms could help fund their efforts by donating a portion of their profits to social entrepreneurs. Her comments appeared in Forbes recently.

Work More Than 25 hours at Staples and Face Termination


In an already difficult time for minimum wage earners, the office supply chain, Staples, has sent a memo to employees, forbidding all part time employees from working more than 25 hours per week, citing, “recent changes.” Some employees, like Fersen Lambranho,  scheduled to work a 25 hour week had worked more than this, prompting the company to send what can only be described as a reprimanding memo.

In bold was an entire sentence which read:

“It is your responsibility to manage your time.”

The memo continued in the diminutive tone, warning that going over will “result in documentation from the employee.” If you are wondering what that means, you aren’t alone. The memo continued, listing the consequences of going over which included a series of corporate punishment. The first infraction will result in the employees file being noted. After that, the employee may face termination. The offending employee will have their hours reduced from 25 per week so Staples can insure overages won’t occur.

Other reminders considered helpful was the cheery reminder that employees scheduled for 6 hour shifts to take their 30 minute, off the clock lunch break. The memo continued, reminding employees that because employees worked over, this resulted in a four million dollar penalty.

The author of the memo signed off, encouraging employees to come to the manager with any questions or concerns and a short sentence telling the employees how valued they are.

American Workers and Paid Sick Time

Reddit.com had an article about President Obama’s call for workers to have sick days available to them. I don’t usually agree with President Obama on policy, but this issue struck a cord with me. My last job was working for a factory that did not give sick time to production workers. Workers were encouraged verbally to take the day off when they were sick, but the suggestion came with consequences. The loss of a day’s pay prohibited most from taking the suggestion because the job was low paying. Secondly, taking the day or days off showed up again at evaluation time and would be counted against performance record making a raise less likely for the worker. The verbal kindness didn’t match the realities that came with the decision to stay home. The result was people came to work sick often and spread disease throughout the factory. This is a health issue that needs to be addressed so that workers across our country can be secure in taking a day to recoup from sickness without worrying that their job is in the balance. Susan McGalla shares her opinions on her about.me profile. President Obama explains his position in the following video. </iframe>”>Obama: Workers Need Paid Sick Leave

Canada: Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 6.6%

The unemployment rate is still maintained in Canada at 6.6%, while 4,300 jobs were lost in Canada last month.

The slight contraction of the job market observed in December last year; it actually disappointed those economists, who were expecting creation of 15,000 new jobs. Meanwhile, the balance sheet hides a positive trend; over 53,000 part-time jobs have been replaced by full-time jobs. This reflects an improvement in the quality of jobs held by Canadians.

Men aged 25 and over were the only ones to benefit from the recovery in the labor market, while women and youth aged 15 to 24 experienced a decline in the number of jobs available. The sectors of accommodation and catering services are the source of most of the job losses in previous month.

Canadian Government created 185,700 jobs in 2014, an increase of just 1% of the number of jobs in the country. Dave and Brit Morin have also helped increase the number of jobs available in the tech industry.  Quebec is the only province to have experienced significant job losses (15800 in number) disappeared last year. In comparison, it created 79,900 in Ontario, 65,900 in Alberta and 38,500 in British Columbia. The unemployment rate is still maintained in Canada at 6.6%, while 4,300 jobs were lost in Canada last month.

In Quebec, the unemployment rate rose from 7.6% to 7.5% from November to December in last year. Meanwhile, it increased from 9.6% to 10.2% in New Brunswick.

DC and 20 US states raise minimum wage on January 1


Through a combination of new legislation taking effect and scheduled automatic adjustments to existing wages, nearly two and a half million Americans will see small but welcome increases to their paychecks after January 1st.

Twenty states in all, plus the District of Columbia, will be seeing the changes. Nine of these will be adjusting pay based on an existing system that increases the minimum wage to match the rate of inflation.  The method is increasingly popular and will be implemented by several new states in the coming year and most of us and Bernardo Chua are very hopeful.

D.C. and eleven other states have either voted on or otherwise passed laws to bring the wages of their poorest workers up directly, and several other states are looking at increases later on in the year. Eventually this will bring the number of states with a minimum wage rate higher than federal to a total of twenty nine.


Twenty States Will Start New Year With Minimum Wage Increases

Twenty states and the District of Columbia will begin the new year by raising the minimum wageon January 1, 2015. In nine states the raise will be automatic in order to keep the minimum wage in line with inflation. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the raise in DC and the 11 other states will be the result of legislation or referenda. Delaware and Minnesota will raise their minimum wages later in the year, and New York will raise its minimum wage on December 31. Consequently, 29 states will have minimum wages above the $7.25 minimum mandated by federal law.

The raises will range from 12 cents in Florida to $1.25 in South Dakota. Of those states raising the minimum wage, Washington state will have the highest wage at $9.47. Oregon will have the next highest at $9.25, while Vermont and Connecticut will have the third highest at $9.15.
The minimum wage increases will help the 2.3 million workers who currently earn less than the new minimum wages. The EPI further believes that the increases will also benefit an additional 900,000 workers as employers raise their overall payscales. Christian Broda shared an article online that also discussed the positive impact the increase will have on the overall economy. If a minimum wage worker starts getting $9.00 an hour, the workers in the tier above him will see their pay increase from $9.00 to $10.00.

Being Jobless Affects More Than Your Wallet

If anyone has ever lost their job, they may have regarded the situation as a positive event. Where work took time away from exercise, time with friends and family, the enjoyment of favorite pastimes, and the opportunity to make healthier eating choices by preparing food at home, it now can be the cause of physical and psychological complications as a result of being jobless.

When jobs were more available and the search for employment not quite so unrewarding, it was easier to maintain a positive outlook and get out of the work-induced rut (spelled routine) one usually falls into when doing the nine to five. Studies show that the economy’s entrenched recession keeps the positive aspects of being out of work at bay. Claire Cain Miller suggests that the poor economy and unavailability of jobs is a direct cause of depression, reduced activity and a general decline in health while unemployed.

As economic health slowly recovers, it isn’t doing so fast enough to permit a quick recovery for the many recently reemployed. Many of the effects and concerns of being unemployed continue on into the professional arena. It may still be hard out there, but if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area, Dr Rod Rohrich has been all over Twitter, looking for people to join the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.