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Stansberry Research’s Take on U.S. Tariffs

Stansberry Research pointed out the negative ramifications of the tariffs proposed by President Trump. If the 25% tariff on steel and the 15% tariff o aluminum goes through, Americans could see every dime they received in tax breaks disappear. The portion of our nation that Trump is attempting to protect is the Steel industry, which owes most of its job losses to changing technology, not outsourcing.

Tariffs Effect Discussed

In 1953, the peak of the steel industry in the U.S., when 650,000 steel workers were employed based on Stansberry Research. In both the steel and the aluminum industries there are about 300,000 workers. That’s an 80% reduction in the workforce and less than 1% of the U.S. population. Still, it should be noted that the amount of steel production has only dropped by less than 50%. Clearly, technology is part of the reason less people work in steel.

If Trump is able to follow through on these tariffs, consumers should plan on paying higher prices for goods. China and the European Union have made proposals of tariffs on American goods in response to the U.S. tariffs. First of all U.S. tariffs will drive the price of imported goods, like TV’s, cell phones, washers and dryers as well as other appliances up. Plus, every country will place tariffs on American goods, driving the price of U.S. goods up in foreign countries. In general, it doesn’t look like a winning proposition according to Stansberry Research.

First of all the costs of steel and aluminum will go up and manufacturers will be forced to pass those costs on to the consumer. The price of goods go up. Second, the countries with tariffs on their goods will place tariffs on U.S. goods: soybeans of which China buys 60% of U.S. production; denim jeans, makeup, bourbon whiskey, corn, motorbikes, shirts and pleasure boats. Essentially, U.S. manufacturers could be hit hard.

Stansberry Research also warns of continued stock market volatility as long as tariffs are being considered. Stansberry Research provides readers with pivotal investment information so readers can confidently create investment decisions. They offer appropriate advice for the entry level to the experienced investor offering trading options that are designed to amplify returns.

Shervin Pishevar Warns About Economic Future

Investors of every level should be worried. Shervin Pishevar certainly is. The angel investor and founder of An investing firm decided to share his worries with the world as warnings. He used Twitter as his platform and created a tweetstorm of 50 tweets over 21 hours.

The Stock Market

Shervin Pishevar started it out by talking about a possible 6,000 point aggregate drop in the stock market. He identified that investors have already lost their 2018 games and will likely lose their 2017 gains within the coming months.

The tweets continue to go on, all numbered, talking about various aspects of the stock market. He identified how it would wobble and how many people would go on the defensive in order to protect their investments. Within 24 hours, some of the warnings were already taking effect.


Shervin Pishevar also went into detail about the various startups in the United States. He mentioned how many of them don’t stand a chance because there are too many monopolies that have the same level of power as a nation-state. They wield their power overtly and covertly in order to take down the startups, making it difficult for any small companies to be successful.

The problem with this is that monopolies are going to ruin entrepreneurship. Eventually, it will start to impact the economy negatively because of pricing.

Silicon Valley

Even Silicon Valley made it into the tweets by Shervin Pishevar because of how innovation is no longer there. Many companies outside of the United States are becoming more powerful and more successful. People no longer need to visit Silicon Valley, California in order to reach a level of entrepreneurial success. This, too, will have an impact on the economy.

The economic future, according to Shervin Pishevar, is grim. The only thing that we can do is prepare ourselves.



Sahm Adrangi Issues Negative Outlook for Kodak

Sahm Adrangi is a prominent investing professional. He recently made news by issuing negative guidance on Kodak. Kodak is a company that has struggled recently. The company is primarily known for making cameras. With the invention of new technology, typical cameras are no longer in demand.

The stock of Kodak recently surged when the company announced it was working on a cryptocurrency for users to spend when buying pictures. Although the stock price is still climbing, he believes that it will fall in the coming months.

The Life of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi has had a tremendous career in the world of investment banking. He enjoys reading about companies and making financial predictions for the future.

Sahm Adrangi went to college and decided to focus on business. He quickly learned that he needed relevant work experience to land a job after graduation. He interned at an investment bank. He loved the fast pace of work and the high stress. He decided to focus on investment banking for his career. He is known for making bold claims about various companies. He is never afraid to speak his mind about investment opportunities.

Helping Others

Sahm Adrangi is also known for helping other people in his community. He grew up in a family with limited financial resources. He had few opportunities for a quality education growing up. Although he was able to succeed, he wants to help other children who grow up in poverty.

He recently started a charity to help children with their educational needs. In the coming years, he wants to offer additional services to children who live in poverty.

The investment banking industry is challenging to succeed in. Not only is the pressure high, but people continuously analyze all of the decisions that bankers make. Sahm Adrangi enjoys the job so much that he has no plans to retire.


Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Shervin Pishevar

Business and Entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar has made a name for himself in the investing world. He is an angel investor who has financially backed over 60 startup businesses. He is also responsible for investing in some of the biggest social media and internet companies.

Pishevar attended the University of California in Berkeley and received an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree. He created one of the first web-based browsers called WebOS in 1997. Following the success of WebOS, Shervin Pishevar co-founded an investment firm called Seges Capital. Pishevar was personally responsible for 17 investments for the firm.

In 2001Ionside Interactive was created. The tech company made advancements with many computer-based programs including graphics and artificial intelligence. Pishevar worked with development teams as well as marketing and business aspects of the company.

In 2005 Webs Inc. made Pishevar their president. He was able to garner $12 million of investments for the company during his time there. He helped create the Social Gaming Network in 2008, and in 2010 was hired on in a leadership position at Mozilla. In 2011 Menlo Ventures hired Pishevar to be their managing director. He oversaw investments in new and growing social media platforms, transportation companies, and websites, like Tumblr and Uber. Pishevar became a principal developer of the Hyperloop in 2014.

Shervin Pishevar is active in both politics and philanthropy. He often holds fundraising events for political candidates. President Obama appointed Pishevar to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board in 2015. His philanthropy efforts include supporting a clean drinking water organization called Charity: Water, that operates in developing nations.

Shervin Pishevar has received several honors. He has been an entrepreneurial Ambassador in both the Middle East and Russia and has served on United Nations entrepreneurial councils. He has also been invited by Obama to be a keynote speaker on a few occasions, most notably at a summit in Algeria.


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Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillar Financial Planning

At Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair uses a three-pillar approach with financial planning. Wealth Solutions strives to provide retirement planning and wealth management within the Austin, Texas area. Richard Dwayne Blair provides his community members with a financial map to guide them through significant events throughout their lives. In order to provide individuals with the financial map, Richard uses the Three Pillar Approach to assess the client’s financial situation and provide the best plan possible.


First Pillar

The first pillar is used to organize the client’s financial map. Richard Blair starts by establishing a route for the client. He will look at things such as the clients’ goals, risks, strengths, and opportunities. By getting a better understanding of these qualities, Richard Dwayne Blair is then able to get a better understanding of the client’s goals and build a strong relationship between the client. See This Article for additional information.


Second Pillar

The second pillar is designed to create a long-term investment strategy is specifically made to fit the client’s goals and needs. Richard will then actively manage all client assets with the hopes of reaching a maximum performance during the market movement. During this time, he will strive to minimize any negative market periods that may affect the client. This performance is compared to client and company expectations as well as any historical data.


Third Pillar

The third pillar is used to dispense growth and liquidity once the client’s goals have been established. Richard Blair with then take this opportunity to review the final steps with the client which are the insurance needs. Richard uses this time to prepare the clients for any financial issues that may arise with the life-insurance and annuities.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the Executive Owner of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas. After graduating college, Richard started in the finical services industry in 1993. In 1994, he established his own firm known as Wealth Solutions. Since then, Richard has used his knowledge and experience to provide customers with some of the best financial planning services.


Read More: https://www.behance.net/rickyblair9997

Interesting facts you did not know about expert investor Paul Mampilly

An online media outlet published an interview of Mr. Paul Mampilly a number of weeks ago in which they broke down the professional and personal life of the seasoned financial expert and as a result revealing interesting facts about some aspects of him. The idea of launching his own publications was informed by something deep within after having worked for the super-rich in Wall Street who make up a paltry 1% of the world’s population hence he felt like his efforts were not having as a huge impact as he had always dreamed of.

He, therefore, made a deliberate and conscious decision to leave the hustle and bustle of Wall Street behind and follow his longtime dream of using his vast experience and deep knowledge of the stock markets in helping ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds on Main Street make better and sound investment decisions in an effort of maximizing the return on their hard-earned dollars. This is the reason Mr. Paul Mampilly started his flagship newsletter known as Profits Unlimited that is published and distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. The newsletter carries useful investment information particular on matters technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks.

Mr. Paul Mampilly reveals that for the past 15 years his typical days have been practically similar whereby he wakes up early in the morning before 6.00 am and turns on the business channels from all major markets across the world including Canada and The United States in search of any news that can shift the stock prices of the companies that he tracks. But ever since joining Banyan Hill publishing, he has narrowed his focus to news touching on the companies that he normally writes about in all of his publications including Extreme Fortunes, Profits Unlimited and True Momentum.

Another activity that consumes most of his time almost each and every day is keeping tabs on the stocks that he follows using his portfolio tracker for the rest of the day so that he can be able to tell whenever there is any movement I the stock prices. In order to bring his ideas to fruition, Mr. Paul Mampilly spends up to 40 hours every week doing research alone together with his hardworking team for a single stock that they believe will do well in the coming days and another 30 hours doing a recommendation write up on the same stock.

Contact Paul Mampilly: forexvestor.com/profits-unlimited-review

Paul Mampilly does it Again

Profit Unlimited was recently tipped to be the leading newsletter in the financial world. The pundits seem to be right as the paper recently reached 60,000 subscribers. Among the people who write for this newsletter is Paul Mampilly who has an eight-page column to write about a stock investment he thinks will make the subscribers money. With his 20 years of experience in the financial world, he has made his readers millions of money. Investors who made decisions according to his advice have made profits worth 18 percent, 21 percent, 31 percent and 31 percent of their initial investments. In his latest tip about a semiconductor company in Silicon Valley, investors who followed his advice have now seen an 180 percent increase of their initial investment.

A subscriber who had made a profit of $45, 190 thanks to Paul Mampilly hailed him as one of the most experienced financial advisors in the United States. Paul gets a share of the profit that the Profits Unlimited makes from subscriptions. During his 20 years on Wall Street, Paul has worked with high profile companies such as Kinetics International, ING, and Deutsche Bank. He has also won several awards during this period that include an award by the Templeton Foundation. He won this award by transforming a $50 million investment to an $88 investment in a timed period. This was a 76 percent increase in the initial investment, and he termed it as a great achievement. Click here to know more.

Paul Mampilly is also active when it comes to philanthropy where he is involved with many causes. Some the causes that he has been involved with include Coalition for the Homeless, Inc., Big Brothers Big Sisters and International Center in New York. Not only does he dedicate his time to these institutions, but he also makes donations worth millions from time to time.

Google Plus: Plus.google.com/u/0/+PaulMampilly

Jeffrey Schneider’s Active Involvement In Alternative Investment And Co-Curricular Activities.

Jeffrey Schneider is the starter of Ascendant Capital LLC. As owner and leader of the firm, Jeffrey has helped raise more than one billion dollars and grown the start-up to employ more than 30 staff members. He has extensive expertise in the alternative investment business and has a history of working with Alex Brown, Merill Lynch, and Smith Barney. Jeffrey Schneider grew up in Manhattan and earned his degree from the University of Massachusetts. He gained his knowledge in alternative investment by working with Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. In addition to his financial career, Jeffrey is an active philanthropist who continually helps the less fortunate. He has worked with various humanitarian organizations such as the Camp Honey Creek’s Dream Program, Wonders and Worries, Gazelle Foundation, and Cherokee Home for Children. Jeffrey is an enthusiast for a healthy living who participates in races across the world. Jeffrey has a record of completing a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bicycle ride, and a 13.1-mile run. He believes that part of staying fit involves eating right and regularly educates others on the various packages one can use to incorporate a healthy dieting plan into fitness.

Jeffrey Schneider strongly supports the views regarding the CEO position, expressed by Tony Stubblebine, the chief executive officer of Coach.me. He states that for one to avoid unnecessary losses in on the path to becoming a great CEO, it is important to hire a coach. Jeffrey explained that despite the belief that a CEO has to have a stereotypical personality, one could achieve maximum success by expressing their authentic character at the workplace. Jeffrey stated that he does not believe a CEO should have superhuman abilities and intelligence to run an enterprise successfully. According to him, enlisting an employee for help can greatly compliment one’s perspective on an issue. Jeffrey stated that a powerful and influential CEO is in touch with the inner workings of his energies. He explained that one has to master how attitude influences everyone at the workplace and the correct method of maintaining and upbeat and realistic energy. Jeffrey attributes his firm’s success to trust, diligence and open communication among the employees.

Visit http://jeffryschneider.org for more.



The Midas Legacy: Nothing Is Going To Fluster Them

Ever since The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, has been around, they have seen a lot of different cases when it comes to wealth, happiness, success, and inner peace. All of this experience has aided them moving forward and helped them become the company they are today. They are beyond grateful for this experience and they know it has been vital to them. That is why people trust them. As the old expression goes, trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. The Midas Legacy has the trust of the people and they don’t plan on losing it in the near future.

One way they have earned that trust is by helping people with retirement. A lot of people might think they have it planned out and they have everything they need, but they realize there is a lot more to it than they originally thought. The Midas Legacy is there to answer all of their questions and help make it as smooth as possible. They are incredibly patient with each and every client and that is one of their greatest qualities. They never rush clients and they don’t treat people like just another client. They are truly invested in them and their future.

As far as happiness, that is something that goes overlooked a lot by other companies. They figure as long as someone has money, they should be happy and that is the end of the story. It is not quite that simple and there is a lot more that goes into it than that. People need to feel a sense of satisfaction and they need to feel like they are doing something worthwhile in their retirement. Maybe they are interested in donating their time to charity or helping someone out as far as mentor type role.

No matter what it is or what is on someone’s mind, they can rest easy knowing that The Midas Legacy is going to figure it out and take it seriously. There is nothing more frustrating for someone than when they are dealing with a company that does not take them seriously and overlooks all over their wants and needs. People need to feel important and like that matter. That is not too much to ask, quite frankly. It is something that everyone should be offered in their lives as they deserve it in their lives.

Sam Tabar’s Life Changing Private Investments

Sam Tabar has spent the majority of his career managing funds for large businesses. Tabar has previously worked as head of capital strategy for Merrill Lynch. He coached investors on how to handle endowments, foundations, pension plans, fund sourcing, and family offices. Tabar has filled all offices up with well qualified staff.

Before he transitioned to Merrill Lynch he held the position of a marketing leader for Sparx Group. Sparx group was the largest private fun in the Asia Pacific area. Tabar has shown a love for marketing and would oversee all marketing efforts. Sam Tabar has a skill for finding new investment firms and helping them grow.

In previous years Tabar has held attorney jobs for several big legal firms such as Skadden, Arps, Meagher, and Slate & Flom. Tabar got his Masters of Law from Columbia Law School and spent time studying art at Oxford University. He was a dedicated student obtaining honors.

While Sam Tabar was taking classes during his time of secondary education, he started with a small gig working on the Columbia Business Law Journal as an editor. He made a fair amount of money and got journalism experience as well. It helps with grammar concepts as well as understanding the path new media takes. In addition, he is an active member of member of the New York State Bar.

Tabar has been investing in some small startups. One of his biggest investments he has made was to to a small startup called SheThinx. Tabar was the earliest investor of this company. Beauty products and feminine hygiene continue to play a large part in women’s lives. There have been various standards set for how a women should look and act in public. Sometimes women get more insecure because of how the standards are supposed to match up with their own looks.

SheThinx is a new startup set to help make a difference in the feminine hygiene industry. The company created a mission to help women stand up for themselves and realize they have the power to speak their own opinions and better the world.