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Why Jed Mccaleb Should Receive A High Recognition In The World’s Financial Sector

The financial status of any nation’s economy greatly determines the rate of investment opportunities available for individuals in the country. A broken economic status of a country results in poverty and underdevelopment due to lack of maximum investments which leads to rise in the rate of crimes in a country. One of the most recognized entrepreneurs called Jed McCaleb is one of the people who have had a great concern about the world’s financial status.  In one of Jed’s interviews, he says that one of his concern about the financial sector in the world is that most of the population, especially in the developing countries, do not have banking accounts which make the rate of transactions very slow thus leading to the increase in the rate of poverty in many countries.

Jed McCaleb believes that most of the people who do not possess bank accounts are because they lack awareness and so they only possess bank accounts for the purpose of saving money. This leads to low demand for banking services which results in a decreased number of banks in the country. As a result, those with the bank accounts are charged very high costs to get the banking services.

As a result, the banking services only remain meaningful to the rich people in the community. The poor or the low-income earners save their money in their houses which in turn attracts robbery, and as a result, this leads to increase in the rate of poverty in a country. Jed McCaleb founded the Stellar Company to make the financial sector of the world more efficient and accessible to every group of income earners in the world. Stellar has enabled quick online transactions across the border that is open to everyone including the low-income earners.

In one of the interviews of Jed, he says that he finds Stellar better more than bitcoin because it is open to everyone, but bitcoin was only focusing on an elite group in the society. Also, in this YouTube video, Jed and IBM’s Jesse Lund answer questions from the audience.

Building Paradise: Chris Burch and the Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch knew he could establish a legacy by investing in companies, and helping them grow. But he didn’t realize he could also build a paradise like Nihiwatu. As the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, he has invested in over 50 companies. Some of these companies went through incubation, others simple investment strategies, and some needed more innovative resources. But in the end, Chris Burch saw they met their growth expectations. As an investor and entrepreneur, he showed he had an eye for success and an ability to scout innovative means to success. Some of the companies he has worked with include Ellen DeGeneres’ clothing and linen line ED, and Voss Water. But in 2012, he branched out of entrepreneur companies, and into hospitality. He paired up with hotelier James McBride and decided to buy a beach and turn it into a resort paradise.

The beach was a hostel on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. It was owned by a couple from New Jersey. Chris Burch and James McBride bought it in 2012, renamed it Nihiwatu, and transformed it into a 5-star resort (businessinsider.com). Chris mentioned he made the sudden change from entrepreneur companies to hospitality for his family. He wanted to give something to his children, and to give back to the community in Sumba. Now, he has his own private villa for his family called Raja Mendaka in Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu was a huge success and has become a paradise with a focus on gentle adventure. Visitors can take a guided hike up to a cascade on the property, where they can jump off the rocks into clear pools. They can also take horseback rides on the beach or enjoy 5-star spa treatments in the spa villa, or in their private villas. Due to Somba’s positioning, and Nihiwatu’s prime location on the beach, the island catches large swells due to the Southern Ocean storms. Due to the size of the beach however only 10 surfers are allowed on the waves at a time, so it is prime surfing real estate.

Chris Burch and McBride plan on expanding to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, building more resorts like Nihiwatu for their focus clientele, travelling millennials. Chris was a serial entrepreneur and now has found a gift in the art of hospitality. He hasn’t slowed down yet, and still seeks to provide innovative solutions to his clients, be they companies or resort clientele.

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