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The Entrepreneurial Attributes of Mike Nierenberg

Mike Nierenberg is the President, Chairman, and CEO of New Residential Investment Corp. Under his leadership, the company has experienced massive growth and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Before his current role, Mike served as the head and Managing Director of Global Mortgages. He was in charge of the sales department, and during his tenure, Mike Nierenberg advocated for innovation as the primary way of ensuring that the company remains on top. Thanks to his flexibility, he welcomed ideas from other employees on how they could make Global Mortgages better than they found it.


He is a selfless individual who is open to any new ideas. Besides, Mike Nierenberg has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. This has enabled him to pass over crucial information as to how he intends to run New Residential Investment Corp.

What the Stakeholders Think

Mike Nierenberg believes that customer satisfaction is the backbone upon which any successful business lies. That is why he has put up a team of like-minded individuals to ensure that the clients’ needs are fully met. All team players are marveled at how Mike Nierenberg runs the organization with maximum ease yet delivering results as required by the stakeholders.

Parting Shot

Mike Nierenberg is the perfect embodiment of an all-rounded entrepreneur. His vast experience in the industry has enabled him to interact with various goal-oriented individuals, and this is what keeps him going on. The success of New Residential Investment Corp can be attributed to Mike’s persistence and hard work in achieving above-standard results. We can only expect more from this brilliant entrepreneur. The future is luminous for Mike Nierenberg.

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Madison Street Capital wins the Deal of Year Award

Madison Street Capital is the recent winner of the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year. They received this award for their performance as advisors to Sachs Capital Group on its acquisition of RMG Networks. For this deal to be completed, it took the contribution of Virgo Capital who invested alongside Sachs Group and Merion Investment Partners who provided the debt financing. The financing deal was supervised by his senior managing director of Madison Street Capital director Barry Peterson.


According to the founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway, this company was privileged to work in the completion of this deal and even receiving recognition for it. He congratulated the team of members from his firm and those of other funds who took part in the process of completing this deal. This award is a confirmation that Madison Street Capital can help clients to successfully navigate the complex transactions processes involved in merger and acquisitions deals.


M&A Advisors named Madison Street Capital winners after an independent jury of industry experts scrutinized over 275 participants. This award represents the best firms to work within distressed investing and reorganization in 2018. Madison Street Capital stood out among other equally competent candidates. In the current financial world, there is high demand for professionals who are conversant with financial transactions and who can ensure clients of the highest levels of performance.


Madison Street Capital is a banking firm that has a global reputation because of its ability to help clients with financial transactions. The firm observes integrity, leadership, and excellence in delivering corporate financial advisory services. They also help clients with financial opinions, evaluation services, mergers, and acquisitions expertise among others. They deal with both publicly and privately owned companies. The services they offer position their clients and in such a way that they can succeed in the highly competitive global financial marketplace. For clients to attain maximum benefits by working with Madison Street Capital, the latter ensures that the goals and objectives of the clients become their own. It is this ownership of the goals and objectives that sees the company work hard to achieve the client’s goals just as they would pursue their own.


According to Madison Street Capital, emerging markets are going to play a significant role in the global growth of clients who will put their attention to essential assets on the market. Madison has earned trust from clients because of their unwavering dedication to observing the highest levels of professionalism in work.


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Freedom Checks Provides the Best Opportunity for Retirement Planning

For a retired person, meeting the financial expenses, which mostly occur on a regular basis, has proven to be a painful experience. A large number of people in the country don’t have enough money to pay for their expenditure and holiday homes, which most of the retired people desire. There are several methods through which individuals save for retirement, such as 401 (K), which is a scheme that requires an individual to contribute some funds out of their monthly income.

To make the life after retirement much better, individuals have to get various methods through which they can get more funds. Various report studies have shown that the money saved through retirement programs such as 401 (K) are not enough. The money provided through social security does not guarantee a better life which is a great disappointment to a number of people. On average, the amount paid through social security and other savings programs is not enough to sustain an individual.

Freedom checks are financial programs that offer a reliable savings to retirement. The program uses tax laws to help people to mitigate the complex payment procedures after which they are able to save a significant proportion of their income, which they can later use for retirement. This is a genuine program that does not guarantee getting profits but guarantees that individuals will be saving a significant proportion of their funds.

Freedom checks investment program allows individuals to access some funds from the government subsidies while at the same time helping them to save from taxes. There a significant number of retirement savings that one will be getting out there in the industry but none of them will guarantee the benefits that you can accrue from the Freedom checks retirement program. This is an opportunity for individuals to access sufficient amount of money to run their life after retirement. Click here to watch video.

Many people have a perception that Freedom checks is one of the get rich quick scams out there in the industry. However, this is an investment program that has a fair share of risks and uncertainties. However, the benefit is that you will always get a significant proportion of return from your investment.

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