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Troy McQuagge and USHealth Advisors are offering HOPE to others

Troy McQuagge of USHealth Advisors initiated a program to help make a positive difference in peoples lives. The program is called HOPE. It is an acronym for “Helping Other People Everyday.” It is an organized commitment to offer not only financial help, but time and labor to help families in the local communities. The team at USHealth Advisors has turned the program into a mission to offer assistance to others. Troy McQuagge son sees it not only as a personal mission, but a corporate responsibility, as well.

The first program offered by HOPE was a partnership with PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) after Hurricane Katrina. The collaborative volunteered many hours in restoration efforts for the residents of New Orleans. This effort gave the residents of the lower section of New Orleans safe and secure housing.

The mission of HOPE continued with the support of the “Crisis Nursery.” The Nursery is a non-profit shelter for children that serve the Scottsdale – Phoenix metropolitan area. The USHealth team gave the entity baby formula, clothes and shoes to help support their mission.

Other USHealth Advisor agents have been inspired to follow McQuagge’s lead and take up the HOPE cause in their local communities. For example, in Brevard County Florida a local office worked with the veterans organization that renovates homes to be donated with no mortgage to a local military specialist and family. Another example of HOPE is the USHealth office in Scottsdale, Arizona. That office collects donations for the veterans organization called the Wounded Warrior Project on a weekly basis. The team in Scottsdale is honored to give back to the community and supporting their mission of HOPE. Visit:https://www.crunchbase.com/person/troy-mcquagge

In 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona USHealth Advisors donated more than $25,000 to a group called HOPEKids Arizona. The group is a support community for the families of children with life threatening illnesses, including cancer. The next year when a chapter was opened in North Texas, the group was back with its mission of HOPE and donated more than $45,000 to that group.

Under McQuagge’s leadership and inspiration, the team at USHealth believes it is important to give back to the community and help others in the process. Business is not only about commerce and selling products; it is also about people and taking care of those that may need some help.

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