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Dr. Dov Rand Points Out All The Benefits Of The HCG Diet He Prescribes

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical doctor with a practice in West Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Dov has been a practicing MD for more than 22 years and he has been in the age management medicine business for the past seven years. His clinic is called Healthy Aging Medical Centers and he helps men and women alike complete a health transformation. His three main focuses are on helping patients achieve weight loss, vitamin therapy, and bio-identical hormone balance. In addition to working hard to helping his patients avoid age-related diseases he also holds public seminars on a regular basis where he dispenses his advice on age management medicine.


What is HCG Diet?

The diet that Dr. Dov Rand puts people on is no fad diet. It is called the HCG Diet and it has been around for decades. As he relates, many health problems people have are related to their obesity. When people have excess body fat they develop problems such as metabolic syndrome, sleeping issues, liver problems, mood disorder, heart problems, and other serious issues. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. Dr. Dov Rand says that the HCG Diet combined with healthy lifestyle choices provides people with a healthy and safe diet on which they will lose their excessive weight. The diet consists of eating lean proteins combined with fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Dov Rand reveals that the average women can lose 20 to 30 pounds of excess weight in a month. The average male meanwhile can lose anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds. He says that in general there are no side effects to the HCG diet and if any do occur they are minimal and temporary in nature.

There are five main benefits to the HCG Diet, Dr. Dov Rand says. First is improved energy and the second is improved self-confidence. He also says that the risk of metabolic syndrome are greatly reduced. The bad effects of this syndrome include high blood pressure, high triglycerides level, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. Dr. Dov Rand also points to a lowered risk of heart disease and lower diabetes risk as other benefits of the HCG Diet.