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Get The Exposure You Need On Wikipedia with Wiki Writers

If you have browsed the Internet recently, you are probably noticing a trend in search results. It seems the search engines pick up on Wikipedia pages quickly and put them at the top of their search results. There is a little catch though, you can’t just go out there and make a Wikipedia page and pop up at the top of search engines.

There are a lot of rules that Wikipedia has regarding their pages which is why sometimes finding Wikipedia writers for hire can be the best option for your page development. As a business owner do you really have the time to spend reading those rules and creating your Wikipage? The answer is obviously no, as you want to spend time working with customers to make money. This is why you need to find an experienced Wikipage creator such as Get Your Wiki.

One of the biggest rules Wikipedia has is that there is no self promotion allowed. This is why you need this third party to help you. out. Get Your Wiki employs wikipedia writers that know what ways to create links and generate material about your company to make your Wiki page most effective. Let them take the time to find the links to promote your company on your website, while creating enough information to guide your future customers to your website or physical location.

Another concern is that anyone can edit a Wikipage. Having a professional company with trained Wiki writers on staff create your page and maintain it for you saves you time. Not only do you save the time required to create the page, but you also do don’t have to worry about being a gatekeeper and monitoring it for false information. Rely on getyourwiki’s professional writers to eliminate those headaches for you as you benefit from the sales.

The Extraordinary Vijay Eswaran: Entrepreneur and Innovator

When it comes to Malaysian business owners and entrepreneurs it is hard to top the visionary Vijay Eswaran, chairman of the QI Group. Born in Penang, Vijay was able to move around Malaysia frequently due to his parents involvement with the Ministry of Labor. This gave Vijay a chance to meet new people and see many new things, broadening his horizons and expanding his mind at a young age. Later Vijay would go on to graduate from the London School of Economics with a socio-economic degree as well as the skill and knowledge that would serve him well later on.

After college Vijay decided to take a year off from the fast lane of business and economics to enjoy the simplicity of working jobs such as construction, grape picking, an cab driving. However, during this time he also learned of the binary system marketing and his ambition drove him to get professional qualifications from CIMA in the United Kingdom and later an MBA in the United States of America at the Southern University of Illinois. During his continuing education he became involved in multi level marketing, a strategy that would go on to influence future endeavors.

Initially MLM wasn’t Vijay’s main focus. However, upon returning to his homeland of Malaysia he became involved with the Cosway Group who approached him about starting their Philippians business. Using this experience he co-founded a MLM company years later which would eventually evolve into the powerful QI Group of today. The QI Group is a multinational conglomerate that owns many different products and brands in various industries. Travel, health and wellness, luxury, training, corporate investments, and telecommunications are just a few of the things that the QI Group has to offer. The company also has offices in various regions in Southeast Asia.

In addition to his business ventures, Vijay Eswaran (Twitter) is also a well known speaker and author. He regularly speaks at management and business forums, sharing his knowledge and expertise with those who come to partake of his wisdom. He has even had a chance to speak at the World Economic Forum. On top of these honors Vijay is also known for his dedication to helping others through philanthropy. In fact, in 2011 he was named one of the 48 “Heroes of Philanthropy” by Forbes Asia. In total he has founded two charitable organizations the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation and regularly contributes to other charities.

Marc Sparks Relocates Timber Creek Capital Offices to Increase Productivity

As originally reported on PR Newswire in January 2015, serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks has relocated his Dallas Timber Creek Capital, LP offices after 14 years at the former location. The new offices will optimize collaboration to focus on startup businesses.

With his private equity firm, Marc Sparks serves entrepreneurs in developing new businesses into revenue generating companies. The new facility enables the firm to host three separate companies and offer an extensive incubation period. Sparks believes that a quality, conducive and collaborative work environment is a critical ingredient for success.

The new offices will support Sparks’ belief, after 35 years of entrepreneurial experience, that there exists a special flow within an office that is required to maximize collaboration and output.

Sparks takes on a handful of companies at a time and offers them mentorship and access to resources like banking, marketing, capital, office space, etc. His team supports companies through the multiple stages of launching a sustainable business.

“Faith, passion, tenacity, focus, savvy of monetization, and an outrageous sense of urgency, or as my team calls it ‘spark speed’, are qualities that have helped me succeed and that I like to mentor,” Sparks said. “I have seen every level of entrepreneurial success and failure and this is why Timber Creek Capital, LP is so qualified to help take on entrepreneurs’ ideas and turn them into prosperous business models.”

Marc Sparks is the founder, owner, and CEO of Timber Creek, LP. He is also an author, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur continually turning new ideas into businesses. His book, “They Can’t Eat You,” underlines Sparks’ tremulous road as an entrepreneur to help others create a path to success.

Timber Creek Capital, LP is a private equity firm, specializing in turning the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs into sought after, revenue generating products and services. In its Dallas, Texas office, Timber Creek Capital provides the necessary capital, office space, equipment, legal, accounting, graphic arts, web development, customer service expertise, intellectual capital, banking, merchant banking, marketing, networking, support staff and over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to navigate businesses from inception to fruition.

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91 Year Old Woman Lands Her Dream Job in Silicon Valley

It is never too late to follow your dreams. There are so many individuals out there who feel as though they may be too old for their dreams, but this is just not true. There are so many opportunities out there in the world today that it is just crucial that you go out there and follow your dreams no matter what. According to eleicoes2014.com, a 91 year old woman, Barbra Beskind, is doing a great job of showing us that age has no say in the matter. She has followed her dreams of being a designer, and now at the age of 91 she living her dream life in Silicon Valley.

When she was 10 years old, she had a dream of becoming an inventor. When she told her high school guidance councilor about this dream, the guidance councilor urged her to find a different profession. Barbra then went on to work in the Army as an occupational therapist, but her dream never died. Today.com reported that Barbra saw a job opening for the design firm IDEO and she decided to apply for this job. This is something that many 91 year olds would not have done. She however got the job and began designing at this famous firm. She is a great example of following your dreams. You really can do anything that you want to do, and you don’t have to let anything hold you back.

Navy Unveils Rail Gun


The Navy unveiled its newest weapon: the rail gun. Once relegated to the domain of science-fiction technology, the implementation of the rail gun signifies a substantial leap forward in the destructive power of the United States’ arsenal. The gun can fire a projectile to hit a targeted location up to 110 miles away, all the while, traveling at Mach 7 speeds. The projectile is not armed with any explosive power, nor would explosives prove necessary to achieve a desired level of destruction. Traveling at seven times the speed of sound is power enough to ensure successful results. Furthermore, the exclusion of gunpowder and explosive materials decreases safety hazards for rail gun crew members.

The rail gun, as my friend Dan Newlin explains, in addition to the surge in drone strike use, suggests an evolution in military tactics on behalf of the United States. Rather than putting the lives of soldiers at risk, engaging perceived enemies with long-range projectile weapons has emerged as a favored method of combat. Whether or not being removed from immediate action will facilitate a greater reliance on long-range weapons or military aggression on the whole remains to be seen, but is a progression which ought to be monitored with careful scrutiny. On the other hand, it is possible that the threat of such a powerful weapon will deter military conflict from coming to the fore altogether.

Live testing of the rail gun will commence in 2016.

Browse job sites with FreedomPop unlimited wireless

Freelancers need internet. Duh. But we don’t exactly have unlimited funds to pay the big guy communications companies. That’s why FreedomPop is so great– they provide the wireless we desperately need at a price we can afford.

FreedomPop is a California based company founded in 2011. Its CEO is Stephan Stokols, who was formerly the CEO of the video-chat startup Woo Media. The company provides wireless Internet and mobile phone services and works with both Sprint and Clearwire. They also sell various devices, phones and tablets that work with their networks. The company is projected to be serving over one million customers at some point in 2015.

The company recently expanded its Wi-Fi network and is offering unlimited Wi-Fi service to customers for five dollars a month. There are ten million Wi-Fi hotspots in the network and this number is expected to grown to 25 million within three months. Users can get both free calls and texts while they are connected as well as simply use the Internet. The Photon mobile hotspot is another option for users who need Wi-Fi wherever they go.

Essentially, the plan is to allow users to call and text wherever they are in a compatible Wi-Fi hotspot. While there are not as many Wi-Fi hotspots as cell towers, prepaid users could still save a lot of money. The company estimates that many users could save around 40 dollars a month. While Scratch wireless and Republic wireless offer similar plans, but these plans are only available on Scratch and Republic phones.

FreedomPop continues to provide traditional LTE access to its customers along with Wi-Fi access. Android users will be the first to be able to access the new FreedomPop hotspots. An app that is available as a download on both iTunes and GooglePlay will also show them where the nearest hotspots are.

One feature that FreedomPop offers is allowing its users to be able to log into Wi-Fi networks without entering passwords and accepting terms. An app will do all of this automatically whenever a user enters a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot.

Many of the new FreedomPop hotspots are at food-oriented businesses like McDonald’s, Burger King and Starbucks. For the time being, most of the new hotspots are located in metropolitan areas. Major retailers like Best Buy are also included.

FreedomPop appears poised to save quite a few people some money. Basically, their Wi-Fi hotspot plan is an attempt to offer wireless communication a little differently and at lower costs.

Women in the Workplace: More Still Needs To Be Done

Did you know that women account for almost 50% of the workforce; and yet, only about 15% of those women have jobs in the executive settings? For some this statistic seems almost commonplace; and yet, others view this as criminal. Susan McGalla is just one of those women who feel this is wrong.

Which is why more needs to be done. While women occupy a greater percentage of the workforce, only a small amount are able to advance and move into higher positions. The rest of these women are stuck in the jobs they had ten or fifteen years ago.

So what can be done?

How More Women Can Achieve Their Desired Goals

1) Go back to school. Going back to school will increase the odds of women becoming more successful;especially in a world, which is still considered to be male-dominated. Susan encourages women not to let the money be a worry. She encourages women to plan carefully on a budget, using financial aid which caters to the skills they possess.

2) Continue to improve upon your own personal self-confidence. There is a study which concludes that the self-confidence of women drop by 60%, once they enter the workforce. This is due to intimidation of management. Susan encourages women to find connections they need on the job and not give in.

3) Ignore the “glass ceiling.” This can be difficult to do, especially when it comes to discrimination and prejudice. Don’t allow personal prejudice and other stigmas to stand in the way. Never let it cloud your judgment. Don’t carry a chip on your shoulder or feel you are owed something by someone. Just let your work speak for itself. You’ll be better off this way. This will improve your chances for advancement and you will feel less burdened.

Keeping Your Finance Resolution With Sam Tabar

It is a new year and Americans are trying to keep their new years resolutions. Even though most of those resolutions will be broken. People that wish to get healthier will still continue to eat junk food, people who want a better relationship will still be single. Yet there is one resolution that should not be broken and that is your financial resolution. Even though investing can seem like a daunting task, Sam Tabar, a professional investor and corporate attorney is here to help. Recently an article was published on cnbc.com that outlines Sam Tabar’s tips for new investors.

Sam Tabar advices people to be careful about investing in commodities. Instead he advices people to invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds are less volatile than commodities or stocks. The novice investor should be careful and should do extensive research if they do indeed decide to enter the commodities market. By investing in markets that are volatile the investor will be able to sleep better at night.

Sam Tabar also recommends investing in private businesses rather then the stock market. New technology has made it possible for regular people to invest in private businesses through the use of social lending. A person can also invest in private companies that use their profits for the good of society. These companies allow an individual to invest in a safe yet alternative way. No matter what the person decides to invest in, remember to diversify your portfolio and invest in different companies and sectors.

Sam Tabar urges new investors to be safe when they are investing. He always tells investors to diversify their portfolio and research the company that they decide to invest in. Sam Tabar uses his knowledge as a professional trader and corporate lawyer to advice his clients.

Keith Mann: A Career on the Rise

 If you’re reading this blog then you probably already know that it takes hard work, fierce dedication, and really, sheer luck to be successful in today’s business environment. Within financial services and investments, the task of getting to the top and staying there is even harder. But not impossible. If you really want to know what it takes, Keith Mann is the go-to guy.

 As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith has used his education and experience to manage hedge funds and alternative investments as well as help various financial firms with their staffing needs. As Keith has shown, becoming an executive in today’s business world demands a personality that will simply not accept anything but the best, and that is exactly who Keith is on the job. Each day, he awakens and decides what challenge he wants to meet and overcome, then sets out to do it by day’s end. While some days it may be helping a company find the right person for an executive position, other days it may be giving clients advice on which hedge funds or alternative investment tools are best for them. Whatever the task, Keith makes sure he examines all angles of the situation before offering his opinion as to the best course of action.

 Realizing how much his clients depend on his expertise, Keith always takes that into consideration no matter who he is dealing with. As his company has become one of the most well-respected firms in the world for executive staffing needs, Keith and his team have not let success deter them from hard work. Rather, it makes Keith work even harder to achieve results that others simply view as impossible. Currently owning one of the largest databases of investment executives in the country, Dynamic Search Partners continues to reach new heights when it comes to helping companies get better and better. When companies need an expert opinion in today’s business world, Keith Mann is the man for the job.