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Fortress Investment Group Is Creating A Destination In Times Square

After SoftBank acquired Fortress Investment Group, FIG has been investing in large-scale real estate projects that are getting a lot of attention. Their project is based in Times Square known as TSX Broadway is the biggest real estate project that they are working on in the United States and it is promising some big things. While Times Square is already a popular destination for both tourists and locals of New York City, Fortress Investment Group wants to make TSX Broadway a destination itself instead of just a side trip while you are already at Times Square. Some of the features that have been announced for the location include a shopping center, hotel, and theatre. There are some big plans for the $2.5 billion project and many people are looking forward so see what it offers with its estimated completion in the United States.

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TSX Broadway will be featuring nine stories of retail space and many are surprised that Fortress Investment Group plans to fill it all with just one tenant. During a time where online shopping has driven many retailers out of the area, they are planning on making it entertaining and attractive enough to keep it going strong despite the challenges in the city. The address of this promising project is 1568 Broadway and is expected to provide an experience for visitors that goes well beyond a simple shopping trip. Popular retailers around the United States like Macy’s and Ikea have already started participating in this trend that has helped to lure customers into these brick and mortar locations.

With plans for a giant LED billboard that will stretch up almost the entire height of the 550-foot tall building, the project from Fortress Investment Group is certain to attract the attention of visitors to Times Square. They are working to cultivate a unique experience that just can’t be replicated through online shopping. The upfront costs for a project of this size are generally very high which comes with a fair degree of risk. This is a risk that Fortress Investment Group is willing to take as they are confident in the potential of their investment.

Visit fortress.com for more information about Fortress Investment Group.

The Public Wants Impossible Burger, The OSI Group Is Going to Bring it to Them

A growing number of customers want a real alternative to the burgers they get from their favorite fast-food restaurants. It’s an option rooted in nutritional concerns as well as the health of the environment. Impossible Foods is a company trying to corner this market, but the call for their product has exceeded their ability to produce. That’s why they turned to the OSI Group for help.

Otto Kolschowsky what is native Germany for Oak Park, Illinois. 1909, begin a family business, a small butcher shop named Otto & Sons. By 1955 they were a sizable, but mostly local, business that attracted the attention of McDonald’s. As the sole meat supplier to the soon-to-be fast food giant, they too grew in two an international player with a new name, the OSI Group.

Markets change slowly, but that may not hold this time. The Impossible Burger offers a popular alternative to what’s being offered by the food industry. But why is it popular?

Since 2016, when it was first available, the Impossible Burger has had its recipe tweaked to make the best product possible. Impossible Foods wanted a plant-based patty that was identical in taste, look, and feel to it’s all-beef counterpart. Once that was achieved, they wanted to provide incentives to meet-eaters and plant eaters alike.

The Impossible Burger was designed to maximize nutritional content. Ground beef has a certain amount of calories, fat, the protein. Impossible Foods designed a plant-based patty with less fat, fewer calories, but more protein. When comparing this patty to one made of beef that is the same size, the Impossible Burger is the more nutritious option between the two.

Then there are the ecological considerations. Impossible Foods wanted nothing to do with livestock, I just wanted to provide a greener option. Their Patty is made with 25% of the water, 5% of the land, and 13% of the carbon emissions that goes into producing beef patties.

All of these factors provide attractive alternative to vegans, vegetarians, and people not wanting to contribute to waste and pollution.

So why is the OSI Group needed?

While three years of revenue and positive news coverage led to a couple production sites in California, isn’t enough to satisfy their growing customer base. So the OSI Group is stepping up to help out with production. Together it’s expected that the Impossible Burger will be made available to 17,000 businesses before the end of 2019.

About OSI Group: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

Using the Financial Services of Colbeck Capital Management

Trying to handle your own finances can sometimes be difficult, especially if you aren’t experienced with them or you have other issues to worry about. If this has been a problem for you recently, it is time to consider the benefits of using a management firm like Colbeck Capital Management. The reason Colbeck Capital Management has been working so diligently these past 10 years is because they work with both larger corporations and individuals alike. What this means for you is the ability to get the financial assistance that you need without it being a problem in the future.

There are a few different services that you can make use of when it comes to Colbeck Capital Management. For one, they can help with budgeting and debt management. This is helpful if you have been hounded down by creditors and are looking for help when it comes to paying off or consolidating these debts. If you invest, Colbeck Capital Management is able to help with managing these investments while offering sound advice when it comes to where to put your money. You can even utilize their services if you want to budget or have issues with applying for loans. They are experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you with just about any type of project that you have going on right now.

How to Begin Working with Colbeck Capital Management

Since 2009, Colbeck Capital Management has been working with individuals who want and know that they need financial assistance. If this sounds a lot like your own needs, it is time for you to think about choosing to hire them and getting them on board with just about any type of project that you have. They will then be able to assist you and provide you with the capital management that you need right now. The other great thing about choosing Colbeck Capital Management over some other companies is that they do not charge a lot for their services. Their fees can easily blend into your own finances and be easy for you to afford, even if you are on a budget.

Now that you’re aware of Colbeck Capital Management and how they work, it is a matter of going to their site or social media pages online to see what they can do for you. They will be more than happy to help out and provide you with the financial experience that you need right now. Despite being based in New York, they are able to help out with clients all over the country. This is a company you can trust with just about any and every type of project you have going on right now. This is why so many clients have already chosen Colbeck Capital Management and are thrilled with what the company has been able to do for them. Now is your chance to get the assistance you need without having to worry that you are doing the financial work all on your own.