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Shervin Pishevar Made Sure He Was Heard Upon His Sudden Return To The Twitter Platform:

Shervin Pishevar is an investor who has distinguished himself over the years for his involvement in some of the most innovative startups to come out of the Silicon Valley region. He is highly respected for his deep knowledge of the investment industry and financial markets and for this reason, people tend to listen intently, whenever Shervin speaks on the subject. Shervin Pishevar recently had a lot of people talking when he went on a twenty-one hour straight stream of tweets that were made in regard to his concern that the United States is headed for a major financial crash.

This rapid release of tweets came after a period of time where Shervin Pishevar had been relatively absent from activity on his Twitter feed. He had been quiet for some three months of time. Out of nowhere, he suddenly returned to Twitter’s social media platform and he was ready to start tweeting. This was something that he made crystal clear in rapid order. The things that Shervin Pishevar started tweeting on his sudden return where of great interest to say the least. This is particularly true for people that closely follow the way that financial markets move. When Shervin weighs in on these topics, he tends to get attention quickly.

The range of topics that Shervin Pishevar touched on was quite varied, covering a range of different concepts within the financial market. Among the most interesting of these topics was his take on the state of inflation. Shervin Pishevar has commented that interest rates are starting to rise and inflation is starting to spread. Shervin has predicted that this is a trend that will continue and he has noted that the appearance of inflation has certainly caused investors to panic. This is particularly concerning to those who hold bonds. Shervin has also commented on the fact that he has noticed a trend where Silicon Valley is losing a good bit of the competitive edge that has previously made it successful. This is due to the rise of other zones that are undertaking competitive innovation activities. These are just a few of the cautionary points that Shervin made over his aggressive session of tweets.


The Brilliant Legacies of Peter Briger in School and the Industry

The legacy of Peter Briger will forever remain written on the walls of Princeton University for the significant contribution that he has made to the institution. As an alumnus of the institution of higher learning, Briger has maintained a close relationship with the entire fraternity of the university. All this has been through the supportive activities that he organizes, which are aimed at improving the standards of the campus. One of the activities in which Peter Briger participates is the fundraisers to contribute fund that is dedicated to the payment of education fees for the underprivileged students in the institution. This is an annual event that is held by all the alumni of the university with a common objective of creating a better learning environment for the generations that came after them.

After leaving the Princeton Campus in 1991, Peter Briger found it wise to pursue a master degree before he got to employment. He did this at the Wharton School of Business which is in the University of Pennsylvania. There, he was studying business administration as an art. Immediately after, Briger entered Goldman Sachs where he was recruited as a junior officer in the operations of the company. He was observed by the management, and within the first two years, they realized a huge potential that lied in him. He was promoted to become the head of the investment department, a position that he used to showcase his leadership abilities.

Peter Briger later joined the senior management team of Goldman Sachs, and as he worked towards the achievement of the organization’s objectives, the shareholders of the banking organization were impressed by the intelligence that he possessed, and they decided to partner with him in their investment. To date, Briger is a primary business partner of the Goldman Sachs.

In 2002, Peter Briger moved to Fortress Investment Group as the CEO, head of the credit and hedge funds’ sections. At Fortress, he was bestowed with responsibilities to transform the organization into a dream company to which the shareholders aspired. With the vast experience that Briger had acquired while working in the senior positions for his former reputable employer, he was able to make Fortress Group the current industry’s leader in investment.


Wes Edens Makes a Big Splash in Both the Transportation and Sports Industries

Businessman Wes Edens is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group. This company, headquartered in New York City, is one of the world’s leading alternative assets management firms. His specialty is private equity and some of the companies he has invested in are New Senior Investment Group, Brightline, Springleaf Holdings, and Nationstar Mortgage Holdings. He is a graduate of Oregon State University and earned an undergraduate degree in business administration and finance in 1984.

Brightline is his latest venture. This company operates a private train service in Florida and the concept could be applied in other American markets. Wes Edens says that the trains they operate can hit speeds of 135 miles per hour and allows people to make trips far faster than they could on congested freeways. The current line runs from Orlando to Miami and has two stops, ones in West Palm Beach and the other in Fort Lauderdale.

It has been reported that Wes Edens is exploring putting private trains between other cities which, like Miami and Orlando, have way too much traffic between them. Other cities he is said to be exploring for private train service are Chicago and St. Louis, Charlotte and Atlanta, and Houston and Dallas. In addition to being quicker than traveling by cars, his train service is affordable, costing just $15 to get from Miami to Fort Lauderdale.

Wes Edens has already been one of the owners of the Milwaukee Bucks for a few years. In July 2018, he also invested in Birmingham, England’s Aston Villa Football Club. This is one of the most storied football clubs in the United Kingdom. They had been in the Premier League for years and have spent the past few years trying to get back in. They also accomplished this goal earlier this year but lost their final game.

Along with an Egyptian business partner, Wes Edens now owns 55 percent of this club. They are now investing in this club, including in new players, in order to achieve their goal of getting back into the Premier League after this next season.

Getting More Bang For Your Buck With Freedom Checks

Founded by financial analyst Matt Badiali, freedom checks are a lucrative investment option for a wide range of investors. They provide an easy investment opportunity for not only the savvy and experienced investor but for the inexperienced or DIY investor as well.

Freedom checks have been misconstrued by many as a scam or too good to be true due to the way they have been marketed or by a lack of understanding about the way they work. However, they are a legitimate and profitable investment. For as little as $10 anyone can become a stakeholder and begin to receive their share of the company’s profits.

Contrary to popular belief, freedom checks are not related to the government. However, in order for a company to participate in the program at least 90 percent of its revenue has to come from the storage, processing, production or transportation of natural resources in America. This would primarily be oil or gas. Also, the company has to agree to pay out the revenue to investors on an annual basis in the form of freedom checks. Investors can receive their money in the form of a paper check or it can be directly deposited into their brokerage accounts.

Benefits of investing in freedom checks not only include the potential financial gain for the investor, but because of Statue F-26 companies that meet the requirements are allowed to operate as tax-free entities and can distribute pay outs to stakeholders whenever they like. Now that the new tax law has passed, which means bigger profits for companies and in turn investors, Bidiali predicts that companies will be sending checks to shareholders on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The overall concept is that the investor is purchasing shares in a Master Limited Partnership or MLP. These partnerships are publicly traded which allows them to not be taxed until their investors are paid. In turn, investors are not required to pay taxes on investments unless they sell their shares and then they will be taxed at the lower capital gains tax rate. It really is simple.

Matt Badiali, Helping Individuals Reach Financial Freedom

Look around the internet and you are sure to find a dozen investment opportunities. Many people have a hard time figuring out which of these opportunities are legit ways to make money. This is why many people turn to financial investment advisers to help make these tough decisions.

One financial expert that is gaining popularity in the headlines is Matt Badiali. Mr. Badiali has recently been gaining notoriety due to a recent advertisement about a program that he is promoting. The advertisement received a lengthy review that was recently published by Amanda Peters. The review is titled, ” What Can Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Do For You.” Visit streetwisereports.com to know more.

The article discusses the recent media frenzy over Matt Badiali’s “Freedom Checks.” It then gives an in depth look into exactly what this program is and how to make it successful. The article also discusses his educational and professional history that has spanned over thirty years. It also highlighted on the many places Matt has traveled during his professional career.

Matt Badiali graduated from Penn State University in 1992. He majored in Geology and Earth Sciences. After this time, he entered the work force and began to make a name for himself. In 1998, he returned to school to further his education at Florida Atlantic University. He completed his studies in 2000 and earned his Master’s degree in Geology and Earth Science. Additional studies were done at the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The professional career of Matt Badiali is as impressive as his educational history. Matt Badiali currently holds two important positions. He is a geologist and analyst with Stansberry Research. He is also the Chief Resource Investment Expert for Banyon Hills Publishing.

Individuals interested in entering the world of investing are sure to be successful with the sound advice of experts like Matt Badiali. Mr. Badiali currently oversees the publishing of two publications that are regularly released by Banyon Hills Publishing. These publications are Real Wealth Strategist and Freedom Checks. These publications offer sound advise that helps individuals reach financial freedom on a daily basis.

Learn more: http://releasefact.com/2018/05/can-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/


The Ten Best Ways To Invest In Your Financial Future According To Agora Fiancial

If there is one thing that Agora Financial eats, drinks, and breathes, it would be helping people with their investments. They have a host of consultants that have a passion for helping others play the markets to win. Recently, they gave out some advice about the ten best ways to invest in your future.

Learn the Basics And Set Long-Term Goals

Even if you have an investment professional do all the work for you, the first step is to learn the basics for any investment plan and set long-term goals. When investors learn the basics, they have more control over their money and can engage more fully in the financial decision-making process. Setting long-term goals is also important because it gives investors some direction as to how they should manage their money in a short-term.

Set Short-Term Goals And Study Long-Term Investments

Investors need to look at the different short-term goals. Some examples would be such things as saving for new car tires, saving for new appliances, or saving for a vacation. New investors also need to look at different investment vehicles available to them. This would include such things as IRA’s, 401K’s, CD’s, Stock and Bonds, and knowing the difference between them all.

Get An Extensive Knowledge Regarding Short-Term Investments

Investors need to study the different types of short-term Investments that are available to them as well. These would include such things as CD’s (certificates of deposit), commodities, money market accounts, and investments in real estate.

Keep A Safety Margin And Profit From Volatility

All investors should buy a security at a lower value in relation to its intrinsic value. In this manner, they will be able to minimize risk as much as possible.Investors should also be aware of price volatility. For example, if a price in a security climbs too high then you need to sell. There’s no getting around it. Sell. As high as a security can go, it also can go every bit as low.

Be Self-Aware And Work To Mitigate Long-Term Risks

What type of “investment personality” do you have? Are you an active investor that does a lot of research and wants larger returns? Or, are you a passive investor who is content with smaller returns? The answer to these questions can largely dictate how you should invest. Investors should also mitigate long-term risks by making a habit of reviewing their portfolio frequently.

Make A Life Plan.

Finally, Agora Financial recommends that all investors have a life plan in mind and they set financial goals based on their priorities in life. When you plan for the long-term, you will not only be better off financially but you will even have better health as well! Agora Financial can help you with all of these goals. Their network of trained professionals can answer any investment questions you might have. Call them today for a prospectus!

The Oxford Club and Successful Investing Go Hand in Hand

The Oxford Club has a unique approach for investors who are seeking to outpace the returns that general indexes provide over time. They are a private network of entrepreneurs and investors who support each other and freely share trade ideas and market knowledge. What sets them apart from trading advisory services is how they find investments that outperform with lower risk. They strongly focus on personal contacts with specific industry knowledge and this often helps them find the best emerging trends on a global basis.

There are more than 157,000 members of The Oxford Club and they are found in approximately 130 countries worldwide. This places them in all major markets and economies around the world and broadens the investment opportunities. They also own club facilities in desirable places around the globe which give members the chance to travel, vacation and deepen their investment skills.

Monthly newsletters are one of the main ways that The Oxford Club provides an edge for members as they construct their portfolios. These newsletters contain a deep level of market expertise and they are filled with analysis and ideas for trading. They put the spotlight on the investments that show the greatest potential and that’s in keeping with their market philosophy of stronger returns with lower risk. The Oxford Communique is their flagship newsletter and an excellent example of high-level research.

Another potent tool in the arsenal of Oxford Club members is the 12 trading services that they provide. These are also subscription based and written by market experts with extensive knowledge and skills for investing in each niche. The Advanced Energy Strategist is an example of this service and it highlights the extraordinary opportunities in this market.

Investment U is an excellent resource that’s available for members of The Oxford Club and it can help investors gain the financial savvy that is necessary to excel as market players. The courses, videos, and conferences are designed to help investors at all levels of experience and can be a difference maker. The Oxford Club can be the catalyst in achieving financial independence quicker than one would think possible.

Additional source: https://angel.co/theoxfordclub

Advice from David L Giertz

David Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors Organization. He once served as the senior vice-president of the organization before being appointed as the president in 2013. David has over 31 years of experience as a financial advisor. Mr.Giertz is also registered with FINRA as a broker.

David Giertz holds a Science Degree from Milkin and has an MBA as well. David is an inspirational visionary leader who has accomplished so much with numerous companies. Nationwide Financial Distributors participates in broker dealer activities that involve the purchase and sale of securities.

According to David Giertz, for one to have a stable retirement, they should save a specific amount of their income in a retirement account. People should look into all the earning opportunities at their disposal so that they are financially stable before they get to their retirement age.

People should keenly think about when to invest and how to do it with the aim of making an extra income from their investments. Smart Investment decisions may promote financial freedom in the investor’s life. Mr. David argues that people should be fully aware of their total retirements needs in order to understand how much they should save and invest before they retire.

Conventional saving dictates that people should save at least six times their annual earnings by 50 years and ten times of their annual earnings 60. This totals to approximately 13-15 times of the individual’s annual income.

After establishing their total retirement amounts, people should come up with a good flexible plan for a better future investment. People should also seek knowledge from financial experts to help them choose the best choices. The retirement savings account should be complemented with a brokerage account in order to be certain of positive access to currencies, bond markets and stock where they can buy and sell any of their commodities for profits.