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Marc Beer

Marc Beer Does Everything He Can for Women Suffering from Pelvic Floor Disorders

Marc Beer has always been a generous man. When he worked for Genzyme after college, it was his job to promote the company’s product line. Genzyme was one of the few companies trying to treat the more than 7,000 rare diseases affecting more than 350 million people around the world.

His work at Genzyme inspired him to step up his game and do more by exploring every entrepreneurial option. Eventually, he launched ViaCell, a company that produced solutions developed from collected umbilical cord blood stem cells. In 2007, he sold that company for $300 million and planned to use that money to start up another business.

Tragically, his wife passed away suddenly after the sale. Beer was heartbroken and found solace only in raising his three children. He dedicated all of his time and energy into being a single father, but his daughter wanted more for her dad. Using the advice he gave his children every day, she encouraged him to launch another business and truly live with purpose. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

Around the same time, Dr. Ray Iglesias was looking for a way to help his patients avoid surgery. Dr. Iglesias is a gynecologist who inadvertently specialized in pelvic floor surgeries. The good doctor always believed there was another way to help these women, but he couldn’t figure it out by himself; he needed help, and Marc Beer was just the man to help him.

Along with Yolanda Lorie, the trio founded Renovia. Today, Beer is not only a co-founder but he’s the CEO and Chairman. The Boston-based biotech company is trying to develop therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women with pelvic floor disorders. To Beer, the company will only be successful if they can develop first-line diagnosis and treatment. Despite his immense financial success, it’s never been about money for Beer.

The number of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders is too great for Beer to ignore. According to one study, nearly one-fourth of women living in the United States are affected by these disorders. Pelvic floor disorders can cause pelvic organ prolapsed, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence; it’s a serious issue.

Last year, Renovia had its first big break when its first product, Leva, was approved by the FDA. Though Leva is considered a milestone successfully past, Beer won’t be satisfied until he obtains the results he’s looking for: innovative and proprietary sensor technologies and a digital health platform.

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Marc Beer Discusses The Future Of His Career

He has done pretty well for himself over the course of his three-decade career but that doesn’t mean Marc Beer takes any of it for granted. In fact, he is grateful for all of the things he has achieved over the years but he is always looking to the future. So what does the future look like for the 48 year old entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman? Well, he has said he hopes to help as many people as he can throughout his career and that his business is always about giving back to the community first and foremost. He currently serves as the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of a new business known as Renovia. Despite only being around for a few years, it has already become a huge success as they recently became a recipient of a grant worth upwards of $42 million. The Boston-based company is committed to developing medical tools for patients with a wide variety of different conditions and making them available to the people who need them by mass-producing the equipment. It is currently projected that 32 million will be used to fund their research and development while the rest will be used in their financial department to invest in whatever they see fit. One of the conditions they are currently attempting to treat affects an estimated 25% of the population, mostly females. It is known as pelvic floor disorder and it can prove to be quite serious if left untreated which is why they’re working on a new treatment. Learn more: https://blogwebpedia.com/marc-beer-entrepreneurial-spirit-biotech.html In a recent statement, he provided some words of wisdom to the next generation of aspiring businesspeople and entrepreneurs. During this time, he advised them to always focus on the needs of the patients first, enjoy the process as much you can and, above all, be willing to make sacrifices in order to ensure the company succeeds in the long run. Of course, this was not the first company he owned. Back in May of 2000, he decided to strike out on his own and become the founder and CEO of a business that later came to be known as Viacell. Located in the Cambridge area, the company was dedicated to trying to find cures for different kinds of diseases. They do this by examining stem cells typically found in the umbilical cords of new mothers. They extract them from the cord so they can analyze the cells and search for any biomarkers that may indicate a potential cure or vaccine. The company did prove to be a success, employing up to 500 people at one point and even become worth over $300 million but he soon sold it for a massive profit. Connect with Marc Beer on Facebook

Marc Beer Expects Renovia To Help Many Women Who Suffer From Pelvic Floor Disorders

Marc Beer is a businessman who has been able to accomplish more than most people during his lifetime. He has served with various companies for more than two and one half decades and has been able to help them expand. Beer studied at Miami University and received his Bachelor of Science in business there. After finishing up college, he moved on to work with Genzyme as a pharmaceutical sales and marketing specialist. He eventually worked his way up through the ranks of the company until he became its vice president of global marketing. During his time with Genzyme, he was able to help the company reach millions of under-served people who had a great need for the medical products it was offering. 


Marc Beer began to feel like he wanted to do more for people, and this feeling led him to leaving Genzyme and starting up his own company. In 2000, he launched ViaCell, and it didn’t take him long to grow the biotech company into something special. ViaCell went public in the mid 2000s and had 300 people working for it when it did so. Beer later sold the company to PerkinElmer for millions of dollars. Not long after this, his wife passed away, and this made him change directions for some time. Instead of focusing all of his energy and attention on work, he focused on taking care of his three children. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


After dealing with the loss of his wife for a time, Marc Beer eventually made his way back into the business world. His daughter had offered him the same words of wisdom he often offered her, and these were to live his life on purpose. This motivated Beer, and he got back in the horse by helping to create Renovia. He serves as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, and he was inspired to help build Renovia after speaking with Dr. Iglesias. The doctor had been taking part in pelvic floor surgeries on women for more than three and one half decades, and he had an idea that would change the industry. 


Since the founding of Renovia, Marc Beer has been working hard to help women who suffer from a spread of pelvic floor disorders. In 2018, the company launched Leva, which was its first product. The company just recently finished up a round of Series B funding, and Beer commented that Renovia was happy to have the support of all of the different investors who believe in its vision. Beer has continued to give back to his community and and now serves with the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee as a member. He expects to continue to work hard to reach more women who can use all of the help they can get.

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Max Salk is Powered by Preparation in Business and as an Artist

 A sense of balance can often seem to be lacking in this modern, fast-paced world in which we all live. Max Salk is both an accomplished business figure as well as a noted landscape photographer and he’s got a line on how to go about balancing life’s demands. He’s driven for success in a demanding occupation and yet finds time to pursue a fascinating and fulfilling hobby. 

Salk is currently an investment analyst in New York City which follows a stint with Morningstar and PPM America. He’s working with the Blackstone Group where he shows passion and skill in finding unique investments for clients. 

Preparation has been a critical skill for Max Salk in both his professional life and as he goes about his photographic endeavors. One little act of preparation as he prepared for a walk in the Netherlands illustrates how important it can be. One foggy morning he took a walk and just before leaving he grabbed his camera just in case. It paid off as he snapped a memorable photo of a mist covered harbor scene. To this day it can be seen on the first page of his photography website. 


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Another attribute that has powered Salk and his accomplishments are his flexibility. He understands that controlling every detail is not possible as he attempts to shoot a high-quality landscape photo. He may wait several hours for natural light conditions to be just right to produce something memorable. This type of preparation, with flexibility in mind, has culminated in some of his best works as a photographer. 

Owning the most important moments is also something that Max Salk strives to do and he’s demonstrated a remarkable degree of success. An example of this is one of his presentations of an investment opportunity. Despite hours of work beforehand and substantial preparation, colleagues and clients only see a short informational pitch and he’s keenly aware of his need to make the most of those moments. 

In closing, Salk brings forth a great principle as he reminds people that there is more than one path to success. The world is full of opportunities and he urges everyone to find their own brand of success and satisfaction. 


Tips towards appraisal of women in the workplace by Smita Shah

In this article, Smita Shah talks about significant challenges facing women in their workplaces. Due to fewer women in the top leadership in the world, women tend to lack role models, and they end up in casual careers due to lack of confidence. Shah believes that for a woman to be successful, she has to develop the right self-image by gaining experience from other successful women. She notes that in many workplaces, the presence of women has been assumed due to lack of confidence to speak for themselves. Women are unlike men in many aspects, and they face unique problems. Its time women wake from their nightmare and take high positions in industries.
It’s not a fantasy to become a successful woman: To show that women are not the less fortunate in the community, Smita Shah brought out the
ideology that women own over 100 million businesses around the world. However, this number is small compared to companies owned by men, but this does not mean that women should give up on pursuing their dreams. Shah believes that all that is needed is the commitment, decision
making, and the ability to rise in power in an organization. Smita Shah provides free tips on how a woman can succeed in her career.

Tips from Shah:

First and foremost, women should believe in themselves. Smita Shah believes that past events, whether good or bad, should act as an experience in the current endeavors. Women should treat their small achievements with respect, the same as they manage their employee’s. Instead of
leaning on the positive traits taught in society, women should be diverse and try male characteristics when it comes to business. Shah recommends that sometimes they need to get dirty to oversee a successful business as a trait of dominance.
In the business world, Smita Shah advice women to present themselves in the best way possible. First impressions are important as they define the perceptions of people from the start and states how the future is going to be. According to Shah, a woman should be decent in the traditional
mode of dressing as currently, men get confused by typical dressing, and they fail to listen to you. She further advices women that they should concentrate on fulfilling short-term goals rather than unrealistic dreams.

Learn more: https://premiergazette.com/2019/07/smita-shahs-best-practices-empowerment-workplace/
More information about Smita Shah Smita Shah is a renowned mathematician with an education background in Engineering from major
universities. She is an expert in fields such as business and public speaking. Shah founded SPAAN Technologies, an enterprise that deals with the provision of alternative technical solutions to problems in significant programs. She is an advocate of empowerment of women through sectors
such as innovation, growth of businesses, and dedication to one’s career.

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James River Capitals Founder and CEO Paul Saunders Shares on Insights on How Startups can Get Funding

Funding has been a fundamental issue in every startup from time immemorial. Even if you have an excellent idea, it is not a guarantee that investors will throw money at it when they hear about it. There are many moving parts that are needed to be navigated to get funding from either investors or any other source of funding.


Paul Saunders, Founder, and CEO of the James River Capital Corp. leverage his many years of experience to advise upcoming entrepreneurs on viable ways to raise funding for their startups. Before embarking on the funding strategies, you need to know who Paul Saunders is in detail first. He has always been passionate about finance and as a result, he prepared himself for his future career in the finance sector by acquiring a B.A. from the University of Virginia as well as an M.B.A from the University of Chicago.


Paul Saunders has held several roles in not only the investment banking sector but also in the investment and trading sector. He has held various positions at Warburg Paribas Becker’ Corporate Finance Department as well as A.G. Becker’s Commodity Department. He also served as Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. Saunders is the former President of KP Futures Management Corp. It is during his time at KP Futures Management Corp., that he rebranded the company into James River Capital Corp., marking the birth of the independent investment firm.


Founded in 1995, James River Capital Corp. underwent some transformations that saw it become an independent investment firm with Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt as its pioneers. The Virginia-based firm is a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator as well as an Investment Advisor. It focuses on corporate credit, global macroeconomic strategies, equity strategies, multi-strategy investing, fixed income arbitrage, managed futures trading and much more. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/jamesrivercc


Paul Saunders is rich in insights on strategies that young entrepreneurs can leverage to become successful in the business world. One way entrepreneurs can fund start-ups is through bootstrapping which involves funding businesses through credit cards, personal savings, as well as borrowing from friends and family. This is a good place to start because you will demonstrate to investors that you have an undying interest in the business. Bootstrapping, however, won’t fund the entire business although it will get you started.


Crowdfunding is a relatively unpopular method of funding startups and many businesses that used this method have become impressively successful. It involves campaigns that are aimed at mobilizing people to contribute funds to finance a great idea which might ultimately give back in one way or another. Some other options an experienced business strategist such as Paul Saunders would recommend include business loans, local loans, angel investors, venture capitalists, and trading equity. All these methods of raising funds are great but visionary and creative entrepreneurs will be successful at it. 

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Marc Beer is expected to bring Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills at LumeN XT Incorporated

Conducting surgeries in minimally invasive surgeries has been a target for many medical experts around the world. The traditional methods of performing surgical operations have caused unending pain to a considerable number of people around the world. A considerable number of people number of people are still portraying serious life deformities that were caused by surgical approaches that have for a longer period deemed not to be safe. Marc Beer is joining LumeN XT is the chairperson of the board with the sole purpose of ensuring that the organization has a clear strategic approach towards surgical innovations.


LumeN XT. Inc is an organization that has been coming up with innovative strategies that are geared towards ensuring that there are safe surgical operations for any person involved. The company has been innovative tools and equipment that make surgical operations to be less invasive, which is an approach that will enhance safety among many people around the world. The illumination technology is expected to change the current perception towards surgical operations. It is important to highlight that the current approach is far much better and attractive as compared to the traditional methods of handling surgical operations.


Surgeons who have used the current illumination technology have already stated that it is enhancing more visualization as compared to the traditional equipment. It is important to highlight that visualization is a major component of surgical operations. It is difficult for any surgeon to perform to have complete visualization of the area under consideration. Most surgical injuries have occurred due to the fact that visualization has been poor, which has caused surgeons to make grave mistakes. Other important aspects that can be noted from the current innovation include flexibility during operations and high precision as compared to traditional surgical equipment.


With this innovation become famous in the country and in other part of the world, Marc Beer is expected to take center stage in all the necessary operations. He has been highly involved in marketing of medical equipment and other pharmaceutical products, which is a clear indication that he will be playing a major role in the progress of the organization at this stage. Beer has an opportunity to solve surgical challenges by coming up with innovations that will help many people around the world.


Marc Beer has also excelled in entrepreneurship, especially after establishing ViaCell, which was an organization that was specifically focused on biotechnology. Beer established this organization after calling it time in marketing of pharmaceutical products. The biotechnological company had employed more than 300 employees, which is a clear indication that it was a big organization. Therefore, Marc is expected to bring his entrepreneurship and leadership skills at the management of this company. LumeN XT needs an experienced hand to move into the next stage of its development. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

Max Salk and the Search For Fixed Income

In an era of uncertainty, investors are looking for options to have steady streams of income in different avenues. They aren’t just looking at bonds, they are looking at other options to satisfy their fixed income thirst. A few of these areas of bond alternatives might be familiar while others are a bit more exotic. Max Salk and his peers are certainly looking at different options to minimize risk and maximize performance.


A regular one that individuals may want to take a look at would be a certificate of deposits. Certificate of deposits in this day and era will provide individuals with about 2.70% to 3.10% APY and will require a potential lock-up period that ranges from one year to five years. A few institutions will not require a minimum deposit while others will ask for a $500 minimum deposit.


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These institutions vary from Citibank to Goldman Sachs and others.


While these certificate of deposits offer security for a fixed period of time, their interest rates are still relatively low and barely exceed the risk-free rate, where the risk-free rate is at 2.42 for 1 Month and 2.89% for the 30 years. Certificate of Deposits allow for little to no risk and provide similar returns with a bit more upside to investors.


Investors can turn to dividend yielding stocks which may provide yields in excess of 5% but then they would have to account for the risk that they are taking with the underlying equity and the potential that their initial capital might decrease because of the swings in the stock market.


Max Salk is certain to look at all of these situations and weight differences as he learns what these investments can provide to investors like him who work for prominent institutions such as Blackstone Group. Max Salk may look at structured notes, fixed instruments that may provide more options in regard to safety and yields.


Max Salk is looking forward to understanding how these markets will operate while he discusses different strategies with his peers, advisors, and other professionals within the finance field.


These are certainly interesting times and the next few years should be one’s to watch.



“Marc Beer Joins LumeNXT’s Executive Board “

LumeNXT, Inc recently announced the appointment of Marc Beer as the firm’s Board Chairman. LumeNXT, Inc., is a private for-profit organization that deals with the creation of proprietary surgical illumination products that are used in minimally invasive surgeries. Marc Beer is bringing along with him over two decades worth of experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and device development and commercialization among others.

Marc Beer in a statement regarding the appointment said that he is proud and honored to join the LumeNXT family. LumeNXT comprises of a team of dedicated and accomplished staff who have worked tirelessly to develop innovative surgical solutions through the development of proprietary technology that has enhanced minimally invasive surgery which is considered to be the safest and most precise mode of operation. Beer added that he believes that LumeNXT is destined for greatness as more surgeries are going to be performed using the firm’s technology.

Targeted illumination technology that the firm boasts of has helped enhanced visualization, precision and also flexibility during surgeries as compared to the traditional surgical methods. The LumeNXT platform utilizes the heat reduction mechanism that helps improve surgical accuracy and increases safety through enhanced visualization among other things.

In another statement concerning the appointment, LumeNXT Co-Founder Mr. Paul Rhyne said that the firm is pleased to have Marc Beer as its Board Chairman. Beer is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has successfully helped established multiple startup companies. His vast entrepreneurial experience will go a long way in assisting LumeNXT to reach greater horizons in the healthcare industry said, Rhyne.

Marc Beer current undertakings including serving as the CEO and Chairman of Renovia, Inc, a company he co-founded in 2016 to help in the treatment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders that is affecting the lives of millions of women worldwide. Beer before founding Renovia served in various multinational healthcare companies in senior executive roles. Among the companies that Beer has served include Minerva Neurosciences, Inc., where he served as the firms founding Chairman. Minerva Neurosciences is a biopharmaceutical firm that deals with the creation of a range of products that are aimed at treating central nervous system diseases as well as diseases such as schizophrenia, insomnia, and depressive disorders among others. Other firms that Beer has served in senior capacities include Good Start Genetics, Inc., where he served as a board chairman, ViaCell where he served as the founder and CEO, Erytech Pharma where he served at the Board of Directors and Genzyme among others. Marc Beer has an excellent academic background and holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the prestigious Miami University. Learn more: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/18/08/r12237847/osf-ventures-invests-in-company-developing-solutions-for-pelvic-floor-


Michael Burwell, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Willis Towers Watson since October 2, 2010. He is a Business Administration Graduate from the Michigan State University and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He is an experienced financial adviser who works as a consultant and adviser. Michael Burwell provides a wide range of services for a large and small organization. In 2010, he was named as the Michigan Student’s Alumnus.

Burwell is a good adviser in asset management. He has initiated a client based asset management service called the AMX. He initiated AMX at Europe and which currently is offering its service at the United States where they are advising clients on over $120 in asset under client management.

Burwell was appointed the as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Willis Towers Watson on August 21, 2017. He was described by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Willis Towers as an understanding and hardworking manager, who leads and drives results in a complex and strong focus on clients. Moreover, he is an expert in finance, transaction and transformation person.

He served in various business advisory services before he was elected partner and moved into the transaction business at the operation hub in Detroit. Burwell was appointed as the Vice Chairman Global and the United States Transformation where he assisted in building and expanding the PricewaterhouseCoopers Company’s internal shared services. Throughout his leadership, Mr. Burwell has been optimistic and persistent in his work. He celebrates his successes with his workmates and assesses what makes him successful.

Mr. Burwell served as a Global and United States Transformation Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Also, he served as partner and head of PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Automotive Shareholders Value Awards before him joint Willis Towers Watson. These awards recognize vehicle manufacturers, global parts suppliers, and United States retailers for total shareholders returns to the Transaction Service Group of the company. Moreover, Burwell has headed a range of buy- and- sell projects for small and large private companies. He has also worked in evaluating the business structures and projections of different private equity funds. Furthermore, he has been the chairperson of the Automotive Suppliers Institute Conferences.


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