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Doe Deere’s Colorful Business Ventures

For anybody who knows Doe Deere, they know that her signature look is vibrant and colorful. So it is no surprise that when she started her own makeup brand, Lime Crime, that color would be what it was known for. Lime Crime reshaped the makeup industry and made it more accessible for people to get bold and colorful makeup. Her vision for creating a brand of makeup that caters to every type of makeup wearer, helped her to grow into an internationally known makeup icon.

Since selling her makeup brand, Doe Deere, while still active in the makeup industry, took her passion for color and jewelry to start a new venture; Poppy Angeloff. Poppy Angeloff takes Doe Deere’s love for color and combines it with her fascination with vintage and Victorian jewelry, to create heirloom quality pieces that people cherish throughout the years.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy thing to do, and being a successful one is almost impossible, but overcoming the impossible is nothing new to Doe Deere. After moving to the United States at eh age of 17, Doe Deere spend time living in homeless shelters and taking any job she could find just to survive. During this time she learned she gained skills and knowledge that would help her achieve her dreams. She realized that with passion and understanding you can be successful in the things you do. She took her passion for color and her understanding of what certain people could not get from the makeup industry at the time and turned it into a globally known brand that continues to give the people the color and uniqueness they desire.

Whether its makeup or jewelry, Doe Deere uses her colorful view and passion to create unique products that so many people want but cannot find. As her passions change, one thing never will, her love her all things colorful.


Doe Deere: Living the American Dream

Doe Deere is a young woman who is CEO of a vegan, cruelty-fee cosmetics company named Lime Crime. Although she is very successful and happy, her life didn’t start out perfect and she had to make her way from the bottom to become the visionary she is today.

Her real name is Xenia Vorotova and she was born in Izhevsk, Russia. As a little girl, she idealized America and everything it had to offer. In 1998, at 17 years old, her, her sister and her mother moved to New York to work for a better life and to get a taste of the American dream.

Although her mother had been a very successful accountant in Russia, she could not get hired in the United States without her education records which were taking a long time to get transferred. Her mother began to work as a housekeeper and Doe was a dog and cat sitter. They felt defeated and though they may have to move back to Russia.

Having less than $10, they moved into a homeless shelter in Manhattan. The three would sit in line on Thursdays to get free meals from a local church. Doe would daydream about being a fashion designer and would create designs in her spare time. In 1999, Dorchen Leidholdt, leader of Sanctuary for Families, realized their potential and came to their rescue. Leidholdt helped her mother obtain a job as an accountant, helped her sister get into Columbia University (where she eventually graduated with honors), and helped Doe to use her sketches that she had been creating to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

In 2000, they were transferred to Lehman Projects in East Harlem. This area was inhabited mainly be gang members at the time and they would hear gunfire during the night, but since each of the girls got their own room, it was a step up from being homeless.

In 2008, Doe had founded Lime Crime and began using the name, Doe Deere. Lime Crime began in Los Angeles and had 35 employees at start-up. She believes that anyone coming to America can truly make a name for themselves if they work hard and never give up.


Fabletics vs Amazon is Really a Duel Between Kate Hudson and Jeff Bezos

Fabletics is moving up as one of the most successful companies for women that are looking for athletic clothing. This is not a coincidence. It appears that people are starting to take interest in Fabletics because it is a company that is changing everything that people may have formally known about athletic clothing. In the past people may have assumed that athletic clothing was only for the gym or working out at home. Kate Hudson and her team have actually put together garments that are part of the Fabletics lineup that is referred to as athleisurewear. This means that this clothing line can be worn inside the gym as well as out to brunch or -in some cases – the work environment. This is something that is still new and Innovative, and Kate Hudson seems to have the market on lock when it comes to appealing to the millennial crowd.


It is just a matter of time when it comes to the way that his brand is able to build up a strong legacy where Kate Hudson can actually compete against bigger companies like Amazon. She is already known in entertainment circles because she has spent years as an actress in movies like “Almost Famous,” but now she has another mindset and another passion. It is true that Kate Hudson still does movie roles, and one of her most recent movies was “Marshall,” but her main goal right now is the expansion of Fabletics. This is where she has put her focus, and this is where she is making her time count.


She has become young athletic clothing mogul that wants to change the way that women shop when it comes to athletic clothing. She wants them to have the ability to confidently go online or walk into one of the Fabletics stores and get the clothing that they want and need. This is an opportunity for her to maximize her exposure and ignite conversations about the evolution of athletic clothing.


Kate has been able to do this because she has been adamant about staying on top of new trends. This is what makes her fierce competition for Jeff Bezos and his Amazon athletic clothing environment. Jeff is one of those types of entrepreneurs that has an e-commerce site that is able to sell anything. This makes him a serious threat, but Kate competes easier by forcing on athletic clothing.

New Marketing Techniques Are Explored By Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

The retail industry has been evolving in the last few decades to focus more than ever before on the use of Online sales and reviews to drive up business. Fabletics was established in 2013 as a member Website offering monthly clothing deliveries based on the lifestyle choices and exercise regimen of each member; a lifestyle quiz allows Fabletics to make recommendations about the clothing each member may like and can be completed in a few short minutes to make an initial impact on the life and shopping choices of each Fabletics member.


It is not only the retail industry making major changes to the way clothing is sold Online but also customers who are looking for new ways of making sure they get the best possible products by conducting their own research. Fabletics has been one of the first U.S.-based retailers to harness what has become known as the power of the crowd in driving the use of reviews as a positive factor in its marketing options. Personal recommendations and reviews have always been one of the best ways for a brand to drive up its business and add sales to a new or established Website.


Not only do more than 80 percent of consumers research products Online looking for the best reviewed prior to making their choice of a product to purchase but a growing trend is to research a business or retailer prior to making a purchase. Studies have shown more than half of all Online consumers research at least one business each month before making a purchase or using a service. Fabletics has continued to drive its own business by making sure customers are given the best possible experience and encouraged to review the retailer on a range of Online platforms.


Success for Fabletics has seen the brand look beyond consumer reviews in pushing forward a business which has grown by more than 200 percent since its 2013 launch. One of the most popular aspects of the marketing choices made by Fabletics has been the use of actress Kate Hudson as brand ambassador and partner in the business created by TechStyle founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg; the two entrepreneurs wished to make sure their brand was represented by a celebrity who was approachable, active, and fun. Kate Hudson was the first choice of Ressler and Goldenberg prior to the launch of the brand has learned to become a successful business leader for Fabletics.


Interviews with Kate Hudson reveal she still sees herself as very much an actress first and business person second but her desire to play a major role in the development of Fabletics has seen her learn a range of new skills. Among the roles played by Kate Hudson for Fabletics is that of social media expert using her own Instagram account to reveal how she wears many of the garments produced by the brand.

Whitney Wolfe Weds Fiance At Amalfi Coast

A Start To A New Chapter In Life

Whitney Wolfe has certainly led an exciting life, but now she plans on settling down with her husband. After her recent wedding at Amalfi Coast, it’s pretty clear that she wants to change course and focus on something new for her life. As the CEO of Bumble, she has already proven herself as one of the most prominent voices out there in the tech industry representing women, but she has decided she wants her own life.

Where She Plans On Going From Here

Whitney Wolfe has decided she wants to expand her company and make Bumble into a household name. With her previous experience working with other companies , it won’t take much for her to make a big deal out of what she’s made. Millions are already using Bumble and they seem to be satisfied with the experience and what it entails. There are others who would like to see more out of Bumble. The app has fostered one of the most pro feminist online cultures out there, but there is a need to create so much more than that.

A Trend Among Female CEOs

Female CEOs are having a hard time being taken seriously in the world of tech and software. However, Whitney Wolfe has had no problem getting taken seriously by the leaders of the tech industry. Her work at Bumble remains praised by all who see it as an example of what a good tech startup looks like. She’s even managed to take her success with Bumble and move into the world of social media. The Bumble BFF app takes all the fun of online dating and puts it into a format that many people can actually relate to.

Making A Difference

Whitney Wolfe has certainly made a name for herself with the foundation she’s built with her business. Bumble is going to leave a mark on the tech industry and open up doors for women in the business world. It’s only a matter of finding a way to make sure it happens as soon as possible. With her new marriage, Whitney Wolfe is going to have a new perspective on life. This may very well change the way she conducts her business. As a new chapter begins, a new way of thinking is surely going to follow in its wake.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

The Reason Behind Fabletics Success

The power of the crowd is what determines the success of a brand in today’s market. The 21-century consumer first looks at crowd-sourced reviews before deciding whether to purchase a certain brand finally. The reviews to customers’ acts like personal recommendations from people they know or can associate with. As a result, firms today are shifting their marketing strategies and are now more focused on consumer behaviors. The use of reviews is becoming a more popular marketing model. Savvy brands such as Fabletics have realized the impact customers reviews have on a brand and have capitalized on using it in marketing their products. Fabletics was launched in the year 2013 and a growth rate of 200%.The company’s revenues have risen to over $235 million dollars in less than four years and have more than one million paying members. The reason behind the company success according to Shawn Gold a Corporate Marketing Officer is the use of reviews or the crowd.

The use of reviews as a marketing tool has helped Fabletics to increase customer acquisition, improved loyalty, and retention of customers’ thus rapid growth.

Today’s consumer trust reviews more than anything else. This is so because there have been advancements made in technology which has made the world a global village thus consumers from different parts of the world can share information and experiences online. People today before making a purchase have to research on that particular item, read the reviews and make final determinations from those reviews. If your products have positive reviews, then the chances of the consumer purchasing your products are very high. Trust and power are developed from others opinions and feedbacks. Brands such as Fabletics understand this concept and have leveraged it.

The more positive reviews you get, the more the power or revenue to your business. Positive reviews help improves the search rankings of a firms products leading to more customers which translate to more revenues. Business should try incorporating the use of reviews into product offering or customer service. According to Gold customer reviews has helped Fabletics retain close to 85 % of its customers and get 17% new customers from referrals. Fabletics have been able to use reviews to capture new customers and at the same time refine its products.

Crowd sourcing has helped build Fabletics as a brand as it has forced it to be more transparent and customer-focused. Businesses should be run with empathy and be data-driven. They ought to first understand their customer’s needs and act on them. Brands products should be based on customers opinions.

In 2013 TechStyle Fashion Group Founders wanted to start an athleisure brand and were looking for a partner. The person who came to their mind was none other than Kate Hudson. They settled on Kate Hudson because she’s approachable, has a very active lifestyle and doesn’t take herself too seriously, a typical representation of what they wanted Fabletics to be. Kate agreed to the partnership and from day one has been actively involved in the business.

Turn into a Pretty Unicorn with Lime Crime’s Colorful Hair Dye

Lime Crime just launched a new special semi-permanent hair color that resembles the colors of a unicorn. Yes! Who doesnt want to look like a pretty unicorn? What makes this hair dye special? Well not only does the hair dye resemble a mythical unicorn but it also has vegan ingredients. It is based on vegetable glycerin and it is 100% cruelty free. On top of that, this unicorn hair color does not stain bedsheets, clothes, or any other items. This unicorn hair color was developed to provide a way to dye your hair without damaging it by being made with gently, deposit only dye with no anmonia, peroxide, or bleach. The vibrant, long-lasting hair dyes can also be mixed together to create new colors. Neon Peach and Bunny makes Petal Pink, Blue smoke and Gargoyle make Blue Steel, Anime and Salad make Bright Turquoise while Dirty Mermaid and Gargoyle make Slate Grey.


It only gets better. Lime Crime’s unicorn hair color also comes with two different formulas to pick from. The first formula contains full coverage that consists of a higher pigment which is ideal for those who have platinum or light colored hair. The second formula contains a tint that consists of a lower pigment which is great to use for pastel colors on pale blonde hair. All in all, no matter which formula you choose, the longer you leave the dye in your hair the more saturated and longetivity you will get with your results. It is said that one to two hours will give you a saturated, intense look while 30 to 45 minutes will give you a more subtle and soft look.


Lime Crime, founded and owned by Doe Deere, has been known to accentuate unique colors that allow women and men to express their special identity. Doe Deere made it an essential for all of her products to be cruelty free and vegan by getting her products certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Lime Crime’s main mission is for the customers to be rebellious with their makeup and to never be boring.https://www.pinterest.com/limecrime/

Demi Lovato Collaborates with Fabletic to empower Girls across the Globe

Fabletics is one of the most creative activewear brands in the United States, and it was co-founded by Kate Hudson. The company recently announced its first partnership since it was established in 2013. Fabletics is dedicated to empowering women across the country by offering them a healthy and active lifestyle despite their age, size, shape, and ability. The firm has now developed a limited edition that is known as Demi Lovato for Fabletics, which is a capsule collection that betters its dedication to body positivity and female empowerment. The new Demi Lovato for Fabletics line is motivated by Lovato’s music, and it also reflects her commitment to empowering women and offering a unique style. The creation of the collection will support Fabletic’s collaboration with the Girl Up campaign of the United Nations Foundation. The movement aims at motivating girls to help other girls across the globe.


Demi Lovato is a dedicated advocate for body positivity. She spends more than four in the gym every day. The products that will be offered by the Demi Lovato for Fabletics line include leggings, tops, jackets, tops, and much more. Some of the money that will be raised from the collection will be donated to SchoolCycle, which has been working closely with the United Nations Population Fund to enable girls to get to school safely by giving them bicycles, spare parts, and maintenance. Lovato will be launching a full collection of the line in August 2017.


Kate Hudson said that she decided to partner with Demi Lovato in the project due to her advocacy for female empowerment. She also loves the commitment and intelligence that Lovato shows. Demi said that she was very excited when Kate Hudson approached her to form a partnership with Fabletics. She appreciates working with the top fashion brand that also supports most of the values that she believes in. Lovato also believes that the partnership is an interesting venture since she will be working on creative designs while empowering young girls across the globe. The collaboration will enable Fabletic to raise funds that will be used in supporting girls across the world to have an education, safety, happiness, and also be future leaders of the community. The SchoolCycle currently supports over 130 million girls across the globe.


Fabletics is one of the biggest brands in the United States’ fashion industry. Kate Hudson is dedicated to ensuring that the firm offers customized activewear products to women at affordable prices. The company sells its products to its subscribers at about half the regular price, and this has enabled it to attract millions of clients. Fabletics has ensured that its athleisure wear clothe line is stylish and trendy so as to meet the constantly changing needs of the fashion market. The products that it offers make an individual feel active, and therefore, live a healthy lifestyle. Fabletic has grown at a fast rate, and it currently competes with renowned online fashion retailers such as Amazon. The firm has raised revenue of over $250 million for the four years that it has been in business.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Everything Great about Fabletics

Fabletics is a monthly subscription service that lets you choose the clothes you would want every month. The fitness apparel company was founded a few years ago, and the idea has proven to be quite hit among sports enthusiasts. If you do decide to join the VIP membership, you will get your first Fabletics attire at only $25. It is an excellent way to get quality designer outfits at only a fraction of the price.

The main benefit of joining the Fabletics club, however, has to be the monthly clothes. Each month, Fabletics creates new outfits that members are at liberty to purchase. Each month, members who chose to purchase sportswear will only pay a subscription fee of between $49 and $59. For months when a member does not wish to purchase anything, they do not need to pay anything. It seems like a bargain way to get quality sportswear each month.

Not only are new clothes produced each month, but they are also highly personalised. There are more than fifty designs from which members can choose. The company takes data from its customers to ensure that they get the clothes that suit them first. To do this, members have to fill in a short survey. The questions though seemingly unimportant are crucial to the company. They help Fabletics to match your sports interests with the right clothes.

One of the main reasons why anyone should choose Fabletics is quality. Most people have the preconceived notion that any designer wear that comes at a bargain must be of low quality. However, it is not the case with Fabletics. The company’s products are quite competitive, in terms of quality, with other major brands. For instance, their yoga pants are made of good material that is not see-through. Additionally, they hold the compression and shape even after use for a while. Many trainers who have had a chance to see people in active wear are taken aback when they hear about the bargain prices at which Fabletics’ products are sold.

Another aspect worth mentioning about Fabletics’ products is the style. The clothes are of a great style with many fun patterns from which to choose. The designs range from simple solid colours for the minimalists to the complex and fun designs that have bold patterns.


Bottom Line


If you would like to receive fun and great looking activewear monthly, you should consider Fabletics. Best of all, their clothes are always perfectly sized. If you even have an issue with any item you receive, there is always a helpful customer support person ready to assist you.