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Fabletics vs Amazon is Really a Duel Between Kate Hudson and Jeff Bezos

Fabletics is moving up as one of the most successful companies for women that are looking for athletic clothing. This is not a coincidence. It appears that people are starting to take interest in Fabletics because it is a company that is changing everything that people may have formally known about athletic clothing. In the past people may have assumed that athletic clothing was only for the gym or working out at home. Kate Hudson and her team have actually put together garments that are part of the Fabletics lineup that is referred to as athleisurewear. This means that this clothing line can be worn inside the gym as well as out to brunch or -in some cases – the work environment. This is something that is still new and Innovative, and Kate Hudson seems to have the market on lock when it comes to appealing to the millennial crowd.


It is just a matter of time when it comes to the way that his brand is able to build up a strong legacy where Kate Hudson can actually compete against bigger companies like Amazon. She is already known in entertainment circles because she has spent years as an actress in movies like “Almost Famous,” but now she has another mindset and another passion. It is true that Kate Hudson still does movie roles, and one of her most recent movies was “Marshall,” but her main goal right now is the expansion of Fabletics. This is where she has put her focus, and this is where she is making her time count.


She has become young athletic clothing mogul that wants to change the way that women shop when it comes to athletic clothing. She wants them to have the ability to confidently go online or walk into one of the Fabletics stores and get the clothing that they want and need. This is an opportunity for her to maximize her exposure and ignite conversations about the evolution of athletic clothing.


Kate has been able to do this because she has been adamant about staying on top of new trends. This is what makes her fierce competition for Jeff Bezos and his Amazon athletic clothing environment. Jeff is one of those types of entrepreneurs that has an e-commerce site that is able to sell anything. This makes him a serious threat, but Kate competes easier by forcing on athletic clothing.

Lime Crime Bold And Trendy Beauty Products

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