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Passionate Entreprenuer: Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna was born in India and his family members had ventured into entrepreneurial world while his father had joined the army. The main reason why he ventured into entrepreneurship is the passion that he had for entrepreneurship as well as the creativity and innovativeness that he possessed. Nitin Khanna went to the united states of America where he got his undergraduate degree as well as his masters in the field of industrial engineering and went ahead to have his PHD in robotics.

Nitin Khanna stared Saber Software company with his brother which was later used during election in the united states of America and also added to this software child care and DMV systems. He sold the company and ventured in investing to help the small companies grow. Having worked with many companies he says that the main role that he took part in as that he was involved in company’s vision development, the mission as well as the culture of the company.

Nitin Khanna says that for a business to grow tremendously the key issues that need to be focused on are the execution of activities swell as the focus of the company. Each company has a different vision and his main area in any company he works with is the execution which involves coming up with ways to curb the stiff competition from already established businesses. Nitin Khanna likes dealing with the cannabis business because of his ability of coming up with ideas that generally outdo their competitors.

Nitin Khanna has his own set of principles that he follows to make sure that the company he works with achieve the mission and vision. Nitin Khanna hires employees that are fit for the tasks and involves them in the company’s vision and its mission so that they are working together towards the same goal. His long term goal is to build a company that would last for years to come that even when he leaves MergerTech he still would have high hopes for the company to make it big in the world of business. Nitin Khanna advises the young entrepreneurs joining the cannabis industry that they need to effectively use their skills and their abilities to their full potential so as to be successful.

Read about Khanna’s contributions in the cannabis industry https://www.dialdish.com/nitin-khanna-benefits-of-cbd/

Marc Beer is expected to bring Leadership and Entrepreneurship Skills at LumeN XT Incorporated

Conducting surgeries in minimally invasive surgeries has been a target for many medical experts around the world. The traditional methods of performing surgical operations have caused unending pain to a considerable number of people around the world. A considerable number of people number of people are still portraying serious life deformities that were caused by surgical approaches that have for a longer period deemed not to be safe. Marc Beer is joining LumeN XT is the chairperson of the board with the sole purpose of ensuring that the organization has a clear strategic approach towards surgical innovations.


LumeN XT. Inc is an organization that has been coming up with innovative strategies that are geared towards ensuring that there are safe surgical operations for any person involved. The company has been innovative tools and equipment that make surgical operations to be less invasive, which is an approach that will enhance safety among many people around the world. The illumination technology is expected to change the current perception towards surgical operations. It is important to highlight that the current approach is far much better and attractive as compared to the traditional methods of handling surgical operations.


Surgeons who have used the current illumination technology have already stated that it is enhancing more visualization as compared to the traditional equipment. It is important to highlight that visualization is a major component of surgical operations. It is difficult for any surgeon to perform to have complete visualization of the area under consideration. Most surgical injuries have occurred due to the fact that visualization has been poor, which has caused surgeons to make grave mistakes. Other important aspects that can be noted from the current innovation include flexibility during operations and high precision as compared to traditional surgical equipment.


With this innovation become famous in the country and in other part of the world, Marc Beer is expected to take center stage in all the necessary operations. He has been highly involved in marketing of medical equipment and other pharmaceutical products, which is a clear indication that he will be playing a major role in the progress of the organization at this stage. Beer has an opportunity to solve surgical challenges by coming up with innovations that will help many people around the world.


Marc Beer has also excelled in entrepreneurship, especially after establishing ViaCell, which was an organization that was specifically focused on biotechnology. Beer established this organization after calling it time in marketing of pharmaceutical products. The biotechnological company had employed more than 300 employees, which is a clear indication that it was a big organization. Therefore, Marc is expected to bring his entrepreneurship and leadership skills at the management of this company. LumeN XT needs an experienced hand to move into the next stage of its development. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/

“Marc Beer Joins LumeNXT’s Executive Board “

LumeNXT, Inc recently announced the appointment of Marc Beer as the firm’s Board Chairman. LumeNXT, Inc., is a private for-profit organization that deals with the creation of proprietary surgical illumination products that are used in minimally invasive surgeries. Marc Beer is bringing along with him over two decades worth of experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and device development and commercialization among others.

Marc Beer in a statement regarding the appointment said that he is proud and honored to join the LumeNXT family. LumeNXT comprises of a team of dedicated and accomplished staff who have worked tirelessly to develop innovative surgical solutions through the development of proprietary technology that has enhanced minimally invasive surgery which is considered to be the safest and most precise mode of operation. Beer added that he believes that LumeNXT is destined for greatness as more surgeries are going to be performed using the firm’s technology.

Targeted illumination technology that the firm boasts of has helped enhanced visualization, precision and also flexibility during surgeries as compared to the traditional surgical methods. The LumeNXT platform utilizes the heat reduction mechanism that helps improve surgical accuracy and increases safety through enhanced visualization among other things.

In another statement concerning the appointment, LumeNXT Co-Founder Mr. Paul Rhyne said that the firm is pleased to have Marc Beer as its Board Chairman. Beer is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has successfully helped established multiple startup companies. His vast entrepreneurial experience will go a long way in assisting LumeNXT to reach greater horizons in the healthcare industry said, Rhyne.

Marc Beer current undertakings including serving as the CEO and Chairman of Renovia, Inc, a company he co-founded in 2016 to help in the treatment and diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders that is affecting the lives of millions of women worldwide. Beer before founding Renovia served in various multinational healthcare companies in senior executive roles. Among the companies that Beer has served include Minerva Neurosciences, Inc., where he served as the firms founding Chairman. Minerva Neurosciences is a biopharmaceutical firm that deals with the creation of a range of products that are aimed at treating central nervous system diseases as well as diseases such as schizophrenia, insomnia, and depressive disorders among others. Other firms that Beer has served in senior capacities include Good Start Genetics, Inc., where he served as a board chairman, ViaCell where he served as the founder and CEO, Erytech Pharma where he served at the Board of Directors and Genzyme among others. Marc Beer has an excellent academic background and holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the prestigious Miami University. Learn more: https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/18/08/r12237847/osf-ventures-invests-in-company-developing-solutions-for-pelvic-floor-


The Many Talents of Eric Pulier

When it comes to being productive and getting this done, few people posses these traits. A person would have to be knowledgeable and efficient with the time that’s given while being great at multitasking. Skill comes from repetition, but talent is something that you’re born with and there is one person by the name of Eric Pulier who embodies this notion perfectly. Eric Pulier isn’t just your average everyday person. He’s a well respected businessman that specializes in numerous fields. Here’s a bit more information of the talented Eric Pulier.

At a very young age, Pulier always seemed to excel in areas where most kids his age couldn’t. In other words you can say that he was a techno kind of guy as he always seemed to have the ability to create and figure out tough issues. He excelled at a young age as well as into his adult years. Eric Pulier has a very strong mind and when left to chance, he would always figure out solutions for the challenges in front of him. His huge heart was always in the right place and once his professional career to off, there was no turning back. You can’t hold back greatness entirely and his long list of successful ventures shows proof otherwise. Mr. Pulier has helped many people by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in which is was awarded for. His savvy business sense made him into the flawless-like entrepreneur you see today. Was there anything this guy couldn’t do? Well, so far he’s lived up to the hype while setting new trends in the process. Pulier’s business sense has put him at the forefront of many business such as:

  • Servicemesh, Inc
  • Media Platform, Inc
  • FLY
  • Digital Evolution
  • US Interactive, Inc
  • And more

He played huge roles in all of these companies which have all gone on to huge success in their own rights. In other words, Eric Pulier is a pure talented individual whom uses his knowledge to better man-kind.

For more information please visit https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eric-pulier

Investing Tips From Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

In his most recent Reuters report, Brad Reifler offered five tips for the investor of any amount of capital. Being a man who has tasted the pain of personally having lost money in market investments, he knows what he is talking about.

It is his first suggestion that before investing, one needs to consider all of the charges, risks, and expenses that will be involved. It is equally important that the individual investor set goals after taking an inventory of their assets.

Secondly, Mr. Reifler makes mention that it is to your advantage to take firm care of the security of your funds. You are the one to be most concerned about how safe your monies are.

Number three on his list is similar to that old adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” He is the first to tell you that putting all of your money into the stock market is not a good idea. If the market should take a severe tumble, as it has been known to do in the past, your nest age could be obliterated overnight.

His fourth suggestion is to develop a good rapport with the investor you will be dealing with. After all, this is the person that you are going to entrust with handling all of your investments in the hopes of making money. Only the best investment brokers work for the best interests of their clients.

The last remark made by Brad Reifler is to examine and understand why you are investing in the first place. What possible objectives and goals will these investments create for you. Keep a close rein on the amount you invest and if you see it is bringing in a good profit then it can be added to. If not, it is probably time to get out and place your funds elsewhere.