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An Academy Of Art University Student Explains His Experience Studying As A Freshman

The Academy of Art University is a San Francisco institution that opened its doors in 1929. It has students from around the world studying one of 30 areas of study. Each instructor is a working professional and highly experienced in their field. Graduates are working at high-profile companies such as DreamWorks, Disney, Adobe, EA Games, Pixar, Apple, and Tesla.

One student, Sam Bear, offered a look into what his day is like at the Academy of Art University. He is studying at the School of Motion Pictures and Television. He is currently taking two classes which are at 11 am and 3 pm. He has a long break in between the two classes during which he studies and collaborates on projects. He also has time to relax and enjoy one of the university’s Campus Cafes.

The Academy of Art University has 15 residential facilities. Sam Bear lives in Commodore Dormitory which is a residence for freshmen. The building has a Neo-Deco style and is located at the base of Nob Hill. He can catch a free shuttle outside his dorm to any campus location by showing his student ID.

While studying, Sam Bear is building relationships with students and instructors that will help him build his creative career. Time spent collaborating with others or just spending time with them helps him build a network of friends and professional contacts.

The Academy of Art University offers Sam and other students lounges, libraries, and studios to do class projects. Campus Cafes are located across San Francisco with each having a unique vibe and menu. They are open at differing times so that students have access to food whenever they need it.

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Academy of Art University: The Place Where You Begin

Academy of Art University is a privately owned art and design institution located in the United States. This academy was founded and is presently under the guidance of Stevens’s family. Under the leadership of Richard Stephens, the school began offering graduate and bachelor’s degrees, a feat that saw the enrolment of 5000 students. The student learning there has the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, certificate programs, Master of Architecture, Art Technical Credential coupled with continuing art education which covers 28 areas of their study. The courses at Academy of Art University are offered both on the campus as well as online facilitated by most progressive and state of the art equipment and technology.

Academy of Art University has facilities that include classrooms, studios, lounges as well as libraries which are state of the art. The school has cafes that are offering a distinct atmosphere that provides an array of food choices that are served at different times for students that have tight schedules. In addition, the design of the cafe enhances collaboration and a haven for the student where they interact with another student while at the same timesharing ideas work as well as dreams.

From its time of foundation, the Academy of Art University has actively been engaging the services of the instructors coupled with professors, who work closely with the students in their area of study. It is noteworthy that arts are dynamic and are evolving; therefore, they need to have a strong foundation in imaginative history coupled with the emerging trends in every field in which expression artistically is needed. This student who is under the tutelage of instructors and professors who have strong and aptitude in the field of artistic expression. Also, the vast experience combined with their connection in the industry is pivotal for a student especially when they are preparing and launching their creative careers.

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Niranjan Shah may Leave Chair at U of I

Niranjan Shah was a newly elected chairman of the University of Illinois in 2009. After an unfortunate event involving a U of I professor being arrested at his own home during a misunderstanding when someone called the police thinking he was attempting to burglarize the home that same year, President Obama invited both the professor and the arresting officer to the White House in an effort to reconcile the situation.

The controversial arrest of the professor sparked interest in the leadership at the university, particularly regarding favoritism. Niranjan Shah was not exempt from the scrutiny. His firm has had millions of dollars in government contracts and he has been a very generous contributor to campaigns. However, there is no evidence that Niranjan Shah has ever used his contributions to secure more contracts.

Niranjan Shah did not try to cover up his contributions or use them to get an upper hand. His contributions were spread out over a period of 20 years. Furthermore, there was never any correlation between the size of his contributions and the size of his government contracts. Rather, he made contributions because he wanted to make sure that he had a chance to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Although Niranjan Shah used his contributions with the pure intentions of promoting excellence at the University of Illinois, he said that he had used poor judgment on a few occasions. For public relations reasons along with his own personal health, it may be necessary for Niranjan Shah to resign from his chair.

Follow this link to learn more https://doctors.advocatehealth.com/i-niranjana-shah-chicago-internal-medicine

Betsy DeVos Offers New Perspective on Education

While many have criticized the administration’s policies, Betsy DeVos had opponents even before she was appointed to the 11th Office of US Education Secretary. Why? For one, many educators believed that she had “radical” policies for a program called educational choice.


If you haven’t heard of private choice or educational choice before, these policies include options for students to go to schools other than where they are zoned. Simply put, if your student doesn’t like the school in your neighborhood, then they go to school somewhere else through educational choice. While these policies aren’t offered in all states, they are successful in states like Louisiana and Florida.


DeVos went on several interviews initially to clear up confusion about educational choice and offer students a new perspective on getting ahead in America’s system. While many schools are “taught to the test,” which is a standardized test that basically leads to more funding or less funding for public schools. If your school does well on the tests, then you may receive an uptick in resources. However, the issue is that failing schools never seem to get the resources to improve the situation, since test scores are consistently down. This creates a problematic loop for schools, particularly those in underprivileged, poor neighborhoods around the country.


Betsy DeVos has been a proponent for educational reform since the 1980s. However, she rose to fame with her policies on educational choice. She began her campaign in her home state of Michigan, where she proposed bills like “Kids First! Coalition.” These policies would have allowed students in Michigan to pick where they went to school, and it didn’t have to be a private school.


That’s one of the main issues that opponents leave out of the argument. Students don’t have to pick a private or charter school to participate with educational choice. They can pick a magnet program, which would allow them to attend a school with a special program, such as a business law or medical school prep.


In addition, states like Florida now have virtual school options that can replace failing schools for students who want to take on challenging courses and earn higher grades from home.


One of the other issues that DeVos had to face was school violence, particularly shootings on campuses. In 2018, she was appointed to lead the school safety reform and change policies regarding guns on campus. Now every school has a campus guardian, and there are new policies in place to help students and teachers stay safe.


DeVos has less than a year to implement educational choice policies in other states, but since education legislature is only approved at the state level, she has more work to do to get more states on board with her plans.


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Training Events Help TigerSwan Contractors and Civilians Alike

james reese

Something unique occurred at a well-known private training facility in North Carolina. The trainer center focuses on helping military and private contractor personnel hone their skills. They do need exceptional skills to handle their sensitive and dangerous missions. This time, Chevy and the facility’s owners ran a special event for civilian personnel.

 James Reese co-founded the facility. He currently serves as CEO of TigerSwan, a private security company. Agreeing to open up a training center to civilians shows the brilliance of James Reese. The one-time Delta Force officer gained a promotional and public relations coup thanks to the event’s publicity. James Reese knows that TigerSwan must sign on new clients to stay in business. Even though TigerSwan might be a highly unique enterprise with specific clientele, the company’s managerial operations must remain true to the laws of economics. That is, TigerSwan can’t thrive without signing up new clients regularly.

james reese

James Reese and TigerSwan weren’t the only ones to receive publicity after the event. Chevrolet also received attractive marketing benefits. The auto manufacturer did provide two models of SUVs. The vehicles provided transportation during the simulated missions. The civilians inside the SUVs soon discovered that success or failure often hinges on a vehicle’s reliability. The powerful SUVs were well-suited for the hostage rescue missions. Maybe Chevy received positive word of mouth after the civilian attendees went home.

The civilians left with good impressions and without any need to return to the training facility. They indeed aren’t called upon to handle a dangerous mission in a violent part of the world. The training event may change perceptions about what special operations commandos and private security contractors experience. Granted, not all work occurs in the field. Action that does take place in hotspots can put personnel in extreme danger. Reasons exist why training drills involve live ammunition. TigerSwan contractors can’t go into such environments without the necessary preparation.

Many employees at TigerSwan come from military backgrounds. They already possess many required skills. Experience alone might not be enough. Continual training and sharpening of skills become vital for safety and success. And the TigerSwan contractors do want to be successful.

Find out more here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftinc.tigerswan.guardianangel&hl=en_US

Sujit Choudhry Explains Complicated Text

Center of Constitutional Transitions’ director and founder Choudhry is recognized internationally as a scholar and constitutional lawyer. Choudhry has given advice in several countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, the Ukraine and Cyprus through the decades on governance, and constitution building. He offered a companion to the policy paper co-authored by George Anderson to clarify “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.”

Original Paper

The original paper covered case studies from countries involved with constitutional engagement. The essay collection gives recommendations for policy based on realistic views of political and territorial cleavages. There is a chapter that uses a comparative analysis of case studies relating them to current research for drawing original conclusions.


Anderson’s back ground is in the Canadian government and he was formerly the Forum of Federations’ CEO. The companion paper had the same title as the original to give insight into the things discussed in the original. The advice in the paper might be helpful to those who advice and are principal in the constitutional moments.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry became a Solicitor and Barrister during 2001 in Ontario, Canada. Choudhry has spoken or given lectures in 30 countries and worked in vast contexts such as political violence and cease fires. He has experience in facilitating sessions of public dialogue with stakeholders and civil society groups, multi-party dialogue technical advice and various other consultations and technical experts advisory work. He has over 100 articles, policy manuals, book chapters, working papers and reports. Sujit Choudhry is also an expert on the constitution of Canada.

Read more here https://sujitchoudhry.com/news-coverage/

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s success as a specialist

After training at The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, DR. Ira Kirschenbaum has proven to be an expert in hip and knee replacement and reconstruction surgery. He has specialized in complex revision joint replacement surgery, minimally invasive hip and knee replacement, um is a good researcher and innovator. He has many innovations and trademarks on medical information systems and surgical instruments. He has also designed a hip replacement system that is cementless and various instruments for partial unincompartmental knee replacement. One of the instruments in unincompartmental knee replacement that he produced is the DVD Optimizing Techniques which is a media product of The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is still active in research on single incision minimally invasive hip and knee replacement techniques, ceramic hip replacement and partial Knee replacement.

Apart from being the chairperson of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has also held various positions and membership in several institutions. He works with Stryker Corporation as an orthopedic consultant and was the founder of Medscape Orthopedics as an executive director. He is a member of The American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons and The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. He is also a former member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons and the Orthopedic Research Society.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has also been on the board of the Arthritis Foundation in Hudson Valley Region and 1994, he received a prestigious award of James A. Vohs Award for Quality. He received it when he was the chief of Reconstructive surgery for Kaiser Permanente in the Northeast.

As a leader, Dr. Ira has been agile in strategy development and execution, selling influentially and passionately, creating and translating complex concepts, ideas and information and offering advice and education to key stakeholders.


Click this link to learn more https://www.webmd.com/ira-kirschenbaum

Academy of Art University Continues to Churn Out Competent Art and Design Graduates Almost a Century Later

Academy of Art University is a San Francisco-based art and design-focused private institution of higher learning which is dedicated to equipping aspiring designers and artists with the set of skills they need to succeed in the industry. One way the institution looks to prepare their students for their future careers is through the Annual Spring Show, an event which brings together industry professionals from top global companies, alumni, and the general public to explore, appreciate and experience the creations of the students. The event is one of a kind because it brings the world of art and design to them rather than going to the world with their creations.


During the event, students from more than 40 areas of specialization in art and design showcase their best work to the attendees. It is also a great opportunity for the graduating class to showcase their talent through innovative creations with the motive of securing employment and career development opportunities. Academy of Art University produces graduates including designers, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, photographers, communicators, technologists, strategists and problem solvers every year. The students also interact with the industry professionals including representatives from Disney and other big companies.

The entire fraternity of Academy of Art University recognizes how important networking is in career development and career fulfilment. That is the reason why every school and department at the university strive to create networking opportunities for the students to interact with industry leaders and professionals to build meaningful relationships that could result in employment opportunities.

It is clear that Academy of Art University has the career interests of its students at heart. The institution has always been trying to develop innovative design and talent since the year it was established in 1929. It has been training aspiring art and design students in the Bay area for the better part of the 20th century and it is continuing to churn out qualified professionals in the industry. It has competent instructors who are actively involved in their respective industries and the disciplines they teach. The university provides the foundation students need to build successful careers in more than 40 different creative disciplines.

Dick DeVos and Lobbying Actions

Dick DeVos is a man who consistently proceeds in a just fashion. He has witnessed all sorts of injustices throughout his lifetime. These injustices never cease to make him feel angst and frustration, either. DeVos is an activist through and through. His wife, Betsy, is in the same classification. They’re both eager activists. They even take on many philanthropy projects.


People often know precisely who DeVos is. He’s a famous face in the state of Michigan. He’s just as famous in other areas of the enormous United States. People frequently even recognize him on the global stage. He’s handled all sorts of business achievements over the years. Working as the Amway Corporation’s memorable Chief Executive Officer was a big thing for him. He held this position for many years, too. His journey with the massive All-American corporation commenced toward the start of the nineties. It ended approximately a decade after that.


The Amway Corporation isn’t the only example of DeVos’ business accomplishments. He’s also a significant component of the achievements that are connected to the Windquest Group.


DeVos is nothing if not a harmonious man. He has all sorts of varied interests as well. He’s not only interested in philanthropic and charitable subjects. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is only the starting point of all of his life causes. DeVos is a person who puts a lot of thought into education, aviation and even interpersonal relationships. He has a commitment to advancing the concept of charter schools in the United States. That’s why the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan even exists. He has a commitment to advancing the ins and outs of air travel. He has an unwavering adoration of family life, too. DeVos has relished his marriage to Betsy. He’s relished fathering his children with her.


DeVos has a lot of background in the lobbying sector. He did quite a bit of lobbying in Grand Rapids a couple of decades in the past. This lobbying frequently revolved around major construction subjects. DeVos contemplates construction concepts with a lot of nuance. He doesn’t always believe that they’re favorable for cities and for their trajectories. He thought that constructing a huge arena in Grand Rapids by its downtown wasn’t in the city’s best interests. That’s exactly what compelled him to initiate some comprehensive lobbying work. He’s perpetually trying to strengthen the communities that matter to him.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned constitutional expert and law professor

 Sujit Choudhry is a renowned constitutional expert and law professor. Choudhry has participated in the constitution making process of many countries such as Libya, Egypt, and Nepal, among others. Choudhry is also a teacher of law at the University of California. Choudhry has also made many publications on matters constitution and has never shied away from addressing controversial constitutional issues.

Sujit Choudhry, in one of his article in the medium accounts, asks the questions when does free speech becomes hate speech where is the line drawn. Choudhry question comes after a controversial protest rally that raises interesting first amendments issues was held in Washington DC. The protest that was dubbed Unite the Right was in commemoration of the previous year Charlottesville rally that was held to protest the removal of the controversial Robert E. Lee Statue. During the protest, a counter-protester was killed by a protester who plowed his car into the crowd.

The protest that was supposed to be peaceful became violent as protesters and counter-protesters came at each other, prompting the security agencies to intervene. The involvement of security agencies led to the spending of more than 2 million dollars by the District of Columbia, an amount that will have to be paid by the taxpayer.

In situations where violence and counter-protests mar protests, the question is, where do we draw the line between hate speech and a demonstration that is protected by the law asks Sujit Choudhry. The constitution allows for peaceful protest and guarantees freedom of speech. However, many at times, these rights are abused, and it becomes difficult to prosecute such cases. The Supreme Court has tried to address some of these issues in its rulings, but still, there is no clarity in their decisions that conclusively addresses the first amendment issues.

According to the Supreme Court decisions that have been witnessed in a number of cases such as the case between Schenk V United States and Chaplinsky v New Hampshire among others, the freedom of speech and association can be limited when one becomes lewd, obscene, profane libelous or his or her speech or actions inflicts injury or incite an immediate breach of peace says, Sujit Choudhry.

Find out more on Sujit Choudhry here https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Sujit_Choudhry