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The Lovaganza Getting Ready To Launch For 2020

After much anticipation and planning set in motion, the Lovaganza is officially set to go in 2020. While it is five years later than the original plan of 2016, the leaders of this project are doing so because they anticipate having better cinematic and stage technology available to make the viewer experience even better. Known as a “Bohemian Adventure” that spans across the world, the Lovaganza is going to hit 8 countries simultaneously when the celebration starts. While a lot specifically of what the Lovaganza will showcase is unknown, it will have traveling shows that hit the road in 2017, and feature films that will give the audience a sneak preview.

Lovaganza basically has several goals in mind with the celebration. The first is to expose as many people as possible to all the cultures of the world under one showcase. Lovaganza wants to take its audience to a deep look at different national cultures to see what their arts and special entertainment look like. The hope is to give people an appreciation of what different nationalities do and foster more tolerance and openness towards them.

Secondly, Lovaganza wants to promote more world peace and awareness of the natural environments around the world on Design Ideas. The event is certainly humanitarian in its endeavors and seeks to unify people in the goals for a peaceful, and safer world. And the event also aims to showcase how important each culture’s faith and religion is in the grand scheme of things, and to show that one’s faith is how perseverance is kept through hard times.

Some new state-of-the-art technology is set to be used when the films are going to be shown. This technology is a glassless 3D display that will be shown through what’s called Immerscope. The audience will be treated to HD action and a viewing experience unlike any ever seen before. The movies of Lovaganza are set to be filmed all over Europe from the small country towns to the booming metropolis’s, and will also be filmed in Mumbai, India, and the US in the Mojave Desert of California.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://j-scott.com/lovaganza/

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Get Contemporary Beauty Products With Lime Crime

The world of fashion is fun and exciting as well as ever changing. People want to be able to keep on top of what is in style at any given moment in order to be able to show to others that they are aware of contemporary fashion trends such as the kind of colors that are in use today, the sort of fabrics that are particularly popular in major cities as well as the kind items that are being used for many age groups. They may also want to know what people in London and Paris are using as well as what kind of products are selling well in major beauty chains all across the entire nation at any one time.

Those who know what is going in the current fashion scene will it easier to create the kind of style that they want from any look in order to be able to showcase their owner personal style as well demonstrate that they are fully in touch with aspects of fashion. Beauty products are an essential part of this process, designed to help people of all ages look better as well helping them create a specific look that is fun, fashion forward and in style.

Working with a company by Doe Deere that understands this need can be a great way to help relax and project a certain look at work and during their off hours when they chose to party with others or just to have time with friends and family who also share their interests in fashion and beauty products use of all kinds as well as they do. Purchasing from just the right company can be the way to get access to such products and have a line of makeup on hand at all times that is contemporary, elegant and in touch with the kind of trends that people like.

One company that completely knows just how much the modern women wants to have access to such items is Lime Crime, Lime Crime offers a wide variety of products that people can purchase to help them show off their inner sense of fun and their devotion to what’s happening in today’s fashion world. The user who wants to buy items that show off her knowledge of the world of today’s fashion will find much to buy her and much that is ideal for all of her needs to have makeup that is elegant and offers her what she needs to express her own take on the kind of fashion that people see in fahion magazines and store windows. Working closely with this company can allow her the opportunity to create her own style and enjoy one that is precise and yet free while still being in touch with modern styles and means of thinking. She can benefit both from getting in touch with her own style and learning about the kinds of fashion that are ideal for her own personal use in today’s fashion, beauty products and makeup world.

One of the World’s Top Surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a professor at the University of Texas, and there acts as an academic department chairman for the field of plastic surgery. He has made substantial contributions to plastic surgery practices, education, and facial aesthetics and aging. Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor program recognized Dr. Rohrich as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. The program identifies physicians through a peer review process, where top researchers analyze the accomplishments, ethics, background, and contributions that the candidates have made to their specific field. He was very happy to receive this award, believing that medical credibility is one of the most important characteristics about a surgeon.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is passionate about his career, and passionate about the safety of others. He frequently tours and gives lectures to major facilities and educational meetings to promote better practices to ensure the safe surgical practices. He recently identified a severe risk of blindness that can be caused by use of facial fillers during cosmetic surgery. Dr. Rohrich joined a group of professors to publish their study inside the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal to prevention future occurrences of blindness in this practice. Unfortunately, the study found that although the risk for blindness during this procedure is very low, the consequences are highly irreversible, and most often permanent.

As an internationally renowned rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Rohrich (drrodrohrich.com) stresses the importance of using scientifically proven medicine for all surgical procedures. He is highly opposed to theoretical medicine and methods when dealing with patients, and only uses procedures that he has found have repeatable and reliable results over a long-term basis.

With so much knowledge and expertise in his field, Dr. Rohrich frequently travels internationally to give seminars and train practitioners. In an attempt to create credibility and consistently in the surgical field, he has created educational models to help professionals around the world use the same proven methods in their work. Some of these teachings have been included in Selected Readings in Plastic Surgery, which more than 38 countries use to supplement their training curriculum. Dr. Rohrich has published more than 700 peer reviewed articles concerning cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, and treatment of facial deformities during his professional career. Find more about Dr. Rod Rohrich on his Facebook page. 

The IRS System Was Hacked, More Than 100,000 People at Risk of Identity Theft

The IRS just gave us another reason to worry after announcing their online service was hacked by criminals who were able to steal the information of more than 100,000 taxpayers. They confirmed the hack was part of a identify theft scheme being used to claim fraudulent tax returns.

Hackers were able to get into the “Get Transcript” system offered by the IRS which allows users obtain tax returns and other tax filings. The IRS claimed the group responsible for the attack are part a larger group of organized criminals, but did not release any further information. However, Congress is pushing the IRS to release this information as soon as possible.

The attacks took place from February through May of this year and the system has since been shut down. The IRS says the main tax filing system was not affected, which brings peace of mind to Jaime Garcia Dias. However, millions of people are still highly concerned about the recent breach and are demanding more information about the cyber attack.

As of right now, the IRS reports that $50 million in fraudulent tax returns have been issued and are currently implementing technology in order to prevent further identity theft. They have added software to help them pick out suspicious tax returns and will seek to prosecute the criminals responsible for the attack.

Android Urinates Over Google on Google Maps

Various users spotted an Easter egg on Google maps recently. It can be found just around Madison Street Capital, where the image of the Android bot pissing on Apple’s logo can be clearly seen. The bizarre picture is actually visible on the basic terrain. Google maps is largely editable but in order for the basic terrain to be edited, some advanced rights are required from Google. However, this image is not the only odd thing on the map. A bit to the east of the Android-Apple image lies another one that questions the review policy of Google.

The big question is – is Google responsible for this? Why have these pictures not been spotted and removed by Google even after the news has broken out? Google has, so far, not commented on the picture.

An important point people should remember is that Google maps is being edited regularly. There is something you don’t see on the map and you know it exists – perhaps something close to your house like a cafe or a library. So, you add the marker on Google maps and later, Google reviews the addition and okays it. After this approval, the marker would now be visible on the map. This could explain both the images, especially the second one.

Both the app and desktop versions of Google maps include the image but when satellite mode is chosen, the image disappears.

Link to language delays from TV watching found in toddlers

A South Korean study has revealed the first proven link between watching large amounts of TV and a delay in speech development for toddlers, PsyPost reports. For many years a link between TV watching and speech issues has been reported on an anecdotal basis without a large scale study taking place that has given any proof or otherwise of a link. The South Korean study has now proven that toddlers who watched less than one hour of TV per day were three times less likely to have a form of speech delay than those who watched more than two hours per day.

More than 1,700 toddlers were included in the study and a series of factors were included in the completed report, including marital status of parents, income and population size for each toddler. Despite a large number of companies now looking to prove their products aimed at toddlers could help learning this new evidence seems to show that toddlers language development can be harmed by prolonged periods watching the TV.

The Progressive Lady Speaks

Anyone who watches network TV has seen the commercials for Progressive car insurance that feature a helpful Progressive representative named “Flo.” Recently, the actress that plays Flo, Stephanie Courtney, explained to Heather Wood Rudulph for Cosmopolitan how a decade of hard work resulted in her acquiring the role.

When Courtney started out, she was mostly in small TV show and theater production roles stated recent article featuring Brad Reifler. She worked odd jobs to pay the bills while living with two cousins in New York City. She credits her success with auditioning a lot for roles and using every experience as a teaching moment. In 1996, she turned away from acting somewhat and focused on comedy stand up performances and she was eventually discovered and approached by a Los Angeles talent agency.After moving to L.A., she made money with commercial work and continued auditioning a lot. By 2006, she had problems paying the bills even as she was getting roles in critically acclaimed TV shows like Mad Men.

As Courtney pointed out to Rudulph, there were a lot of roles that she wanted but didn’t get. She considers herself a late bloomer, but noted that she can safely say that she has a fantastic life now as a result.

The Supreme Court Is About To Take On The Confederate License Plate Issue


The Issue Is The Free-Speech Rights Of Individuals That Want A Special Message On A Government Issued License Plate

The Civil War will never be over in the minds of some Americans. The battle created a void in the lives of millions of people, and some people still want to recognize that void in some way. In the South, the Confederate Flag represents more than the void. The flag is a symbol of heritage, of beliefs, and of valor. The southern states are no longer just southern states, however. Yankees and Westerners live and work in the South and have no idea how important the symbol of the Confederacy is to some of their neighbors.

Bernardo Chua noted on YouTube that the newcomers to the south say these nostalgic bleeding hearts need to get over it. The Supreme Court may say that too if the court rules in favor of a Texas man that wants his license plate to have the Sons of Confederate Veterans insignia stamped on it. Other requests for special plates have been approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board, but the request for the Confederate Flag insignia stimulated a number of negative comments from citizens.

Some Texans called the ban on that particular insignia discrimination, and others called it a vote to fight racism and slavery. The big question in the minds of the people opposing the plates is, no one knows if the message is from the individual or the state that issues the plate. A lot of people say the message is wrong no matter who is sending it.

Interesting Info About The Antique Wine Company

About Antique Wine Company
The Antique Wine Company, AWC, is a company that specializes in wine and spirits. The CEO of the company is Stephen Williams, and he established AWC more than 25 years ago. The company has its headquarters in Marylebone, Central London and it also has two sales offices that are located in Asia. The Antique Wine Company supplies wines to various places, including restaurants and hotels.

A Little History About AWC
AWC started in 1982, and since then it has grown significantly. In matter of fact, the company has more than 20,000 clients located in 70 countries. More than 10,000 bottles of wines are held in AWC‘s cellars, and they source rare wines, as well as provide other services that include cellar planning and private wine master classes. AWC also provides and supports wine cellars that are held in places such as gran hotels and even private residences that are located around the world. The company is known as experts in the industry, and that is one of the reasons why the company’s products and services are highly sought after and why they are one of the most well-known companies in the industry.

Other Information About AWC
Back in 1994, AWC supplied vintage wines to the former president of the United States, George H.W. Bush, as part of his 70th birthday celebration. A year later, the company handled the Château d’Yquem vertical collection’s sale, which was for a record amount of $1 million. In 2010, the company created an app for the iPhone, which was the company’s first app that they developed and released. The company eventually expanded their presence in Asia, as in 2012 they established AWC Philippines. In the last year, AWC appointed a new Sales Director, as they had goals of growing their international team of rare wine advisers.