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Vijay Eswaran and Permanent Companies

Vijay Eswaran would see that companies might be able to start new projects, bring in more talent and increase prospects by looking toward what will drive the future instead of simply conducting financial engineering in some sort of manner.

Furthermore, Vijay Eswaran would see that dividends are not always the best financial item. Why? They are taxable events and may not get the best treatments overall. One can see that non-qualified dividend are not treated well from a tax standpoint and are seen as ordinary income. This means that the tax rate on dividends is similar to marginal income.

On Abbvie

To offset the Humira revenue, Abbvie has gone ahead and purchased Allergan. The company just purchased the other one for $63 billion.

We can see that the company still has a pipeline of drugs that should provide for potential revenues in the future. The company might continue to do more acquisitions for growth but we need to understand if the company is in a great position to do so.

Buying Abbvie is interesting. We don’t know if it is a company that will perform. We know that it has declined over the years (the stock has).

Let us take a look at the overall business opportunity.


Gross profit has increased over the years from 18,000 to 25,000. Research and development continue to grow as does selling and administrative costs.

But total operating income is growing.

Net income continues to stay steady overall.

One thing that will jump out at us as we go over to the balance sheet is that

Total liabilities exceed total assets, this is true for current and for total assets.

Retained earnings are positive.

The company has a capital surplus.

Cash position looks good.

Total cash flows also remain strong and have increased over the years.

At Papa Johns, Steve Ritchie Cares

This is a pizza delivery company, the third largest in the world, which hails from Louisville, Kentucky and is registered by the trade name Papa John’s International, Inc. Papa John’s has been around for 19 years only and in 17 of those, it has been voted number 1 by customers for the best product and service quality in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The company wears a capped designed logo all green with Pizza on it and the company name Papa Johns and the words “Better Ingredients Better Pizza.” Steve Ritchie is the current President and CEO.

Papa Johns has recently launched a program to assist the installments in places aside Louisville in the United States and Canada. Of course, Papa Johns is a multinational franchise with Headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. This aid comes in a package that includes many benefits such as reductions in royalties, food service pricing and online fees through the year 2018. The installments in Canada and elsewhere in the United States are set to receive sponsorship for new marketing and re-imaging start-ups consistent with the company’s long-term plan.

It is rather simple actually, Papa Johns is implementing an action plan that will see it grow into new markets, come up as a newly packaged brand and retain its number 1 position on the charts globally. Steve Ritchie has come to take over the reins in season and everybody is upbeat about his potential to steer the ship into a new dimension altogether. Steve Ritchie is a family man who loves his family so much that he would not hesitate in doing anything that says “l love you” in the best way possible. He went big recently when he asked Bill Davidson of the Harley Davidson motorcycle fame to call up his lovely daughter and just wish her Happy Birthday.

JD.Com Introduces JD Business Service, Its Latest Procurement Solution For Businesses

JD.com or JingDong, China’s largest e-commerce retailer just recently launched an easy way to meet all the needs of the enterprises of all sizes. The e-commerce giant now introduces a one-stop shop solution for various businesses. This includes JD Business, the company’s procurement medium for enterprises that would like to purchase office supplies and avail of office services, MRO or the maintenance, repair, and operations product, and a whole lot more.

This procurement service streamlines the purchasing process for various brands. Because of this, companies that started working with JD.com’s latest service were able to achieve improved efficiency by over 50 percent and decreased their total procurement costs to more than 15 percent. At present, JD.com has over 7 million enterprise clients.

The customary procurement procedure is very tedious and entails establishing an individual relationship with various suppliers to address every aspect of the business’ needs. Most of the time, it involves checking on a long list of suppliers and requiring the procurement department to meet with the suppliers in person. With the latest enterprise that JD.com is offering, all of these are simplified.

Enterprise customers can now access a wide range of various products from various suppliers using a single platform. Being one of China’s most reputable retailer of genuine and authentic products, the system is built solidly and securely to feature unparalleled transparency to the entire procurement procedure. This solution is available to businesses of all sizes. Small and medium enterprises that are still on their unstable business stage, JingDong or JD.com offers a transparent channel known as b.jd.com for their procurement needs.

When businesses avail of this service, they will have a clear file of pricing and invoicing details. The company is also currently working with over 5,000 large businesses and has the ability to embed JD Business service into their current ERP systems. More than 80 percent of these companies in China which are on the Fortune top 500 lists are already working with JD Business for their procurement needs.

Recently, the company introduced the MRO-specific procurement channel also known as imall.jd.com. JD.com is one of the fastest growing e-commerce retailers in the world and one of the largest retailers in China. It has a current market value of around $70 billion.

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Zeco Auriemos Successes at JHSF Recognized

Zeco Auriemo is a prominent figure in the real estate who is leading property development projects at JHSF, a Brazilian real estate holding company. He is particularly known for leading efforts to develop iconic properties including Cidade Jardim building in Sao Paulo. Under the tenure of Auriemo, the company has developed apartments on 5th Avenue, eastside of Central Park at the heart of New York, a location which is coveted by entertainment industry millionaires including musicians as well as filmmakers.

The company has also eyed a $32 million four-story building in the heart of Metropolis which was built in the 1870s and it has initiated a plan to transform it into a luxurious mansion. That is a drop on the ocean when it comes to the high-end concepts he has brought to the company and helped the company to actualize them. Zeco Auriemo collaborated with popular hotel brand Fasano and shopping mall Cidade Jardim to get approval from city hall to develop the 14-storey residential building located on 5th Avenue. Despite the many challenges the project faced, the project pulled through to completion, courtesy of unrelenting efforts of Auriemo to negotiate terms with Historic Landmarks Committee and navigate challenges to see the project through to completion.

Auriemo is also recognized for his role in the construction of icons of high luxury including Fasano hotel chain as well as the Cidade Jardim shopping mall. There were many moving parts with some individuals claiming that the building could not be remodified because it needed to be preserved. However, Zeco Auriemo leveraged his vast experience and knowledge in the sector to navigate the moving parts and see the projects through to completion. He has been recognized widely for his success at JHSF and he has often hosted prestigious dinners which were graced by prominent figures including Prince Albert of Monaco and Mariana. Find out more about Zeco Auriemo: http://www.aloalobahia.com/notas/mariana-e-zeco-auriemo-recebem-para-jantar-em-torno-de-edoardo-caovilla

Oren Frank On Whether Or Not Talkspace Is For Everybody

Oren Frank is the Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, an online psychotherapy firm. He co-founded the company with his wife, Roni Frank. During the early years of their marriage, Oren and Roni Frank were going through marital problems, and they decided to seek therapy. They went for couples’ therapy, and in no time, their marriage was salvaged. Oren and his wife had access to therapy that helped them in their marriage, but not everyone enjoys such privileges. Many people around the world suffer from mental health issues but have no access to any psychotherapy centers. Oren Frank and Roni wanted to make therapy available to everyone, and so they started Talkspace and made it an online company. Oren Frank left his job as a senior advertising and marketing executive to focus on Talkspace. Roni Frank, who previously worked as a software developer, also quit to study psychology.

Check out talkspace .com to learn more about Oren Frank’s presentation.

Oren Frank is excited by the fact that women are taking over leadership as opposed to before when males dominated leadership positions. In areas where men have failed, Oren Frank believes that women can do a better job. At Talkspace, employees are disciplined and focused; attributes that make them more productive. For ideas to be implemented within any company, discipline is required, and Oren, Frank enforces this in employees. , but it is how these ideas are nurtured and grown that separates one company from the rest. Oren Frank, therefore, makes helpful criticism on ideas by employees to motivate them to work harder.

Oren Frank reads a lot of books to improve his knowledge. He is always reading new material to satisfy his curiosity and quench his thirst for knowledge. Through Talkspace, Oren Frank connects clients to therapists who are licensed. Over a million people around the world have received psychotherapy using Talkspace. To learn more, visit: https://medium.com/@oren_17217

The Great Achievements to know about HGGC

The private equity venture is a leading investment that ever talented individual can try out. Though it requires one to stay focused and determined on the aspects and approaches they attend to, it is also crucial for any individual engaging in the latter to stay alert on the market trends and research frequently on the dynamic changes that affect their operations. HGGC has taken a new direction in the sector through the considerable number of investments opportunities that it has availed to its clients. The firm has stayed alert to form partnerships with potential partners and investors that have a prolific profile.

HGGC is a technology-oriented company that has used the latter to grow its stake and increase productivity. With the use of technology, the venture has created a convenient and easy way for its clients to monitor their operations and capital. Besides, it has reached out to people through the creative websites and ever busy and informative platforms that it has. With its partners, it has also promoted its operations and enabled them to make their services and products known b every client that it attracts. The relation it has with various companies has offered them a chance to join hands together and address the vast number of demands in the sector.

HGGC recently held a conference with its partners and collaborators. The members addressed issues related to job creation and strategic endeavors. The chief executive of the well-known venture aimed his views on the importance of incorporating market research and strategic markets in the operations of HGGC to bring higher productions and fast developments in the firm. Besides, he pointed out the approaches that the venture has adopted in hiring new staff. With the many opportunities available at the company due to its expansion, the company also hired new staff members who they selected openly. Most people that the employed showed concerns in changing the face of the company through attending to their task with minimal supervision. Together they agreed on the terms and conditions under which they serve and with the great working environment at the venture, they have already brought sustenance and growth in the venture.


Passionate Entreprenuer: Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna was born in India and his family members had ventured into entrepreneurial world while his father had joined the army. The main reason why he ventured into entrepreneurship is the passion that he had for entrepreneurship as well as the creativity and innovativeness that he possessed. Nitin Khanna went to the united states of America where he got his undergraduate degree as well as his masters in the field of industrial engineering and went ahead to have his PHD in robotics.

Nitin Khanna stared Saber Software company with his brother which was later used during election in the united states of America and also added to this software child care and DMV systems. He sold the company and ventured in investing to help the small companies grow. Having worked with many companies he says that the main role that he took part in as that he was involved in company’s vision development, the mission as well as the culture of the company.

Nitin Khanna says that for a business to grow tremendously the key issues that need to be focused on are the execution of activities swell as the focus of the company. Each company has a different vision and his main area in any company he works with is the execution which involves coming up with ways to curb the stiff competition from already established businesses. Nitin Khanna likes dealing with the cannabis business because of his ability of coming up with ideas that generally outdo their competitors.

Nitin Khanna has his own set of principles that he follows to make sure that the company he works with achieve the mission and vision. Nitin Khanna hires employees that are fit for the tasks and involves them in the company’s vision and its mission so that they are working together towards the same goal. His long term goal is to build a company that would last for years to come that even when he leaves MergerTech he still would have high hopes for the company to make it big in the world of business. Nitin Khanna advises the young entrepreneurs joining the cannabis industry that they need to effectively use their skills and their abilities to their full potential so as to be successful.

Read about Khanna’s contributions in the cannabis industry https://www.dialdish.com/nitin-khanna-benefits-of-cbd/

Shervin Pishevar Made Sure He Was Heard Upon His Sudden Return To The Twitter Platform:

Shervin Pishevar is an investor who has distinguished himself over the years for his involvement in some of the most innovative startups to come out of the Silicon Valley region. He is highly respected for his deep knowledge of the investment industry and financial markets and for this reason, people tend to listen intently, whenever Shervin speaks on the subject. Shervin Pishevar recently had a lot of people talking when he went on a twenty-one hour straight stream of tweets that were made in regard to his concern that the United States is headed for a major financial crash.

This rapid release of tweets came after a period of time where Shervin Pishevar had been relatively absent from activity on his Twitter feed. He had been quiet for some three months of time. Out of nowhere, he suddenly returned to Twitter’s social media platform and he was ready to start tweeting. This was something that he made crystal clear in rapid order. The things that Shervin Pishevar started tweeting on his sudden return where of great interest to say the least. This is particularly true for people that closely follow the way that financial markets move. When Shervin weighs in on these topics, he tends to get attention quickly.

The range of topics that Shervin Pishevar touched on was quite varied, covering a range of different concepts within the financial market. Among the most interesting of these topics was his take on the state of inflation. Shervin Pishevar has commented that interest rates are starting to rise and inflation is starting to spread. Shervin has predicted that this is a trend that will continue and he has noted that the appearance of inflation has certainly caused investors to panic. This is particularly concerning to those who hold bonds. Shervin has also commented on the fact that he has noticed a trend where Silicon Valley is losing a good bit of the competitive edge that has previously made it successful. This is due to the rise of other zones that are undertaking competitive innovation activities. These are just a few of the cautionary points that Shervin made over his aggressive session of tweets.


HGGC, a highly regarded mid-market private equity firm

HGGC is a reputable privately held venture capital and private equity firm with headquarters based in Palo Alto, California. The firm was founded in 2007 by Steve Young, Bob Gay, Richard Lawson, and Gregory Benson. Since its inception, the firm has completed add-on acquisitions, platform investments, liquidity events, and recapitalizations with an aggregate transaction value of over $19 billion. Currently, the company has over $4.3 billion in cumulative capital commitments. The company has over 166 portfolio investments and employs more than 62 000 employees on a global scale. HGGC boasts one of the largest investors across their funds investing $300 million and a $1.6 billion seller roll over reinvestment.

Focusing on middle market company makes HGGC stand out among the private equity firms. The firm invests in high potential middle market companies which they believe they have a competitive position in the market. HGGC adds value to the prospective middle market firms to enable the firms to outperform the competition-intensive market. Besides, the firm utilizes a great partnership model with a relationship investing that drives equity and mutual benefit among all participants. The firm uses an advantaged investing models seeking to leverage on their skillset to develop strong multi-sector networks to build relationships and multi-sector networks that leads to alignment of interests and enhanced networks.

HGGC primarily focuses on investments in North America but also considers prospective companies beyond. The firm seeks to invest in business services, manufacturing, software, technology, chemicals, industrial facilities, financial services, and consumer products. The firm spends typically $25 – $125 million in companies with annual revenue of $100-$1000 million. The firm seeks to take either majority or minority positions in all partner companies but with control rights. The company’s management team has continually proved to possess excellent skills in selecting potentially growing mid-market companies. The team has decades of collective operational and deal experience with a unique talent that has helped the firm transform middle market businesses into business giants. Some of the best-performing companies in their portfolio include; RPX, AutoAlert, Mi9, Helpsystems, Denodo, Serena, IDERA, Aventri, Sunquest, Power Holdings, Hollander, and Neutraceutical to highlight just a few.


Shervin Pishevar highlights the plight of the Silicon Valley in a tweet storm

Shervin Pishevar has made significant contributions to the growth of the US economy by supporting the development of some of the greatest companies in the country. He was an early Uber-investor, a company that has grown into a Unicorn in less than a decade. He has also played a significant role in the growth of Virgin’s Hyperloop One. He believes that the idea behind Hyperloop will take us to the next generation of technology if investors support it.

Shervin Pishevarr is the immediate former managing director of Sherpa Capital and also a former head of Menlo Ventures. He specializes in venture capitalism, by looking for great startups and investing in them. He believes that every great idea deserves to be supported and therefore helps new entrepreneurs with great ideas to connect with investors who will support the growth of other ideas. Shervin Pishevar is the kind of investor who is not only interested in providing the financials but also offering advice on how to implement these ideas. This is the reason why his input in the growth of Uber is prominent. He did not only provide funds needed but also helped the founders to execute their plans.

In a tweet storm early last year, Shervin Pishevar made it clear that although the Silicon Valley has been a great source of leading global innovations, it is likely to lose in coming months due internal and external factors. He blamed the government for failure to enact a bill that would allow immigrants to find the space in the country, an initiative he attempted to establish, but the bill failed at the Congress. He believes that going into the future; the country will face a shortage of great ideas. Shervin Pishevar also blamed external factors whereby the idea of Silicon Valley has been implemented in other countries. Every country is trying to protect its talent by establishing innovations hubs that can rival the Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar also noted that the actions of five monopolies in the United States have stood in the way of other great ideas. These monopolies consist of the Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. They are buying every great idea coming out of Silicon Valley.