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The Steady Progression of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the Chief Executive Officer for The Custom Companies, Inc. His career covers a wide range of experience including logistics and transportation. In 1976, Perry Mandera embarked on his career and has been servicing Illinois and other parts of the country since. While in the Marines, Mandera gained experience dealing with transportation of troops and necessary supplies. Through this service he saw the important role that shipping services play on a global scale. While still a marine, Perry made up his mind that his career would be in the same industry because he had emotional relationships with his troops.

After his term ended in the Marines, he returned to life as a civilian and ran for office during 1984. As a result, Perry Mandera was elected Republican Committeeman for the 26th Ward of Chicago. This was a history-making moment as he was the youngest person in Chicago to ever serve on the committee. Through his line of the chosen work it is evident that Mandera has a soft spot in his heart for charitable efforts.

In addition to donating to charities, he also fundraises annually and is on the constant search for people to help. The level of humanitarianism he shows has made him a well respected person throughout his community. Bringing his ideas to life is a vital part of his everyday. To do this, Perry states that he has roundtable discussions with his executives to cook up concepts and execute visions.

The trend of advancing technology also is a key component in what he does. Mandera expresses that things become vintage and outdated fast, so it is vital to keep up with technology because it is indeed the future (Facebook).

Daily habits are the steppingstones to success is what Perry Mandera believes. He feels that doing things right the first time can alleviate energy towards fixing problems.

Follow up on Mandera´s philanthropic projects at https://www.insidephilanthropy.com/home/2018/3/25/meet-perry-mandera-an-intriguing-chicago-philanthropist-youll-definitely-want-to-know

Passionate Entreprenuer: Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna was born in India and his family members had ventured into entrepreneurial world while his father had joined the army. The main reason why he ventured into entrepreneurship is the passion that he had for entrepreneurship as well as the creativity and innovativeness that he possessed. Nitin Khanna went to the united states of America where he got his undergraduate degree as well as his masters in the field of industrial engineering and went ahead to have his PHD in robotics.

Nitin Khanna stared Saber Software company with his brother which was later used during election in the united states of America and also added to this software child care and DMV systems. He sold the company and ventured in investing to help the small companies grow. Having worked with many companies he says that the main role that he took part in as that he was involved in company’s vision development, the mission as well as the culture of the company.

Nitin Khanna says that for a business to grow tremendously the key issues that need to be focused on are the execution of activities swell as the focus of the company. Each company has a different vision and his main area in any company he works with is the execution which involves coming up with ways to curb the stiff competition from already established businesses. Nitin Khanna likes dealing with the cannabis business because of his ability of coming up with ideas that generally outdo their competitors.

Nitin Khanna has his own set of principles that he follows to make sure that the company he works with achieve the mission and vision. Nitin Khanna hires employees that are fit for the tasks and involves them in the company’s vision and its mission so that they are working together towards the same goal. His long term goal is to build a company that would last for years to come that even when he leaves MergerTech he still would have high hopes for the company to make it big in the world of business. Nitin Khanna advises the young entrepreneurs joining the cannabis industry that they need to effectively use their skills and their abilities to their full potential so as to be successful.

Read about Khanna’s contributions in the cannabis industry https://www.dialdish.com/nitin-khanna-benefits-of-cbd/

How Perry Mandera Is Helping Chicago’s Youth

Perry Mandera has been successful in his logistics and transport career, but he got off to quite a different start than many others in the industry. Straight out of high school, he joined the Marines and began working on transporting a large number of supplies and operational equipment. As it turns out, he had quite a knack for it, and he became well known as being efficient and accurate. Eventually, Perry Mandera was honorably discharged from the Marines and returned to civilian life.

Once back, he realized that he had a deep love for the logistics and transportation industry. Because of that, he founded his own company, The Custom Companies Inc. Mr. Mandera used his innovation and skills from the Marines to launch and grow the business, and it became successful by the time he was 25. However, he then became known for his charitable efforts and set up a division with his company to take care of its philanthropic efforts. Perry Mandera probably is best known for working with a variety of children’s charities across Chicago.

Over the past few years, he’s worked with the likes of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, where he’s an active board member. The charity runs a variety of programs and events dedicated to improving the quality of life for children across Chicago. Over time, Mr. Mandera not only donates financially but has actively given his time and other resources to ensure that a variety of non-profits create as much of an impact as possible. Aside from working with children’s charities, Perry Mandera is well known for working with charities that best reflect his values (Bing).

One of the biggest things that he’s drawn into his philanthropic efforts has been his faith, and as such he’s donated to a variety of Catholic charities over the past few years. Perry Mandera also works with charities that reflect other values that are important to him. Because of that, he’s helped a variety of non-profits. Some of these include the likes of the University of Chicago Medical Center, Catholic Charities USA, and the Lynn Sage Foundation. He’s also helping to fundraise for many of these charities.

Follow up for more information on Mandera´s charity projects at https://www.linkedin.com/in/perrymmandera

Ara Chackerian’s secrets to success

Ara Chackerian has many titles under his name, but he is most famous for his entrepreneurial ventures as well as philanthropic works. Ara is passionate about giving back to the community and has dedicated his time and skills to ensure the world is a safer and better place.

One of the recent projects Ara has worked on is the TMS. This is a Healthcare invention aimed at treating patients suffering from depression, Ara and his partners noticed using technology to treat depression would not only help to deal with severe depression but also help provide a different form of therapy besides talking therapy and medicines.


In addition, Ara also takes part in empowering the youths. He takes part in funding youths around his community. Ara believes empowering the youths is an integral part of the society and require to be supported in all possible ways.


Ara Chackerian has also taken part in conserving the environment, he Limonapa teak project, this project aims at planting trees in areas that were used for grazing. This projects will help to safeguard the environment and is also aimed at providing job opportunities for people living around the city. Check out about.me for more.



Some of the factors that have led to Ara Chackerian’s greatness.

Effectiveness, when a product provides value for the client’s money. More people are bound to appreciate and use the service, and this has been the case with Ara’s invention TMS.


Another attribute that has contributed to the success is the exceptional marketing skills of Ara Chackerian, a degree in marketing has helped him in his businesses since he understands some of the secrets to attracting more clients. Ara’s background in marketing has profoundly contributed to his success. In any business branding and marketing are some of the key things one needs to consider and Ara Chackerian has done just that. Check out angel.co for more.



Quality products, providing effective products. When it comes to business, the client is the final word. If the client see’s value in your product and feels safe while using the product your business will, in turn, pick up and attract more people.

Using life experience, when asked some of the ways he comes up with business ideas. Ara says referring back to some of his life experiences have been a great tool.


Click here: http://californiablog.org/content/exploring-tms-ara-chackerian-non-invasive-mental-health-treatment-targets-brain


What Sets Rick Smith Apart as a CEO

Rick Smith is different from other CEOs who have worked with Securus. Many of them were only focused on the profits and what they could do to make sure they were making money. They did not have the dedication that Rick Smith has and they certainly did not make the right moves like he has made in the past. Because of the things Rick Smith has done for the company, he is a much better CEO than others have had. In fact, he has been able to make the company better in the years that he has been running it than all the years before that. He knew what he needed to do and that’s what set him apart from others. Since Rick Smith knew what he could do, he felt confident there would be new ways for him to make the best decisions possible. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

As long as Rick Smith Securus was offering the people the things they needed in the prisons, he was confident he could give back to the jail administrators. While the kiosks and other options Rick Smith came up with may have looked like they were in place for the prisoners, they were actually there to make life easier for those who were doing their jobs in the prisons. The jobs were often thankless because of who they were working with, but Rick Smith was confident he could make things easier on everyone by offering the best opportunities for success in different areas of the prison.

Those administrators have recognized Rick Smith as one of the most important parts of the company. Even though he is in charge of it, he tries to always make sure he is giving the other employees the recognition they deserve. He also knows what he can do to help people so they don’t have to worry about the issues that are going on in the prisons. Rick Smith has always made sure he gives credit where it is due. Throughout his career, Rick Smith has tried to tell people what they can do and how he can help them with the options they deserve. Check this article at Bloomberg.com to know more about Rick Smith.

Even though there were some people who were not impressed with the idea of the kiosks, most did not realize they were actually going to help the administrators. For Rick Smith, this was a part of his company that he had to push to make happen. He just wanted to see the different opportunities people had and he wanted to make them work for the prisoners. With the help of the kiosks, guards would be able to do their jobs more effectively instead of having to worry about doing trivial things to give the prisoners what they were looking for.

Know more: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/SECURUS-Technologies-Reviews-E40390.htm


Daniel Mark Harrison’s Success Story

Daniel Mark Harrison is a change to reckon within the cryptocurrency and general business industry across the globe. Harrison holds a BA in Theology from Oxford University and a Master`s Degree In business Administration at the BI Norwegian Business school. He has also crowned his academic journey with a Masters in Journalism from the New York University. Since October 2015, Harrison has held the position as Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., LTD which has offices Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok and is the Company`s primary shareholder. The firm is not only involved in the management of his assets but also those of his family members.

In addition to his responsibilities, Harrison is a managing partner at Monkey Capital Fintech, a blockchain funding firm with interests in blockchain systems and SpaceX supplies. The company broke the waves in the world of cryptocurrencies for being the pioneer ICO to successfully sell pre-ICOs. The company attributes its success to its top-notch management, quality operations, and fruitful projects.

Monkey Capital has received significant recognition for being successful in the world of currencies. A good example being the 6-star rating from Chris Waltzek, a US-based financial journalist. The distribution of COEVAL tokens is the latest innovation by the company. The move helps people owning the tokens to purchase MNYs in auctions at a subsidized price.

More to business, Harrison is a renowned author and journalist. Among his publications includes. The strange metamorphosis of facts and fictions that blends of real journalism and fiction. Daniel is also known to be a frequenter in international finance channels such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN. He has also featured in Forbes, Walls streets, Daily Dot, and street.com.

Harrison is a writer at CoinSpeaker where he assists the site`s editorial team. Some of his notable articles include the ending of coins desk proxy index, a story that prompted the suspension a known Chinese exchanges from the index. His interest in financial journalism has seen him volunteer for upcoming sites which have since made substantial landmarks in terms followers. Some of them include Motley fool, an Asian emerging markets, and BNET.com.

The Applicability of Crucial Management Skills by Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian based businessman. He has been in the top management arena for various companies in the past. Some of the companies that he has led include the United Technologies Corporation where he was the Chief Executive Officer. He is also the former president of the Pratt and Whitney in Canada.

Louis Chenevert attended University of Montreal affiliate college, the HEC Montreal. He holds a bachelor’s degree in production management, as well as an honorary doctorate from the same college. In the year 2011, he was named the person of the year by the US aviation magazine. All this was per the concrete and substantial achievements that he has achieved for the airline industry.

One of the major accomplishments that Louis Chenevert boasts of is how he managed to turn around the UTC Company. During his reign as the CEO, the firm was able to focus on the majority interests of the clients, shareholders and all the stakeholders. By achieving these tasks, the business was able to become profitable, gain a positive cash flow and earn a huge return on the investment.

One of the main challenges that Louis Chenevert faced was the economic recession and decline during the postwar period in the United States. On average, the GDP in the manufacturing sector had gone down by more than 50 percent.

Despite these challenges, some few production companies were able to survive the ordeal. The primary challenge was stifling regulations, indifferent pop cultures, and stiff competition from rival foreign companies. One of such firms was the UTC, an industrial conglomerate at that time with over $63 billion. The UTC headquarters are located in Hartford, Connecticut. One of the main impressive feats of Chenevert’s was because, despite all the shortcomings, the business was able to withstand all the challenges.

Over the years, UTC has been responsible for the manufacture and assembly of various jet engines and other aircrafts. Most of these jets are used by different defense forces across the world. The company also ventured in the manufacture and sale of commercial jets in the United States. up to date, UTC is the leading manufacturer of helicopters in the US.

Why the National Steel Car has remained top among the North America’s firms

The leadership of any great and reputable company determines much. The ideas, innovations and decision making of the CEO of the enterprise carries much weight. Do you ever think of what makes great leaders? In the event of searching for such answers, one lands on stories of successful leaders. An example of such stories is Mr. Gregory Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of National Steel Company.

National Steel Company is a North America based firm that manufactures railcars and railroad freight cars. With over one century of experience and participation in the manufacturing business, the company has settled at the top of the manufacturer’s list in the industry. Since its establishment in 1912, the company has been producing freight cars that meet and exceed the requirements of the clients. The evolution their manufacturing style makes the company to maintain the satisfaction of the customers.

To National Steel Car, several factors contribute to their success. One of these factors is the presence of Gregory J. Aziz. The leader makes sure that the company continues to maintain high levels of achievement amongst the other companies. His ability to make the significant number of employees to focus on quality is amazing. With approximately 2000 employees, the company’s Chief Executive Officer can coordinate and get the best results from the workers. See This Page.

The confidence and trust that the leader builds in his customers are important. Every client that acquires the product can come back. The consistency and loyalty of the clients make the company gain high levels of profits every financial year. The engineering products of National Steel Company makes the company receive annual TTX SECO award consistently. The skills and strength of this great leader can be emulated by other CEO and leaders that want to achieve high levels of success.

In his words, Gregory James Aziz has been steering the corporation to greater heights of success. The investment and inspiration that the company has been making in the employees give the company a great power to move forward. The CEO displays immense pride in the company’s works and products. Mr. Aziz’s spirit and inspiration are passed down to the workers and employees of the enterprise. This provides the necessary energy and passion for doing what they do. Gregory serves as one of the best examples that the leaders can emulate in the business world.


Source: https://www.steelcar.com/


How Gregory Aziz Resurrected National Steel Car.

Gregory James Aziz, who prefers the informal Greg Aziz, is CEO and Chairman of the Board at National Steel Car, one of the leading producers of railroad freight cars in the world. Whether he is clad in a formal jacket and tie or an open-collar shirt, Gregory J. Aziz cuts an impressive figure.


Aziz, originally from London, Ontario, graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1971 with a degree in economics. After school, he joined his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. With his help, Affiliated Foods grew to import fresh foods from Europe and the Americas and maintain distribution points in both Canada and the United States.


In the 1980s and 90s, Aziz worked in investment banking where he was able to arrange the purchase of National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario from the steel producer ArcelorMittal Dofasco. Aziz dreamed of returning National Steel Car, founded in 1912, to its former glory.


With significant financial investment, National Steel Car expanded engineering capability and extensively increased its manufacturing ability. At the time of its sale, National Steel Car was producing about 3,500 rail cars per year. By 1999, it was producing over 12,000 cars per year. During this same period, employment rose five-fold, from 600 employees to almost 3,000.


Aziz has been single minded in his quest for manufacturing quality and innovation. Today, National Steel Car is an industry leader in the research and manufacture of high quality railroad freight cars. Through its quality control, research and innovation, National Steel Car builds rail cars to meet the needs of a changing industry. For them, customer loyalty is vital.


National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car manufacturer certified ISO 9001:2008, and has been recertified for the past 18 years.


Aziz says that the one thing that sets National Steel Car apart is the devotion and dedication of its employees. He is as devoted to his people as they are to him. According to Greg Aziz, he does not have employers, he has team member. Aziz also makes sure that National Steel Car is a good corporate citizen. Not only do they donate to several local charities, but at Christmas the employees and their families support the local food banks.  Click Here for additional information.


Greg Aziz started with a dream. Today, that dream has come true.


See: http://ca.viadeo.com/en/profile/greg.aziz

The Dream and Achievements of Gregory Aziz

Industry in its different form and size goes through ups and downs. It managed to get out of the economic troubles and is on the rise again. Nothing shows it more than National Steel Car, the biggest factory for rolling stock and train cars. This company lives through some of the most troubling times in the human history and is still on top of things.


Humble Beginnings


At the wheel steering, this business ship is Gregory James Aziz, a Canadian businessman and executive. Born and raised in London, Ontario, Greg Aziz graduated high school and attended college in Ridley. His career development started in University of Western Ontario where Gregory J Aziz studied economics.


After graduation, Greg James Aziz didn’t jump the gun but joined his family business working in wholesale foods. He spent the next sixteen years helping this company grow and expand to become one of the largest wholesale importers of fresh foods. Now the Affiliate Foods import different foods from Europe and the Americas.


He left the business to work in banking and moved to New York before organizing the purchase of National Steel Car from their owners at the time. In 1994 the sale went through, and Greg Aziz set out to improve, invest and grow the company. His leadership talent and skills gained while working in banking helped as well.


Now National Steel Car shows their teamwork capabilities between various departments within the company. They have grown from six hundred to almost 3000 employees. The production numbers have also shot up. When Aziz started work at NSC, the output was capable of 3500 cars annually, and now they make 12 000. Learn More.


Leadership and Growth


The combination of real leadership, business smarts and human connection allowed the company to reach the top. The company is among top 3 manufacturers in Canada and are not showing any signs of stopping.


Gregory Aziz leads by example. He understands the business environment and is not afraid to take risks with investments. Creating personal human relationships between employees and the CEO is also a pride thing. Aziz wants to leave a legacy young people could follow in the future. He knows the value of education and the meaning of knowledge, so he encourages people to find out more about the company than just their job.



National Steel Car is recognized among peers and other industry professionals because of their approach and their business smarts. The company invests in modern technology and innovation because they know it will help the business grow.


View Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=39124620&privcapId=35787198