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Alastair Borthwick: A journeyman writer with a love for Scotland

When you stop and really read the works of Alastair Borthwick you realize that Borthwick captured the heart and soul of Scotland. Borthwick was a very prolific writer who wrote about Scotland’s common folk. He understood all too well their daily struggles. His best work, however, was his depiction of the Scottish soldier. His descriptions were very accurate because he had served in WWII as part of the 51st Highland Division’s 5th Seaforth Highlanders.

Borthwick had a great love for the outdoors. His first book, “Always a Little Further”captures the beauty of the Scottish highlands. Humorous tales and antidotes make for an interesting read about a time long past. This classic does an accurate telling of the tough times that the commoner went through in the early twentieth century. The book came out originally in 1939 and have never been out of print.

Borthwick is best known as a television and radio broadcaster who reported on subjects as diverse as Joseph McCarthy to Bonnie Prince Charles. Borthwick liked to consider the ramifications of social change in his writings. His writing encouraged movements to take action but have also created a great love for his beloved Scotland.

His work included a Scottish survey that told a look at the toll WWII took on Scotland focusing on its assets and liabilities. Borthwick’s routine of writing in the morning and fishing in the afternoon gave him the balance he needed to complete his television and radio assignments. Borthwick thrived with the challenges of creating interesting subjects to present to Scottish audiences. He became a Scottish icon because of his passion for his beloved Scotland.

Borthwick’s second book, Sans Peur, also known as Battalion when it was re-published in 1994 is the most memorable of the two books he wrote. It was his accurate descriptions of the life of an infantryman that made the difference. Borthwick had a way with words that hasn’t been matched. It is that dedication to the subject at hand that made him special.



How Clay Hutson Developed A Fantastic Reputation In The Rock N’ Roll Industry

Clay Hutson was working for a live performance production firm in 2009 when the recession just about caused it to go under. By that point he had developed all of the marketable skills he needed to start his own business helping musicians hold concerts and so he went into business for himself. Since that time he has worked with some of the biggest musical acts around including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses.

Part of his job requires Clay Hutson to come up with new concepts in regards to lighting, set design, and audio. He says that he has been around the industry long enough to know what ideas will work and which ones are completely unrealistic. His job also involves a lot of CAD work. He says that it is his job to use a CAD software package to work with a venue’s dimensions. The reason why he does this is that they might want to use some new innovative piece of equipment but if it won’t fit in through the performance venue’s doors than it would be completely useless.

One of the habits he credits with getting a great reputation in the music industry is his attention to detail. He repeatedly checks his work both before and during a concert so that neither safety or the quality of the show is negatively impacted. Clay Hutson says that if he were to ever make a serious error his reputation could be ruined for the rest of his life. He says his professionalism means that he fully prepares for each event on a concert tour and always makes sure that the equipment is placed and organized in a reasonable fashion.

Like just about every industry there has been a lot of new technology introduced into the music industry in recent years. Clay Hutson says that the lighting, in particular, has become much better lately. One thing he is over, though, is giant video walls. While they serve a practical purpose they just aren’t very exciting anymore. He really likes musicians like Lady Gaga who will try new things to dazzle fans such as acrobatics.