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Diversant Principal John Goullet

Diversant is a leading technology staffing firm that has provided both companies and technology professionals with the assistance they need. For companies, Diversant is able to find and refer qualified information technology professionals that will be a good fit for their technology departments. As well as serving the needs of companies, Diversant also helps a number of technology professionals seek the ideal employment opportunity to advance their career goals. What has made Diversant a distinguished technology staffing firm is its core values of teamwork, discipline and diversity. With these core values, Diversant has been able to use a philosophy that gets results and meets the needs of various companies and technology professionals.

Like all other companies, Diversant has leadership that provides it with the direction it needs to reach its goals. The individual who currently leads Diversant is its principal John Goullet. John has worked in the technology industry for over two decades and therefore has a considerable amount of expertise. He is very aware of what companies need in order to operate their technology departments. Goullet is also aware of what technology professionals need in order to get jobs in technology. As a result, John provides a lot of feedback and insight to his staff on what to look for in both the hiring needs of companies and the technology professionals who are looking for employment.

Before John Goullet was the principal of Diversant, he spent a number of years working for a number of computing companies. He served as a consultant in which he would provide feedback and advice to his employers on various technology sources. He would regularly manage the technology resources of the firms he worked at as well. However, Goullet began to realize that there was an increasing demand for technology professionals. As a result, John came up with the idea to start up a staffing firm that helped companies look for and hire top technology talent. His firm was very successful and he would eventually merge it with Diversant. John Goullet would then become an integral part of Diversant in terms of managing the firm and setting its goals.

Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Helps Home Buyers

Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC has joined forces to make Baltimore a better city. The former CEO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is creating affordable homes through the city’s first-time home buyer program.

When Seawright founded the joint partnership RPS Solutions, his vision was to strengthen the community of Baltimore and help move home ownership rate above the current 48.9% level. “Improving the livelihood of residents in the Belvedere square area is a good move in the right direction,” said Seawright to LocalTalkNews.

Stability is filling Baltimore neighborhoods. With each home built, the city is getting closer to its goal of reaching new ownership rates. Home ownership leads to good things like economic stability and vibrant communities with a lower crime rate, according to Seawright on Twitter.

RPS Solutions is a full-service company that helps home-seeking residents secure loans and manage assets. They also assist in the building of homes and remodeling when needed. Seawright and RPS is helping the community flourish and making dreams come true.

Kevin Seawright is the owner and creator of RPS Solutions LLC. He has served the Baltimore community in a number of capacities for over 15 years. Seawright worked on both the state and federal level. He served as CFO for Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. He also worked for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and the Department of Housing and Community Development.

Seawright installed an accounting program that saved the city nearly $100,000. Seawright credits his stint with Tito Contractors in Washington D.C. for giving him more insight on the housing industry.

He is a member of several local boards and also devotes a great deal of time to services for youths and the homeless.

2016 Stock Outlook

While the 2015 stock market started and ended on a flat note, 2016 may bring a silver lining. While 2015 started slow, it picked up some speed in the first half due to good fundamentals and optimism. But in true fashion, concern began to build and by August the market shifted and caused a mini crash as optimism faded. This brought growth concerns and skepticism as stocks dropped. The uncertainty continued and the year ended on a flat note. Fear quickly shifted to worry about the low price of oil, and then it grew as big names in the financial industry speculated that the price could continue to fall. The new year brought more of the same, and most investors are settling for outlooks built on trend extension and conservative optimism. But that very thing could be what boosts the market in 2016.

The market now sits in a position to produce some positive surprises this year. When investors stay worried there is often a better chance of good gains. When stocks seem risky or weak it isn’t always the top choice to buy. However, if the market can produce a few surprisingly positive results, this will create a shift in attitudes and that in turn will improve the market overall causing successful growth companies to be in high demand. Basically, this year will be the year to grab stocks in leading growth companies.
James Dondero, co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, is a player in the financial market that everyone should keep their eye on. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in credit and equity markets and specializes in focusing on high-yield and distressed investing which is what this year is going to be all about. Jim currently oversees investment strategies and operations in both retail and institutional products for Highland Capital and he is sure to have his eye on these stocks that are sure to show growth. Watch him and the rest of the Highland Capital team ring the NYSE Closing Bell here.
Jim has also helped create Protective Life which produced over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. He was both a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express as well as a career analyst for Morgan Guaranty. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with high honors as well as the McIntire School of Commerce where he focused on dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He received his Certified Management Accountant degree as well as Chartered Financial Analyst.

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New Brunswick Expected To Experience Growth With Boraie Development

New Jersey remains one of the nation’s most important states. People flock here for many reasons including the opportunity to attend the state’s many important institutions of higher education. There are many places where it is possible to find great housing and access to the state’s many great colleges. One such is New Brunswick. This centrally located New Jersey town has seen many economic upturns and many economic problems. In recent years, investors and those in search of an education at nearby Rutgers and Princeton have found that living here is ideal for their need to access the area and enjoy nice housing at the same time.

As a recent article in the New Jersey Spotlight points out, the entire town of New Brunswick has seen a great deal of growth as developers have realized they can assist those living here by providing them with great potential housing options. Developers at Boraie are planning to open up a new housing development that will enable their clients to be able to enjoy access to a brand new housing complex that allows them to enjoy start of the art facilities and updated housing with many modern amenities of all kinds that are right for anyone of any background.

The entire area has experienced a great deal of tremendous growth as Rutgers has increasingly been gaining respect both locally and nationally. Those in search of a good education have flocked here as they realize that attending Rutgers is not only easy on their purse but also provides them with a good education at the same time. Developers at Boraie understand this need and have responded with the right housing in turn. They are planning to open a brand new development in the are designed for the needs of today’s demanding and attentive consumer.

Boraie Development is a leading New Jersey development company that is devoted to providing customers access to high quality spaces that are just right for their needs. Officials here know the New Jersey housing market and understand what customers are looking for when they are searching for apartments of any kind here. The company is also fully aware of the need to provide the right kind of apartments so that residents of this state may fully enjoy all that the region has to offer residents. In doing so, they have earned many kudos from officials and from those who rent from them.

Europe and Venture Capital Create a Business Connection

Investors and Startups in Europe

Venture investors have discovered an attraction to invest in startups in Europe. Previously the venture-capital industry has placed money on markets that are in the United States. It is now Europe’s turn to have money lavished their way. The full article can be viewed here. The sudden interest in this region has flourished even though this area is not known for innovation that has proven to be game-changing in any way. The investors have found that it is cheaper to acquire and invest in startups in Europe. Investors and Europe are creating an intriguing business connection.

Experience and Highland Capital
Highland Capital and James Dondero, the co-founder and President of this alternative credit management organization, provide experience in every way. Jim and this company date back to January, 1990. Mark Okada and Mr. Dondero had developed and formed a joint venture. This venture was with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. This had completely evolved into a Protective Asset Management Company. They experienced much growth in May of the year 1997. Expansion continued with product lines by the entry of mutual fund business. They have a global footprint with their expansion in Singapore in 2008. This footprint led them to Seoul in the year 2011. Experience and leadership play a large role in Highland Capital Management.

President James Dondero
This President and Co-Founder is known by many as Jim. He had co-founded Highland Capital Management in the year 1993. He plays a vital role within this company. He holds the responsibility for deciding the execution of firm’s strategic and operational initiatives. He will ensure the execution. This is a highly credible President who has a remarkable history.

Credit Markets and Jim
Mr. Dondero has well over 30 years in the credit markets. He is an individual who comes with experience. He has worked in various areas. This includes the following:
* mortgage-backed securities
* investment grade corporates
* high-yield bonds
* leveraged bank loans
* emerging market debt
* common stocks and preferred stocks
He has also managed around one billion dollars in fixed income funds. This was for American Express.

Highland Scoring High in Healthcare

A recent PR Newswire article proves that hard work and diligence pays off in spades. Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management won accolades and recognition by scoring a HFM Hedge Fund Performance Award. This is in no small part to the company’s leadership which includes Michael Gregory and James Dondero. Winning an award in the “40 Act Fund’ category is yet another mark on Highland’s long list of achievements.

Outperforming peers in hedge fund analytics Highland Capital Management scored high by judges based on data based on one, three, and five year terms. Keeping 3 billion dollars in healthcare assets the category is a large priority for Highland. This sector of Highland is managed by Michael Gregory who overs sees near a dozen health sector specialists it is of little surprise that Highland was able gain recognition with its Long/Short Healthcare fund. The PR article, found here, quotes Jim Dondero in praising both Highland’s Healthcare division and Michael Gregory’s expertise.
James Dondero has established himself in the business world as a leader and innovator. Jim is a businessman who manages over 21 billion dollars in assets. Founding Highland Capital Management in 1993 is only one milestone for Jim in long list of achievements.
Graduating from the University of Virginia began Jim’s 30 year career. Prior to Higland, Dondero managed Protective Life’s 2 billion dollars in assets. In addition to Highland Capital Management Jim also serves on several different boards, including MGM Studios. A true entrepreneur of the business world, he was also an early adopter of the Collateralized Loan Obligation system.
HFM recognized James Dondero’s leadership and Michael Gregory’s health sector knowledge by awarding Highland Capital Management the Long/Short Healthcare Award. Judging the company through a number of perquisites Highland scored an award in the category. Once more Highland remains on track for being a recognizable leader in a number of business ventures.

Square, Minas Gerais Is Inaugurated To Honor Marcio Alaor

The most anticipated time came to respect and recognize the efforts of Marcio Alaor for what he had achieved. All that happened amid the 33rd rural show that in like manner saw the starting of Alaor Marcio Araujo, sustenance court. It was a great honor to an individual who served his group and had its affirmation by ensuring the square bears his name. Regardless, it was not simply to make visionary businessman Marcio Alaor win a tribute in aiding the City. Even more, a plate was also made, commending the purposes of his tasks and that cleared up the adoration for everyone and how they acknowledged everything the specialist had done.

As highly awaited, nearly everyone was present to witness the person who touched the lives of many despite having big dreams for their City and future. While the presentation happened, administrators and neighborhood pioneers gave the essentialness of that event, and to see the attempts that the businessman did for Santo Antonio, his home place. On the occasion of this happy presentation, Mr. Luís Antônio Resende communicated the appreciation toward Marcio Alaor, while making everything known that he was grateful for his country people together with the individuals who work within the Exhibition Center. In his talk, Luis Antonio focused on the character of Marcio Alaor and the way he did not disregard the city’s issues, and that was not done in kind for political favors.

Wilmar Son was available at the time of opening the sustenance court moreover talked about the embodiment the visionary Marcio did for Santo Antonio. He additionally highlighted changing the place that was already a grain stockroom for improved area that would be enhanced into a sustenance court. The time when Marcio came to address the occupants, the VP of BMG Bank focused on his past deeds and future in highlighting a bit of his past experiences including his tribute impressions.

While highlighting a touch of his history especially the way he worked in shoe shining job when he was a kid, Marcio reminded people that he was not simply worried about the cash issues, but he is the kind of an individual who appreciates and respects his community and ensure any necessary help at whatever fundamental time. Then again, utilizing his words, Marcio showed appreciation upon his family and accepted the honor to have the tribute in his lifetime. He added that such tributes typically happen to the people who left this world. Feeling extraordinarily advantaged to this differential event, Marcio rushed to discuss Santo Antonio and how the way the official is interested in changing the City whenever crucial. Marcio Alaor emphasized that his life is not all about powers but also esteeming awesome kinships is critical not to lose our very own embodiment.

Status Labs: Your Best Choice For Online Reputation Management

Are you worried about your credibility online or your online reputation? Looking for a reliable Online Reputation Management service provider who can ensure that your reputation is well maintained?

Status Labs has been providing Reputation Management services for many years, and has removed negative information and provided reputation enhancing services for numerous clients. Status Labs believes in being honest and upfront about their abilities and the prices for their services. They will tell you what they can do for your reputation, how much they charge, and how long it takes to complete the task and they expect to be paid for their services.

Your reputation has a huge impact on your credibility and business image and it can be damaged easily. Your online reputation is very fragile and can be destroyed or tarnished in an instant and your competitors amplify it. It is imperative to be sure your reputation is well protected, and repaired if you encounter any complaints or negative reviews.

Status Labs utilizes sophisticated techniques to maximize effectiveness for each Inoculation campaign, increasing the impact and creating results that last. They offer unsurpassed quality of service and affordable pricing, and they achieve unrivaled results. Their solution works perfectly to get you the results you desire and deserve, and it’s built to last. They combine deep monitoring with fast response to prevent prevent derogatory reviews from showing up on search engine results.

All individuals, including politicians, lawyers, doctors and government officials, as well as business organizations, especially need to have a good reputation. Having a good reputation will enable them to work in their specific professions without having to be concerned or worry about how the public perceives them or their business. With their online reputations damaged, they will lose the trust of the public or the community they serve and this can have adverse effect on their business, resulting in loss of revenue or other unfortunate consequences.

Status Labs understands the importance of establishing or having a good reputation, what you will lose if your reputation is destroyed and what will occur if not protected. Status Labs believes that being proactive is the best way to maintain a good reputation and a successful brand. Contact Status Labs right away to learn more about their Online Reputation Management service so you can protect yourself and your business from online attack.

Precious Metal Expertise and Distribution In The U.S

When market veterans and experts in the U.S realized a need to combine high end knowledge about markets, high-quality customer services and develop a certain level of trusted guidance when purchasing or acquiring of precious metals, the U.S Money Reserve was formed. It prides itself as a highly trusted distributors of U.S government precious metals and stones like gold and silver not forgetting that it’s the world’s largest precious metal distributor. The head of the U.S money Reserve is headed Philip N. Diehl, a former U.S Mint Director. With its reputation, it has had the pleasure of working with many clients all over the U.S and the world at large who realize financial advantages of owning one or two precious metals.

Over the years, the U.S Money Reserve has continued to offer exceptional and unique gold, platinum and silver coins that are issued by the U.S government. Clients who have put their trust the abilities of the U.S Money Reserve helping them to choose high value achieving coins are achieving great profits today. This is made possible by having a highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals who include Industry Leading Numismatic Expert, Customer Relations Experts, Senior Gold specialists and experts, Vault and shipping Experts, Inventory Keeping Experts, Business Support Experts and Coins Research Professionals.

Among the precious metals and coins that are distributed by the U.S money Reserve include the Augustus Saint designed world’s most popular classic gold coin- the OZ Gold American Eagle that is backed by the government because of its purity, weight and gold content. Another coin is the James Earle buffalo nickel design which is also backed by the U.S government for gold purity, content, and weight. The major 1 OZ Silver American Eagle also tops the list. The U.S Government backs it because of its weight, silver content and a 99.9 % purity level. There is also the 24 Karat Maple Leaf Gold coin that is popular the world over due to its 9.999 % content of pure gold. The Royal Canadian Mint produced coin meets high market standards and requirements. The world’s first gold bullion called South African Krugerrand is also available for distribution. To summarize the long list of some of the precious coins is the 1/10 OZ American Eagle gold coin that features some classic designs by Augustus Saint and is produced by the U.S Mint.
Customers can place online orders of the above precious coins among others.

Why Consider Utilizing The Services Of The US Money Reserve

The price of gold and silver is continually going up in value because of the fact that paper money is slowly losing its overall value. When you begin to think of this and the fact that you might not have invested in gold or silver coins or bullion yet, you may realize why the US Money Reserve is as popular as it is. The US Money Reserve has been established for many decades now and has worked with all types of individuals and businesses to help people invest in a better form of currency.

Because of the fact that gold and silver value is going up, many people are trading their own money for coins and bullion as a way of investing in their future. The US Money Reserve is able to do this for people easily and quickly. One of the other key factors of the US Money Reserve is that they are the most trustworthy source when it comes to trading currencies and money for metals. You will always get real gold and silver whenever you make a transaction with the US Money Reserve and the metals that you receive will have a guarantee on them that lasts an entire lifetime.

Many people are now realizing the overall value of gold and silver when compared to their cash money. While this isn’t to say that cash money has lost all of its value, the value of it is not going up like gold and silver does every single day. What you pay for gold and silver today is not going to be what it is worth in the future because the values continually go up, allowing you to know that you have made a wise investment decision that will benefit your future.

The US Money Reserve is there to help you buy gold and silver with cash dollars. The gold and silver has a guarantee unlike any other site or company that you might find out there. Instead of choosing a riskier way of buying your precious metals, it is oftentimes better to go with the US Money Reserve because of their history, knowledge of metal value and the fact that they put guarantees on all of their transactions. You can even visit the US Money Reserve website to learn more about their company and the process of buying both gold and silver coins or bullion that will then continue to rise in value over the years.