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Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg: Online Fashionistas


It is unpredictable who is going to take an interest in fashion. For one thing, people tend to think nothing of fashion until that one day when they get a glimpse of what it could do. Some would say that they have always been fascinated by fashion, it is just that they have not had the time to think about it. Whatever the case is, one thing is certain, people react in different ways to their sudden interest in fashion. Some people start buying a ton of clothes in order to put together their own style. Then there are those that take the time to form a business around fashion.


As the LA Times writes, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are those that have taken the time to run a business based on fashion. This is one of the best choices they ever made for their career. However, when it comes to fashion, one of the most important things to do is start where the marketing is easier. Both Adam and Don have found that women’s fashion is a lot easier to market in the world of fashion because of the different designs that are available to women. Also, women are more likely to be into fashion than men.


Adam and Don have set out to make stores that cater to women. One of the first places they have started in fashion is footwear. They have taken the time to bring forth all of the different styles of footwear to women. Women got to enjoy a lot of the latest deals in shoes. They eventually have moved into accessories. Then they started selling full outfits. They have then branched out into different markets which include the athletic market. Afterwards, they have added men to their set of customers because they have realized that men can be interested in fashion too.


One thing about fashion is that it is the fastest way for people to feel better about themselves. All people often need is an upgrade to their closet. They can find some of the best button ups. However, there are also some really great looking alternative styles that women could discover for their closet.

Kyle Bass: Where Does He Draw the Ethical Line


Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager and the founder of Hayman Capitals Management; L.P. He is the principal of the Dallas-based firm which primary focus is global event-driven opportunities. Kyle Bass successfully predicted a bet against the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. He had bought the subprime securities credit defaults swaps and after the real estate bubble had burst he made a 212% return on the bet. Bass has also made other bets in recent times including the Japan, China, and the European sovereign debt. Without a doubt, he has had success in predicting subprime mortgages but has also had plenty of criticism for poor performance in some of his investments.



Many people who understand the financial world will tell you that Kyle Bass has lost his magic touch. Many believe that Bass is making bad call after bad call. He does seem to like being in the public eye as he is always doing interviews on different televisions. In the case of Argentina, every financial expert will tell you that Cristina Fernandez is economically illiterate. The country’s economy has suffered a lot from her bad decisions. This, however, did not stop Kyle Bass from making friends with Cristina. Worse he never stopped praising the woman despite leading her country to default on the sovereign debt for the second time.



Ethically, Kyle Bass has lapsed several times not just in the case of Argentina. At one point he blamed the victims of the GM cars that had non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering just to protect his investments on General Motors. Bass also targeted some pharmaceutical firms and challenged their patents to make their stocks go down and in turn made millions.



The recent oil Glut of crude oil has seen Bass go through the worst streak since he founded Hayman Capital. Mr. Bass in 2015 begun buying oil shares after it was reported by investor T. Boone Pickens that the country would be able to handle the oil glut. The energy prices in the recent days have dropped immensely, and Bass is suffering. Hayman mini fund in 2016 fell by about 7%. Consequently, the company will be ending another year in losses.

Forefront Capital CEO Talks Investment Problems

‘Money Monster’ released into theaters at a timely moment: during an economic crisis that still effects many people. ‘Money Monster’ follows a Wall Street advising talk show host, played by George Clooney, as he is taken hostage by a disparate and disgruntled investor who lost it all following Gates advice. What follows is a long look into how the investment world has left the ‘little guy’ behind. Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler took time to address some of the recurring problems in investing thanks to how they were highlighted by the film.

There are three core components that make up the disparity between small time investors and the so called ‘accredited investors’. First off, the SEC has defined an accredited investor as someone who has a net worth of at least $1 million, excluding any real estate investments. The majority of people you know likely don’t fit into this slice of the pie. As a result accredited investors are given priority in many ways in the investment world, something Reifler wanted to point out.

To start off his list of issues with Wall Street Reifler pointed out just how badly fees have gotten in the financial world. Wall Street brokers will charge their fee against non accredited investors no matter how much money the brokerage firm has lost or gained. This means that no matter what the brokers get richer.

Next up, Reifler points out how many doors are closed to the non accredited investor. Accredited investors are able to take on less risky, higher earning investments thanks to a government that caters to them. As a result the lower class of investor is put on a tougher road to the top despite the fact that the road was already tougher. This points out Reifler’s third complaint: the inherent risk of the stock market. Non accredited investors are forced to rely on the risky stock market to make waves. A risk that most can’t weather.

Reifler has been using his company, Forefront Capital, to try and change the way investments are made at the lower end. He’s making several innovative choices to help out the ‘99%’ of investors out there that don’t get the SEC accredited label.  Read about what Brad has accomplished with his company on About.me.

Duda Melzer Completes His Journey To Becoming The Leader Of RBS Group

In 1957, Mauricio Sirotsky laid the foundation for one of the best known media companies in Brazil when he established the RBS Group; by 2016, the RBS Group has grown to take in around 18 TV affiliates, two radio stations, and a number of news outlets. The Sirotsky family have managed to maintain their control of the RBS Group in an age when it is common for media companies to become part of even larger global corporations. 2016 saw the third generation of the Sirotsky family take control of the company when Nelson Sirotsky handed over the role of Executive President to his nephew Duda Melzer.

Maintaining the link to the Sirotsky family is obviously an aspect of the RBS Group that remains important to all those involved in both this well known family and the company itself. The ceremony to handover the leadership of the company to Duda Melzer was broadcast live to over 6,000 employees and included an emotional speech by the new Executive President of RBS Group. In the speech Melzer explained the debt he owed his grandfather and founder of the RBS group, Mauricio Sirotsky.

The influence of Mauricio Sirotsky on the life of Duda Melzer cannot be underestimated as Duda Melzer has always looked to lead his own life and find his own path through the business world. Much like Mauricio Sirotsky did when he established the RBS Group at a time when the media was in its early years, Duda Melzer has looked to become an expert in the latest technologies that can be used to develop the RBS Group as a leading media company for the future.


Duda Melzer: A President and Man on a Mission

The name of Duda Melzer is well known within the business world, but he is also considered to be the ongoing backbone of his strong family-owned company as well.

Mr. Melzer’s formal name is Eduardo, but he prefers to be known as Duda to demonstrate his ready relationship and availability to others. His affable nature belies his strong business presence, however. He currently functions in capacity as the president of RBS Group. His prior experiences included a stint as consultant in Booz Allen and Hamilton Consultancy and Sweet Sweet Way, with the latter operating as its own franchise. As a graduate of Harvard, Duda Melzer is keenly aware of the challenges facing businesses today in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. He has sought to streamline operations at the RBS Group and has helped to build it into a new and evolving company, and has stated that the challenges faced by companies today will require firms that can readily adapt and advance. In his spare time, Mr. Melzer also enjoys sports, and has said that he has been known to plan his schedule around some events! As such, Duda Melzer is a man who has little spare time, and who is on fire with his upcoming prospects and cultivating clients both past and future!

Keith Mann Help Fundraiser For Uncommon Schools

Uncommon Schools comprises of a network of 42 charter public schools in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. The schools are managed by a Home Office that is based in New York. They offer an extensive range support of management including coaching and managing school leaders, staff recruitment, professional development, fundraising and more. All these activities are done to ensure that the schools in Boston, Newark, Camden, Rochester, New York City, and Troy are able to concentrate on teaching and learning. Uncommon Schools establishes and manages public charter schools to help reduce education gap and ensure low-income students get to graduate from college.

A fundraising that was recently held by Keith Mann in collaboration with his organization DSP and other members of the financial community managed to raise over $22,000. The funds were meant to help Uncommon Schools sponsor the students testing. The fundraising event was held in Standard Hotel Beer Garden.

Uncommon Schools goals are close to Keith Mann passion of supporting education. This has been significant in promoting a healthy working relationship between Mann and the organization. Mann works together with Uncommon Schools and is important to him as poor students get the opportunity to go to college.

Dynamic Search Partners has worked with Uncommon Schools since 2013. They both have given students a continuous platform that helps student acquire tactical and practical skills that will be useful to the after college life.

Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners and also the co-founder of the firm. The firm specializes in hedge fund and alternative investments. They chiefly provide executive search services and alternative staffing needs for major equity funds.

Keith has over ten years of experience in the industry. Mann’s work in the firm has helped built a network of industry professions with experts across all fields. Dynamic Search Partners has the most prestigious hedge funds and private equity as their partners. They have a remarkable ability that has to enable them to link businesses with the top talents in the industry.

Keith Mann started his career with Dynamic Associates and worked as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. He rose through the ranks to become the companies vice president.

Dynamic Search Partners fills over 200 clients mandates every year.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/keith-mann-and-dynamics-search-partners-raise-over-22k-for-uncommon-schools-of-new-york-300044729.html



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Diversant Creates Better IT Choices For Everyone

Diversant is one of the best IT companies in the world because it was built from the ground up by John Goullet to help people make sure that they get the best results for their IT systems. IT can be a major problem for some companies because they do not know what to do. They need someone to come in and show them what to do, and the only way to do that is to make sure that they are working with a company like Diversant.

John Goullet is a technical genius, and he has been able to work with his team to create the IT items that people need. He knows how to take a creative approach to what people need, and he works things out in a way that makes more sense to the client. The client gets to use something that they understand, and the client will feel like they are on the right path to handling their IT needs.

Every IT issue that a company has can be handled by Diversant, and it is important that Diversant is able to handle the issue quickly. People can check out their website today, and they will learn a lot about what Diversant can do to help people reach their goals. It is also important that everyone who comes to Diversant asks as many questions as they can. John Goullet will make sure that everyone gets educated on the IT process so that they can enjoy it in the future.

Someone who is planning to make a change to their IT systems needs to come to Diversant and chat with John Goullet about what his team can do. He is the leader of a group of people who can create great IT solutions, and they will deliver as soon as possible. Diversant charges less money to do better work, and they move fast so that all their clients are not waiting forever for their deliverables. It is far easier to work with Diversant on IT, and it helps a company move forward instead being held back while waiting for better IT.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Commits Funds To Helping Veterans

The people at Goettl Air Conditioning led by Ken Goodrich are trying to help as many people as they can with their pursuit of the HVAC industry. There are a lot of people who are going to have a chance to move into the field, and some of the most common are veterans. Ken Goodrich created the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award to award a veteran every year who is about to go into business. The award gives $1000 to someone who needs it to buy tools for their new job, and it went to a Navy veteran who had just gotten out of school.

The bottom line for Goettl Air Conditioning is that they want to help as many people as they possibly can. They are trying to make sure that people can change jobs if they want to, and these people will be able to change to the HVAC field without a thought. They can apply for the award, and they will have a chance to get all the tools they need brand new so that they can do the best work of their lives.

Check out this YouTube Video to learn about Goettl.

Goettl Air Conditioning and Ken Goodrich are also helping customers all over Phoenix by making sure that they get the best AC service possible. They are trying to keep everyone’s air going, and they are looking for ways to help these people when they are in the middle of a heat wave. They know that helping just one person could spawn a whole new business. They have a deep belief in people, and they know that helping veterans is the right thing to do. They give a scholarship to people who have family in HVAC, and they work with as many people as they can to further the health of the HVAC industry.

Argentine Bonds Are Back in Play and Highland Capital is Ready

Argentina is poised to sell $12 billion in debt in the next few months, and Jim Dondero’s Highland Capital Management fund is ready to buy according to a recent post on Bloomberg.com (the full text of the post can be found at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-08/argentina-luring-highland-shows-distressed-bond-buyers-to-stay). After suffering a contentious few years under the leadership of Cristina Kirchner who’s economic policies were suspect at best and resulted in the nation defaulting on it sovereign debt, the new leadership is ready to put the country back on the fast-track to economic recovery. Since taking office on Dec. 10, 2015, the new president, Mauricio Macri, has been proactive in regaining access to the world markets and finding ways to resolve the $95 billion in defaulted bonds.

This new issue of bonds will help resolve some of those lingering issues, especially the defaults to a group of investors led by Paul Singer. The bonds will be issued with maturities of 5, 10, and 30 years are are expected to yield around six percent in the short-term but have a stated yield of 7.5 – 8 percent. The bonds will be compliant with New York state law.

James Dondero is bullish on the new Argentine debt and expects his company to purchase a substantial amount of the new debt. Already holding a significant number of the 2033 maturity bonds, Highland’s has experienced gains of around 20% on that debt. The company stands to gain even more with the ban is lifted allowing Argentina to begin making payments on its restructured debt. That ban has been in place by a United States District Court as a result of several lawsuits brought against the country by investors.

Dondero is the co-founder of Highlands Capital Management, a Dallas, Texas-based investment and hedge fund. Since its inception in 1998, Highland Capital has gained an impressive array of awards and industry acclaim. For example, the Highlands Long/Short Healthcare Fund recently won the 2015 HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award which looks not only at a fund’s performance but also customer and investor relations, management history and tenure, and other non-financial factors.

Jim Dondero began his career after graduating with honors from the University of Virginia with degrees in both accounting and finance. After the successful completion of Morgan Guaranty’s training program, Jim accepted a position with American Express. While at American Express, Jim was approached by Protective Life who sought him to help lead the launch of their planned GIC subsidiary. Within four short years, James Dondero had managed to grow the fund to over $2 billion in assets under management.

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Madison Street Capital provides an in-depth Report on Hedge Fund M&A Deals

On February 09, 2016, the Madison Street Capital, a top global firm in investment banking, announced its 4th edition of its M&A deals in the hedge fund business. The report touched on various critical areas such as the Mergers and Acquisition openings and a summary of M&A deals.

In the report, Madison Street Capital proclaimed that 42 deals from its hedge fund business were closed internationally in 2015.This was a boost from the 2014 previous year, where 32 deals were announced internationally. In addition, the report detailed that the 2015 transaction capacity had grown by an estimate of 27% more than that of 2014. In 2016, the report projected that Madison Street Capital’s M&A transactions would grow due to the presence of various factors creating momentum for closing deals.

A Brief Overview on the Report

Unlike in 2015, whereby the hedge fund industry had a mediocre performance, the report stated that the assets of the hedge fund industry had been currently increasing. Additionally, the institutional investors were said to be making allocations to another sector in asset management to achieve better returns to combat the continuously increasing liabilities.

Hedge Fund Managers

Minor managers for hedge funds were said to be operating below their standard capacity in a bid to lure new capital. Across the entire hedge fund industry, the managers were proclaimed to be incurring increasing operational costs.

Assertions by Karl D’Cunha

Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital LLC, asserted that the transaction environment was robust, and the company maintains the expectation for the trend to be better in 2016.Further, he said the company was expecting its numerous deal mechanisms to be utilized in accommodating both sellers and buyers.

In addition, he revealed that Madison’s deals were being structured as revenue-share stakes, incubator deals or seed, PE bolt-ons, PE stakes and many others. D’Cunha ended his remarks by saying that the highly disjointed hedge fund industry would continue to witness consolidation, specifically the opportunistic partnerships, which link product offering to distribution.

An Overview on Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a global banking and investment company, which is dedicated to leadership, integrity, service and excellence in rendering financial consultative services. Its financial services are offered to both privately and publicly owned business entities. It provides financial opinions, corporate financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions expertise, and valuation services via its offices in numerous locations in Africa, North America, and Asia.

True to its service delivery, it owns up its clients’ objectives and goals as they engage in each new project. Madison Street Capital views the emerging markets as the key element that drives the development and growth of its clients.Consequently, it continues to target its assets or resources towards such markets.

Source: PR.com

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