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Beal Properties Of Chicago

Beal Properties with over 30 years of ownership is one of Chicago’s popular property owners of multi-family residential apartment housings. They offer a wide variety of appealing and well-managed apartment buildings in the Lincoln Park, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square, Lake View, Wrigleyville, Logan Square, and Gold Coast neighborhoods, and the North Shore neighborhoods of Winnetka, Evanston, Northfield, Glencoe, and Highland Park. The styles of apartment buildings you may find with Beal Properties are, vintage, modern, and/or high-rise. These apartments include hardwood flooring, air self-controlled heat, central air conditioning, dishwashers, laundry rooms, on-site maintenance support, individually different floor plans, and many other luxuries.

On Beal Properties website they have included a list of properties available. One apartment that is available in Lakeview, Chicago has the description, Beautiful Vintage Building in Great Lakeview Neighborhood. Located near a few popular restaurants. The amenities are Heat and cooking gas included, hardwood flooring, separate kitchen, new tile bath, walk-in closets, miniblinds, ceiling fans, laundry on-site, pet-friendly building. This specific apartment has a studio apartment with one bath, another apartment with one bed and one bath, and another apartment with two beds and one bath. This is just one of many available apartments you can get with Beal Properties.

Beal Properties and staff are devoted to developing the aspect of lives for those in the Chicago area by giving back to the trained organizations throughout Chicagoland. The following is a list of groups that Beal Properties has been supporting over the years.

American Heart Association-Chicago

The Ark

Autism Speaks

Boy Scouts

Bridge to Success

Bright Start Community Outreach


The catcade

Center on Halsted

Chicago Community Trust

Chicago Hopes for Kids

Chicago Shakespeare Theater

College Bound Opportunities


Highwood Legal Aid Clinic

and many more

Please choose Beal Properties Of Chicago to find an apartment fit

Felipe Montoro Jens and Environmentally Safe Infrastructure

Brazil has a very valuable ecosystem in it’s midst. It has a very large rain forest important to the world’s well being. It is also developing and industrializing. Progress and the environment are often at odds with one another. In order for a country to become more economically successful many times the environment is assaulted and destroyed. The Government of Brazil wants to move ahead but also does not want to destroy the Amazon Forest. They will try to accomplish this with infrastructure that is minimally destructive to the environment.

Felipe Montoro Jens is an advocate for this way of thinking. He is currently heavily involved in Brazil’s financial industry. He is also knowledgeable in infrastructure. He has served as director for Santo Antonio Energia. He began to work in infrastructure while working for this company. He is currently a member of several company boards and from this position he can help to produce environmentally friendly infrastructure throughout Brazil. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

He has worked on public works projects and infrastructure for 25 years. He is sought after to bring the finances necessary to work on and complete projects. He tries to keep projects economically sound and tries to keep financial responsibility at the forefront. The Getulio Vargas Foundation is a well known and respected administrative college in Brazil. He earned a degree in administration there. After this he went to Arizona State University and attended the Thunderbird School of Global Management. It is recognized as a leading school in this field. After this Felipe Montoro Jens was able to enter into the world of corporations. He has become valuable in many infrastructure projects.

Felipe Montoro Jens is involved in advising public private partnerships in Brazil. When infrastructure projects are well planned he believes it will lead to a minimum impact on the environment not only in Brazil but world wide. Learn More: http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens

Beal Properties, a Caring Housing Partner

Getting a new place to stay can be difficult sometimes. There are always many reasons to be scared of your choice of a home. The choice is sometimes not yours but that of your family. Unless you want to keep moving from one house to another, try to seek the services of a property company like Beal Properties in Chicago, Illinois. 

Beal Properties is one of the prominent property companies in Chicago that could put you up in a cozy place. The company has about ten members of staff and houses spread across the vibrant parts of Chicago and in its North Shore neighborhoods. Most of these properties are located close to Metra Transportation as well as near CTA. The obvious thing about Chicago is that it is a big town and therefore, and no one needs to worry about it being overrated. All that you need is to choose a real estate company like Beal Properties. 

Beal Properties has expressed love for the community of Chicago by supporting its various initiatives. Who would find an excuse in avoiding a company that cares about people? Beal Properties has what it calls a community commitment that has existed for many years. In this commitment, Beal supports qualified organizations within Chicago in their initiatives. 

Beal Properties has the Giving Team made of the committed members of the company. The members meet every month and decide on the organization that has made an impact in supporting the community. Beal will go on to do monthly support of the organization in its initiative. 

Beal Properties offers you a wide range of apartments to choose from. You get to choose between a courtyard and a high rise or vintage to modern. The interiors and exteriors of the units are made of hardwood floors, air conditioning, dishwashers, laundry rooms, unique floor plans, porch decks, among other facilities. Beal offices are located within Chicago town and are open on Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.


OSI Food Solution, Impossible Foods & Meatless Burgers

Meatless burgers are in high demand as of 2019. It seems like plant-based food solutions are being advertised everywhere. These food solutions are reported to be much healthier than standard food products, especially beef products. There are quite a few brands that produce and sells meatless burgers, but Impossible Foods has developed one of the very best. This product is known as the Impossible Burger, and it has quickly gained a loyal following. The Impossible Burger has been sold at a limited amount of restaurants over the past year, and it now wants to expand to a national level. Related article at click here.

This is where OSI Food Solutions enters the frame, and this food giant has a history of thinking outside of the box. Some background history of OSI is that the company was started by a German immigrant, it was founded in 1909, and it has more than 60 advanced facilities worldwide. CEO Sheldon Lavin and president David McDonald have worked with OSI for over 30 years, and they have led this food manufacturer straight to the top of its class.

OSI Food Solutions will be working exclusively with Impossible Foods to mass produce the Impossible Burger. This particular California-based company specializes in plant-based solutions, but it lacked the proper business model to produce a large amount of meatless burgers. Thanks to OSI’s alertness of current events, Impossible Foods reached out to discuss a partnership for production purposes. As of today, OSI Food Solutions will produce the Impossible Burger for its plant-based client. This is one of the most ambitious start-ups in the food industry for 2019. OSI Food Solutions is looking forward to the challenge as the company is slated to set new trends in the process.

Visit: https://www.osieurope.com/en.html

Luke Lazarus Helps Startups to Shape Success From Within

 Shaping Companies for the Future

A good leader makes a split-second decision that has the consequences for the future of the company. Today’s business culture has been identified as grueling, grinding, and smashing the competition.

Is there a way to slide by the business game without feeling the consequences? Luke Lazarus believes that part of successful preparation is learning the story.

According to Lisa Lacy at Linkdex newer brands are finding ways to get on the radar of consumers. These new companies either find deep market need or solve an injustice that has occurred.

According to Luke Lazarus, a successful startup will develop a story that makes an emotional connection with consumers. Both the startup and the consumer have needs. If the startup values and the consumer needs both meet, there is an emotional connection. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

The connection arises out of the emotional appeal that unites both of them. Startups enter the business world to present a new or better way of doing things and to make people’s lives better because needs are solved.

Creating an Emotional Punch

An emotional punch for a business is not a fruit punch, but a touching story hitting the customers emotional nerve center. An emotional appeal calls forth a gut-level response. The emotional punch meets the needs of the customer.

It serves a purpose, or it solves a problem with the customer’ need. Helping the needy makes a secure emotional connection. Who hasn’t felt the need for something? When a company ties their story to meet the needs of others, it rings a bell, and people listen.

Creating Believable Stories

A possible company name could be MissionHill® who for every canopy sold they give a one away to a family who is homeless. Another value is the company sources the material for its canopies from hemp farms in Kentucky, which are run by migrants.

The message won’t touch everyone, but there are millions of people who can make an emotional connection to the story. The story is about two boys, and hemp made rug inherited from their grandparents who came over from China in the early 1900s.

The family began growing hemp and making rugs for the locals, but not it has grown into making canopies. Luke Lazarus tells his startup’s stories are what moves the investors as well as the consumer. Stories with purpose and value invite emotional connection. Luke Lazarus believes the use of the canopy is to make a meaningful connection with the family.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy in Australia

Luke Lazarus launched his Consultancy in 2013 and since opening has helped 100s of startup companies seeking to better prepares for their business launches. Some startups he has worked with are successful businesses, while others launched an IPO or received investments from Venture Capital firms.

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Learn more about Luke Lazarus:


Biography of Under Armour CEO and founder Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank is a businessman widely regarded as the founder and CEO of sportswear brand Under Armour. According to his biography found on Cupid’s Cup, he is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he played on the football team. Plank started out his own rose selling business named Cupid’s Valentine that was quickly a success as it raised 17,000 to build comfortable sports clothing and form popular brand Under Armour. Ironically, the CEO had come up with the idea to reinvent a new style of clothing after having uncomfortable cotton shirts that would not stay dry and cool during football workouts. After having to change shirts many times, Kevin Plank embarked on designing his own T-shirts that could withstand the heat and be comfortable for athletes. After graduating with a degree in business administration, the idea would turn into Under Armour, which is worn by many professional athletes today, and one of the most popular brands out. The entrepreneur was working towards his dream from his grandmothers’ basement, where his primary headquarters was located. He contacted athletes that he knew to wear his new designed clothing for promotion, and it became a hit among athletes. The sports brand is held by the label “Protect this House,” as the company grew to over 11,000 workers. Under Armour stands as one of the most popular brands that are worn by everyone – from kids, to athletes, and other youth. Kevin Plank was even ranked #3 on Forbes of top “CEOs 40 and Under” and #12 in Fortune magazines “40 under 40.” The CEO frequently gives back to the less fortunate and to schools through his own foundation named the Cupid Foundation. An article from the Washington Post lists a donation he made to his high school of St. Johns in the amount of $16 million. The funds will be going towards creating an entrepreneurship program, go towards improvements on the campus, and new facilities for athletes. Kevin Plank is now certified as a billionaire with Under Armour making more than $20 billion.

Watch: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2019/04/15/watch-cnbcs-exclusive-interview-with-under-armour-ceo-kevin-plank.html

Sujit Choudhry Explains Complicated Text

Center of Constitutional Transitions’ director and founder Choudhry is recognized internationally as a scholar and constitutional lawyer. Choudhry has given advice in several countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, the Ukraine and Cyprus through the decades on governance, and constitution building. He offered a companion to the policy paper co-authored by George Anderson to clarify “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.”

Original Paper

The original paper covered case studies from countries involved with constitutional engagement. The essay collection gives recommendations for policy based on realistic views of political and territorial cleavages. There is a chapter that uses a comparative analysis of case studies relating them to current research for drawing original conclusions.


Anderson’s back ground is in the Canadian government and he was formerly the Forum of Federations’ CEO. The companion paper had the same title as the original to give insight into the things discussed in the original. The advice in the paper might be helpful to those who advice and are principal in the constitutional moments.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry became a Solicitor and Barrister during 2001 in Ontario, Canada. Choudhry has spoken or given lectures in 30 countries and worked in vast contexts such as political violence and cease fires. He has experience in facilitating sessions of public dialogue with stakeholders and civil society groups, multi-party dialogue technical advice and various other consultations and technical experts advisory work. He has over 100 articles, policy manuals, book chapters, working papers and reports. Sujit Choudhry is also an expert on the constitution of Canada.

Read more here https://sujitchoudhry.com/news-coverage/

Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Rio de Janeiro’s PPP in Education

Being among the most populous municipalities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is looking for innovative ways to cater to the educational needs of its school-going children. It is the municipality’s vision to create 60 thousand new places in both day-care centers and pre-schools by 2020. The concept is ambitious, something that prompted the municipality’s leadership to seek for a partnership with the private sector through a public-private partnership arrangement (PPP).

Rio’s PPP in education will require private investors to undertake the construction, maintenance, and non-pedagogical services related to educational facilities, explains Felipe Montoro Jens—an expert in infrastructural developments. Rio’s City Hall, under the arrangement, will provide school lunch and pedagogical services, adds Felipe Montoro Jens, emphasizing that the arrangement underscores Mayor Marcelo Crivella’s commitment to education. Get the latest update on his twitter to find out more.

While the private sector may have the resources to fund Rio’s PPP in education, it lacks in PPP expertise, notes Felipe Montoro Jens. Rio, therefore, has brought on board the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The corporation is part of the World Bank Group, and it will provide private investors with not only the prerequisite expertise but also financial aid.

Rio, however, is not the first Brazilian city to implement a PPP in education as Belo Horizonte rolled out its program in 2012. Felipe Montoro Jens hopes that Rio will learn from Belo Horizonte’s experiences as it rolls out its PPP.

PPPs were legally allowed in Brazil in 2004. Since then, forward-looking leaders such as Mayor Marcelo Crivella have leveraged PPPs to develop various sectors of the economy. Apart from PPP in education, Rio is planning on leveraging PPPs programs to accomplish other developments, such as public lighting, explains Felipe Montoro Jens. The use of PPPs is gaining popularity across the world as governments seek to involve the public in development projects.

Connect: www.linkedin.com/in/felipe-montoro-jens-b9955414

How Using Betterworks Can Benefit Workers

When Betterworks came on the scene they had one mission and one goal. This one mission and one goal was to equip their users with as many benefits as possible to enhance their work performance. Betterworks is a tech company that sells digital products in the professional space to consumers who are seeking continuous performance management solutions software. Their latest development is the team edition. This team edition comes with many features and benefits that allows a group or team of people to work productively together.

The current digital product the tech maker has just released was created for teams of people under one hundred people. For small businesses and medium size business, the team edition allows smaller groups of people to communicate more clearly, assign tasks, track progress of a task or project and allow for interaction.

One of the biggest goals for the engineers at Betterworks was to create the team edition with features that allowed for alignment and conversation amongst co-workers. With benefits like these, so many people have signed up and purchased the team edition for their enterprise.

Betterworks is pleased to have another digital product on the market. More products mean they are able to please more customers. More products also allow the company to prosper. They have to prove their ability to create quality software that meets the expectations of consumers. The team edition will not fall short of meeting expectations and wants of consumers who are seeking software solutions in the workplace.

Using the Financial Services of Colbeck Capital Management

Trying to handle your own finances can sometimes be difficult, especially if you aren’t experienced with them or you have other issues to worry about. If this has been a problem for you recently, it is time to consider the benefits of using a management firm like Colbeck Capital Management. The reason Colbeck Capital Management has been working so diligently these past 10 years is because they work with both larger corporations and individuals alike. What this means for you is the ability to get the financial assistance that you need without it being a problem in the future.

There are a few different services that you can make use of when it comes to Colbeck Capital Management. For one, they can help with budgeting and debt management. This is helpful if you have been hounded down by creditors and are looking for help when it comes to paying off or consolidating these debts. If you invest, Colbeck Capital Management is able to help with managing these investments while offering sound advice when it comes to where to put your money. You can even utilize their services if you want to budget or have issues with applying for loans. They are experienced and knowledgeable enough to help you with just about any type of project that you have going on right now.

How to Begin Working with Colbeck Capital Management

Since 2009, Colbeck Capital Management has been working with individuals who want and know that they need financial assistance. If this sounds a lot like your own needs, it is time for you to think about choosing to hire them and getting them on board with just about any type of project that you have. They will then be able to assist you and provide you with the capital management that you need right now. The other great thing about choosing Colbeck Capital Management over some other companies is that they do not charge a lot for their services. Their fees can easily blend into your own finances and be easy for you to afford, even if you are on a budget.

Now that you’re aware of Colbeck Capital Management and how they work, it is a matter of going to their site or social media pages online to see what they can do for you. They will be more than happy to help out and provide you with the financial experience that you need right now. Despite being based in New York, they are able to help out with clients all over the country. This is a company you can trust with just about any and every type of project you have going on right now. This is why so many clients have already chosen Colbeck Capital Management and are thrilled with what the company has been able to do for them. Now is your chance to get the assistance you need without having to worry that you are doing the financial work all on your own.