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How Using Betterworks Can Benefit Workers

When Betterworks came on the scene they had one mission and one goal. This one mission and one goal was to equip their users with as many benefits as possible to enhance their work performance. Betterworks is a tech company that sells digital products in the professional space to consumers who are seeking continuous performance management solutions software. Their latest development is the team edition. This team edition comes with many features and benefits that allows a group or team of people to work productively together.

The current digital product the tech maker has just released was created for teams of people under one hundred people. For small businesses and medium size business, the team edition allows smaller groups of people to communicate more clearly, assign tasks, track progress of a task or project and allow for interaction.

One of the biggest goals for the engineers at Betterworks was to create the team edition with features that allowed for alignment and conversation amongst co-workers. With benefits like these, so many people have signed up and purchased the team edition for their enterprise.

Betterworks is pleased to have another digital product on the market. More products mean they are able to please more customers. More products also allow the company to prosper. They have to prove their ability to create quality software that meets the expectations of consumers. The team edition will not fall short of meeting expectations and wants of consumers who are seeking software solutions in the workplace.

Sheldon Lavin’s Insatiable Appetite for Excellence

Meet Sheldon Lavin, a family man with mid-western values and a global mindset. He presents a serious image focused on the complexities of a global food industry, while maintaining a pleasant demeanor that is representative of a proven leader, innovator, and globally recognized visionary. Have you seen his smile? After decades of proven successes, there is good reason for optimism and confidence in his current role as Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC and as President of OSI International Foods Ltd.

Sheldon Lavin is well known for elevating his company to global status through his consistency as a transformational leader in the food industry. More recently, he is lauded for his innovative mindset and commitment to modernizing the production methods of the industry to serve consumers world wide. Not only have Sheldon Lavin’s business practices earned his company recognition as one of the top 100 businesses in the United States, he has set his sights on expanding his relentless values-driven mindset throughout the 17 countries his company currently serves.

Achieving success is more than working hard, it’s about having a passion for what you do. Like most young college graduates and entrepreneurs, Sheldon Lavin started his career with perseverance and ambition. When given the opportunity to consult with clients as a financial advisor, he gave his all to understanding what they did and what they were truly about. One of those clients happened to be the initial startup team that eventually grew to become the OSI Group. It wasn’t long before Sheldon Lavin found himself with a vested interest of his own in seeing the company thrive. Clearly, he was, and remains successful in that endeavor, over 40 years later.

Passing the torch is something Sheldon Levin will do with great pride, he just won’t be doing that anytime soon. His passion and drive are as strong as ever and he has plans to continue growing his company. He will be the one to watch as his efforts embrace the ever changing concerns, demands, and opportunities within the global food industry. One thing is for sure, we can expect nothing short of excellence. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

Learn more about Sheldon : https://www.osigroup.com/news/



Allied Wallet Continues To Grow

Over the past few years, Allied Wallet has been continuing to grow and expand its online payment processing solutions across the world. Since being founded, Allied operates in 196 different countries while offering high-quality and innovative payment processing solutions. One of the most recent expansions can with a move into the Chinese market by partnering with WeChat Pay, one of the largest digital payment options in the country.

According to a variety of reports, the online payment processing market in China has grown to be worth over $16 trillion, with WeChat Pay being one of the dominant companies. Many reports have suggested that it has over 900 million active users. In comparison to many other competitors in the market, this is quite a considerable amount more than many. Allied Wallet accepts any kind of currency without delay. For example, its biggest competitor, Alibaba, has 500 million active users. As such, the partnership provides Allied Wallet with access to a substantial userbase with a leader in the Chinese market. The partnership will allow WeChat Pay users to load their Allied Wallet eWallet with funds from WeChat Pay, and vice versa. Because of that, users will be able to quickly and securely transfer funds between the two (Affiliatedork).

Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja noted how big WeChat Pay is and that they’ll be a significant partner going forward. Having said that, it looks as though the partnership will benefit both companies, as it’s another strategic step for WeChat as it moves into Western markets. The company has been doing so for the past several years, so the partnership with Allied Wallet shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. It’s also been noted that the payment landscape has changed significantly over the past few years, with more and more people using online payment processers.

Since being founded, Allied Wallet has released innovative payment processing solutions for online merchants across the globe. The company’s success has chiefly been driven by the variety of features and improvements that they’ve added to their payment solutions. With this, it’s also won a number of awards in the industry and developed an extensive user base worldwide.

More information available at https://www.alliedwallet.com/support/

Glen Wakeman Offers Tools for Success

Glen Wakeman is a top-notch financial services industry leader. During his expansive business management career, Wakeman has a proven track record in business development and is a highly sought out mentor to rising entrepreneurs.

With unwavering business acumen, Wakeman has been instrumental in positively transforming multi-billion dollar corporations whose employee bases have exceeded 17,000 workers.

The University of Chicago MBA graduate has a passion for building businesses by improving the companies’ and individuals’ relationships and involvement with each other. His business specialties include start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and downsizing.

During his career, which has exceeded two decades, Wakeman has worked in 32 countries and lived in six. His experiences lead him to build a methodology based on five key principles of performance. They are Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance.

Wakeman is also the founder and CEO of Launch LaunchPad Holdings, a software company which provides services that helps new entrepreneurs implement their business plans.

His successes in his own ventures have many aspiring entrepreneurs using the software, known as LaunchPad Toolkit (http://glenwakeman.wikidot.com/).

LaunchPad Toolkit has national prominence and continues gaining momentum, earmarking yet another success for Wakeman. Within his organization, which he started in 2015, Wakeman proudly demonstrates strategies that he was taught or learned along the way that lead companies to sustainable growth. This includes mapping out business plans, customized to individual goals.

Wakeman does this proudly as he says he was the product of excellent mentoring programs and attributes much of his success to the resources he was provided from the connections he made when starting out.

Wakeman is also quick to point out that mentees also provide an invaluable contribution to their own success by remaining open to receive consultation and being engaging with their mentors (Linkedin). He also stresses to mentees, the importance of them learning every aspect of their business and involving the non-management personnel in the process as well. Wakeman believes having a workforce that understands the business will undoubtedly forge positive working relationships within the organization.