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Mike Baur offers valuable tips to startup ventures

Do you have a passion that you would like to turn into a full-time profession? If the answer is yes, then the right path for you is entrepreneurship. However, getting into entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the park. You will need to have a solid idea, a business plan, resources and a mentor for your business. Most of the startups fail because they lack one or several of these factors.


What if someone told you that you could have all these resources in one place? I bet this could be the best news for any upcoming entrepreneur. As you might have realized, it is challenging to get all these resources in one room, especially for an upcoming entrepreneur who has no clue of where to start.


Mike Baur, a successful Swiss entrepreneur, partnered with two of his friends to launch Swiss Startup factory in 2014. This is a platform where brilliant digital entrepreneurs from all over Switzerland gather to brainstorm and find mentorship in their fields.


All the participants undergo rigorous three-month training on how to establish successful businesses. On top of that, Swiss Startup Factory picks entrepreneurs with the best ideas and provides them with the necessary resources to establish their businesses. The company offers capital, office space and other necessities required to run a business.


Besides, the upcoming entrepreneurs are linked with established investors who provide not only capital but also mentorship. Before founding Swiss Startup Factory, Mike worked in the banking industry. He spent much of his career connecting with entrepreneurs and investors in Switzerland.


Throughout his career, Mike Baur has helped many entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into income generating ventures. He mostly interacts with the young people through conferences and writing inspiring articles that provide valuable pieces of advice.


According to Mike, most of the startup ventures fail because they lack a concrete plan. He notes that no matter how an entrepreneur is enthusiastic about his idea, it won’t succeed unless they have a definite plan in place of how they are going to start and run the business.


Mike notes that a business plan is essential since it gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to experiment with a business strategy on paper. In addition to having a solid plan, Mike advices entrepreneurs to start small. Mike notes that you cannot start a business with multiple locations and dozens of employees. It is vital to learn to walk before you can run.

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Interesting facts you did not know about expert investor Paul Mampilly

An online media outlet published an interview of Mr. Paul Mampilly a number of weeks ago in which they broke down the professional and personal life of the seasoned financial expert and as a result revealing interesting facts about some aspects of him. The idea of launching his own publications was informed by something deep within after having worked for the super-rich in Wall Street who make up a paltry 1% of the world’s population hence he felt like his efforts were not having as a huge impact as he had always dreamed of.

He, therefore, made a deliberate and conscious decision to leave the hustle and bustle of Wall Street behind and follow his longtime dream of using his vast experience and deep knowledge of the stock markets in helping ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds on Main Street make better and sound investment decisions in an effort of maximizing the return on their hard-earned dollars. This is the reason Mr. Paul Mampilly started his flagship newsletter known as Profits Unlimited that is published and distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. The newsletter carries useful investment information particular on matters technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks.

Mr. Paul Mampilly reveals that for the past 15 years his typical days have been practically similar whereby he wakes up early in the morning before 6.00 am and turns on the business channels from all major markets across the world including Canada and The United States in search of any news that can shift the stock prices of the companies that he tracks. But ever since joining Banyan Hill publishing, he has narrowed his focus to news touching on the companies that he normally writes about in all of his publications including Extreme Fortunes, Profits Unlimited and True Momentum.

Another activity that consumes most of his time almost each and every day is keeping tabs on the stocks that he follows using his portfolio tracker for the rest of the day so that he can be able to tell whenever there is any movement I the stock prices. In order to bring his ideas to fruition, Mr. Paul Mampilly spends up to 40 hours every week doing research alone together with his hardworking team for a single stock that they believe will do well in the coming days and another 30 hours doing a recommendation write up on the same stock.

Contact Paul Mampilly: forexvestor.com/profits-unlimited-review

Brad Reifler’s Exploration into The Business Sector

Brad Reifler has an in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed experience extending for more than thirty years in the financial service sector. He has established and held senior positions in leading financial institutions or companies. For instance, he founded the Forefront Capital Management and Pali Capital and served as the CEO of the two firms. Brad has thrived in the competitive financial world due to his ability to analyze the past and present trends and predict the future ones. He develops pragmatic strategies that allow his companies and business associates to outclass their competitors.

During his tenure as the CEO of Pali Capital, Brad Reifler dedicated most his time to analyzing industry data and then developing and implementing result-oriented strategies. At the end of his 13-year leadership, his sales team had accumulated a record $1 billion in commission income. This exemplary performance attracted the attention of multinational companies, and Brad became one of the highly sought financial experts.

Brad unveils Forefront Capital Management LLC

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital Management (FCM) in 2009. Currently, he serves as the CEO of the company and oversees its daily activities, as well as long-term growth plans. Under his strategic leadership, the company has established subsidiaries in other nations. FCM attracts leading investment bankers, talented business leaders, and seasoned investment advisors.

Early career

Brad Reifler launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. Once the corporation started making profits and registering immense growth, he sold it and focused on building his professional career. Brad was instrumental in the growth of the hedge fund industry. In 1995, he joined Refco Inc., and he was responsible for developing custom investments, global exchange, and global derivatives. Brad also served briefly as the director of Root Exchange and ITG Investment Research Inc.

Board Membership

Brad Reifler has built a strong connection with his businesses by serving on boards of leading companies. Brad has served as a board member of the European American Investment Research, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions. He is also responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Millbrook School by serving as its Trustee. Brad is an alumnus of the renowned Bowdoin College.

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