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New Economic Leader at Capital Group

Timothy Armour is a businessman located in Los Angeles. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group. He graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics and now has 33 years of investment experience. Between positions at Capital and the AMCAP Fund, colleagues praise Armour’s dedication to smart investment and quick thinking.

Timothy Armour has represented his business at multiple conventions; he has also been featured on national media for interviews and insight into the field of marketing. Today, Capital Group is a $1.39 trillion marketing network that manages investment for massive businesses. Armour’s division is responsible for network connections and ensuring that clients have access to all available resources. Stepping up to chief executive officer was a monumental task that he has since done exceptionally well in the past five years.He has also worked with projects such as The New Economy Fund, Scotia Global Opportunities Fund, and Capital Research and Management Company. Armour has numerous connections in the fields of finance and long-term banking that make him a valuable individual when it comes to expanding the scope of operations.

For younger investors, he recommends partnerships with established workplaces; he went through a similar process of his own to much success. Armour is a spokesperson for Capital Group and frequently gives these pieces of advice to the next generation of financial investors. His fundamental philosophy is that long-term active managers should try to find places where investors can rise above market averages. This mentality of constant improvement is reflected in his Capital Group and remains a strong attitude toward the ever-expanding market.

In September 2015, the market selloff left many investors puzzled by the sudden shift in resources. Armour believes that while it was an event of great magnitude, the economy will recover easily, and investors will need to use even better judgment in the future. His mix of insightful knowledge, years of experience, and openness to colleagues makes Armour a phenomenal businessperson. He is active on social media today where he updates the public on his progress and whereabouts.

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Josh Verne: Simple Guidelines for Flourishing in Life and Business

Josh Verne, the head of FlockU.com, has a wealth of experience of over 20 years of growing startups from scratch to prosperous companies. He has offered financial advisory services to both institutional and individual investors.


Verne’s rules for success


  1. Practice exceptional leadership


A leader is always patient – she or he earns confidence and respect of his subjects by prioritizing on their needs. If you put the interests of your workers above everything, you will quickly achieve your goals.


  1. Go for win-win deals


Your objective should be to attain a win-win situation. Do not embrace a plan or enter into a deal that leads to a win-lose outcome.


  1. Be attentive and speak when it is necessary


The more you listen, the more you are likely to grasp concepts and understand situations. Before you talk, make sure whatever you intend to say is relevant. The more you talk, the more you are likely to make mistakes and offend people.


Have a balanced life


It does not make sense to be filthy rich but sick and dull. Spend time with your loved ones and embrace an effective workout plan. Balance does not mean you spend an equal amount of time on every aspect of your life, but it is achieving significant advancement in all areas of our life.


Be passionate


If you want to succeed in every area of your life, you must follow your passion. Find one thing that interests you and makes you plan to wake up early, work late, as well skip parties. That way, your life will be interesting, and you will feel like you are making steps towards the correct direction.


Josh Verne


Josh Verne is a shrewd entrepreneur, executive, and owner of several successful businesses. He previously oversaw the strategic direction and plans of Home Line Furniture. In 2012, he teamed up with Jon Dorfman, his childhood friend, to establish workspays.Me, a competent online store that subtracts purchases from the payroll. He served as the CEO of the company for two years before selling it to Global Analytics Holding.


Verne leveraged his innovative abilities and unsurpassed experience to launch FlockU.com, a globally recognized content exchange avenue for university students in 2016. JOsh serves as the CEO of the firm. His primary objective is to popularize FlockU.com among college students across the globe and facilitate smooth content exchange among peers. FlockU.com offers an avenue through which students can learn, view, and share interesting content.

Vijay Eswaran is Making A Real Difference

Vijay Eswaran is the head of the Qi Group, a Malaysian company that is known for its commitment to social corporate responsibility and also for giving to charity in the name of the company. In fact, Vijay was named the most philanthropic businessperson in his region by Forbes Asia, and also he was named one of the top 25 richest in Malaysia by Forbes Malaysia. The Qi Group, his company, got its start by online entrepreneurship, and this company has its fingers in many pies online, including luxury products, services, and many other areas of business interest that the corporation feels it can contribute to.

Vijay has been renowned not only as a businessperson but also as an author. You’ll appreciate that he has written two books, most recently in 2008, about his business philosophy and thinking process. In the Sphere of Silence is about how he takes an hour of silence every morning, and he also discusses in this book some of his philosophy of management and business relations. This book is a fine look into the life of someone who has been known for his mentorship and responsibility programs, and it clearly shows as a testament to what makes business work.

Vijay is a rising star in Malaysian life, and he has clearly proven himself to be one of the best new business execs out there. His credibility is enhanced by his ability to be honest and to work for the greater good, both in the corporate world and beyond.