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What Makes Glen Wakeman a Successful Business Person

Glen Wakeman, currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, is one of the successful business people in his industry. With a 21 year management background, Glen has worked with nearly 17,000 people in different companies of which he has earned $2 billion in revenue (Analystoffinance).


Glen has been able to start nine country operations of a business model, while working for GE Money Latin America. He was able to earn over a billion in revenue during that time.


His increased leadership roles and business development strategies helped him start his own companies, including Nova Four and Launchpad Holdings. Glen is passionate about improving companies through agility and proven methodologies. Glen’s career helped him learn a lot that can be broken down into 4 dimensions necessary for building any business. These dimensions are:


– Building Leadership and preparing them for company change

– Getting the right Human resource

– Finding ways to integrate people and technology

– Minimizing disruptions by taking risks


Currently, Glen provides advice and invests in companies that he sees potential in. In addition, he is a coaching expert in the management field and has worked with so many new startups.


Glen believes that career success begins at an early age. That is when you choose the type of school to attend and the course to take. He believes in seizing opportunities as fast as they come yet using them as learning ground.


Glen Wakeman Education History


After senior high, Glen joined the University of Scranton where he earned an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance. Immediately after, he joined the University of Chicago where he earned his MBA.


Due to his passion in the field, he began looking for job opportunities and that is where he landed in GE Capital. In fact, he found his niche in the P and L as he advanced through the business positions.


These changes helped him understand his unique ability of solving any problem he would face in the company. Actually, Glen Wakeman never did settle until all customers were satisfied with the services.



Having worked in six different continents, Glen has understood the value of hard-work and responsible management. He continues to expand the operations of his business. Now over 30 regions have been impacted through the businesses he has built over the past 20 plus years.

Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Shervin Pishevar

Business and Entrepreneur Shervin Pishevar has made a name for himself in the investing world. He is an angel investor who has financially backed over 60 startup businesses. He is also responsible for investing in some of the biggest social media and internet companies.

Pishevar attended the University of California in Berkeley and received an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree. He created one of the first web-based browsers called WebOS in 1997. Following the success of WebOS, Shervin Pishevar co-founded an investment firm called Seges Capital. Pishevar was personally responsible for 17 investments for the firm.

In 2001Ionside Interactive was created. The tech company made advancements with many computer-based programs including graphics and artificial intelligence. Pishevar worked with development teams as well as marketing and business aspects of the company.

In 2005 Webs Inc. made Pishevar their president. He was able to garner $12 million of investments for the company during his time there. He helped create the Social Gaming Network in 2008, and in 2010 was hired on in a leadership position at Mozilla. In 2011 Menlo Ventures hired Pishevar to be their managing director. He oversaw investments in new and growing social media platforms, transportation companies, and websites, like Tumblr and Uber. Pishevar became a principal developer of the Hyperloop in 2014.

Shervin Pishevar is active in both politics and philanthropy. He often holds fundraising events for political candidates. President Obama appointed Pishevar to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board in 2015. His philanthropy efforts include supporting a clean drinking water organization called Charity: Water, that operates in developing nations.

Shervin Pishevar has received several honors. He has been an entrepreneurial Ambassador in both the Middle East and Russia and has served on United Nations entrepreneurial councils. He has also been invited by Obama to be a keynote speaker on a few occasions, most notably at a summit in Algeria.


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Glen Wakeman: Success for Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman is a well-known mentor, investor, author, world business executive, and entrepreneur. As an undergraduate, he achieved his degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Scranton. Later, he attended the University of Chicago and earned an MBA. He realized his need for further education early on, and this ultimately lead to a successful college career. For 20 years, he worked with GE Capital. He transformed companies with over $15 billion in assets and 17,000 personnel through hard work and problem solving. To Glen, the definitive goal is customer satisfaction (Blogwebpedia).

The path to success for Glen Wakeman started when he put his college degrees to work in the world of business. Most top entrepreneurs desire good mentors. Glen Wakeman offers a Launchpad Toolkit that gives new entrepreneurs tips from personal experience and connects them with capital providers and advisors. Connecting with others makes a big difference on who will receive funding and who will not. Typically, he mentors start-ups and C-level executives.

Glen Wakeman is an exceptional writer and venture capitalist. When he is writing, he is able to draw from his own successes and the financial world he has grown up in. This allows him to give others advice on administrating, strategies, and management techniques. Frequently, he tests ideas with other people who may not approve their significance. This often brings only the best concepts to life.

Glen Wakeman’s expertise is in strategy, capital markets, developing leadership, growth, and transforming businesses. He is also the CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, LLC. Through this platform, he often gives entrepreneurs information to get them headed for success. Furthermore, he has began giving away free guidance to startup businesses and upcoming CEOs. There are three-step-tips posted on his blog site. Glen Wakeman’s YouTube channel is also quite beneficial for those who could use advice.


Climb the Corporate Ladder With Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. Susan has been with the Company since 2015 and is a successful businesswoman who has proven executive positions in the corporate business world are open to qualified capable women even though a large majority of executive business positions in the corporate sector are occupied by men. Susan’s achievements were not based on who she knew. Susan climbed the corporate ladder with experience and the will to work for what she wanted and that was to be on top as an Executive Businesswoman.

Susan’s Past Work Experience

P3 Executive Consulting, LLC

Position: Founder


The Wet Seal, Inc.

Position: Chief Executive Officer


Retail Industry Consultant

Position: Independent Contractor


American Eagle Outfitters, Incorporated

Position: President and Chief Merchandising Officer


Susan McGalla Education

Mount Union College

Degree: Bachelors of Art

Studies: Business, Marketing


Susan McGalla Childhood Life

Susan was born and raised in the state of Ohio. Susan was raised with two brothers and her father was a football coach so pretty and pink did not go over too well in Susan’s household. Susan did not receive any special treatment or breaks because she was a girl. Susan was raised to work for what she wanted and keep a stiff upper lip. One can honestly say Susan’s male role models as a child encouraged her to go for the higher level employment positions remembering growing up that she had to work for what she wanted is why Susan was very successful in her past and present work experiences.

Susan McGalla Working Her Way to the Top

Susan McGalla has worked in various managerial and marketing positions from 1986 until 1994. It was quite a challenge for Susan to work her way to the top while being employed at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan, when she started working at American Eagle Outfitters, noticed that all executive positions were filled by men. Susan worked her way up from merchandise buyer to President and Chief Merchandising Officer, intimidation is something Susan McGalla knows nothing about.

Susan once again working her way to the top at Business Strategy and Creative Develop for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan was a product buyer who worked her way up to a rank that was well earned as Vice President. Susan along with other businesswomen in the corporate industries is aware that executive positions are dominated by men. Susan McGalla was conditioned at a very early age if she wants something she have to work for it, and that is what Susan McGalla did.

Susan McGalla at the End of the Day

Susan McGalla a successful American Businesswomen is an inspiration to all women in any sector of the work industry. Susan at the end of a workday resides in the state of Pennsylvania and is a loving wife and mother.

Shiraz Boghani Successful Career In The Hotel Industry

Shiraz Boghani has done very well in the hotel industry. The businessman has been in this department for the last thirty years, and this explains why he has a lot of expertise. His career as a hotelier reveals his professionalism, commitment, and deep passion.

At the moment, Shiraz is working as the chairman of the prestigious Splendid Hospitality Group. While working in the department for the last thirty years, Shiraz has shown tremendous success despite the high competition. Boghani has also won several respected awards due to his commitment.

Shiraz Boghani most recent achievement was the recognition he received from the Asian Business Awards. The group named the businessman as the Hotelier of the Year award due to the hard work he has been showing the international community. The award is not given to anyone. The few professionals who have been fortunate to get the award must demonstrate their relentless pursuit of the industry and their excellent leadership skills. There are experienced judges who are given the responsibility of selecting the winners.

In the recent awards, the judges included Shailesh Solanki, Jitesh Gadhia, Amit Roy Richmond Rishi and Kalpeshi Solanki. The group of experienced leaders chose Shiraz Boghani unanimously because they all thought that he was the best candidate.

Shiraz Boghani is very excited to have received the prestigious award. While getting the award in the event that was held recently, the businessman said that he felt honored to be working as the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. According to him, it was a huge favor for him to be part of the company success story. However, Boghani appreciated the hard work and dedication he has received from the professional staff and management of the Splendid Group. The businessman says that these people gave him the support he needed to take his organization to higher and better heights. Boghani said that Stuart Bailey, the chief executive officer of the organization has been instrumental in the success of the group.

When Boghani was born several years ago, he did not realize that a great career life was ahead of him. The businessman went to the university where he qualified as a chartered accountant. The accounting skills have enabled him to open and manage 19 hotels in the United Kingdom. As one of the pioneers in the branded hotels in the UK, the businessman has earned the respect of people because of his success.

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Daniel Mark Harrison of Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison is a writer, a media expert, and a prominent businessman. He is the chairman and the CEO of his establishment, Daniel Mark Harrison Co.The firm is a family establishment with investments in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. He is the owner of the family office where he manages and looks after assets that belong to them. Harrison offers advice and helps in the growth of the assets belonging to the family and his own.

At Blockchain funding company called Monkey Capital, he is the managing partner who has invested in the large enterprise, SpaceX. The supply contracts Money Capital has had an impact that has been felt in the market. Harrison has offered the best services to clients with quality operations and projects that are attractive. The people that control the firm are experts who do not take things for granted but are perfect analyzers. In the long run, maximum benefits are reaped.

Monkey Capital is recognized as having even more than five stars according to Chris Waltzek, a radio host. Chris is a noticeable host who has also interviewed tycoons like George Soros and Jim Rodgers.

Huffington Post said that Monkey Capital had excited the market with a thud. Their ICO is large, and senior writer Azeem Khan has announced that they are going to raise billions of dollars and more. Daniel Mark Harrison said that his management team was able to divide COEVAL signs to interested clients.

Harrison’s ambition is to make history by coming up with crowdfunding options, and that needs brilliant initiatives and will make breakthroughs. As a publisher and author, he has written “Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World.” The publication defines the results of millennials’ attitudes towards many issues.

In the sector of Journalism, Daniel Mark Harrison was featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Street.com, The Daily Dot and much more. He is also involved in business discussions in CNN, Reuters, and Bloomberg because of his hands on expertise in the field. His excellence in school is also evident, and this has made him fit in many areas that are very hard to combine. In short, he is a smart individual.https://thebrotalk.com/bro-bio/writing-career-daniel-mark-harrison/


Daniel Mark Harrison’s Success Story

Daniel Mark Harrison is a change to reckon within the cryptocurrency and general business industry across the globe. Harrison holds a BA in Theology from Oxford University and a Master`s Degree In business Administration at the BI Norwegian Business school. He has also crowned his academic journey with a Masters in Journalism from the New York University. Since October 2015, Harrison has held the position as Chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., LTD which has offices Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok and is the Company`s primary shareholder. The firm is not only involved in the management of his assets but also those of his family members.

In addition to his responsibilities, Harrison is a managing partner at Monkey Capital Fintech, a blockchain funding firm with interests in blockchain systems and SpaceX supplies. The company broke the waves in the world of cryptocurrencies for being the pioneer ICO to successfully sell pre-ICOs. The company attributes its success to its top-notch management, quality operations, and fruitful projects.

Monkey Capital has received significant recognition for being successful in the world of currencies. A good example being the 6-star rating from Chris Waltzek, a US-based financial journalist. The distribution of COEVAL tokens is the latest innovation by the company. The move helps people owning the tokens to purchase MNYs in auctions at a subsidized price.

More to business, Harrison is a renowned author and journalist. Among his publications includes. The strange metamorphosis of facts and fictions that blends of real journalism and fiction. Daniel is also known to be a frequenter in international finance channels such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNN. He has also featured in Forbes, Walls streets, Daily Dot, and street.com.

Harrison is a writer at CoinSpeaker where he assists the site`s editorial team. Some of his notable articles include the ending of coins desk proxy index, a story that prompted the suspension a known Chinese exchanges from the index. His interest in financial journalism has seen him volunteer for upcoming sites which have since made substantial landmarks in terms followers. Some of them include Motley fool, an Asian emerging markets, and BNET.com.

The Applicability of Crucial Management Skills by Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian based businessman. He has been in the top management arena for various companies in the past. Some of the companies that he has led include the United Technologies Corporation where he was the Chief Executive Officer. He is also the former president of the Pratt and Whitney in Canada.

Louis Chenevert attended University of Montreal affiliate college, the HEC Montreal. He holds a bachelor’s degree in production management, as well as an honorary doctorate from the same college. In the year 2011, he was named the person of the year by the US aviation magazine. All this was per the concrete and substantial achievements that he has achieved for the airline industry.

One of the major accomplishments that Louis Chenevert boasts of is how he managed to turn around the UTC Company. During his reign as the CEO, the firm was able to focus on the majority interests of the clients, shareholders and all the stakeholders. By achieving these tasks, the business was able to become profitable, gain a positive cash flow and earn a huge return on the investment.

One of the main challenges that Louis Chenevert faced was the economic recession and decline during the postwar period in the United States. On average, the GDP in the manufacturing sector had gone down by more than 50 percent.

Despite these challenges, some few production companies were able to survive the ordeal. The primary challenge was stifling regulations, indifferent pop cultures, and stiff competition from rival foreign companies. One of such firms was the UTC, an industrial conglomerate at that time with over $63 billion. The UTC headquarters are located in Hartford, Connecticut. One of the main impressive feats of Chenevert’s was because, despite all the shortcomings, the business was able to withstand all the challenges.

Over the years, UTC has been responsible for the manufacture and assembly of various jet engines and other aircrafts. Most of these jets are used by different defense forces across the world. The company also ventured in the manufacture and sale of commercial jets in the United States. up to date, UTC is the leading manufacturer of helicopters in the US.

Anthony Petrello: The Results Of Humility And Hard Work

While in most circles not a household name, Anthony Petrello just might be one of the most important contributors to the american way of life. Anthony Petrello, as well as the industry in which he has dedicated his life’s work, is overlooked by most in regards to their contribution to our society.

Anthony Petrello has worked for Nabors Industies, a leading oil and natural gas drilling firm, for three decades. In 2014 Petrello received $68.2 million dollars compensation for his efforts making him one of the highest paid CEO’s in the country. A man of modest beginnings, all who know Mr. Petrello will attest that as a man he has been able to remain humble and sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate despite the successes he has experienced.

Anthony Petrello grew up in a predominantly Italian, working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. Despite the hardships of life in Newark, the childhood lessons Mr. Petrello learned such as honor, integrity, honesty, and the value of hard work has served him well.

From an early age Anthony Petrello seemed inclined to use that work ethic to pursue academic accomplishment. Shortly after learning to read, a young Petrello would often be seen reading and studying for several hours a day. By high school, Petrello’s mathematical intelligence had exceeded that of many professional trained in higher mathematics.

Anthony Petrello’s effort in the classroom was rewarded with a full scholarship to Yale University. Once at Yale, Petrello did not disappoint, he proved himself to be the mathematical genius that his family and friends in Newark thought him to be. Petrello even caught the eye of well known mathematical theorist Serge Lang. Despite this demonstrated aptitude for higher mathematics Petrello decided to pursue a career in law. He would continue his education at Harvard Law School.

Shortly after attaining his law degree from Harvard, Anthony Petrello married his college sweetheart. And after taking a series of positions with various companies Petrello settled in to his career with Nabors Industries. Petrello would climb the ranks at Nabors for nearly thirty years before being named the company’s CEO. With this accomplishment, the boy of humble beginnings from Newark, New Jersey had proven to be one of the most capable business leaders on the planet.

Anthony Petrello’s story is one of hard work and perseverance. True to his nature, Petrello would assert that his success is the result of good fortune. He also never fails to give thanks to his family for the sacrifices they made in order to enable him to succeed. Regardless of the reason behind Anthony Petrello’s success, his story is inspiration to all.

George Soros Rises Again – Forever Supportive of Worthy Causes

George Soros is a billionaire investor who is just as well known for his political giving. Born in Hungary, he slipped out of the country during the German occupation. He went on to attend the London School of Economics. His beginnings were humble. He started working as a railway porter and waiter before landing a job in finance. He later took his education and experience and relocated to New York. Making an impact on Wall Street, he was able to establish his own hedge fund in 1969. Later, he renamed his hedge fund the Quantum Fund. His first, massive, profit resulted from shorting the British pound.

In 2004, he donated a record $24 million to try to defeat George W. Bush. As it stands, he is a leading funder of politics that lean Democratic. He spent millions to support Hillary Clinton and other prominent democratic candidates. As election day draws closer, you can expect him to continue to make hefty donations. For his causes, it has never been more important for Democrats to come out on top. Soros remains politically engaged and will continue because it is in his DNA.

As one of the world’s foremost philanthropists, he has given more than $12 billion to causes near and dear to his heart. He generally funds organizations and individuals across the world who fight for human freedom. He maintains a passion for transparency, accountability, and equality. From his own personal experiences, he knows how oppression can affect millions of people.Soros is still actively involved in helping causes that support immigration reform, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance. It might be helpful to look back at Soros’s life to gain a better understanding of what has brought him to where he is today. His life is the perfect example of what a person can accomplish if they can rise above adversity.