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Kisling Nestico & Redick Of Cleveland Helps Mission Of Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. More than just another law firm, they help people out across Ohio through charitable acts and giving. An example of this is taking part in the Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. For the past several years, its employees have hopped into a frigid lake to raise money for various causes. This year, they supported the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. Kisling Nestico & Redick raised $25,000, bringing the total amount they have raised by taking part to nearly $109,000. The Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club raised $150,000 this year in total. This is enough money to provide 600,000 meals.

The food is provided through almost 500 food pantries, shelters, hot meal locations, and other programs. To help kids have a successful school year, Kisling Nestico & Redick donated 200 backpacks through five of its locations. Each was willed with school supplies such as pencils and notebooks. Toledo’s managing attorney, Anthony Hall, said his firm’s goal is to help people in the community who have given so much to them. One thing that low-income people don’t get help with is clothing. There are successful government programs that provide food and shelter but none dedicated to clothing.

Kids from low-income families get teased so Kisling Nestico & Redick took a group of kids on a shopping spree at Meijer this year. Kisling Nestico & Redick was established in 2005. It was established to provide accident victims with fair compensation. Gary Kisling and Rob Nestico are still at this law firm while Robert Redick recently retired. Starting with just three lawyers and paralegals, Kisling Nestico & Redick now has 11 locations, nearly 40 attorneys, and 130 support staff. One of its main advantages is having inside knowledge of how companies in the insurance industry operate.

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Academy of Art University: The Place Where You Begin

Academy of Art University is a privately owned art and design institution located in the United States. This academy was founded and is presently under the guidance of Stevens’s family. Under the leadership of Richard Stephens, the school began offering graduate and bachelor’s degrees, a feat that saw the enrolment of 5000 students. The student learning there has the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, certificate programs, Master of Architecture, Art Technical Credential coupled with continuing art education which covers 28 areas of their study. The courses at Academy of Art University are offered both on the campus as well as online facilitated by most progressive and state of the art equipment and technology.

Academy of Art University has facilities that include classrooms, studios, lounges as well as libraries which are state of the art. The school has cafes that are offering a distinct atmosphere that provides an array of food choices that are served at different times for students that have tight schedules. In addition, the design of the cafe enhances collaboration and a haven for the student where they interact with another student while at the same timesharing ideas work as well as dreams.

From its time of foundation, the Academy of Art University has actively been engaging the services of the instructors coupled with professors, who work closely with the students in their area of study. It is noteworthy that arts are dynamic and are evolving; therefore, they need to have a strong foundation in imaginative history coupled with the emerging trends in every field in which expression artistically is needed. This student who is under the tutelage of instructors and professors who have strong and aptitude in the field of artistic expression. Also, the vast experience combined with their connection in the industry is pivotal for a student especially when they are preparing and launching their creative careers.

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Boraie Developments Becomes Key To The Rebirth Of Atlantic City

The name of Atlantic City in New Jersey has recently been rising in the lists of the best places to live in the state following a prolonged period of regeneration. The Governor of New Jersey has brought together a group of the top business people in the state and allowed them the chance to work to the best of their abilities in Atlantic City. One of the top companies operating in the gambling epicenter of New Jersey is Boraie Developments, a luxury apartment and condo developer who has brought the skills honed in the regeneration of New Brunswick to Atlantic City.

One of the main areas the Boraie Development company was looking for in Atlantic City was to create a condo complex that was affordable for workers in Atlantic City. For the majority of workers in the city’s casinos and newly completed Hard Rock resort, there have been few options for accommodation in the area. The 600 North Beach condo complex close to the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk contains three building housing 250-units that are within walking distance to the ocean and Boardwalk area. As the complex fills with increasing numbers of residents, the 600 North Beach development is becoming more of a community as time goes on and plays a major role in the rebirth of Atlantic City as key to the future of New Jersey.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez; Driving Business Forward With Freshness

After obtaining a degree in both economics and business administration, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez went back to his home country of Venezuela. There, he managed several companies and gained an understanding for both finance and trade as well as the oil and energy industries. The rest, is history.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was then able to take his working knowledge of applied business processes and step out into the market as an entrepreneur. By bringing fresh ideas to established business models through technological change and using outsourced information to create new opportunities, Lopez has born several ventures across the board and across the world.

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Together with fellow investors, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez founded an international asset management company, O’Hara Administration. With a wide range of investment avenues, he strategically took on an active role as board of director for Pacific Exploration and Production by acquiring nearly twenty percent of its stock. From there, Alejandro became active in establishing the infrastructure of developing countries.

A major stakeholder in Bank of Dakar, he has taken on the challenge of developing a banking system in Senegal, Africa. Lopez has a passion for putting energy into the business development of under developed countries. He sees the potential for major growth if only these places had the economic jump start. By paying attention to the peoples’ need for particular banking products and helping fellow entrepreneurs get a start through micro credits, Lopez paves the way for national economic growth.

Seemingly outside his realm of experience, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has also heavily invested in, of all things, a sunglasses company – Hawkers. By selling high quality sunglasses at affordable prices through social media platforms, the fashion forward company has expanded its reach to fifty countries and doubled his investment in sells in just four years. Alejandro is rightfully excited about his break into direct retail.

Truly, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s vision and appetite for risk have attributed greatly to his success. He credits staying abreast new technologies and bringing fresh perspective to the market, no matter the industry, to his recipe for prosperity. For Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, the reward has proven worth the risk. More information: http://www.alejandro-betancourt.com/

Niranjan Shah may Leave Chair at U of I

Niranjan Shah was a newly elected chairman of the University of Illinois in 2009. After an unfortunate event involving a U of I professor being arrested at his own home during a misunderstanding when someone called the police thinking he was attempting to burglarize the home that same year, President Obama invited both the professor and the arresting officer to the White House in an effort to reconcile the situation.

The controversial arrest of the professor sparked interest in the leadership at the university, particularly regarding favoritism. Niranjan Shah was not exempt from the scrutiny. His firm has had millions of dollars in government contracts and he has been a very generous contributor to campaigns. However, there is no evidence that Niranjan Shah has ever used his contributions to secure more contracts.

Niranjan Shah did not try to cover up his contributions or use them to get an upper hand. His contributions were spread out over a period of 20 years. Furthermore, there was never any correlation between the size of his contributions and the size of his government contracts. Rather, he made contributions because he wanted to make sure that he had a chance to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Although Niranjan Shah used his contributions with the pure intentions of promoting excellence at the University of Illinois, he said that he had used poor judgment on a few occasions. For public relations reasons along with his own personal health, it may be necessary for Niranjan Shah to resign from his chair.

Follow this link to learn more https://doctors.advocatehealth.com/i-niranjana-shah-chicago-internal-medicine

Wes Edens: Basketball and Philanthropy

Wes Edens is an entrepreneur, business leader, investor, and co-founder of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team. Besides having an ownership stake, Mr. Edens pursues a wide range of philanthropic endeavors and has founded Fortress Investment Group. His career investing has grown substantially as he now manages over $42 billion for the world’s prominent investment partners. Fortress Investment and the funds managed by Wes Edens’ financed Bright Line passenger rail. BrightLine operates with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and has been renamed “Virgin Trains USA”. This transportation company, which has created new routes between California and Nevada, is eyeing extensions in Florida. Edens is involved in creating cleaner-burning energy and has done so efficiently and safely.

Edens has made his mark in professional sports. In 2014, he bought part of the Milwaukee Bucks. Edens managed a significant improved in the team. He is co-owner of an English football league team, the Aston Villa Football Club. Edens is passionate about sports and business, so is natural for him to be involved with electronic sports. Wes Edens’s wife Lynn is an energetic partner for him. She has the same energy and enthusiasm as her husband and has many successes – successes with her husband and on her own. Wes Edens and Lynn Edens have long supported efforts to equalize healthcare access around the world. This includes supporting Partners in Health, a group founded in 1987. The group brings modern medicine to those who need it most throughout the world.

New Fortress Energy is a company owned by Wes Edens’ company, Fortress Investment Group. New Fortress Energy believes electricity should not be a luxury but accessible to the entire world. The company believes energy should be clean and integrated, regardless of how or where accessed. In 2018, with Edens and his company hosted Christmas events in various cities. In Jamaica, this involved presents for over 3000 children. During this same year, Wes Edens and his company sponsored a tree lighting ceremony in Montego Bay. Montego Bay is where Wes Edens’s company first began a relationship with Jamaica’s government and people.

Read full article : https://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/nba/bucks/2019/02/15/bucks-co-owners-wes-edens-marc-lasry-seeing-five-year-plan-coming-fruition/2879291002/

David McDonald And OSI Group: Building Partnerships That Last

When you go to another country with the intent on doing business, you know you have to be able to understand that the needs maybe different from yours. David McDonald and OSI Group went into partnership with China, and it turned out to be the best relationship. As a matter of fact, that partnership is still in existence even after 20 years. It’s all about knowing what the needs are and how to put incorporate them in your planning. Of course, you must respect the customs of that particular country. It will affect what you produce in terms of food.

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OSI Group started out as a small butcher shop in Illinois owned by Otto & Sons. Later on, it got into the wholesaling business with meat. The McDonalds chain became its first customer to supply meat to. After much success with sending meat to other places that needed food supplied to them, the company became OSI Group and went global. This company’s success hinges on the fact that the right strategic decisions were made to keep it prosperous. David McDonald knows exactly what moves to make to keep that way. As long as they remain a dominant competitor in the global market OSI will be around for decades more.

When you look at companies like OSI, it’s important to remember that the leadership had had plenty of experience and education in order to lead them in the right direction. This is why the partnership with China has lasted so long and is still going strong. It takes commitment to give fresh and good quality food to consumers. All plants pass a rigorous inspection and to do it in another country is showing that you respect what the people need. The right to fresh products is for everyone. When OSI looks back on how their partnership with China started, there are no regrets. Everyone can see it was the best idea to take on. Knowing that this relationship is probably why others have gotten onboard is a fantastic thing. OSI is gaining well-deserved partnerships that are very prosperous.

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Ashley Lightspeed on Developing Business Intuition

It is not for nothing that Ashley Lightspeed is regarded as one of the most successful businesswomen in America. Though she feels personally embarrassed by such a high title, she is truly deserving of it, and the amount of accolades she has received throughout her time involved in investment shows that most of the people who surround her actively recognize and respect her for her endeavors. This is quite an underrated aspect of business; earning the respect of your colleagues is quite important for advancement in the field. Even if she personally believes that it should not be quite as important as it is in the modern world to appear organized and put-together, it certainly helps that she fits the bill, and she uses that level of influence only for the betterment of the world. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

She believes that there is quite a bit of responsibility that comes along with being such a high-standing figure in investment, and it is this belief that drives her to constantly seek the right path over the easy path. While it would be simple for her to simply chase a profit like many others in the investment world choose to do, she does not see that as being a particularly rewarding or beneficial endeavor to take, and it is for this reason that she instead chooses to busy her mind with working on finding new opportunities to shift the state of the world for the better. This is, of course, far easier said than done, but she has shown time and time again that she is perfectly capable of creating change in the world no matter how difficult it ends up being.

In the mind of Ashley Lightspeed, there is nothing at all more important than to constantly seek new ways to innovate the human way of living, even if that involves changing everything from the ground up. To her, nothing is too overwhelming of a job, and nothing stops her from putting her very best effort into the work she does. She sees her position as a blessing, and she works on an everyday basis to ensure that she does not let that blessing go to waste.

She believes that to let this happen would disappoint all of the followers she has amassed throughout her career, and this is something that she simply cannot allow to happen. She believes that appealing to the customer is the most important part of any businessperson’s career, and whether or not a company is dedicated to satisfy their customers is the most important factor she considers when choosing upon companies to invest in. This is what makes Ashley Lightspeed such a dependable figure to have in the field, as most others in her position are entirely unable to see just how much a corporation cares simply by analyzing them. However, she has spent years in the field, and with that comes a natural sense for determining the true intentions behind a company’s word. Because of this, she has grown to be one of the most intuitive figures in business.

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Training Events Help TigerSwan Contractors and Civilians Alike

james reese

Something unique occurred at a well-known private training facility in North Carolina. The trainer center focuses on helping military and private contractor personnel hone their skills. They do need exceptional skills to handle their sensitive and dangerous missions. This time, Chevy and the facility’s owners ran a special event for civilian personnel.

 James Reese co-founded the facility. He currently serves as CEO of TigerSwan, a private security company. Agreeing to open up a training center to civilians shows the brilliance of James Reese. The one-time Delta Force officer gained a promotional and public relations coup thanks to the event’s publicity. James Reese knows that TigerSwan must sign on new clients to stay in business. Even though TigerSwan might be a highly unique enterprise with specific clientele, the company’s managerial operations must remain true to the laws of economics. That is, TigerSwan can’t thrive without signing up new clients regularly.

james reese

James Reese and TigerSwan weren’t the only ones to receive publicity after the event. Chevrolet also received attractive marketing benefits. The auto manufacturer did provide two models of SUVs. The vehicles provided transportation during the simulated missions. The civilians inside the SUVs soon discovered that success or failure often hinges on a vehicle’s reliability. The powerful SUVs were well-suited for the hostage rescue missions. Maybe Chevy received positive word of mouth after the civilian attendees went home.

The civilians left with good impressions and without any need to return to the training facility. They indeed aren’t called upon to handle a dangerous mission in a violent part of the world. The training event may change perceptions about what special operations commandos and private security contractors experience. Granted, not all work occurs in the field. Action that does take place in hotspots can put personnel in extreme danger. Reasons exist why training drills involve live ammunition. TigerSwan contractors can’t go into such environments without the necessary preparation.

Many employees at TigerSwan come from military backgrounds. They already possess many required skills. Experience alone might not be enough. Continual training and sharpening of skills become vital for safety and success. And the TigerSwan contractors do want to be successful.

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Vijay Eswaran: A Cab driver who built one of the biggest business conglomerates in Asia

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is among the most accomplished Asian entrepreneurs. He heads one of the biggest multi-business conglomerates with interests in various sectors, including retail, direct selling, education, financial services, and hospitality. Vijay launched the QI Group of Companies in 1998 when he opened QNET, the Group’s first subsidiary.

Besides being a shrewd businessman, Vijay Eswaran is also an accomplished author and business speaker. Vijay has six books to his name. His latest publication, Two Minutes from The Abyss, talks about the three pillars on which QNET stands on -Loyalty, Love, and Service. In this publication, Vijay talks about the value of hard work and resilience. He cites these are the two main attributes that every businessperson should have if they aspire to succeed. Vijay also talks about the importance of delegating duties. He notes that no one can succeed alone. We succeed and get genuine happiness by helping other people.

Vijay’s background

Vijay Eswaran was born and brought up in Malaysia. He spent much of his childhood moving around his native country. When it was time for tertiary education, Vijay moved to the UK. While studying in the UK, Vijay lost his scholarship, and his school life became tough since he had no one to cater for his expenses. At one point, he worked as a cab driver to raise money for his upkeep and school fees.

Eswaran graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984 with a degree in socio-economics. Immediately after graduation, Vijay moved across Europe, working for different companies. While traveling around Europe, Vijay came across the Franciscan monastery, where he spent a month as he completed his 33-day vow of silence.

The experience gained from the monastery is the foundation of his first book titled Sphere of Silence. Vijay went on to study binary system marketing in the UK and later traveled to the US where he earned an MBA from the Illinois University. Vijay started working Systematics, a subsidiary of IBM in 1986. During this time, Vijay engaged in multi-level marketing on a part-time basis.

Establishing QI Group

Vijay conceived the idea of creating QI Group during his university days. He was invited to his first marketing presentation, and he didn’t believe the concept of multi-level marketing would work. After attending marketing presentations for about a year, he fell in love with the idea of networking.

Vijay established QNET in 1998, a venture that is the bedrock of the current QI Group of companies that operates in industries such as media, travel, luxury products, telecommunications, training, wellness, and corporate investments. They have regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the UAE.