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Vijay Eswaran: A Cab driver who built one of the biggest business conglomerates in Asia

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is among the most accomplished Asian entrepreneurs. He heads one of the biggest multi-business conglomerates with interests in various sectors, including retail, direct selling, education, financial services, and hospitality. Vijay launched the QI Group of Companies in 1998 when he opened QNET, the Group’s first subsidiary.

Besides being a shrewd businessman, Vijay Eswaran is also an accomplished author and business speaker. Vijay has six books to his name. His latest publication, Two Minutes from The Abyss, talks about the three pillars on which QNET stands on -Loyalty, Love, and Service. In this publication, Vijay talks about the value of hard work and resilience. He cites these are the two main attributes that every businessperson should have if they aspire to succeed. Vijay also talks about the importance of delegating duties. He notes that no one can succeed alone. We succeed and get genuine happiness by helping other people.

Vijay’s background

Vijay Eswaran was born and brought up in Malaysia. He spent much of his childhood moving around his native country. When it was time for tertiary education, Vijay moved to the UK. While studying in the UK, Vijay lost his scholarship, and his school life became tough since he had no one to cater for his expenses. At one point, he worked as a cab driver to raise money for his upkeep and school fees.

Eswaran graduated from the London School of Economics in 1984 with a degree in socio-economics. Immediately after graduation, Vijay moved across Europe, working for different companies. While traveling around Europe, Vijay came across the Franciscan monastery, where he spent a month as he completed his 33-day vow of silence.

The experience gained from the monastery is the foundation of his first book titled Sphere of Silence. Vijay went on to study binary system marketing in the UK and later traveled to the US where he earned an MBA from the Illinois University. Vijay started working Systematics, a subsidiary of IBM in 1986. During this time, Vijay engaged in multi-level marketing on a part-time basis.

Establishing QI Group

Vijay conceived the idea of creating QI Group during his university days. He was invited to his first marketing presentation, and he didn’t believe the concept of multi-level marketing would work. After attending marketing presentations for about a year, he fell in love with the idea of networking.

Vijay established QNET in 1998, a venture that is the bedrock of the current QI Group of companies that operates in industries such as media, travel, luxury products, telecommunications, training, wellness, and corporate investments. They have regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the UAE.

How Using Betterworks Can Benefit Workers

When Betterworks came on the scene they had one mission and one goal. This one mission and one goal was to equip their users with as many benefits as possible to enhance their work performance. Betterworks is a tech company that sells digital products in the professional space to consumers who are seeking continuous performance management solutions software. Their latest development is the team edition. This team edition comes with many features and benefits that allows a group or team of people to work productively together.

The current digital product the tech maker has just released was created for teams of people under one hundred people. For small businesses and medium size business, the team edition allows smaller groups of people to communicate more clearly, assign tasks, track progress of a task or project and allow for interaction.

One of the biggest goals for the engineers at Betterworks was to create the team edition with features that allowed for alignment and conversation amongst co-workers. With benefits like these, so many people have signed up and purchased the team edition for their enterprise.

Betterworks is pleased to have another digital product on the market. More products mean they are able to please more customers. More products also allow the company to prosper. They have to prove their ability to create quality software that meets the expectations of consumers. The team edition will not fall short of meeting expectations and wants of consumers who are seeking software solutions in the workplace.

Bay Area Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Shares Why Teak Furniture Varies So Much In Price

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian can be found at the intersection of technology and healthcare. He starts companies in the Bay Area that use technology to solve problems. This includes a company that uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to treat people with therapy-resistant severe depression. This is especially relevant in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley where many people in startups have a major depressive disorder. TMS was approved for use by the Federal Drug Agency in 2008 and increasingly more health care plans are covering the costs.

This company now has seven facilities in Northern California. Each one is about 3,000 square feet with a waiting area, consultation, and treatment rooms. Ara Chackerian says that each location is set up to feel like a place of relaxation rather than like a doctor’s office. This is very important as these clinics are helping patients with psychiatric disorders.

Also a philanthropist, he owns a teak farm in Nicaragua. These trees are grown in a sustainable and green manner, improving the environment rather than harming it. Ara Chackerian shared on his blog how teak can be used to create beautiful furniture. It can be used for both interior and exterior furniture and is very durable. People have been using teak to build furniture for generations throughout the world.

Shopping for teak furniture online, people will quickly notice that the prices are all over the place. Pieces that look very similar can vary by a great deal in price. Ara Chackerian says the difference is in the quality of the teak itself. Some manufacturers cut corners by getting low-quality teak from suspect sources. Other manufacturers source teak from fully certified plantations that are responsible and well managed. It costs more to get quality teak from those growers who practice sustainable forestry practices following environmentally safe standards.

OSI Group: Recap Article/Interview

Food Producer OSI Group Continues Growth While Working to Maintain Environmental Sustainability

Illinois-based value-added food producer OSI Group has expanded its operations with the acquisition of Rose Packing Co., Inc. in Barrington, Illinois. Rose packing, founded in 1924, is the producer of such items as hams, sausages, brats, burgers and toppings for pizza. Its processing center in Chicago employs over 700.

OSI North America has stated the acquisition works well with its business strategies and has direct application to OSI’s existing operations and business growth. Rose Packing adds capacity and has an existing marketing image. Both companies share a vision of providing high-value to customers. Rose Packing’s CEO and management team will remain to oversee operations and transition. CEO Dwight Stiehl believes both Rose Packing and OSI operate on a foundation of excellence and strong business principles, and both count on 200 years of history in the Chicago area.

OSI Group, originally founded in 1909 and becoming Otto & Sons in 1928, is currently lead by Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group, having grown from its small beginnings and become a principle provider for McDonalds and later with production facilities throughout the world, is now one of the world’s major food producers. Lavin has overseen much of that growth since the 1970s, when he held an office as an investment manager and was approached by Otto & Sons for expansion finances. Lavin became a consultant and later, given interest on the part of McDonalds, OSI’s CEO.

OSI now has more than 20,000 employees in 17 countries and a $6.1 billion net worth as of 2016. OSI has always operated and grown according to adoption of innovative technology, including cryogenic freezing methods with nitrogen, which was a critical part of OSI’s transformation into a worldwide organization. As OSI continues to grow and progress with mergers such as Rose Packing, its objective and that of Lavin is to ensure it does so while maintaining environmentally sustainable operations. OSI Group has included sustainability in its corporate structure and added a chief sustainability officer to its leadership group. OSI sees sustainability as an overall and progressive approach that works on continual involvement in green business developments.

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Maurício Mendonça Godoy drives development of EBR’s state-of-the-art floating-production platforms

For a developing nation with the full range of typical third-world problems, including uncontrollable violent crime, severe poverty and endemic corruption, Brazil has maintained an incredible level of self-sufficiency. And this has been a key factor in the country’s ability to maintain its dominance among all Latin American oil producers. With Brazil now ranked as the 10th largest oil-producing nation in the world, with the 15th largest proven reserves, the Brazilian petroleum sector is surging. And this is in large part due to the country’s ability to tap into a seemingly endless supply of leadership, in-field talent and ingenuity. And no one personifies these qualities better than Maurício Mendonça Godoy.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy continues pushing Brazil’s petroleum industry to the next level

With its introduction of the P-74 floating-production-storage-and-offloading platform, Estaleiros do Brazil is helping to push its country’s oil industry to the very cutting edge of what’s technically possible. The P-74 is the brainchild of Estaleiros do Brazil’s CEO, Maurício Mendonça Godoy. As a decades-long oil-industry executive, Maurício Mendonça Godoy was one of the first to recognize that Brazil’s future ability to continue as a major player in the global oil industry would someday come to rely upon much harder oil plays. And for a country with hundreds of millions of proven deep-water reserves, that would mean going offshore and into some of the most challenging deep-water wells that have been tapped to date.

Up to this challenge, the P-74 has almost mindboggling capabilities. With the ability to extract, store and process 150,000 barrels of oil per day on just a single ship, the P-74’s production capacity alone could power most of the world’s major cities. But far from being a mere offshore rig, the P-74 is also able to store huge quantities of oil as well as conduct some preprocessing steps that make the fuel far more valuable to downstream customers. Above all, the P-74 integrates GPS-based automatic positioning, which allows the ship to sit perfectly stationary for months, replicating permanent oil rigs while saving tens of millions of dollars in equipment costs.

Read full article : https://www.estantevirtual.com.br/livros/mauricio-m-godoy/sistemas-integrados-de-gestao-de-empreendimentos-industriais/1483202493

Paul Mampilly and Journeys

Paul Mampilly is an employee who is a part of the crew at Florida’s Banyan Hill Publishing right now. He functions as its Senior Editor. He’s not a newbie with Banyan Hill Publishing. That’s because he’s been with its team members since back in 2016. Why exactly does Paul Mampilly work for the company? He does so out of the desire to aid standard people in the United States who want to acquire more wherewithal. He likes to give them training sessions that revolve around technology, investments and even stocks.

Paul Mampilly has been a player in the finance sector in New York, New York since the early nineties. He worked for Bankers Trust as an effective assistant portfolio manager at that time. He didn’t remain in that job for long at all, though. He scored significant and enviable roles through both ING and Deutsche Bank. He was in charge of substantial accounts through those organizations. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly acknowledges that his day-to-day regimen has been practically identical for close to 15 full years at this point. He tends to rise and shine anywhere in the range of between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. Once he says goodbye to sleep, he concentrates on news items that relate to his in-depth field. He concentrates on various different continents, too.

This man has a penchant for a concept that’s called The Internet of Things. He indicates that he thinks that that avenue is going to adjust an unlimited number of fields. Several examples of these fields are medical care, manufacturing, energy, banking and aerospace categorizations.

Mampilly is an individual who doesn’t waver too much. He’s fond of repeating his actions regardless of his whereabouts. He perpetually puts a lot of time into supervising his latest stocks. He researches things that involve them practically nonstop, too.

This person relates to many humans. He’s had part-time work that hasn’t been the greatest. He worked in the Garden State at a gasoline station for a while. He was also a cafeteria staff member for a spell. This was in the midst of his college journey.

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United States Protestants Rights and Freedoms According to Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a prominent lawyer in the United States. He is currently serving as a Constitutional building advisor at IDEA, which is an international company. He has served in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, Ukraine, and Tunisia among other areas. He also spends time on research to formulate new ideas to solving violence and promoting peace in the country. Sujit Choudhry has been in the law sector for more than 20 years; hence he has experienced various issues learning to form them and formulating long-term ideas.

Sujit Choudhry through Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, he can share his experiences with millions of people giving them a lecture on various constitutional issues. On the census, Sujit Choudhry has shared in details on Section two of the United States constitution explain the process and measures that should be strictly followed. The census issue was raised by the Trump team making census process an option.

Insight on Protestants Speech

In many cases, Protestants are viewed as a source of violence, offense, and even danger to the other people. The Washington D.C rally on the removal of Robert E. Lee Statute raised various issues since there was the need for amendments on the constitutions ensuring a line is drawn to what length the constitution should protect the violent protestants.

Sujit Choudhry is devoted to formulating laws and constitutions that help various countries solve issues by the book. Sujit Choudhry urges the United States government to amend some causes, ensuring that the rights of all American Citizens are upheld but to a specific Limit.

The pardoning of the President

Sujit Choudhry is known for his commitment to dealing with various issues on political events. He is more concerned with the most contemporary issues; hence, he can target a wide range of people sharing his ideas. He shared that on the concept of the president pardoning himself, there will be a need for the constitutional

Find out more here https://www.amazon.com/Migration-Constitutional-Ideas-Sujit-Choudhry/dp/0521864828

Profile of OSI Group Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is a former financial consultant who later became one of the leading executives of the food supply company known as OSI Group. As a financial consultant, Sheldon Lavin was involved in helping companies find solutions to better manage their capital. While he was working as a financial consultant, he began working with OSI Group. His involvement with the company eventually led to him becoming one of its top executives within a few years. Today, he still leads the company and serves as both the chairman and the chief executive officer.

When Sheldon Lavin was working with OSI Group, he was meeting with the ownership on a regular basis. The former owners were looking to finance a new facility. They needed his help and Lavin was able to provide the necessary funds for the new facility. With his contributions and assistance, the owners of OSI Group were interested in hiring him as one of their full time employees. Within a short period of time, Lavin became a top executive of the company.

As the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has made growth and expansion a top priority. He has always envisioned the company as one that would be an international organization. As a result, he has looked to increase the company’s efforts in moving to global markets on a regular basis. His intention to make the company an international organization worked out as the company has facilities and office locations in many countries in both Europe and Asia. These subsidiary entities provide food products to many different types of customers in these regions.

Along with focusing on expansion, Sheldon Lavin has also looked to make the company culture one that is very entrepreneurial. He has encouraged all of the management staff and employees to focus on providing innovative solutions to customers as well as help with its continuous growth. With this approach to conducting business, OSI Group has been able to further establish itself as one of the most successful food processing companies in the world. Lavin believes that the company has a very bright future due to its talented team of managers and employees.

Learn more about Sheldon : https://gazetteday.com/tag/sheldon-lavin/

A Look At The Diverse Career Of Bhanu Choudhrie

Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie is a perfect example of the importance of the global economy in today’s economic landscape. Bhanu Choudhrie is in charge of a portfolio that has been built all over the World. Choudhrie has developed several lucrative business partnerships around the World. Choudhrie believes that the key to his success was building a great team around him. Here is a closer look at the life and career of Bhanu Choudhrie.

Academic Endeavors

Before creating The C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie studied International Business and Marketing at Boston University. Choudhrie also participated in Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program. Choudhrie says that the program was beneficial because he learned new concepts about the global economy. As a business leader, Choudhrie believes that it is important that he constantly seek knowledge. Choudhrie said that the program changed his perception on different business theories. He says that the OPM program had a direct impact on the way that he runs his business. Choudhrie says that he is eager to use the lessons that he learned during the program to help his business remain successful.

C&C Alpha Group

The C&C Alpha Group is an international private equity firm that manages different investments over a large amount of economic sectors. The firm is headquartered in London, but has several offices in India, The United States, and The United Arab Emirates. Choudhrie always has his eye on emerging markets around the World. C&C Alpha Group has devoted resources to the healthcare, real estate, and banking sectors, as well as several Bollywood production companies in India. Choudhrie is proud that C%C Alpha Group is a family business. Choudhrie’s brother and father have prominent roles within the firm. C&C Alpha Group strives to partner with the companies that they invest in.

Giving Back

Bhanu Choudhrie enjoys giving back. He is a director of Path to Success, a charity that helps children who are suffering from a lack of education, abuse, and poverty. The C&C Alpha Group also sponsored Oxford’s Emerging Markets Symposium.

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Infrastructure Expert Felipe Montoro Jens Explains Privatization Efforts In Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who has 20 years of experience in infrastructure. He wrote an article where he described how Brazil privatizing multiple industries over the years has affected how infrastructure gets built and managed. He is a graduate of the Getulio Vargas Foundation and the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

He has worked for multinational firms in the past such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Felipe Montoro Jens has been the head of project finance, a chief investment officer, and a chief executive officer. He is now a consultant who uses his deep knowledge of infrastructure to advise on these types of projects.

The government of Brazil used to own companies in a wide range of industries. From the 1930s until the 1980s the government became much larger. This started to change in the 1980s, Felipe Montoro Jens says, due to a major debt crisis. In 1990, the airplane, petrochemical, and steel industries became privatized. In 1995, electrical energy, sanitation, transportation, banking, and telecommunications were privatized successfully. Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more.

The Public Private Partnerships Act was passed in 2004. This enabled government and private companies to partner on infrastructure projects. Felipe Montoro Jens says this is a historic law that had a major impact. The first industry to be affected by this law was telecommunications and the shift to private companies controlling it was smoothly handled.

The example he used was Telebras. This was a government-owned telecommunications company that was split into 12 parts. Each of these was auctioned to the highest bidder. Each party taking part in the bidding process could only bid on one of the twelve so that no monopoly could be created.

Felipe Montoro Jens concluded by saying that these privatization initiatives have helped develop Brazil’s economy and will continue to do so for the next several decades.

Read: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/