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Kisling Nestico & Redick Of Cleveland Helps Mission Of Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a personal injury law firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. More than just another law firm, they help people out across Ohio through charitable acts and giving. An example of this is taking part in the Annual Portage Lakes Polar Bear Jump. For the past several years, its employees have hopped into a frigid lake to raise money for various causes. This year, they supported the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. Kisling Nestico & Redick raised $25,000, bringing the total amount they have raised by taking part to nearly $109,000. The Portage Lakes Polar Bear Club raised $150,000 this year in total. This is enough money to provide 600,000 meals.

The food is provided through almost 500 food pantries, shelters, hot meal locations, and other programs. To help kids have a successful school year, Kisling Nestico & Redick donated 200 backpacks through five of its locations. Each was willed with school supplies such as pencils and notebooks. Toledo’s managing attorney, Anthony Hall, said his firm’s goal is to help people in the community who have given so much to them. One thing that low-income people don’t get help with is clothing. There are successful government programs that provide food and shelter but none dedicated to clothing.

Kids from low-income families get teased so Kisling Nestico & Redick took a group of kids on a shopping spree at Meijer this year. Kisling Nestico & Redick was established in 2005. It was established to provide accident victims with fair compensation. Gary Kisling and Rob Nestico are still at this law firm while Robert Redick recently retired. Starting with just three lawyers and paralegals, Kisling Nestico & Redick now has 11 locations, nearly 40 attorneys, and 130 support staff. One of its main advantages is having inside knowledge of how companies in the insurance industry operate.

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Boraie Developments Becomes Key To The Rebirth Of Atlantic City

The name of Atlantic City in New Jersey has recently been rising in the lists of the best places to live in the state following a prolonged period of regeneration. The Governor of New Jersey has brought together a group of the top business people in the state and allowed them the chance to work to the best of their abilities in Atlantic City. One of the top companies operating in the gambling epicenter of New Jersey is Boraie Developments, a luxury apartment and condo developer who has brought the skills honed in the regeneration of New Brunswick to Atlantic City.

One of the main areas the Boraie Development company was looking for in Atlantic City was to create a condo complex that was affordable for workers in Atlantic City. For the majority of workers in the city’s casinos and newly completed Hard Rock resort, there have been few options for accommodation in the area. The 600 North Beach condo complex close to the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk contains three building housing 250-units that are within walking distance to the ocean and Boardwalk area. As the complex fills with increasing numbers of residents, the 600 North Beach development is becoming more of a community as time goes on and plays a major role in the rebirth of Atlantic City as key to the future of New Jersey.

Gino Pozzo Breathed New Life Into Watford L.C., One of England’s Premier Teams

He comes from a family that has football in its blood. Gino Pozzo, born in Italy, is today among the most recognized figures within the U.K.’s thriving and robust football sector. He is the owner of Watford F.C., the beloved professional club located in Watford, Hertfordshire. The club plays in the top division of England’s professional leagues.

Watford F.C. is a venerable club with a deep pedigree. Its origins can be traced to 1881 which includes the club’s antecedent, the Watford Rovers. It was established as the Watford Football Club in 1898. One of the club’s former famous chairman was rock star Elton John.

The Pozzo family purchased the Watford club in 2012. Gino was living in Spain at the time where he was deeply involved with the Granada F.C. team, also owned by the Pozzo family. Upon acquisition of Watford, Gino moved with his family to focus his attention on the family’s latest athletic acquisition.

Deeply intelligent and an innovative thinker, Gino Pozzo earned a master’s degree at Harvard University. His passion for football was ignited when his father, Gianpaolo Pozzo, purchased the Udinese F.C., the team of the Pozzo family’s hometown in Italy.

Gino is considered the “mastermind” behind his family’s long association with football. Gino Pozzo developed a wide reputation as a man who could take a struggling team in poor financial condition and transform it into a thriving competitor that could attract the enthusiasm of a wide fan base.

That was the case with Watford F.C. at the time the Pozzo family came into the picture. The glory years of the team in the 1980s had long-since fizzled. The team was heavily in debt and struggling to climb out of the Fourth Division. Gino Pozzo worked his magic on the team. Within four years it was a Premier League club and thriving financially.

Angel Investor Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is today considered a thought leader within the angel investor community. He has spent over 10 years between London and New York managing startups from conception to execution. After doing a number of degrees, Riva was awarded an MBA from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, which enabled him to cut his teeth on entrepreneurship. He is known today for his many high-profile talks, interviews, and webinars on angel investing, given throughout the country.

His mornings are, understandably, somewhat hectic. He’s up at 5am, eats, imbibes coffee, and gets out the door by 7:30. He says he usually tries to schedule a family lunch with his wife and daughters, so the family has some time together. Riva believes that scheduling some time to himself, especially for meditation is the key not only to his own happiness, but to his success in business. “I think that the healthy habit here,” he says, “is finding what works for you, whatever that may be, owing yourself a moment each day to stop, reflect and reign in the chaos of the outside world.”

Slowing down and enjoying life a bit is essential to Raffaele Riva’s worldview. So too is the central importance of people, over and above ideas. “We’ve seen big ideas come and go,” he said. “We’ve seen a lot of money put into mediocre people with great ideas; but at the end of the day, the business is about the people involved.”

For Riva, angel investing is value-driven. It’s about helping people realize their dreams, a goal that underlies everything he does. “We hear it all the time in the angel community: do good, learn something, have fun and make money…not particularly in that order.” Riva is very discerning when it comes to choosing whom to help, however. “We tend to look for companies that plan to scale really quickly and want hands-on involvement from their investors, and these startup plans should set out to grow and exit at high value to ensure a high return for all involved.”

There is a sense of social responsibility underlying everything Raffaele Riva does. Angel investing is not just about money for him. Helping people is definitely part of his core mission and values. “It’s all still relatively new, but there are a handful of startups using blockchain technology to fight poverty and promote health, human rights and social justice – many of them right here in the US.”

The Depth of Serge Belamant’s Career and Achievements

Serge Belamant’s career has been marked by many successes involving blockchain technology. He launched Net1 Technologies and set out to market his Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) technology to banks decades ago. As a result of many laws and regulations, financial institutions, including banks, are cautious about integrating new technologies. Subsequently, it took time for Belamant to get things rolling at Net1 Technologies. In 1995, Visa came calling and solicited Serge Belamant’s help in the development of a new application. Belamant relocated to the United States to work on the project and ended up employing the use of the Funds Transfer System (FTS) and UEPS technology. The scope of the project was significant, which is why Belamant’s move to America was important; it ensured he had the resources required to complete the project.

Ultimately, the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC) was the project outcome. Serge Belamant’s integration of FTS and UEPS technologies facilitated desired project outcomes. In fact, COPAC is a technology that’s still used by Visa today for protection against fraud. It also protects against the misuse of credit by verifying personal ID numbers. While it took time to gain notoriety, Belamant was on a roll after the Visa project. Another example of Serge Belamant’s contributions during the 1990s was the work he did when First National Bank of South Africa obtained Cash Payment Services (CPS). The CPS system was responsible for paying welfare grants and the existing system was outdated.

This was problematic because over a million people in South Africa were supposed to be issued grants. What further complicated distribution of the payments was that the grants were issued to South Africans located in rural parts of the country. The ingenuity and expertise of Serge Belamant enabled the successful payment of grants across South Africa. He implemented the UEPS, which was able to provide increased speed and security. The UEPS boosted the overall effectiveness and interoperability of systems at CPS. Belamant became highly regarded for his work and accomplishments. This is just another of many examples of how Belamant has used his natural creativity and academic knowledge to achieve aggressive goals and advance technology in the financial sector.

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Toyo Setal For Sustainable Development

Basing on the currently trending scenarios in the world market, envisioning and adopting sustainable development is an urgent requirement for an Engineering and Construction company out there. Toyo is among the leading Engineering and Construction firms, which utilizes excellent techniques to observe sustainable development. Toyo Setal makes use of smart technological solutions to preserve the environment. The main aim of Toyo is to exploit the environment without depleting natural resources. For an Engineering and construction company like Toyo Setal to be considered sustainable, various factors should be considered. For instance, the ability to reduce the amount of waste from a construction site is a good example.

Furthermore, the utilization of resources should meet industrial standards. Considering the type of work involved, Toyo Setal has laid Environmental programs that will help in conserving the environment. For instance, offering environmental education is an excellent example of the programs. The company also fosters the rescuing of lizards, turtles, fishes and other vulnerable species. Environmental compensation through the planting of various seedlings is also among the environmental programs. Noise reduction and minimizing the level of gas emission are also among the core points available in the environmental programs. To show transparency and respect for the environment, Toyo Setal ensures that all its activities are well monitored.

In fact, the company ensures that specialized professionals do the assessment and monitoring of the projects. On top of that, the company employs the use of modern equipment and technology during its activities. Although acquiring technology may be expensive, the overall maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Toyo Setal has grown to become an award-winning company. The push for sustainable development is the main factor that has elevated the company to its current status. In fact, the company won the “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” award. The award was issued in Berlin Germany in the AVEVA World Summit back in 2014. In the AVEVA summit, the company was awarded for providing the most appropriate solution according to the theme. Since then, Toyo has continued to offer sustainable and profitable solutions to the clients.

Isabel Dos Santos is Keeping her Business Affairs in Order

Her name is Isabel Dos Santos and she is considered one of the world’s wealthiest women. This middle-aged investor has amassed a huge fortune for over 25 years. Isabel dos Santos is currently one of the leading figures in the business world within the nation of Angola. This successful woman is a smart business lady that has done a lot for her country and for people in different parts of the world. She focuses on business as well as on charity projects in Africa and for women all around the world. 

This businesswoman came from a privileged family. Isabel´s father is the former president of Angola, his name is Jose Eduardo dos Santos. When he was in office, he helped Isabel (and his other children) to gain an economic foothold within the nation. He provided her with strong business connections and opportunities. Isabel was smart enough to take advantage of what was being offered. 

Dos Santos capitalized on various business opportunities and became a wealthy woman. She worked hard to ensure that her investments in various companies at home and abroad had a good return. She has invested in hundreds of companies and her return on these ventures have been outstanding. Remember, she is the richest woman in all of Africa. That truth is nothing to ignore (BBC). 

Isabel’s commitment to the companies that she supports helps her to maintain a high level of wealth. She is able to travel around the globe and do business with people across the globe. She is also celebrity to the Angolan people. Her staggering financial empire affords her wealth and position that is unrivaled by few African people – male or female. 

Isabel always had a good sense for business. She made great investments that has allowed her to gain power and status. She lives a good life and is adore by many people. Her keen business sense allowed her to reach a great status among her people. Many people like Isabel Dos Santos and her success in the business world is undeniable. 

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The Steady Progression of Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is the Chief Executive Officer for The Custom Companies, Inc. His career covers a wide range of experience including logistics and transportation. In 1976, Perry Mandera embarked on his career and has been servicing Illinois and other parts of the country since. While in the Marines, Mandera gained experience dealing with transportation of troops and necessary supplies. Through this service he saw the important role that shipping services play on a global scale. While still a marine, Perry made up his mind that his career would be in the same industry because he had emotional relationships with his troops.

After his term ended in the Marines, he returned to life as a civilian and ran for office during 1984. As a result, Perry Mandera was elected Republican Committeeman for the 26th Ward of Chicago. This was a history-making moment as he was the youngest person in Chicago to ever serve on the committee. Through his line of the chosen work it is evident that Mandera has a soft spot in his heart for charitable efforts.

In addition to donating to charities, he also fundraises annually and is on the constant search for people to help. The level of humanitarianism he shows has made him a well respected person throughout his community. Bringing his ideas to life is a vital part of his everyday. To do this, Perry states that he has roundtable discussions with his executives to cook up concepts and execute visions.

The trend of advancing technology also is a key component in what he does. Mandera expresses that things become vintage and outdated fast, so it is vital to keep up with technology because it is indeed the future (Facebook).

Daily habits are the steppingstones to success is what Perry Mandera believes. He feels that doing things right the first time can alleviate energy towards fixing problems.

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