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Donata Meirelles and the Countdown to Curing AIDS

There could be a cure for AIDS by 2020, as a person has already been relieved of the disease for a second time. But research for the cure would not be where it is now without the help and funding of individuals. One of these amazing people happens to be Donata Meirelles.

Meirelles does what she can to help fund the groups that work towards bettering the lives of those afflicted with AIDS. The primary group that she works with is the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Together, they hope to achieve their Countdown to a Cure mission.

The Countdown to a Cure mission aims to provide $100 million to those scientists researching for a cure. The University of California, San Francisco, gives out many of the grant money through applications. The mission has sent $3.5 million to six research teams under ARCHE and also another $1.2 million to an assortment of other AIDS innovators. Watch Donata Meirelles on Youtube to know more.

AmfAR offers charities to raise both money and awareness. They auction various items and experiences, and recently, in Cannes, France, took in around $20 million. Donata Meirelles has been supportive all the way, and encourages her following of about 463 thousand followers to do what they can.

Eight years ago was when Meirelles was introduced to the cause and amfAR by a friend. She was so moved by the relentlessness of those involved that she decided to involve herself as well. The galas and events have been bringing in more and more funds to help the cause. There is hope that the recent and groundbreaking progress will be enough to get people rallied together to finish the studying to bring a cure for those with AIDS.

Donata Meirelles is certainly optimistic that there will not be many more afflicted for life with the dreaded disease that is AIDS. Read more: https://www.marathi.tv/celebridades-brasileiras/quem-e-donata-meirelles/

Guilherme Paulus Facilitating Travel and Hospitality Services to Increase the Number of Tourists

The tourism industry contributes heavily to the Brazilian economy, and it has been growing at a rapid pace in the past couple of decades. More and more people from around the world are flooding Brazil due to its diverse natural landscape, rich history, and an amazing lifestyle and nightlife. The rich culture of Brazil is what has been attracting tourists to Brazil from across the globe. But, it has not always been like that. The natural beauty of Brazil was not enough to attract tourists as there were hardly any good hotels and resorts. Also, the airline cost was also high. Ever since Guilherme Paulus became the head of the tourism industry, he has helped bring in foreign investment into the airline industry and also build hotels to boost tourism. Visit Travel3 to find out more.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most important figures in the tourism industry of the country and has been able to contribute massively to its growth in the past few decades. He started CVC, one of the largest tour operators in the world, when he was just twenty-four. In the next few years after CVC started operations, Guilherme Paulus was able to make CVC a household name in Brazil due to the presence it made in the tourism industry. It became the preferred choice of most of the travelers in Latin America and offered a wide range of tour and travel products that were not only diverse in nature but also affordable at the same time.

Guilherme Paulus was recently named as one of the richest in Brazil by Forbes after he sold the majority stake in CVC to the US-based Carlyle Group. Guilherme believed that handing over the operational control to the large private equity group would help the global growth of CVC. His vision for the growth of CVC has been coming to realization has Carlyle Group has been planning to open around hundred stores of CVC annually globally, which would help strengthen the presence of the company in the market. The company led by Guilherme Paulus offers many different travel packages apart from traditional choices, which makes it a leading choice for the travelers. Learn more: http://www.revistahoteis.com.br/guilherme-paulus-abriu-grade-de-palestra-do-top-seller-events-2017/

Bradesco’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Does His Best To Keep The Good Things In A Business Management Model

The world of business is complicated and filled with challenges that could diminish the business leaders’ resolve. However, there are still enthralling business leaders whose fortitude and courage have proven productive for the companies they’re running. One of these leaders is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.



The Indiscreet Business Environment



It is also a common knowledge that the business environment today can be controversial and filled with challenges that go beyond the control of a business leader. Right now, one challenge that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is considering is the issue of preserving Bradesco’s management model. With a good business model, the global business structure of the entire financial system would be more organic and healthy, or in terms of Nassim Taleb, it would be antifragile, which means that it benefits from stressors and errors.



The decision right now of Bradesco to pick a management leader is integral to the success of a company, and this is the reason that Luiz Cappi is doing all the he can do to preserve the unique corporate structure of Bradesco’s bank management. It is also the hope of Banco Bradesco that there is a continued consensus among the workforce in the decision to retain the executive structure of the company. This can be seen as an excellent way to not only make sure that unforeseen risks are prevented in the operations of the company, but also make sure that the good parts of the way the business of Bradesco is run are still retained.


More on http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384



The Spurious Risks



As revealed by many reports and research analysis, it is revealed that the centralized economic systems right now are getting more prone to spurious incidents and risks. It is also more prone to hidden risks that malicious managers can cause to the company. This is the reason that Banco Bradesco wants to make sure not to make big jumps that could ruin the good things that they have going in their company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, for instance, is doing all his best just to make sure that these good parts still grow, thrive and will still be running in the many years to come. See This Page to learn more.



Currently, the leadership going on in Bradesco under Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco  and Octavio de Lazario Junior has established a good management system in Bradesco that can address the spurious behaviour of the workforce and their tendency to be impudent with their decisions for the company. With such management style that Luiz Cappi has for the company, it is also able to confront some of the consequential changes in the company that if dealt with by a new untried strategy would be less likely to get its answers.



It is also highlighted in the article from Valor that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco will always support for anything that would retain such important factors in achieving success. It is also said in the Valor article that the council being organized by Trabuco Cappi, include the nominations of Vice Presidents Domingos de Abreu and Josue Pancini. The promotion of Cassiano Scarpelli from Mr. Cappi has also made the treasury and investment programs of Bradesco reach a high level of success that had been unforeseen before.


Additional Reference: http://www.infomoney.com.br/assuntos/luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi

Investment Options in Brazil: Igor Cornelsen Breaks Them Down

Brazil is a nation with a growing population. The economy is expanding, and numerous investors have interest in finding opportunities in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is one of the leading investors in Brazil. He owns companies in various industries. He firmly believes that economic growth is going to continue in the years ahead.


For many years, agriculture was the most significant industry for the economy. Although farming can be profitable, it is also risky. One lousy year with tumultuous weather can ruin a farmer’s finances. Over the past few decades, many people have started investing in other industries.


The government of Brazil started to invest in public education many years ago. Since that time, industries outside of agriculture have started booming. The manufacturing industry is now one of the largest in the country. Millions of people have employment in this industry.

As commodity prices continue to increase, Brazil will see increased production from other countries. Brazil owns various natural resources, and it is less expensive to produce multiple products in Brazil compared to other nations.

Real Estate

Igor Cornelsen is investing in various real estate options throughout Brazil. With economic growth increasing, he believes that the housing market is going to increase in value rapidly.

Many people who live in Brazil have disposable income for the first time in their lives. Higher levels of disposable income are a great sign for the future of the housing market.

Igor invests in small homes that he can rent to tenants. He wants to generate as much cash flow as possible each month, and rental homes are a proven strategy to generate additional income.

In the coming years, Igor plans to invest in other business opportunities. He is excited about the future of Brazil, and he donates money to various charities that he believes in.

Visit: https://ideamensch.com/igor-cornelsen/


Investing Is Made Easier Using Igor Cornelsen’s Insight

Investing can be a frightening industry to get involved in for young investors, and many new investors fail before ever making it anywhere these days. This is because of the highly competitive nature of investing as well as not practicing proper investment strategies. Igor Cornelsen is a majorly successful investor that has made a fortune in various markets throughout the world, mostly Brazil, and today he actively gives out his advice and expertise to help more investors become successful. Even though Igor Cornelsen is retired, he still takes the time to do this because it is a passion of his and he wants the industry to grow even more in the future.Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

Igor made a large part of his fortune investing throughout Brazil, one of the largest and most unique markets in the entire world according to Igor. Not only is Brazil’s market huge, but their trading partner, China, is one of the most populated countries in the world. The massive number of consumers that take part in this market allows for huge profits with the right investments. See more of Igor Cornelsen at angel.co

Igor Cornelsen’s main bit of advice to new investors is to stop trying to be risky and strike it rich quick. Many inexperienced investors look at short-term stocks when it comes to investing. While this can certainly be profitable, it is unstable and can lead to great losses. Even successful investments in the short-term still involve some profit loss. Long-term investing is much safer and leads to exponential gain over long periods of time without throwing away lots of money along the way. Another key factor in building long-term investments is getting started as soon as possible. The sooner one starts investing, the more their money can build for the future and the more experience they gain in their given markets. In the end, a deep understanding of a countries market is needed to stay successful to overcome changes, which inevitably happen to every investor. Igor stresses to investors to take a look at different markets in various countries since diversification plays a major role in building success. Read more: https://www.resumonk.com/igorcornelsen


Duda Melzer Completes His Journey To Becoming The Leader Of RBS Group

In 1957, Mauricio Sirotsky laid the foundation for one of the best known media companies in Brazil when he established the RBS Group; by 2016, the RBS Group has grown to take in around 18 TV affiliates, two radio stations, and a number of news outlets. The Sirotsky family have managed to maintain their control of the RBS Group in an age when it is common for media companies to become part of even larger global corporations. 2016 saw the third generation of the Sirotsky family take control of the company when Nelson Sirotsky handed over the role of Executive President to his nephew Duda Melzer.

Maintaining the link to the Sirotsky family is obviously an aspect of the RBS Group that remains important to all those involved in both this well known family and the company itself. The ceremony to handover the leadership of the company to Duda Melzer was broadcast live to over 6,000 employees and included an emotional speech by the new Executive President of RBS Group. In the speech Melzer explained the debt he owed his grandfather and founder of the RBS group, Mauricio Sirotsky.

The influence of Mauricio Sirotsky on the life of Duda Melzer cannot be underestimated as Duda Melzer has always looked to lead his own life and find his own path through the business world. Much like Mauricio Sirotsky did when he established the RBS Group at a time when the media was in its early years, Duda Melzer has looked to become an expert in the latest technologies that can be used to develop the RBS Group as a leading media company for the future.


Duda Melzer: A President and Man on a Mission

The name of Duda Melzer is well known within the business world, but he is also considered to be the ongoing backbone of his strong family-owned company as well.

Mr. Melzer’s formal name is Eduardo, but he prefers to be known as Duda to demonstrate his ready relationship and availability to others. His affable nature belies his strong business presence, however. He currently functions in capacity as the president of RBS Group. His prior experiences included a stint as consultant in Booz Allen and Hamilton Consultancy and Sweet Sweet Way, with the latter operating as its own franchise. As a graduate of Harvard, Duda Melzer is keenly aware of the challenges facing businesses today in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. He has sought to streamline operations at the RBS Group and has helped to build it into a new and evolving company, and has stated that the challenges faced by companies today will require firms that can readily adapt and advance. In his spare time, Mr. Melzer also enjoys sports, and has said that he has been known to plan his schedule around some events! As such, Duda Melzer is a man who has little spare time, and who is on fire with his upcoming prospects and cultivating clients both past and future!

BMG Bank Has Done An Excellent Year In Spite Of Brazil’s Economic Issues

In 2010, Brazil’s gross domestic product grew by 7.6 percent. In 2015, the GDP will shrink by more than three percent. Brazil was Latin America’s success story for three of the last five years, but the budding emerging market is a financial basket case these days. And 2016 doesn’t look much better, according to economists that are keeping tabs on the country. But the banks in Brazil are not feeling the effects of the worst recession in the last three decades. The big banks know how to survive and prosper when the economy is shrinking. Most banks use government bonds to protect themselves when things get tough, but one bank is using a consignment credit product to weather the economic storm. That bank is BMG Bank, the Minas Gerais bank that has been around for more than 80 years.
BMG Bank started as Banco de Crédito Predial S.A in 1930. Banco de Crédito Predial S.A was a family-owned venture. The Guimarães family owned all the shares back then, and the family is still in control of the bank. BMG Bank has gone through a series of changes over the last 40 years. The name has changed several times, and so has the direction of the bank. BMG Bank went from a vehicle lender to a payroll loan bank over the last 20 years thanks to President Ricardo Guimarães and his right-hand man, Vice-President Marcio Alaor. Alaor is the director of operations. Alaor is responsible for putting BMG Bank on course for the important mergers and acquisitions that have developed over the last four years.
Brazil is not the easiest country in the world when it comes to borrowing money. Before 2009, most Brazilians couldn’t get a loan. The pay-as-you-go system was standard operating procedure for millions of employed Brazilians, but President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva changed that when he took office. He wanted to build a new middle-class that would borrow. He thought the deficit finance system was the answer to the countries problems, and the banks loved him for changing things. But that love affair didn’t last long. In 2014, the banks stopped lending money, and inflation started to eat away at the incomes of the working class.
BMG Bank and other banks found a solution. They call that solution payroll loans, and BMG is one of the leading banks in that industry. Bank profits have never been better. Marcio Alaor and Ricardo Guimarães have won several awards because of their leadership in the consumer credit market. The work BMG Bank has done to promote payroll loans has also been recognized by the Brazilian public and several prestigious organizations. BMG Bank has gone from a one state lender to a national supplier of loans for the masses.

You can follow Marcio Alaor on Twitter.

BMG: A Successful Brazilian Bank

The Brazilian economy is doing very well, and this is good for the banks of the nation. One bank that is doing very well is BMG in Brazil. BMG has been around for a very long time. In fact, the bank is over 80 years old. However, recent times have been particularly profitable for the bank. The bank also offers a great variety of different services, such as credit cards, a variety of account types, and loans.

The bank started in 1930, and it was founded by the Guimarães family. This started the more than 80 year legacy of BMG. At that time, their services were both available to individual citizens and larger groups, such as corporations. In 1971, they began offering additional services. As the decades passed, the bank became increasingly larger and more successful. The growth of the Brazilian economy helped to create additional success for the bank.

The executive of the bank was formerly Marcio Alaor. His background was actually quite humble, and he had worked in the past shining shoes. However, when he became involved with BMG, he worked up the corporate ladder. As he worked his way up, he eventually made it all the way to the top of the company. When he made it there, he helped the company to grow and develop further. He made BMG into an even more successful Brazilian bank.

BMG bank is now a large financial institution that is trusted by many people throughout Brazil. In fact, there are large corporations that trust their money to this bank. In addition to offering bank accounts, they also now offer a variety of other services. They offer help for people and corporations that are looking to invest money. They also help people to get loans for various things, such as real estate. Furthermore, the bank offers lines of credit to individuals. This service has become quite popular amongst people in Brazil. Marcio Alaor improved upon these services, and his efforts on this greatly improved the success of the bank. BMG Bank is a financial organization that you can truly trust with your money, and you can trust the bank to provide investment and bank account services that result in good returns.

BMG is a large and successful Brazilian bank. They have been around for over 80 years, but they have showed great success in recent years. They are expected to continue to be extremely successful. There have been many factors that have gotten them to where they are today. However, a large part of their success came from the efforts that Marcio Alaor made to improve the bank. His legacy has had a positive impact on BMG to the present day.

Things You Can Learn From Ricardo Guimarães Of BMG On Managing A Business

The business world has revolutionized with new technologies getting into the market. Many companies and businesses have been able to thrive courtesy of modern tools that have assisted managers to handle the business. However, there are perpetual challenges that any business is expected to handle. Competition has been a major issue to many businesses especially start ups, which are trying to catch up with market trends. In the banking sector, the level of customer support offered. Handing most challenges that bring down businesses have been a major issue for banks. In the Brazilian market, BMG has crawled the path, ensuring they offer unique products that are necessary to help customers enjoy using the bank.

In recent developments, BMG signed a partnership with Marcelo Melo, a renowned Brazilian tennis player. The partnership will lead to sponsorship to the player, who is expected to participate in the 2016 Olympics competitions. Marcelo is among players who have in the past proved committed to the sport and this has earned him recognition and countless awards. According to an article available at R7.com, Ricardo Guimarães expresses hope that BMG will manage to handle the forthcoming competitions and there is a possibility the partnership will be renewed even after the tussle.

Ricardo Guimarães has been on the spot for maintaining a keen eye on sporting activities and ensuring BMG offers full support to individuals who are committed to excelling sports. This has been witnessed in previous deals where BMG has sponsored football clubs in Brazil. The company can be credited for allowing young individuals to grow their careers to international levels. Ricardo Guimarães cites that they will be offering both in kind as well as financial support to Marcelo Melo, who will be preparing for the 2016 Olympics. The player is also glad to confirm that the relationship will help him hone his skills, not for the competitions alone, but for later challenges that he is yet to handle.

The support that BMG has received from Ricardo Guimarães is sufficient to take the company to the next level. Offering support to sporting activities has worked as a great way to market the company. Ricardo Guimarães confirms that they have earned a positive reputation from the various activities they have sponsored. Ricardo Guimarães has also been positive on the environment by creating a provision that allows the BMG community to support the conservation of the environment.