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Jeunesse Global Provides Quality Skin Care Solutions

Since 2009, Jeunesse Global has been providing quality skin care products. The company also provides health supplements. All these products are available globally since Jeunesse is an international entity. Luminesce is one of the skin care products that are being produced by Jeunesse. If you want to restore or retain your youth vitality, you can utilize Luminesce. It will make sure that your skin does not have wrinkles and it will also be radiant. Luminesce is categorized as a moisturizing lotion which is also gentle on the skin.

If you want to restore your youthful skin, you can also opt for the lifting masque and renewal lotions. Another advantage of Luminesce is that it has a restoring cleanser that helps to get rid of wrinkles while also clearing the old skin. The corporation also has a product known as Instantly Ageless. It is in the form of a serum solution. The advantages of Instantly Ageless include making sure that the appearance of the fine lines and pores is reduced.

Other products produced by Jeunesse are such as dietary supplements; these supplements make sure that people have access to nutrients and vitamins. One of the widely known supplements that have been produced by Jeunesse Global includes AM & PM ESSENTIALS. By using these essentials, you will always have a healthy body composition. Another popular health supplement is RESERVE. People whose skin has been affected by free radicals can use this dietary supplement. The cells will also be protected whenever you use RESERVE. For the people who are looking for anti-aging products, FINITI tablets are the best remedy. Jeunesse Global has manufactured these tablets using greens and fruits. When you consume these tablets, your cell’s DNA will undergo some alterations thus delaying the aging process.

Jeunesse Global has also produced ZEN; this is a supplement that facilitates body cleansing. It is also good for people who want to lose weight. The company has also gone a step further to formulate an energy drink known as Nevo. It is made up of natural ingredients. As an international company, Jeunesse Global LLC is looking forward to ensuring that their products are accessible globally. The corporation also utilizes direct selling, and their program is unique and rewarding.


Jeunesse Global quenches public’s thirst for all-natural energy drink

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis first told the friends and acquaintances from their exclusive gated community in Florida that they were planning on starting yet another direct-marketing company, people thought that they were crazy. After all, the successful couple had just retired a few months before. Already, the serial entrepreneurs were finding the idleness of retirement to be stifling. They wanted back in on the action of the business world.

Ray and Lewis began selling a few health and beauty products out of their home’s garage. Before long, they were spending more than 40 hours per week and recruiting new distributors all the time. Within its first year of operations, Jeunesse had sold just shy of $1 million in total products. By its sixth year, the company was doing tens of millions of dollars in sales each year and had more than 1,000 distributors selling both its products and its business plan worldwide.

One of the secrets to the company’s rapid ascent has been its ability to spot underserved market niches and quickly develop products that fill those gaps in effective and customer-pleasing ways. One of the company’s more successful products in that regard has been its Nevo energy drink. First conceived by Lewis when she noticed that there was considerable demand for all-natural products, Nevo would go on to become one of the only truly all-natural energy drinks on the market.

The use of totally natural ingredients is reflected in the great taste of the beverage, which many users describe as being like drinking sparkling, freshly squeezed fruit juice. But while the drink contains no synthetic chemicals, it still packs a serious energy-boosting punch. That comes from the many energy-enhancing ingredients in the drink, such as natural caffeine sources, yerba mate, guarana and green tea.

Nevo comes in four great-tasting flavors. These include peach mango, lemon ginger, mixed berry and acai grape. It is only available through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors. More information on how to contact a distributor or become one yourself can be found on the Jeunesse Global website. Through products like Nevo, Jeunesse is making Generation Young a reality.


Could EOS Get Any Better?

If you thought EOS lip balm could not get any better, you have not heard the latest buzz. EOS has held the hearts and lips of millions of  dedicated customers since hitting the market in 2009, but now EOS is ready to embrace a whole new customer base: vegans says mapleholistics.com.

In case you were not aware, true blue vegans have to say, “No, thanks,” to most lip products. Why? Well, beeswax is the culprit. This animal by product puts most lip products on the off limits list for vegans. EOS, however, has solved this problem.

New EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors come in transparent gloss which is 100% wax free. It does not hurt that the new line is available in delicious flavors either. Summerfruit, HoneySuckle, HoneyDew, and Strawberry Sorbet just to name a few. EOS has consistently kept their price point low as well, which helps explain why the new Vegan Crystal Flavors literally flew off of shelves after being introduced a few months ago.

EOS can be found in local retailers like Target, but that has not stopped them from finding their way into the purses of some big celebrities, such as Demi Lovato and Christian Aguilera or you may also buy here at amazon.com. EOS is marketed by a small New York based company which has found their success due to small changes that seem to make a big difference. Most obviously was the change up in packaging, view here. Moving away from the classic lip balm applicator apparently struck a chord will millions of Millennials. The small, egg shaped package is unlike anything the lip balm industry had ever seen before, and it worked. Notonly does EOS offer a great product, but it is just cool looking.

The packaging also allows the company to change up colors, designs and flavors easily. In fact the customersexpect to see new colors, flavors and designs often.

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How Does Wen By Chaz Help People With Thin Hair?

Thin hair is a plague that a lot of people have to deal with, and they usually get used to picking hair off their clothes instead of doing something about it. Their hair stays thin, and they never have any choices when they are trying to style it. That is a very big problem, but now a review of Wen by Chaz in Bustle.com shows that it is the real deal. Someone who wants to stop their hair from shedding is going to find out that they have good resources, and then they are going to be able to shampoo their hair every day with this product. Read more about WEN Hair Care at guthyrenker.com

The first thing that most people need to remember is that the review uses the WEN shampoo just as it should be. The girl who wrote the review used all the instructions, and she used only as much as it said to use on the package. That is something that a lot of people will be happy with, and they will realize that they do not have to use too much to get good results. A woman who is already using too much shampoo will not want to do that again, and the dollop that works in the review can work for anyone.

Visit WEN Hair Care profile page on Facebook.

The best part of what people are doing is that they can now grow their hair out. They will be able to use their shampoos at any time, and they will start to see their hair get thicker. They can start to get the shampoo to work in every wash, and they will not hurt their hair. They will be able to style thicker hair, and they will not have to pick hair off their clothes anymore. It is much easier to live with thin hair when using Wen by Chaz. Wen can be found on most high end stores like Sephora and online websites like Amazon.

Know more about Wen, click here: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Fabulous Plastic Surgery Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who currently operates a plastic surgery practice out of Austin, Texas. Walden is actually from the state of Texas, and has stayed within the state’s borders for college, graduate school, and residency program. She moved to New York to complete her fellowship training, and then opened up a practice in New York City. She decided that her family would be best off if she worked in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden still operates her practice out of her hometown today.

Dr. Walden got her start at the University of Texas at Austin, where she attended from 1990 to 1994. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with highest honors in 1994, then moved on to the school’s medical branch, the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. She finished up her doctorate degree on time in four years, and graduated as the salutatorian of her class in 1998.

She completed her residency program at the University of Texas, and moved to New York City to work towards her fellowship program. She decided against moving back to Texas, and started up her practice in the big apple. After a few years, her and her husband decided that it would be best for their twin sons to grow up around their family and not have to take long trips back and forth just to see them on the holidays. She started her practice in Austin, Texas, upon moving back.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in media a number of times in the past decade or so. Some of the most popular networks she has been featured on include Fox, VH1, and CBS. She has been invited to these networks for interviews and features because she is such a good plastic surgeon. She is known to have performed on many famous celebrities, as well as other people of prominence.

Dr. Walden’s practice offers breast reduction, augmentation, tummy tucks, and nip tucks, just to name a few procedures. Her office offers many more services than the majority of plastic surgeons do, at a higher quality than other surgeons do.

If anyone is interested in finding more information out about Dr. Walden’s career and how she got to the point she is today, visit her website at www.DrJenniferWalden.com. A full list of procedures and contact information is available there.