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Discovering The Origin Of Anthony Constantinou’s Theories


When a person learns that Anthony Constantinou is Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London, the first thing that comes to mind is, “What does that mean?” Most people have heard of Artificial Intelligence, but they have no idea whatsoever when they heard the term, “Bayesian.”

Bayesian simply stands for a probability that is a reasonable expectation. In other words, if Bayesian probability mathematics were in use at this moment, it would be able to predict the number of persons reading this article, given the proper tools and input. It stems from the name of a physician and mathematician who lived in the 1700’s. Anthony Constantinou was also a theologian.

But it goes a step farther than that, as designed and designated by Anthony Constantinou. He uses artificial intelligence to act upon the result of Bayesian formulae. With such a program, Anthony Constantinou compared his Bayesian models to predicting the outcomes of sporting events, and the record was better than that of bookmakers. But there were, and are, many other fields in which Anthony Constantinou’s Bayesian formulae come into play. See This Page for more information.

Anthony Constantinou’s model has been used in sporting events, economics, and investing. But by far, the most rewarding use of his model has been in the field of medicine. Constantinou’s use of artificial intelligence to diagnosis and give a prognosis for a patient’s recovery, given a certain type of treatment, has been thoroughly documented many times. It can predict which medicine of what type should be taken by the patient with a greater certainly and accuracy than those predicted by doctors. To some individuals, this thought is disturbing, while to other, it is a Godsend.

Anthony Constantinou earned his Bachelors of Science degree at the University of Hertfordshire in Computer Sciences in the year 2008. There, he specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

He continued at the same university to earn his Master of Science Degree in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics.

His finished his Pd D at Queen Mary of London University where he lectures on artificial intelligence. His research and teaching are helping the field of artificial intelligence grow and obtain recognition around the world.


More about Anthony on https://about.me/anthonyconstantinou