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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

The book written by Sean Penn, seems to actually be aimed at our present day President. No other than Donald Trump. The description that says the landlord is a seventy year old bot-man who has money and his hair is described as French vanilla cotton candy. The book seems to have this person named Bob, write a letter to his president. But in doing this, Bob creates many facts that play into present day cable news. For instance, he throws into the letter the “alternative facts” about Russia, and the NRA. However, Bob does not stop there , he writes that his president is illegitimate and narcissistic. The ultimate seems to revolve around a tweet placed by Bob, he says, “ Sir I challenge you to a duel. Tweet me, I dare you.” Sean Penn has even been on CBS Sunday Morning promoting this book. It gives us a view into Sean Penn. It seems that the world, through his eyes, is placed in the character Bob Honey. He makes Bob Honey a celebrity and as such, wants everyone to know how disillusioned he has become with our world. Although it can be seen in the reading of his disillusion, the book doesn’t have a formal plot. Let’s not forget what a unique title Bob Honey Who Just do stuff is.

Bob, our antihero, seems to be unhappy about everything in the the world. He sees the state of the nation and laments about it, he loathes his ex-wife because she is happy and has gotten together with her divorce lawyer. Bob does have his good points in this book too. Some of his adventures began with helping some people after Hurricane Katrina. Bob does not wait for invitations, he just follows his conscience just like Penn. While Penn made Bob Honey un-fun, he did make him speak plain spoken sentences. These cause many traffic jams in language . So many that if they were cars you would hear all of the honks. With reading this book, you come to be in admiration of it. Not because of the writing, but because you yourself survived reading it. However, the books goes on to tell of the election in 2016. Bob comes to feel that because of this election, he has become all four of the Apocalyptic Horsemen. He feels that the only thing that will save us, as a nation, is an assassination. Penn , as the author, offers a theory. Even though it may be late and happens in the end of the book. He is interested in capturing America in , not what it was, but what it has become. This can be seen in the things that Bob Honey points out.



Sean Penn’s New Book: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn’s new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a unique perspective on humor written on the page. Rolling Stone Magazine describes it as ‘a piece of oddball Americana’ with a ‘loose narrative’ and a ‘satirical tone’. Sean Penn states that his novel is simply fiction, but so far a few leaked excerpts about Donald Trump and the #MeToo movement were misconstrued as factual.

Sean Penn has been an Oscar winning actor for Milk and Mystic River, producer and director of The Last Runner and director of The Last Face and Cape Town. Now, Penn is releasing his second novel that’s basically a work of controversial political satire. It’s a provocative piece of fiction that follows a middle-aged man who has a less-than-exciting job activities and one of them is selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In the book Bob Honey’s list of employment positions includes creating fireworks displays for dictators, which is crazy enough by itself, but he adds two additional positions: getting Hasidic Jews out of foreign prisons and assassinating the elderly with a mallet. This book adds yet another layer to the enigma that is Sean Penn. Penn choose to risk his life to interview the most wanted man in the world, El Chapo for Rolling Stone Magazine in the January, 2016 issue. His acting roles have also been challenging: he played a gay politician in Milk and a crazed murderer in Dead Man Walking.

Sean Penn has always been a master at his craft. His writing has the same signs of being unusual, but perhaps also masterful. The critics have pointed out that it does take a satirical look at one man’s view of culture in this country and many of the book’s excerpts have gone viral on social media, but the book is getting people to talk about it. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a self-assured text that accentuates the oddities in one man’s life. Through the eyes of Bob Honey, Penn guides the reader down a path that starts to look more and more like a forever widening path to someplace unfamiliar but somehow attractive and repelling at the same time.

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As Editorial Director at The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman strives to supply important and sound financial advice that the common investor can use through his writings.

As the current editorial director of The Bauman Letter, Ted Bauman has spent most of his life helping to guide people to lead a sovereign life. And especially one without corporate greed and the oversight of government.

Ted Bauman started working for Banyan Hill Publishing  in 2013. Bauman has been the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and the Plan B Club, which are all part of Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Bauman’s strengths include asset protection, privacy, and low-risk investing strategies. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

The Bauman Letter, a 16-page, monthly newsletter, provides the reader with important advice about specific ways to increase, or maintain current wealth. The Bauman Letteris made up of six sections. The first section is written by Ted Bauman as well as the second section. The second section is titled, “Forbidden Knowledge.” The third section is titled, “Unfiltered Insider.” Both the second and the third sections are written by a different associate of the Council of Experts. The fourth section, the “Chairmans Corner,” includes input from Ted’s father, Bob Bauman, who is the founder of the service. The fifth section of the newsletter, “Your Voice,” includes pertinent questions and comments from their newsletter subscribers. Ted Bauman wraps up each issue with a “Final Thoughts” section.

Ted Bauman strives to bring value to his writings, so subscribers will read more. Bauman emphasizes that he is not a big fan of government regulation, but he is a huge fan of the common people being aware of issues that challenge us all.

When asked about a specific book Ted Bauman would recommend to the investment community to read, he recommended Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. Bauman notes that a lot of people in his business sector do not want to hear that inequality is perilous to the economy, which is the book’s main thesis. Bauman also states that when someone is prepared to take on subject matter that is in Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century it opens a person up.

Ted Bauman’s earned post-graduate degrees in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Ted Bauman was born in the Washington, D.C., area, but grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Bauman migrated to South Africa, where he lived as a younger man.

To view interview of Ted Bauman, click:https://ideamensch.com/ted-bauman/

10 rewarding tax tips as advised by Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is a finance guru. He was a fund manager for 25 years. In December 2017, he proposed several tricks that will help taxpayers save when they file their taxes come April. His recommended strategies would ensure that people paid less in taxes. These laws were bound to change.

The changes

The upcoming changes apply to proceeds earned in 2018 and after. They will reduce the rates of tax temporarily. Therefore, before looking at the tips, it is crucial for everyone to appreciate the effects of the tax bill passed recently by the legislature. View Related info Here.

Ted Bauman’s tax tips

  1. For Americans with 2018 mortgage interests, repay them before the end of 2017. You should not forget to deduct the expenses for both years while filing the tax returns. It could be impossible to do this later due to the new limits and increased standard deductions.
  2. Pay the medical services in December, but remember to deduct them in April. Changes to the income threshold will allow more people to deduct health expenses from their 2017 and 2018 income. The Affordable Care Act would still be active for another year.
  3. Make your philanthropic donations before January 1, 2018. Make sure to keep your receipts.
  4. The legislators agreed not to abolish student loan interest deduction. It would, therefore, be more beneficial for you to pay interests in 2017 as compared to 2018.
  5. Buying a car in 2017 will allow you to deduct state sales tax in April.
  6. For independent contractors with high state income taxes, try to convince clients to pay in 2017. This will boost federal deductions.
  7. It is more sensible for taxpayers to request their bonuses in December 2017 than January 2018. Delayed
  8. For every businessperson and people with retirement accounts, consider switching to Roth IRAs depending on the kind of financial sense it would make.
  9. IRS rules were to allow 1031 swaps for real estate businesses starting January. Therefore, business owners should complete trades before 2018. This could benefit companies who intended to swap their physical assets.
  10. It is a good time to establish limited liability businesses in 2018. Operating as LLCs would reduce taxes according to the new code.

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Greg Secker; Learn Forex Trading Secrets From The Best

Greg Secker is an accomplished entrepreneur, forex trade expert, public speaker, and a philanthropist. Mr. Secker owns multiple business ventures including Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index which are all under the Knowledge to Action Group that he initiated in 2003. Additionally, Greg also owns The Greg Secker Foundation, an NGO aimed at enhancing the lives of less- fortune people and communities across the universe. During an interview with Ideamensch, Mr. Secker shed light on his career to being a top forex trader coach and his desire to help others succeed.

Greg Secker explains that the desire to start the First UK trader coaching school was born out of his desire to motivate other persons with the relevant tools needed for them to make money so that they could decide whether they wanted employment or not. Furthermore, Greg explains that he had gained the relevant trading experience from his time working in the United States and he felt that the market did not have competent system teaching individuals the particulars of technical trading.

Most of Greg’s days are different with varying activities that mostly include working from home and traveling when he has to speak at a seminar. Mr. Secker brings his ideas to life by having a pre-vision of it. He explains that by so doing, his brain gets the chance to cover the steps several times before actually doing it, which helps eliminate errors in execution.

Greg explains that he is fascinated with how technology has managed to bring about freedom of thought, choice, reverse auction, competition, and a more collaborative economy through sharing of ideas, principles, and beliefs. Mr. Secker’s advice to other entrepreneurs is that one should take their time to think as it will help them make a good idea even better.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker started his professional career at Thomas Cook Financial Services after which he shifted to work in foreign exchange at Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). VTD was purely an online real-time foreign exchange platform that enabled clients to receive real-time quotes for significant forex dealings. He later went to become a VP of Mellon Financial Corporation, a renowned investment bank in the US.

After leaving Mellon, he decided to establish Learn to Trade in London, and the company has since expanded operations to South Africa, Philippines, and Australia. Because of a successful career, Greg has attended numerous seminars and workshops where he has spoken on forex trading including those organized by leading media outlets like Bloomberg and CNBC. This has made him be recognized internationally as a speaker.