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OneLogin is a Better Computer Solution Company

OneLogin is a privately owned cloud computing company that helps protect the passwords and user ID’s for computer users. Based in San Francisco, this company was founded by Thomas and Christian Pedersen back in 2009. This company provides top notch identity and access management to sell to other businesses and organizations. Furthermore, they provide multiple products and services such as:

  • Desktop Authentication
  • Web Access Management (WAM)
  • User Provisioning
  • Single Sign-On
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Cloud Directory

and more!

OneLogin does regular tests, programs, and network scans to detect any vulnerability. With this, they have announced four different things manufactures need to know about balancing their security and productivity.

With all things considered, manufactures face two big challenges.

The first challenge is trying to manage an increasingly diverse portfolio of users and applications along with their roles and permissions.

The last challenge is trying to keep up and address the ever-changing list of risks that come with new users and more applications.

These challenges are a great struggle to deal with for any Compliance Officer or IT Manager.

Here are four things OneLogin wants you to know!

First of all, lots of third party access continues to grow. This means more users, supply chains, and vendors are staring to work from various locations and receive access from other networks, data, and apps. This can make it difficult for manufactures to keep a structural system without disturbing any other app access or permissions.

Secondly, balancing security and usability is the key to digital transformations. Expanding user access can mean more agility for the business, but can also cause major security breaches and the lost of user productivity if not properly handled.

Next, cyber attacks are both common and costly. This is because manufactures hold a ton of sensitive data which makes them prime targets for cyber attacks. It is estimated that a single identity-related security breach can cost around $450k or more!

Lastly, manufactures should beware of operational costs and traditional identity management. They should also look out for identity solutions that can evenly support diversity and the complexity around users.

With all things took into consideration, this is why multiple companies trust OneLogin to securely manage their data and company apps!

ClassDojo Creates a New Process For the Classroom

ClassDojo is a new app that works on iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire to create a new experience in the classroom. With this app students, teachers, and parents have a new tool that helps to bring them together in real time and communicate very effectively during all phases of classroom activity.

With ClassDojo, students can share their daily work with their parents through photos, messages, and videos. If they want to share a grade or a project in process, it is easily done with ClassDojo. The devices are free to teachers and students and they make it possible to experience a transparency heretofore unknown.

In the morning, a teacher can check the parental messaging system to see if there are any students that are going to be absent that day due to an illness or other reason. Teachers can also broadcast announcements and messages for upcoming events or special information about student activities. Parents can send a private message to the teacher regarding their children.

ClassDojo is currently being used in the United States in 90 percent of the kindergarten to eighth-grade classes. It is already in over 180 different countries and it has been translated into over 35 different languages. As far as the application and usage of the app, the sky is the limit concerning the various subject areas and useage platforms.

Teachers can give out points to students during class time by “pinging” their avatar, a cartoonish character the student chooses to represent himself or herself. If a student does a particularly good job in class discussion, is listening well, or does a good job on a lesson, the teacher can “ping” audibly so it is heard by the class. Points can also be taken away if a student misbehaves. This is a great incentive for students to listen attentively and do well in class.

The one thing that ClassDojo does very well is to foster the development of the “soft skills” of curiosity, focus, and persistence. These are the emotional and social skills that are difficult to measure, yet have a great deal to with learning both while we are in school, and on beyond for the rest of our lives.

Learn more about ClassDOjo: https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/15/classdojo-raises-21-million-for-app-to-make-parent-teacher-meetings-obsolete/

The Innovative Communications Platform of Talk Fusion Is Changing The World of Communications

Talk Fusion is an innovative communications platform that is offering a myriad of advantages for its users. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it is a program that is currently sparking positive reactions among its users whilst simultaneously generating excellent results. It’s a communicative program that’s offering the latest communications of cutting-edge video in its package by allowing the utilization of video e-mailing, video newsletters, live meetings, sign up forms, and much more. It is a program that is absolutely simple to utilize and does not require its users to possess any experience in utilizing it, as it’s been designed to offer a communications interface that is easy for anyone to utilize. Talk fusion is very fast and affordable and creates eye-catching live stream videos and e-mails in very short periods of times.


If you would like to benefit from utilizing the Talk Fusion communications interface, please feel free to see what the program currently has to offer at this very moment. You may find that it is a great tool for communicating with anyone, whether it be a friend, co-worker, relative, or a significant other. The communications platform that is offered by Talk Fusion is one that is proving to be phenomenal in the quality of results that it is producing. It’s customer base is happy and constantly intrigued to use it, as it has many different features that makes it a unique form of a communicative tool. Please be sure to contact a customer service representative who may be able to provide you with any guidance and/or assistance that you may be needing. Doing so may benefit you greatly. It’s been created for you to benefit from, thus, it’s highly recommended for you to take absolute advantage of it.