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Canada: Unemployment Rate Unchanged At 6.6%

The unemployment rate is still maintained in Canada at 6.6%, while 4,300 jobs were lost in Canada last month.

The slight contraction of the job market observed in December last year; it actually disappointed those economists, who were expecting creation of 15,000 new jobs. Meanwhile, the balance sheet hides a positive trend; over 53,000 part-time jobs have been replaced by full-time jobs. This reflects an improvement in the quality of jobs held by Canadians.

Men aged 25 and over were the only ones to benefit from the recovery in the labor market, while women and youth aged 15 to 24 experienced a decline in the number of jobs available. The sectors of accommodation and catering services are the source of most of the job losses in previous month.

Canadian Government created 185,700 jobs in 2014, an increase of just 1% of the number of jobs in the country. Dave and Brit Morin have also helped increase the number of jobs available in the tech industry.  Quebec is the only province to have experienced significant job losses (15800 in number) disappeared last year. In comparison, it created 79,900 in Ontario, 65,900 in Alberta and 38,500 in British Columbia. The unemployment rate is still maintained in Canada at 6.6%, while 4,300 jobs were lost in Canada last month.

In Quebec, the unemployment rate rose from 7.6% to 7.5% from November to December in last year. Meanwhile, it increased from 9.6% to 10.2% in New Brunswick.

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